HOW TO STYLE A CHAIR- There is more to styling a chair to work with it's surroundings than you may think. Here are a few tips to help you chair look it's best and contribute to the beauty of a room!

Okay, now that you have a chair you love how are you going to style it? Style it? Yes, let’s style it! There’s more to putting a chair in a room than just plunking it down and calling it a day. You want to make sure that it works with the rest of the room and contributes to its beauty. Today let’s look at how to style a chair! A little thought goes into making a chair play nicely with the other furnishings around it!



I’m been doing some decorating in my living room and that got me thinking about chairs. Styling chairs in particular! I took a good look at my spindle chairs to see if I could make them work even better in my living room by giving them a little more character!

Here’s my chair (actually there are two)…

In my whole house of many chairs, these are my favorites. I love their frame and their ample seat. Really I love everything about them.

They look nice on the sisal rug but there is just too much white going on. To much to make them very interesting. They are very pretty chairs but they need to stand out more!

So let’s add a layer a rug to bring in a little more contrast and color…

HOW TO STYLE A CHAIR- Adding interest to a chair is important to make a chair play nicely with the rest of the room. Here's how...

Big difference. I love white and neutrals but they can look boring if not done right. A bit of contrast was certainly needed.

Let’s add a pillow. Pillows are always a go-to addition! I think of them as jewelry for a chair. What a difference a great pillow makes!

What a difference, right? But not too loud as my room has a very serene and textural feel. The burlap and linen striping on the pillow gives it just enough color and contrast! This pillow is a great size for a chair.


NOW for a bit of color. I added a big fiddle leaf fig between the door and the chair and put it in a dark nubby basket… 

Yes, this corner was in need of a little color! Because my room is so neutral using a plant is the best way to go.

Lastly, I added a little footstool…


The harmonious juxtaposition of the refined and the rustic makes my chair much more welcoming, don’t you think?

Here’s the before and after…


And here’s the pair of chairs in the living room…

Just a little bit of styling make such a difference. 

Here are some things to add to style a chair…

  • floor lamp 
  • small table
  • throw
  • low basket of books
  • layered rug
  • nubby poof
  • footstool/ ottoman
  • pillows
  • art behind it
  • sheepskin over it
  • demijohns
  • garden stool

I hope you give your chairs a second look and see if any of them could be styled to add extra beauty to your room.




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HOW TO STYLE A CHAIR- Adding interest to a chair is important to make a chair play nicely with the rest of the room. Here's how...

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  1. Thanks for the great ideas. You always make it seem so easy! Have a wonderful day.

  2. I love those chairs.It is unfortunate but I have no place for that kind of setting in our house. Can you tell me if the doors behind the chairs are used? Looks like they lead into the family room but very narrow access between the two chairs. Maybe it is just a photo affect. Thank you for your great decorating tips Yvonne.

  3. First off, I love your chairs! And to me, it’s amazing how after you’ve “styled” them and the space around them, I really notice the detail on the wood of the chairs. It’s like the chairs “pop” or something. Great job!!!

  4. Thank you for the helpful tips. Each addition made the space more beautiful but I think the plant really added the most. It added some color without being overwhelming. Love the chairs and the way you styled them.

  5. I love your endless creativity and energy! I have a difficult time finding this size of lumbar pillows. These are lovely—could you please share your source? Thank you.

  6. Love the sisal rug! Is that from Ballard?

  7. A great lesson on styling chairs. After I read this, I realized I do that too. Even my office chair has a sheepskin to add a soft layer to the leather. I love your spool chairs. They have so much character.

  8. There are so many wonderful online shops, which provide us with a multitude of choices. When it comes to large items, like a chair or sofa, do you rely on customer reviews to answer the comfort question? I am somewhat reluctant to order an indoor chair, without my own personal “comfort test”. Sometimes you can locate the chair, etc., at a store near you…try it out…then order for less online. I was just curious how you handle this matter.

    I enjoyed the post…What a great “before” and “after”, and your fiddle leaf fig is SO happy!

  9. Gorgeous! I have learned so much as a follower, Yvonne. Thank you.

  10. Love the chairs and the touch of the outdoors that the plant adds.

  11. Look the look of your chairs and entire living room!!
    Would love to know where you purchase your pillows!!

  12. Tracy Mays says:

    Lovely Yvonne! I always need little nudges in my decorating stage. You seem to know what I need.

  13. I love your spindle “ample seat” chairs! So comfy looking, with the styling you did, more so. Adding the fiddle leaf plant was the icing on the cake though. Where did you get that plant?

    1. The plant is real. I found it on sale a couple years ago when it was just little. And it has grown up here at StoneGable!!!

  14. Thanks I think I needed that bit of advice! I’m definitely looking at my chairs!

  15. Vonda Gunnells says:

    Love the chairs, where did you purchase them please? Have followed you for awhile and am in a new house to us that I’m trying to redo a room at a time! So hard to stay focused on just one at a time tho! I get lots of inspiration from your lovely home!

    1. Vonda, they came from Ethan Allen. Google “spindle chairs” and look for them on sites like Wayfair. They are far less expensive. I had mine custom ordered.

  16. I’m pondering your advice

  17. Will you share the manufacturer of your chairs? That is one of my favorite chairs. I’ve seen a lot of them in a wide range of prices.

    1. Hi Pat. I had these custom made from Ethan Allen. They were a splurge for sure. I’ve seen less expensive versions on Wayfair and Joss And Main. Google “spindle chairs”.

  18. Cecilia from GA says:

    Yvonne, is this a back porch. I know you are talking about chairs but I like the light hanging over the chairs. Your combination of color and texture makes the room so beautiful. I just love how you can put a seating arrangement together and you make it look so easy.

    1. Hi Cecilia, This is my living room. It has lots of french doors and arched windows.

  19. I think I naturally know these things but I have a couple friends that ask me how and I don’t know how to explain (I do not live in their same city so we aren’t often at their homes but rather at mine). This gives me a tool to help guide them on choices they can make. I’ve found that I’ve used your tip on pillows. My friend likes all neutrals so I had been reading your pillow post and quickly referred to it and sent her a link to a Pottery Barn pillow. She found it at her local PB! We only live an hour away but I’m not able to travel so through your tips I was able to share and felt like I’d gone shopping with her! She sent photos so happy because it hadn’t occurred to her that she could add pillows to a neutral couch!! You always have something I use plus I share with others.

  20. Julie Gramoll says:

    How do you style leather recliner? My pillow and throws keep falling off of down!! Just curious what you would recommend:)

    1. They are slippery little suckers! LOL! I would fold a throw over the back of it and call it a day!

  21. Very apt timing for me because I am chair shopping this week, so thanks! I love to add textural interest so always appreciate your comments and showing how to add some.

  22. Shelia P. says:

    Hi Yvonne! I’m in love with your chairs! I knew they had to be high quality chairs because I’ve looked at some of the knock offs and they just don’t hold a candle to yours! I love Ethan Allen furniture but it’s a bit out of my budget range, lol! Instead I bought a neutral Louis XV chair at Ballard’s in a neutral fabric on sale. I don’t love it quite like I do those spindle chairs but I still adore it. It was a splurge for sure! I’ve got the same sisal rug already and I’m slowly but surely trying to get my home a little more neutralized, lol. My taste leans a little more towards French country, so the chair I bought was a good choice for me. I can still daydream about those spindle chairs though, haha! I’ve bought a rug to layer on top of the sisal with a bit of pale aqua (my pop of color). But I have a dilemma. I have to put a recliner in here and I just hate the way they all look. Do you have any suggestions? I’m not sure what style to get since my sofa is a dark leather with rolled carved wooden arms. I have no clue what style or color to get? Any advice would sure help. I love what you did with that corner of your living room. It looks so fresh and crisp looking. The basket, rug, plant and pillow just brought it alive! I love your taste in furnishings and decorating and have learned so much from your blog. Have a great day! ?

  23. Libby Hicks says:

    Love your blog so much I am signing my sister up.