INTRODUCING SPRING TO YOUR HOME DECOR- Beautiful ways to decorate you home!

Spring is still a month away but don’t let that stop you from celebrating this pretty and warm season right now. By now most of us have or are itching to put away our winter decor. It’s time to lighten up our homes as the days warm and the evenings get longer. Don’t you love the change of seasons? I sure do. It means changing things up and a chance to put a fresh new decor face on our homes. Here are some great and easy ways to infuse the upcoming  pretty new season in your home! Let’s talk spring home decor!

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Now let’s get in some early spring decorating!


HOW TO ADD SPRING DECOR TO YOUR HOME-pillows-stonegableblog


I am a self professed pillow addict! Changing pillows is a joy to me.

Put away those heavy, dark pillows and make or get some fun, light, pillows with great spring motifs. So pretty. They will instantly brighten up the room they are in.

I added these gorgeous pillows (Ballard Designs) to my neutral living room. LOVE the pretty blues and stylized flowers.



The most asked questions I’m getting at StoneGable from my readers right now is, “WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR NESTS”? Spring is all about tucking pretty nest into your existing decor. I find my nest at local gift and home decor shops.  I bet you can find some great nest in your area too. You can also find them at stores like Michael’s, AC Moore or Hobby Lobby. Don’t forget to embellish them or as I say “feather your nest”! You can find ideas for making your nest the very best HERE.

I save my nests from year to year and now have a nice collection. Nest also look amazing at Christmas with small pinecones in them.

You can also make your own nest with a very easy tutorial. Click HERE for a detailed nest making tutorial.

I put a pretty little nest on a small cake pedestal above.



Bring a bit of spring indoors! Even if  the buds and blooms you choose are faux. Just make sure they can fool most discerning eyes! I love how they can transform a room and the way twiggy budding branches make everything look lighter and prettier!

Don’t pass up gorgeous spring inspired branches! They are the epitome of this beautiful season! Buy the best looking branches, buds, blooms you can afford. Buy them on sale every year to build a pretty collection. I like collecting one color… can you tell what color that is?



Need a lighter, brighter look? Try painting a piece of furniture in a light color. I know that some people are timid to paint something in their home. Start small, like an accent chair or picture frame. You will be amazed! Did you know that you can get Amy Howard One Step Paint (chalk paint) at your local Ace Hardware. She has so many helpful videos too. You can find them on  

One Step paints come in such pretty colors!!!! You will love how easy it is to create a whole new look!

Be bold and give it a try!!!!

The clock above had a heavy brown frame and looked far to dark for the rest of my room. I lightened it up and gave it a great cracked patina. And it was E-A-S-Y! 



Throw off those winter covers. Give them a good wash and put them away until fall!

Spring and summer mean sleeping on bedding that is lighter weight and even a lighter color and style! You will feel like you have a new bedroom with spring inspired bedding! There are so many places to get great bedding at reasonable prices. 

I keep my white quilts on the beds at StoneGable all year long and change up the duvets, sham and pillows! I’m buying a new spring/summer look one bedroom at a time!



Now this is one of my favorite things to create! Spring Vignettes!  Make them for your tables or horizontal surfaces! Use your imagination and pull out some pretty things you can use together to make a vignette with a spring feel! 

If you don’t know where to begin you can see a step by step tutorial for creating a kitchen vignette HERE.




It’s fun to use your imagination and put together a spring inspired tables like this SPRING GREEN TABLESCAPE. There is nothing on the table that is overtly “spring” or especially bought with a spring motif on it… but the way the table is put together with what I found in my dish closet says “welcome spring”. 

You really don’t have to buy new or special dishes to set a pretty spring table. Get out your dishes and play!

INTRODUCING SPRING TO YOUR HOME DECOR- Beautiful ways to decorate you home!

Now, pick one or two (or more) ways to get spring-ified!

Don’t forget to open your windows on nice days and let that amazing fresh spring air in! Celebrate spring by introducing it into your home decor!


You might like to follow me on Pinterest and see all the spring inspiration I’m pinning right now HERE.

INTRODUCING SPRING TO YOUR HOME DECOR- Beautiful ways to decorate you home!



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  1. My spring decor started making an appearance this week. Today in eastern Virginia we will be hitting temps in the 70’s, and the heavier winter decor just needs to hibernate! I have some new fresh fabric for a pillow cover draping my table as I speak.

  2. Great article. Our weather in Nebraska has been just like summer; but, we’re in for some heavy snow today. So, I’m not thinking of lighter bedding, I’m putting on our warm fuzzy sheets today. I like your articles, keep giving us all the info you can. Thank you.

  3. Love yr ideas..I am going to make some more nests…they say…Spring is here!! Yvonne…you didnt mention wreaths on yr front door.I bet that is another post all in itself.? You never can wrong with a Forsthia Wreath..

  4. Very refreshing looks today in all your decorating ideas! I am hesitating on bringing out the spring decor just yet because I think Old Mam Winter may just show up in March in PA. Meanwhile I will drool over pictures like yours and wait just a bit more!

  5. What a lovely fresh look for Spring! Light , bright and happy.

    I’ll be incorporating some of your ideas into my home too.

  6. Here in Wisconsin, we had temps in the 60’s the last few days. It was wonderful to open the windows and let the fresh air in but now Mother Nature is bring us a little more winter. Snow is the forecast for tonight into tomorrow. Most of the winter decor is gone and spring decor has started to make an appearance in our home. Love all your ideas, thanks for all of your inspiration.

  7. Thanks for sharing. I am also thinking spring. My love for pillows is like yours. I have been making them for the spring. I enjoy so much the podcast and look forward to it every week.

  8. Yvonne I made 4-5 nests last year following your tutorial. My 12 year old granddaughter and I worked on them together. I have saved them and they r beautiful. Love your ideas! Thank you!

  9. Spring has arrived way early in my Appalachian Foothills. I love the promise that spring brings and you have included great ideas to add that promise to our homes. Happy Thursday, Yvonne!

  10. Here in New Kent County, Va (home of 2’First Ladies) we’re enjoying Spring-like weather. I want inside of home to match the outside, so following your suggestions, I’m putting away winter stuff and replacing with about 75% spring items..

  11. a great time to do this, especially if true spring takes you OUTSIDE…thank you! I also like to change my home fragrances and Mrs. Meyers cleaning products with the seasons.

  12. I love the changing of seasons, too. Getting cozy for the fall, the refreshing the house for spring. Thanks for the inspirations.

  13. Thank you for sharing your beautiful ideas–makes me even more ready for spring! Love your podcast-you ladies gel together so well!

  14. Yay! Spring has come early at least in the deep south where I live. My redbud and Texas Mountain Laurel is blooming. Before you know it, our beautiful bluebonnets of Texas will be peeking up out of the grass. I’m ready to get my nests and branches out. I absolutely am loving using natural looking blooming branches. So Joanna Gaines! Thank you for the early Spring ideas. The vignette is my favorite.

  15. I love spring decorating,I also have a collection of nests that I use all year long. I especially love your green moss nest.
    Where did you find it?

  16. I’ve always had a thing for nests, and birds and pretty branches! Will look lovely in my new 4 season room with all the sunlight flowing in.

  17. Our weather has been so warm that my spring flowers are blooming and it’s not even March! This weather has me in the mood to put our my Easter decor early so your post today is perfect timing.

  18. Wisconsin weather has been teasing us this past week. We had 70 degrees yesterday with snow predicted tonight. I know I’m ready to bring spring to my home. I’m starting with pussy willows that I found yesterday on my walk. I think the rest will have to wait a week!

  19. I need some new spring pillows to replace my winter ones. Your other ideas are great. All the stores are bursting in spring.

  20. It will be 89 degrees in Dallas today – another record high. I saw a massive spread of gorgeous red tulips yesterday, daffodils, tulip trees (star magnolias) and redbud tree. Bradford pear tree about to pop. I LOVE spring but this is a bit early. Happy spring and Yvonne, I hope you are doing better each day.

  21. I think that Spring has arrived early in Oklahoma. We have been having 70 and 80 degree days. It has given me Spring Fever! This week I have started adding touches of Spring to my home. All of your tips are great! I hope that you have a beautiful day!

  22. I love adding little bird nests into spring decor. When my husband finds an old or fallen nest we put in zip bag, spray in insect repellant and zip up for a few weeks. I use these along with some I make from items at craft stores…which are so real looking… with no fear of little critters surprising us in our home…

  23. I’m quite the pillow addict myself! My husband pulls me away from the shelves when we are shopping together!
    With this global warming Spring is springing sooner!

  24. Love, love, love pillows!! Can’t wait for Spring to get here. We’ve had very mild weather and crazy warm days here in SW Ohio. Thanks Yvonne!

  25. It’s so uplifting to see all the beautiful Spring ideas! Here in the Northeast we are getting Spring-like temperatures, which definitely puts everyone in the mood for Springtime! I love the table scape you featured today, it is so bright and pretty!

  26. I can’t wait for Spring! Living in Canada it is always a welcome relief to have the snow melt and start seeing the first signs of Spring! Easter is my favourite holiday for that reason! The colours, decorations and just the whole sense of rebirth and renewal. Thank you for this post!

  27. Love all your ideas Yvonne. The freshness of the white and green is beautiful. I also love the use of natural elements. Great Post!

  28. I’m just thrilled that we’re talking about spring decorating … it’s really on its way! Yippee! As a fellow pillow addict, I agree that it’s time to bring out (or shop for) some with a light, fresh vibe!

  29. I have been feeling the need to put away my winter decor for a few weeks, How did you know?!! These are great ideas! Since you are reading my mind lately I’m in need of how to decorate my mantel for spring. Hee hee

  30. Spring has definitely started to make an appearance here, first the violets and daffodils, now the blossom in abundance, time to bring it in and place some in vases, nothing says Spring more!

  31. Thank you Yvonne, I can’t wait for Spring to get here. It’s close with the temps we are having. Love your ideas Spring pillows and nest. I still want to paint the living room and looking forward to a Spring look.

  32. I just love seeing your post about Spring but unfortunately here in Minnesota we are gearing up for a big snow storm so for us Spring is a long way off yet. BUT that doesn’t mean it can’t be Spring inside right? I’m feeling Springy even though it looks Wintery!

  33. I am getting so anxious to put spring in my home. I put away the last of winter yesterday and pulled spring out of storage and it’s just waiting to find a spot in my home! Love going through everything to see what I have! And I love doing vignettes too! Just ordered a tiered tray to do just the thing! Thank you!

  34. Spring is my favorite season and I am in the process of putting away my winter décor and moving full blast into spring happy bliss. I’m going to make some of those bird nest to nestle in with all my colorful spring décor. I’m about to listen to your 10th podcast and they are exciting!

  35. Love the pillows and the nests.Small changes with big impact.
    I’m in the process of painting the living room, dining room and
    kitchen a putty color, hope I like it !

  36. I love the bunny pillow! So cute. I love spring. Well it will be almost 90 degrees here today so we kind of jump right into summer instead but I can pretend right?

  37. We have had wonderful weather here in MI but waiting for the other shoe to drop this weekend again. 🙁 But that means it’s a perfect time to bust out the Spring décor. I love using nests and a few bunnies in my Spring décor.

  38. I love nests too and birds and I I have several but I like your idea to add flowers like forsythia because like add some yellow for the spring season.

  39. … been contemplating the Ballard Design pillow for a while and seeing it in your beautiful setting just sealed the deal! It is definitely time for that dose of spring.

  40. While not quite ready to let go of winter (if you lived in the sunny south you would understand) I do enjoy seeing all the wonderful spring details starting to appear across blog land. Your home is lovely!

  41. You have such pretty cushions, Yvonne. I love nests, too. One I found on the ground, brought it home, sprayed it and it now lives in a decorative bird cage.
    I forced daffodils and tulips indoors this year. I haven’t done that since my thirties. The daffodils are brightening up my livingroom and the tulips should open any day.
    They are forecasting some flurries, so I don’t think spring is here yet. My home feels like it and that is enough to put a smile on my face.

  42. Living in south Florida, sometimes the change of seasons escapes me and I “forget” Spring is a real thing. Thanks for inspiring me to make a few changes here and there (and bring me back to my northern roots). I just remembered I have a pretty bunch of faux pussy willows I display in one of a few large green glass bottles on my dining room table. Problem is, I tucked them away last year for safe keeping and now I don’t recall where I hid them!

  43. OOOH!!!! Your spring decor looks so fresh and relaxed!!! It is inspiring me to take out my things and go through them. I usually wait until after St Patrick’s Day but your things look so nice! Thank you for the lovely post!

  44. Spring green, springtime nests, eggs, birds, off white, whites, creams, browns, twigs – oh my – so lovely.

    It’s been a milk nice winter but I am READY for spring just because it is just beautiful and welcome!!!!!!!!

  45. After experiencing a practically no- snow winter; last week we got 3 feet of snow here in central Maine! So discouraging, especially since this was followed by rain and 40 degree temps ! Only 1-2 good cross country skiing days. So, spring can’t come soon enough for me!! Will try bringing out my spring pillows for a boost!!
    Thanks for a fun post!

  46. Great ideas! I can’t wait to try the Amy Howard One Step Paint. My daughter wants to repaint her desk. I also want to make a make a birds nest with my leftover Spanish moss!

  47. I am itching to put away my winter decor!!!! Being a graphic designer and Summer lover, it is most definitely time to lighten up our homes and this article can help anyone in doing so! Stonegabble always brightens up my day and makes me so happy to read!!

  48. I know it’s not spring yet and here in NJ we might get a few more shots of winter but it was fun to think spring on these beautiful days here.

  49. Our weather sure has been saying “Spring”! I think it is my most favorite time because of all of the New life!
    Your table is great! I love those Green napkins!!

  50. Not spring here in MT yet, but temps are getting a bit higher and snow is melting. Looking forward to de-winterizing the house soon. I love the spring green color. It’s so fresh, and makes me happy when I see it.

  51. We too, have been enjoying Spring like weather in NEPA. Put away Winter decor and looking forward to using many of your ideas, like nests and neutral pillows. Still need more Spring pillows. Who knew they could be such a fun accessory? Appreciate all that you share.

  52. Here on the edge of Western Maryland/Pennsylvania we have been blessed with beautiful weather. It feels like Spring although the calendar still says February. I just put away my last touches of “winter” over the weekend. Spring decor is in place and truly gives the house a whole different vibe. Give me anything with rabbits, eggs and branches and I’m all in! Loved you ideas Yvonne, they are as fabulous as always as is your blog.

  53. I loved seeing and reading about all of your great ideas for spring…..and I’m just about ready for spring to arrive!! I love setting a table for spring, bringing in branches and flowers from outdoors, using spring linens and this year I’d love to try the tutorial on making a nest! Thank you for sharing…..

  54. I took out my two bird nests his morning and will have to work on embellishing them like you did. Great suggestions!

  55. I love the way that you decorate with nests. I have a few at my house too but I could always use a few more – HA! Thanks for the tips on making them even better.

  56. I love my yard nests, abandoned by the feathery friends who share my trees. But I did see a good idea the other day to make nests with shredded paper, and I’m imagining book pages. Spring ? Where ? We went straight to summer…. over 90 degrees today. I’ve been looking for a lighter bedcover but I’m just not finding what I like. The trends in retail aren’t always my cup of tea. I’ll have to keep looking for the one that goes with the rest of the bedroom. Thank you for the inspiration.

  57. Great ideas! We have had a very mild winter and this last week has felt like spring, but I am sure winter hasn’t left Michigan yet! I am gathering spring ideas and going thru my spring box this week. Thanks for the inspiration.

  58. I love all your ideas and have incorporated many of them in my home. Creating vignettes are my favorite! I am a lover of nests, too!

  59. I love birds and bird nests. I picked up a sweet nest yesterday, can’t wait to embellish it and set it out. Though it finally stopped raining and the sun is out, it’s still cold for this time of year. Really looking forward to Spring! Thanks for the inspiration! Hope you are doing well.

  60. Favorite time of the year! Everything is fresh and new with beautiful soft colors such a change from winter.

  61. On Feb. 15 I began to gather up winter decor and replace it with spring items. My house now has 3 vignettes in the large living room and one on the dining table, all with a spring theme. Also assembled pots of spring bulbs on my front porch & placed light colored floral pillows on the glider. This year I plan to add some rabbits, nests and eggs to my collection when I come across sale items. Now that my spring decor is in place indoors I can focus on planting spring vegetables & herbs outside.

    I have enjoyed every pod cast so for & look forward to listening to #12 tomorrow.

  62. Yvonne,
    Thank you for the great day brightener. Here in Minnesota we are on the eve of the snow storm. Hoping we get missed or less than predicted. We have been spoiled with late 50’s for several days.

    I love spring…just told my husband I plan to pull out my spring items next week. Like you I recently had a surgery than totally zapped my December and January. Found February challenging to get my energy kicked in to gear. Thinking the bright spring like decor will help that.

  63. I’m a pillow nut too! I’ve been scouring the Internet trying to find just the right “Springy” lumbar pillow for our sofa!

    PS: Have you gals thought about doing a podcast on decorating a patio? Just saying.

  64. My fave nest is the “cover page” nest which looks like it’s covered with moss. LOVE those greens.
    Happy Spring’s a-comin’ to one and all!

  65. I love following you and all your wonderful spring ideas. I pinned the picture of your pillow. Love it! I always enjoy your warm, personal and relatable style. I’ve learned so much from you!

  66. Your nests are beautiful, Yvonne. When I sold my creations on my website I made them much like yours, changing them for the seasons. There is no end to what you can create. Adding small springs of small flowers, and greens like dried alfalfa and moss, along with a realistic mushroom bird and a few eggs gives them a special look. And a Christmas you can take small nests, put some greens at the bottom and add a bright little Cardinal. Glue a spring type clothes pin on the bottom and you have a special tree or wreath ornament. Look for unique nests at large craft supply stores or local stores that offer them.

  67. I like the smalll green nest you have on a bulky candlestick. With one faux egg. It is so striking. I had so many nests but last spring I did toss them. I’d had them all for 15 to 20 years!!! It was time to begin fresh! I’m drawn to nests too!

  68. I think spring is trying to show up early here in the South. We have many flowers, trees and scrubs already in bloom. I haven’t made many changes to my decor yet but I am using lots of fresh flowers.

  69. Love your ideas and inspiration. Especially loved the vignettes you created/featured. I am looking for hares, rabbits, bunnies. Since I live in New Mexico, I can’t seem to find what I am looking for. I have hit Dollar Stores and Thrift Stores looking for something either good looking (or ugly that I can fix with some chalk paint, etc) to no avail. Have also checked a lot of the basic retailers and found really nothing. Any suggestions? Love your work!

  70. I really love pillows as well but wish more stores would start carrying covers instead of the full pillow for those of us that are storage space challenged.

  71. I love your posts. I have learned so much by reading about your ideas and use of materials, colors. Thank you for a helping me make my home more beautiful!

  72. After record breaking rainfall in California it’s great to see the sun again. You’ve inspired me with many simple but great suggestions! Thank you!

  73. I always look forward to decorating for St. Patrick’s Day and nothing says “Spring” like “the wearing of the green!” Along with the green decorations, I begin to introduce spring into my decor with the greens of the bells of Ireland, shamrocks and hydrangea. My mantel has a beautiful twig garland with nests, green speckled eggs and white lights. The promise of Spring’s sunshine, flowers and longer days are all around me. What a pick me up! Thank you for your beautiful blog and the inspiration of your beautiful home.

  74. Here in Wisconsin, we’re still snow covered. Had a snow storm on Feb.24th, which gave us at least 5 additional inches! But, spring is on my mind, and I am developing a kitchen vignette! I am using your suggestions and am also making it a little “Frenchy” by adding a small latte cup and a sitting sheep. Will put a small homemade moss ball in the cup. Thanks for your inspiration!

  75. How adorablee to tuckk your dinner roll intoo such a cute part of the tablee setting. That tablee is so charming!

  76. Hi Yvonne – I was just enjoying the pops of crocuses in my garden this week but tomorrow we’re getting another snowstorm here in Massachusetts. That’s how it goes here. I’ll be glad for any precipitation we get though since we’re still looking at dealing with drought conditions this year as a result of last year’s lack of rainfall. Fingers crossed we don’t have the same type of weather this year – I’m missing having a veggie patch and my herb garden so very much. I just started adding touches of spring at home and at my office at work. I do love robins egg blue or a favorite pilgram glass vase with some cherry blossoms in it. Oh, and I can’t bear to remove the sparrows nesting in the overhang of our side-entry either. Happy Spring to you all! Lisa

  77. You have really inspired me to decorate for spring…but the weather still calls for fur and wool.

  78. I’m listening to my first podcast, and it is fantastic. I love listening to all of you. Real ladies who are so talented sharing with the rest of us. Thanks for all of your had work!!

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