July Is A Great month to

July is a month filled with fun, interesting and fulfilling things to do. Here are some favorites!


Welcome July! As the weather heats up to sweltering proportions and the humidity is high, let’s make the most of July. I’m not a fan of hot and humid weather, so I try to find things in July to do that keep me out of the heat for very long. So, July is a great month to…

Celebrate Our Country


Our family is all together for the 4th this year. Everyone came in on Saturday and will stay until Wednesday. There has been lots of swimming and cookouts and little kids! I think they are planning an early birthday celebration for me because there has been lots of whispering going on. There was cookouts and fireworks and movies and games. On the 4th, we will celebrate some more! Sparklers are BIG fun for the grandbabies! And we will tell stories of how the people in our family have served our country. And even have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Show your love of the USA by celebrating the 4th Of July and flying your flag proudly! And let’s fly Old Glory more than the month of July!

You might also like to read The Declaration Of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill Of Rights.

July is a good month to love our country.

Continue Decorating For Summer


Just because it is July, don’t stop refreshing your summer decor. Add a couple new pillows. Bring the outside indoors. Create a new vignette. And refresh things on your porch and patio too!

Do little things that take less than 30 minutes to do, and keep your home updated this summer.

You can find summery ideas by reading 10 Ways To Add Summer To Your Home and Summer Porch And Patio Ideas.

July is a great month for summer decorating.

Go On Vacation- Even If It Is A Staycation


Did you know that July is the busiest month in the summer to go on vacation? Why not take a clue from all the July vacationers and take a vacation. How about a long weekend somewhere not so far from home? How about someplace with some history or great shopping or wonderful restaurants and a pool?

Or just stay at home and do nothing but relax and do what you like. Bobby and I did that in May when five days of rain washed out our camping trip, and we had the best time just enjoying local things we usually don’t take advantage of.

July is a great month to take a little vacation from the ordinary.


Did you know July is National Picnic Month!

When I was a little girl, I lived in Scotland. Being an American child, I had never been exposed to how the Scotts picnic! They do it with style. Actually, what they do is have tea. But it was picnicking to me. As our family took advantage of being in Scotland and traveled all around the countryside, we would see cars pulled over to the side of the road and people having a little tea-time picnic on small tables and chairs. Often, there would be several tins on a tableclothed table, and people would be enjoying their contents quite prim and proper!

When I was dating Bobby, and we would eat in we would eat picnic-style on the coffee table in his living room. I thought this was just so romantic! And I thought it was because he did not have a dining table in his tiny kitchen. However, I was wrong. He did have a table in his kitchen, but it was so piled high with medical journals we could not use it, and I could not find it. We continued eating picnic-style on the coffee table when we were married up until the time our first child was about one.

We picnic a little differently these days. But we never pass up the opportunity to pack a basket of goodies and have a picnic on our travels.

No wonder picnics of all kinds hold great allure for me. So why not start a picnic tradition this month. Indoors or out, make picnicking a special and memorable experience.

July is a great month to picnic.

Refresh A Room

On those hot dog days of summer when the heat chases you inside, why not refresh a room. This month pick one of the rooms in your home and look at it with a critical eye! Make a list of what needs to be refreshed, and get busy! Does your room need a fresh coat of paint? Does that bedroom need a new duvet? Or does your furniture need to be professionally cleaned? Take the month and keep working on one room and set a goal to finish it by the end of the month.

The room I’m working on is our smallest guest bedroom. I’m picking out wallpaper now!

July is a great month to refresh a room.

July Sales

July is a great time to buy something. There are so many bargains to be had this month! Did you know July is the second most exciting month for sales, second to Black Friday sales?

Make sure to check out your favorite stores for their 4th Of July sales. Also, Amazon Prime Days, on July 11-12, is a great time to find bargains on Amazon products, electronics, and more! Walmart Plus, sale dates are also July 11-12. And the sale is open to all Walmart shoppers. And Nordstroms big Anniversary sale is on July 17th.

This summer, you might want to check out your favorite ice cream shops like Carvels and Yogurtland because it is National Ice Cream Month. Many places are offering free ice cream and other products.

Here are other things that go on sale in July:

  • summer clothing
  • outdoor gear
  • electronics
  • back-to-school items
  • large and small appliances
  • tools and home improvement
  • TVs
  • bedding and linens

July is a great month for sales!

Think About Fall


Okay, let’s start thinking about fall. I can just hear some of you, my summer-loving friends. I know just how adverse you are to thinking about summer giving way to fall. If you have been reading StoneGable for a while, you will know I always say we can think about fall when we are dipping our toes in a pool.

Fall will be here sooner than you think! As a matter of fact, you will start to see fall decor, ideas, and projects right here in a few weeks.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is to not think about upcoming seasons and holidays. They tend to sneak up on us, and then we are scrambling to decorate or do that great project.

This year, start now! Pick a fall color palette so you can shop early for things that you will need for the autumn season. Pick one or two projects you want to do, and at least make sure you have all the materials to make them. Make July a month to plan for the fall.

You might like to read these posts for fall ideas…

Use What You Have Fall Decorating– Last year’s fall home tour.

Designer Fall Planters Done The Easy Way

60 Fabulous Fall Decorating Ideas

And here are a few easy fall projects you might want to start thinking about…

Brambly And Bright Fall Wreath DIY

Blue And White Decoupage Pumpkins

July is a great month to think about fall.

Enjoy The Water

beach chairs on a beach

July is the best excuse for splashing in the water! It’s certainly a fun way to beat the heat.

Swim in a pool, take a walk in the rain (remember how fun that was when you were a kid?), paddle in a river, sit by the ocean and read a good book (favorite), run through a sprinkler with your kids or grandkids, water your flowers, and fill a birdbath for the birds.

Find an activity that has to do with water. It’s so good for our bodies and our souls.

July is a great month to enjoy the water.

Days To Celebrate In July


There is a lot to celebrate in the month of July. Get in the spirit of fun!

July is cell phone month, national grilling month, national hot dog month, national ice cream month, national picnic month, national air conditioning month, national baked bean month, national family reunion month, and more!

Here are more July days to celebrate…

July 1st: Canada day and my mom’s birthday, 2nd: world UFO day, 3rd: national eat beans day, 4th: Independence Day, 5th: national bikini day and national graham cracker day, 6th: international kissing day and national fried chicken day, 7th: national chocolate day and national strawberry sundae day, 8th: Suzy from Worthing Court‘s birthday and Liberty Bell day 9th: my birthday and national sugar cookie day

10th: teddy bear picnic day and national picnic day, 11th: cheer up someone lonely day and national blueberry day, 12th: Etch-A-Sketch day and simplicity day, 13th: barbershop music appreciation day and french fry day, 14th: cow appreciation day and mac and cheese day, 15th: national give something away day and national gummy bear day, 16th: world snake day, national spinach day 17th: national peach day and national yellow pig day, 18th: Nelson Mandella day and listening day, 19th

20th: moon day and national lollipop day, 21:st national junk food day and national be somebody day, 22nd: national hammock day and national ratcatcher’s day, 23rd: gorgeous grandma day and vanilla ice cream day, 24th: national tequila day and tell an old joke day, 25th: national creme brulee day and bagpipe appreciation day, 26th: national parents day national tofu day, 27th: walk on stilts day and talk to your plants day, 28th: national hamburger day and national waterpark day 29th: international tiger day and national lipstick day

30th: national chili dog day and paperback book day, 31st: national watermelon day and avocado day.

July is a great month to celebrate.

Start A Club


I know most of us have very busy lives, but I’ve been thinking lately about all the things I do that I really don’t have to do, or things I do that have little or no purpose or things I do that don’t adds to my life.

And lately, I’ve been thinking about starting a club with some of my friends. We live in an area that is overflowing with fun and educational things to do! We live two hours from Washington, DC, and about 2 1/2 hours from New York City. We are 2 hours away from the nearest ocean beach, and our city, Lancaster, is a hotbed for fun and historical places to visit. Did you know that Lancaster, Pa, is the oldest inland city in the United States? Pretty cool, right?

So I’m floating the idea of starting a fieldtrip club with some of my friends. We are always saying we should go here and there, but unless we get it on the calendar, it just does not happen.

How about you?

Here are some clubs you might think about starting with your friends too. Put your own spin on a club you might want to start:

  • book club
  • gourmet club
  • some kind of sport club
  • lunch bunch club
  • board game club
  • cooking club
  • wine tasting club
  • theatre club
  • craft club
  • Bible study
  • gardening club
  • foreign language club
  • investing club
  • movie club
  • knitting, crocheting, sewing club
  • add your club idea to the comments ❤️

July is a great month to start a club.

Container Garden


It is not too late to start a container garden. In fact, most nurseries have sales on annuals right now. A container garden can reward you with three more months of beautiful blooms! Just make sure to water your pots and deadhead spent blooms. I love container gardening! It’s easy and fills my home with vases of stunning flowers.

I added a little cutting garden at the end of our driveway. It’s close to my kitchen, and I love running outside to get flowers and herbs.


Everything You Need To Know About Container Gardening will help you get started. And if you like herbs, read Herb Container Gardening Guide.

Here are 5 Best Small Space Gardening Ideas that will work perfectly for July!


July is a great month to container garden.

Feed The Birds


A recent big attraction in our home is the two new birdfeeders I got for Mother’s Day. One sits outside my office window so I can watch the birds while I work, and the other sits outside the kitchen window. We are having so much fun watching and feeding the birds. So far, we have seen twelve different kinds of birds, both male and female. My favorites are the finches, cardinals, downy woodpeckers, and the red-winged blackbirds. I’m hoping a chickadee will visit us someday soon.

My six grandchildren LOVE watching the birds too. And I LOVE watching them!

We put a cage around our feeder so the starlings who pass through every year can’t eat all the seed. And we have one squirrel (come on, hawk!) who hangs on the cage upside down and can’t get the food. But all the smaller birds can easily fit between the bars of the cage.

In this picture, taken from the kitchen, a little yellow finch was having a late lunch of thistle seeds.


July is a good time to feed the birds. I thought bird nesting was done by June, but many birds have a second and third clutch of babies. We have seen many mothers getting seeds out of our feeder and flying to the perch on our feeder where their babies sit to feed them. This is just so sweet!

Our hummingbirds drink a full feeder’s worth of hummingbird syrup every day. We are currently looking for a bigger feeder.

If you establish a feeder now, many of the birds that don’t migrate will stay all winter. Birdfeeding and watching is a fascinating activity.

July is a great month to hang a birdfeeder.

How about you? What do you like doing in July? Please share!

Have a beautiful July, friends!


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  1. Great post with wonderful ideas! Love the field trip club – there are so many places you plan to visit “someday”. We recently visited the Brandywine Battlefield….pass it on the way to the airport in Philadelphia and never stopped. What a great day, great tour, and beautiful area. And you are correct about the Lancaster area…we live here, too. On July 1st we explored downtown and walked to the Lancaster Cemetery where John Reynolds, who was from Lancaster and killed at Gettysburg on July 1st – the highest ranking person killed in the battle – is buried. What a beautiful cemetery, and it felt right to thank him for his service 160 years after he fell. Enjoy wherever your field trip club takes you and your friends!

    1. Ann, I’m so glad you like that idea. Yes, living in Lancaster is amazing. History, arts, farms, Amish. Have you been to the Brandywine River Museum? It’s across from the entrance to the battlefield. It is the home to Andrew and Jamie Wyeth. I love their art. Have you shopped at the Marketbasket? It is wonderful. We just got tomato pies and they were delicious.

      1. Thanks for the tip about Marketbasket? I will look for it. Love Mecks….apple cider donuts !!!!! Have a Glorious Fourth of July!

  2. Karen from Michigan says:

    Happy Independence Day Yvonne!
    What a wonderful article and so inspiring! It gave me so many ideas and picked me up from the slump I’ve been in lately. I love your field trip idea and I’m excited to share with my girlfriends. Enjoy your family and blessings to you all! ??

  3. This post is filled with ideas. Sometimes we need a boot to get out and do something new.
    I belong to a book club that has morphed into a lunch club. We have a great time chatting and sometimes we even discuss a book. ?
    It takes some time to organize a group of women. We all live busy retirement lives. So nailing down a date that works for all is a bit of back and forth. I do like your idea for a field trip.
    My husband and I pick a different place to walk most days – in a woods, along the beach or the river. We find it relaxing and good for the soul to walk in nature with only the sound of birds or rushing water.
    Happy 4th of July!

  4. CarolBinTX says:

    When our kids were little, we used to “picnic” on the living room floor, particularly if there was bad weather that ruined our plans. This is ingrained in my grown children. I’m staying with them in Chicago this summer. The other night, we spread a blanket on the floor, got out the cheese, fruit and French bread and my daughter sent her husband to the store, out in the rain to get olives, nothing else would do!

    We took a day trip to Milwaulkee the other day…the defunct Pabst brewery, the row of Frank Lloyd Wright houses, a Basilica, lunch at a Biergarten and a walk on the beach! Perfect little day trip! Sometimes I’m surprised at how much I can find to do close by that really doesn’t require a lot of cash, time or effort!

  5. So many great ideas to celebrate summer. So fun.

  6. Have a wonderful holiday and have a great birthday ?.

  7. Maria McDermott says:

    Can you tell me where you purchased the hummingbird feeder? Thanks