SIMPLE DINING ROOM-Simple can be the most beautiful! Here's how!

I decorate my home for holidays and seasons. I attribute my holiday decorating love to the fact that I was a first grade teacher and marked my year by holidays and seasons. Pilgrim hats and Mother’s Day bouquets. Crayon colored Santa Marias and crepe paper Valentine hearts! My classroom was a work of holiday art! My teacher’s love for holidays has seemed to seep into my decor life too. I do love the bird’s nest of spring and the holly of Christmas! Dripping my porch’s with flags on the 4th of July and stacked pumpkins for fall! Today is such a change from my usual love of embellishing. My dining room is devoid extra decoration and fluff. Today it’s just a dining room! A simply decorated dining room!

Sometimes its nice to strip down a room and keep it simple. There is amazing beauty and grace in simplicity! I’ve simplified many rooms at StoneGable lately. I like the idea of giving them room to breathe… at least for a little while! 


My dining room has quite traditional styling and classic furnishings. I try to keep the decor fresh and a updated by using interesting patterns and trending fabric and not-so-ordinary accessories.

The concrete table top is certainly a little out of the ordinary but the base of the table is classic. I love the concrete. The longer I live with it the more I love it!

Keeping things simple on the table lets the luster of the polished concrete take center stage!

THE SIMPLICITY AND GRACE OF A DINING ROOMA big chippy urn works perfectly on the table. I filled it with my favorite florist flowers… white tulips. White tulips work in any room in my home. I found a source that I can get tulips for $4.00 a bunch. What a buy! I have to travel a bit for them but it’s so worth it!



The urn will stay through spring!  And I’ll keep replacing the tulips until then too! Hello, pretties!

THE SIMPLICITY AND GRACE OF A DINING ROOMMy dining room has slowly transformed over the last 3 years. Little by little, Bobby and I have been making improvements and we have just a little bit more to do. But are we ever REALLY done decorating?

The head chairs were one of the “new” things I bought when I first started changing the decor. I love love love the idea of “head” chairs. They are stately and civilized! 

I like the classic styling of these chairs paired with updated linen fabric, painted legs and nailhead accents.

To keep things simple I added black and tan check pillows to the head chairs. The check nicely balances the dressy but fun fabric on the bench.

Easy peasy!


The concrete dining room table gives my guest a little more “moving around space” than the last table we had in there… FOR 27 YEARS!.  

I made the curtains and put the curtain rods together from different pieces I found here and there. Then I painted them to look like they belonged together! It was a feat of creative engineering for sure!


Each piece in my dining room has a story to tell. So old, some new, some painted, some reupholstered, some my own creation. 


The top painted buffet has also been simplified. The mercury glass lamp at one end of the buffet, a duo of topiaries at the other and a stack of pedestal cake plates. Nothing too fussy!



Layering detail and decor is a must for me. I love to mix rustic and formal furnishings together. The refined gilded mirror lives beside old chippy shutters next to the crazed chamber pot lids. My dining room is very eclectic. I use what I love and I what I often have!


I brought the “ballet” chair into the dining room to add a little sophisticated black in the neutral room.


Don’t you love the pillow? The pom-poms look like cotton boles!


The dining room is simple and striped down and… just a dining room! At least for now!




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  1. Hi Yvonne, what a lovely room. I know what you mean about being a teacher and loving the holidays and seasons….me too. My house has become my new bulletin boards in a way! Acknowledging the seasons and holidays can be creative and also comforting…..with memories from years past and the excitement of new ideas and ways to use familiar things around the house. Thanks for sharing. xxoo

  2. Everything flows together so beautifully, Yvonne! Very calm and serene looking as a dining room should be. Neutral rooms are my favorite! Thx for sharing your talents with us. You are amazing!

  3. Susan Bowers says:

    As usual Yvonne tis perfection! May I ask where you purchased the pom-pom pillow?
    It eludes to spring and I love it. Thank you all your blog and the work that goes into it.

    Have a Blessed day!
    Susan (see you Thursday)

    1. Hi Susan, I got the Pillow on a recent trip to Stein Mart. We have one about an hour away. It’s so worth the trip.

  4. Pam Mowbray says:

    Beautiful simplicity Yvonne! Once again you have inspired me to get back to the basics and what is “real.” Thank you for a refreshing start to my day! Blessing to you☺️

  5. Beautiful room Yvonne, I love your chandelier , is it also from Pottery Barn? I love that store.

  6. Karen VanLoo says:

    Simply gorgeous!

  7. You mentioned you made and painted the curtains . Do you have a tutorial on that ? They are beautiful.

    1. Hi Marilyn! I made the curtains. Straight sewing. I don’t have a tutorial sorry!

  8. Where did you get the chippy urn? Thank you

  9. Lisa Bates says:

    Stunning! So bright, elegant and beautiful!

  10. Treva Mills says:

    What a beautiful room to be “just a simple dining room ”
    Absolutely gorgeous!

  11. Lovely! Bet it’s fun at your house. I know it’s gorgeous.

  12. Your dining room is simply gorgeous. Whether you dress it up for the holidays or consider it just a dining room.

  13. Yvonne ~
    Simply beautiful ~
    I love the way you put the molding on the lower walls ~
    I am looking for ideas for my dining room. Not sure if I am going to bead board or ship lap.
    You table is unbelievable and the entire room is perfect.
    Have a wonderful day
    Much love,

  14. Gail Shafer says:

    I love the concrete table!

  15. Your dining room is beautiful! Love the rug; do you mind sharing where you got it?

    Have a wondermous day.

  16. Love the look of your dining room. Are the topiaries real? Did you make them?


    1. Hi Julie, the topiaries were found at an Antique store for $10.00 a piece. They are faux. But even close up it’s hard to tell. I love a great bargain!

  17. Beautiful room! So lovely and elegant. Thank you for this blog it is wonderful!
    Blessings, Candy

  18. judyincarefree says:

    Love the simple look! However, what drew my eye was the dog gate…a staple in our house! That made me laugh!

    1. Yes, our dog Scamp is 19 years old and still doing well. He is not allowed in the front part of the house. For some reason he likes to mark my dining room. So no Scamp there.
      What we do for our dogs!

  19. Hi Yvonne,
    Love the colors and textures of this room! I am curious about the concrete tabletop. How do you care for it and does it stain easily?

    1. Hi Kelly! So far so good. That was one of my major concerns. But it is sealed and has been fine.

  20. Your dining room is simply stunning and it has revolved into a room that evokes welcoming comfort.

  21. Beautiful room. Please share where the checked pillows were purchased!

    1. I’m jumping in to answer because I have these and love them! They are from Ballard Designs. If you get them, get the down inserts; they are sooo comfortable.

      1. Hi Anne and Becky! Yes, they are from Ballard. I just ordered tan and white checks for my family room. These are wonderful basic pillows!

  22. GwenCondit says:

    Oh I also taught school and I think I kept changing decor because of it. I made simple switches from Christmas to winter to Valentines Day but my long switching has come to an end. It’s overhaul time. For my hutch open shelves. I don’t use pinks in decor but my Grandmas big pink stoneware pain round platter I like to display. My China is not in but I’m using it for a party and I still love it–Asian Song. So I’ll do something never the same–that will carry us through spring. I don’t have a dining room. Just my table in our open kitchen. Hmmm. I have camellias floating. I love them! And most drop to the ground.
    Your room definitely has evolved and it’s been done in layers. As you add each layer I can tell who is newer by their oohs and Ahs. Your home and yard give me delight. For God gave you the gift of teaching and of sharing–hospitality. What a blessing!!

    1. Gwen, I adore Camelias! We see them at my daughter’s home on Capital Hill in DC as we walk to Eastern Market. I love their perfumed scent. I’d love to grow them where I live!

  23. I love everything about your dining room. Such a classic room with a current vibe.

  24. Marilyn Clark says:

    I loved your dining room rug so much I bought it for the family room at a river house. It is perfect in that space as well. I have never been a fan of concrete table tops but yours looks wonderful ! I like the room simple and have also loved it when you have decorated it for the seasons. It is nice to see how much you can change a room by added decor. You have inspired me in so many ways. Thanks,

    1. So nice of you to say, Marilyn. That is exactly what I want to do…. inspire!

  25. I am a teacher and I decorate with muted tones because I am in COLOR all day and I need CALM when I get home so I have to say I LOVE your dining room (AND WHOLE HOUSE) so much! I am from Pa. Moved to Az. and we cannot wait to retire back to PA. in a few years!!! Thank you for the inspiration for my home! xo

  26. JoAnne Wujcik says:

    LOVE the dining room table! Is it a metal top and where did you purchase? Also love the neutral chairs and have been looking for similar ones. Can you share where you purchased the table and chairs, please? I was a teacher too and can relate to your decorating urges…LOL 🙂

  27. Yvonne, it is beautiful! I do miss your swan, though. I hope you’ll bring it “back to the table” sometime again soon!

  28. Can you share how you hung the white lids without any hardware showing? Many thanks, Betty

  29. Yvonne, a beautiful room that is simply elegant! The concrete table-top is certainly interesting and love the chandelier! As always, classy! Pam @ Everyday Living

  30. As a retired Preschool Teacher/Director I know just what you mean about the holidays! Lol I decorate more for them at home now because I don’t have my classroom to decorate! My mantel gets more changing than anything. I used to have a powder room that was a tone on tone creamy white that I changed curtains, towels and accessories each month. Got to be too much, although guests really enjoyed it. Now I favor more relaxed rooms with less accessories. You dining room is a perfect balance. Stunning!!

  31. Simple elegance..the most eye pleasing decor to me! Lovely, charming.

  32. Judy Lincicum says:

    Hi Yvonne, yes I love simplicity too, but in layers, as you have done. Your room has so many beautiful architectual pieces that I can just sit and drool over them to start with. Each time you give us a detailed post such as this one, it is soooo inspiring and I always come away with something for my home. My latest copy from you is black and white check in my kitchen. I love it and it give that touch of french country that I love. And then, I find that you can take that out into other rooms to give your home a cohesive look and black is such a wonderful neutral to pop into any room. Yes, I have learned all this from you!!!! I am being a good student, dear teacher, and you are absolutely wonderful at what you do. Keep teaching us, dear Yvonne, we are listening and pinning!

  33. Love your dining room. The fresh tulips are just beautiful on your table. Look forward to your posts.

  34. Love the white and the serenity with the chippy roughness of the shutters, the urn, and things like the white
    pillow mixed in.

  35. Yvonne…must say that your dining room is glorious here…however, even more glorious in person…and you can actually hear the angels sing!…..question:…i forgot how you hung the lids next to the shutters. Do tell 🙂 Have a great day!

  36. Mel Myers says:

    Love the variety of neutrals and textures! Looks great and does inspire with your ideas . It’s fun and helpful when you share where you find your treasures. I have to ask… Where do you find the great deal on the tulips? A favorite!!

  37. Hi Yvonne! Your dining room look amazing like that!and your dining chairs are gorgeous! Like you I love to follow each season and celebration in our home decor but I also love these time of the year when our rooms go back to more simplicity!

  38. Sharon Kelley says:

    Hi Yvonne. Just beautiful– thank you for sharing. Can you share what paint colors you used on the walls? I love them!!



    1. Hi Sharon, The walls in my downstairs is Sonnet by Benjamin Moore. Hope this helps! Happy Easter from StoneGable!

  39. Carol Colantonio says:

    I was wondering what color paint is on the walls of the dining room? I’m looking for a neutral for my dining/living rooms and I think your wall color would be perfect! Love your home!

  40. Hi Yvonne: while I have always loved your home and every decor post, I must say I am REALLY loving this new pared-down look SO much!!! I first noticed this when you had just the urn/container on the coffee table (a few months ago) with no other vignette and thought it was very refreshing and a nice change. Somehow, I felt it showed off your pieces better with less visual distractions – it’s a nice departure especially in the hot Summer months.

    I have always loved the tension between rustic (concrete tabletop, chipped shutters) and the more formal pieces (the gilt mirror, mercury candlesticks)!!! Loving everything you do!

  41. Lorri Rauscher says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    As a former Early Childhood Educator,I too decorate for the seasons.My family laughs and enjoy all the different decorating. Yvonne I love your decorating style and you do inspire me to mix formal with farmhouse style. When decorating and I am putting together a vignette or just changing up a room …I think to myself “what would Yvonne from Stonegable do”? Thank you for all the great decorating tips.?

  42. Love, love, this dining room. So fresh and inviting!

  43. Hi,
    I love your dinner room!!
    The centerpieces are wondering.
    The Accent rug pulls all the colors together.
    Can you tell me where you got the candles and the rug?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Jen, I found the rug years and years ago at Ballard. I’ve not seen it on their site for quite a while. Look on Wayfair for mercury candles. They usually have a good selection. Hope this helps.