How To Paint Golden Oak, Bathroom Remodel, polish Silver Simply, Use crates To Decorate, Backyard Lighting

This week on Home Style Saturday, we are featuring how to paint golden oak, plans for a bathroom remodel, an easy way to clean silver, simple ways to use crates to decorate your home, and pretty outdoor lighting.

Welcome to Home Style Saturday #356, your weekend mini decorating and lifestyle magazine. I’m up first this week, sharing a smart way to paint golden oak.


How To Paint Golden Oak

See how we transformed our outdated golden oak staircase into a stunning focal point with a good bit of elbow grease and a fresh coat of paint. Discover how to achieve a beautiful stair remodel and give your home a modern and stylish upgrade.


Design Plans For A Simple Bathroom Remodel

Lori says…

Looking for updated bathroom ideas for a builder grade space? Here’s a design plan for a simple bathroom remodel on a budget.

On Sutton Place

How To Clean Silver The Easy Way

Ann says…

Here’s an easy and quick method that shows how to clean silver naturally in about 5 minutes, and without harmful chemicals.


Ideas For Using Crates In Your Home

Janet says…

Whether you want to add a touch of farmhouse charm to your kitchen, create an eye-catching display for your flowers, or find practical storage solutions for various items, wooden crates can be your go-to decorating tool.

Southern Hospitality

Lighting Up The Backyard

Rhoda says…

I’ve shared out backyard pictures with you several times since the pool was finished last year, but I haven’t shared a lot of night time pics. So today, I’ve got some new ones sharing how we light up our backyard and make it such a magical spot at night. We’ve added lots of special lights back here and wow, what a difference it makes!

Happy Weekend, friend!

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