StoneGable has a brand new look. I’ve been blogging now for 13 years and have had a few blog redesigns but this is by far the biggest and most extensive “facelift” yet. I think StoneGable looks more like me and is so much more user-friendly. Let’s look around!

I’m so excited to show you just how user-friendly this new blog design is. There is just so much to see that I won’t be able to cover all the pretty and easy to use things in this post. I’ll hit the high spots but you should look around because there is just so much to discover!

Every post has been categorized and easy to find! Let’s go on a little tour!


The front page of StoneGable is called the title page. If you go to stonegableblog.com you will be on the title page. You can visit StoneGable anytime by typing stonegableblog.com in your browser! We are open every day all day and night!

Here’s how the title page looks…

Think of this page as command central. You can get anywhere on the blog and access any post from this homepage.

Here are a few features that will help you navigate your way around!


My blog title or banner StoneGable will be at the top of EVERY page you visit on my blog. You can’t miss it!

The blog banner has the name of my blog, StoneGable, written across it!

I chose gold for my banner to remind you that it is your golden ticket! When you want to get back to the homepage or command central just click on the golden StoneGable banner to take you home!

Easy right?


Right under the blog name is a very important thing to know about and use. It’s like the key to unlock all StoneGable posts neatly categorized for you! It is called the MENU BAR.

Across the MENU BAR, you will find these categories…


If you click on “ALL POST INDEX” you will be taken to every current blog post on StoneGable organized by category.

If you click on “FALL DECORATING” In the menu bar you will go to all the fall categories.

A snippet about the category and a picture that represents what you will find heads up the posts in each category!

Every fall post on StoneGable is there. Just look around and see how easy it is to find what you are looking for!

The menu bar can be an invaluable tool to find what you want!


Under the menu bar are the latest posts.

You can see the post of the day, yesterday and the day before. If you would like to see all posts in chronological order you can click on the “ALL LATEST POST” button and that page will populate with all posts in order starting with the most recent!


Right under the latest posts is an important section! You might already know you can sign up for a daily newsletter or broadcast and get the latest StoneGable post and a selection of other seasons and other posts delivered to your inbox!

Being a part of the StoneGable mailing list guarantees you won’t miss any inspiration!

If you are not a member I would love you to sign up!

Next to the mailing list sign-up is a little blurb about me and a recent picture. Oh, how things change!


On the homepage under the sign-up and about me is a category called FAVORITE FALL INTERIOR DECORATING TIPS.

Here is where you will find all the fall seasonal decorating posts on StoneGable! Wow! There is a lot! Just click on ALL FALL POSTS and peruse lots of fall inspiration!

As the seasons change the Fall category will be replaced with Christmas and then Winter and then Spring and then Summer to make sure you have the latest seasons decorating post.

What if the fall category is on the homepage and I want to get Christmas ideas? Great question! No problem.

Go to the blog menu under the word StoneGable and click on ALL POST INDEX and you will find all the pretty Christmas categories organized for you!

The next and largest section of the homepage is BEST DECORATING IDEAS FOR YOUR HOME. This is where you will find all the decorating posts on StoneGable. This is really the meat of my blog!

Click on the green boxes and see what I think are my most helpful decorating posts. And just below that (not shown) is a button, GO TO ALL DECORATING POSTS, and all the years and years of decorating posts are there organized in categories for you!



They are organized as the categories we have talked about above!


Once you know all the navigating tips of the home page all my ideas and inspiration are at your fingertips!

Let’s look at a CATEGORY PAGE. Oh, I love these pages! It’s my goal that you can easily find whatever you are looking for… and more!

Let’s say you want to get Christmas ideas. No problem!

Remember the BLOG MENU at the top of the page? Click on ALL POST INDEX (this is like a magic button) then scroll down the index until you come to CHRISTMAS DECORATING.

Now you can choose from Christmas Decorating Ideas, How To Decorate A Christmas Tree, Christmas Mantel Decor, Christmas DIY Crafts, Tablescapes For Christmas, and Christmas Outdoor Decorating Ideas.

So let’s say you would like Christmas DIY ideas. When you click on Christmas DIY Crafts you will see a little snippet describing the category and an image too.

Then you can peruse all the StoneGable posts that have crafty and do it yourself ideas!

I hope this little tour was helpful. I encourage you to look around for yourself to discover all there is to help you create a beautiful home and life!

There are still some areas on the new blog design that are a work in progress and I hope you will be patient while we work on those.

I hope you will look around and tell me what you think! I have built this new blog format with YOU in mind! I hope you find tons and tons of ideas you can use to create a beautiful home that reflects your wonderful, unique style!

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  1. Wow…nice work and refresh! So organized! And thank you for making the font darker for those of use with “older eyes”.

  2. Very organized! I think it’s going to be so easy to locate the needed information. Bravo!

  3. Nicely done…very organized, attractive presentations, and pleasing to the eyes!!

  4. Your new format is wonderful – easy to find what I’m looking for or just to explore, and in keeping with your style and personality from the previous version. A winner!

  5. Love your updated blog, You are one of my favorite bloggers and I love seeing your emails pop up! It’s going to be a busy day, but tonight I plan on on relaxing with a cup of coffee and going through your fall decorating posts. Thank you for making your blog so organized and easy to use!

    1. Thanks so much Verna! I hope you will discover all the posts I have waiting for you!

  6. donna zoltanski says:

    My favorite blogger — loving your new design too! Love StoneGable and Tanglewood too!

  7. Darlene Ryder says:

    wow can’t wait to get into your blog looks amazing you have done a fantastic job best I have seen….thanks

  8. Bobbye Johnson says:

    I love your new design and just you yourself. You seem so genuine and I love everything that you represent as a lover of the Lord, design, cooking and sharing. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  9. Good Morning! I love the new website, thank you for all the hard work involved in putting it together. I am excited to start looking around! Have a blessed day. Kathy

  10. The new design is lovely and looks so easy to navigate. I can’t wait to have a good look when I have the time.
    Thank you!!!!

  11. Yvonne, I like the new look. What a big job to bring your readers this update!

  12. You did a wonderful job! I’ll never get another thing done because I could peruse every category all day long! Absolutely love your decorating style and the great tips and ideas. So glad I discovered your blog!

  13. Jill Williams says:

    Wow!!! You have been a busy girl, Yvonne. It is so much easier. Love it.

  14. Cecilia from WET SW Georgia! says:

    I love it! So easy to navigate! I know it must have been a grueling job just organizing over a decade of posts! Rest up now that this job is done and your company has returned home! Have a great week!

  15. What can I say but, WOW! You’ve really gone all out and I love love love it!!! Congratulations Yvonne!. This is a winner.

  16. I think yours is the blog I enjoy the most. It has been helpful, inspiring, and enjoyable to follow. I really like this new refresh and think it will be one of the most concisely organized blogs I read. Thank you for all the hard work on behalf of your readers.

  17. Fantastic new design. I especially enjoy your Sunday Scripture which is truly instructive and inspiring. Thanks!

  18. Nice new layout. Thank you SO MUCH for going to a darker font…..I had just about given up reading your blog as it was difficult for my eyes.

  19. Hi, Yvonne! I love the new look; congratulations!

  20. I like the categories. Nice look!! Now if you can find a different way to verify an email address. Sometimes I make a comment, but am so stymied by clicking on all the photos, (mostly wrong) that I give up. Way too tedious a process. The rest is perfect.

  21. Judy Pugmire says:

    I’ve enjoyed your blog for a decade or more. I appreciate your design aesthetic and friendly commentary. Your recipes are so yummy and we especially love your meatball recipe. I also have to say I’m always uplifted and encouraged by your Sabbath spiritual messages. Thank you for your energy and desire to make this an even more enjoyable blog and experience. It looks amazing and I’m looking forward to trying out all the new features. Thanks-

  22. This has been tremendously helpful. Love your new format and picture. You were the first blogger I found years ago and never miss reading a post. You have made us all more confident and better decorators. Thank you. I especially look forward to Sunday.

    1. I am thrilled the new format is helping you! You are a faithful StoneGable reader! Thanks so much!

  23. Deborah Gullett says:

    I can’t see as well as I used to and most of the stuff on your blog is too small. With the exception of the ads!

    1. Deborah you can control all of that. You can increase the size of the blog and font on your computer. And you can always click the x on the blog to get rid of ads.

  24. Jean Grant says:

    Maybe it’s me or my IPad but I can’t see the print clearly. I read your old blog daily. Maybe not this one.

    1. Actually, Jean the print is darker and larger now. Maybe you need to adjust your screen. I hope you continue to enjoy all the StoneGable ideas and inspiration.