HOW TO MAKE ANY FRAME INTO A MIRROR-Even if you are not crafty you can do this! So so easy!

Have you ever wanted to make something but thought, “Oh, this is going to be a big job.”? This IS NOT that project! This an easy-peasy-even-if-you-are-not-handy-or-crafty-you-can-do-this project! All you need is a frame. I bet you have one in your basement or one that has a picture in it that you might not be fond of, or can easily find one at a yard sale! Big, little, ornate, simple, gilded, chippy, or anything in between will do. Just grab a frame! Let’s get started, I’m so excited to show you how to make a frame into a mirror!

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HOW TO MAKE ANY FRAME INTO A MIRROR-Even if you are not crafty you can do this! So so easy!

I found this chippy white frame at Luckett’s during their Spring Market. It was love at first sight! I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I knew eventually I’d have something to put into it.

Here’s how easy it was to make a frame into a mirror!

I took the frame to my local hardware store to get a mirror cut for it. I chose Lowe’s. Because it was less than 36 inches tall or wide they had mirrors they could cut to fit.  Call around… there are lots of places that cut mirrors. I paid under $14.00 for the mirror.

The really nice man at Lowe’s made sure it fit into the frame, wrapped it and helped me take it out to my car!

Here’s how to put it all together…

HOW TO MAKE ANY FRAME INTO A MIRROR-Even if you are not crafty you can do this! So so easy!

  1. Get a pack of GLAZIER POINTS while you are at your local hardware store. Use a hammer for this project too.
  2. Turn the mirror wrong side up and fit the mirror into the groove around the inside edge of the frame. Now it’s time to fix the mirror into the frame with the GLAZIER POINTS. Start in the middle of all four sides of the frame.  The point of the pin should be facing the frame like the picture above.
  3.  Push the GLAZIER POINT into the frame. I was not quite strong enough to push the point into the frame so I used the head of a hammer to help me push it in. DO NOT HAMMER THE POINT IN. Push it into the frame.

HOW TO MAKE ANY FRAME INTO A MIRROR-Even if you are not crafty you can do this! So so easy!

4.  Use the GLAZIER PINS all around the frame to secure the mirror to it.

5. Make a hanger using  SCREW EYES and PICTURE HANGING WIRE. Attach to the back of the mirror. 

6. Hang the mirror.

HOW TO MAKE ANY FRAME INTO A MIRROR-Even if you are not crafty you can do this! So so easy!


This was an amazingly easy project and so satisfying! I’d love to hang a gallery of mirrors using old frames up our back steps. 

HOW TO MAKE ANY FRAME INTO A MIRROR-Even if you are not crafty you can do this! So so easy!

How about you? Do you have a frame you could make into a mirror? Please send me a picture when you do I’d love to see what you’ve created!

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HOW TO MAKE ANY FRAME INTO A MIRROR-Even if you are not crafty you can do this! So so easy!


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  1. Beautiful! Love this!!

  2. What a great idea! Love it!

  3. Wow! Cool idea! I didn’t know Lowes had mirrors they would cut for you!

    1. If you call your local hardware store Mary they might cut mirror too. Lowe’s is convenient for me so I called them to make sure they cut mirror. It’s not the best grade, like some of my expensive mirrors but it works just fine.

  4. Have done this myself… may not get the hang the first time…it is a little tricky especially if the wood is old….patience pays off and a beautiful finished product!

    1. It was so so easy! The hardest part was having the mirror cut and that was done for me. Good tip about wood. It may be the type of wood rather than it being old.

    2. How would I attach the mirror if the frame is plaster?

  5. Betty Hummel says:

    Such a great idea. I am going to have a mirror cut for an old frame I already have.

  6. Love this idea. Thanks for the Lowes tip.

  7. Soooo pretty! I have just the frame to use, look out lowes here I come. Years ago I took a door that had several panes in it and had mirror put in it. I made a wooden box to set in front of it, distressed the whole thing and added hooks…made a hall tree!

  8. I have a thing for mirrors! LOVE!!!!!!!!

  9. I’m so glad for the Lowes tip, because the last time i had a mirror cut at the local glass store it cost a small fortune.

  10. Love the distressed look to this frame!

  11. Yvonne, great idea and I have all kinds of frames stored away. I certainly didn’t know Lowe’s cut mirrors! Happy Wednesday! Pam @ Everyday Living

  12. Beautiful! I read all of your posts! They’re awesome! Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  13. What a great idea! I have the perfect frame sitting in my closet. Now I know what to do with it

  14. Beautiful job! I love how you have changed things up.

  15. Soooo cute! Look out lowes here I come! Thanks for the idea.

  16. I appreciate and love the before and after pictures! Your mirror takes my vote, hands down!

  17. Karen VanLoo says:

    I’m glad to know Lowe’s will cut mirrors as well, and I love the idea of recycling an old frame or old wood and make your own. My husband loves to play with old fence pieces. He bugs his friends when they tear anything down to give him the scrap wood. He can make just about anything. I would love to make a mirror like yours!

  18. Wonderful project! I didn’t realize Lowes would cut mirrors. I’ll be on the hunt for frames now! Yours looks fantastic!

  19. Marilyn Soto says:

    Love it – so simple and inexpensive. It really did make a huge lighter and brighter change to that area -almost like night and day. I have always loved the “house scape” picture over the chest …..but I’m sure it will show back up , but for now the mirror is like a breath of fresh air.

  20. Doreen Bednarski says:

    Thank you for this original idea. I liked your mirror the first time I saw it. I had no idea Lowe’s had mirrors. Another one of your super ideas. ??

  21. Gayle Mathues says:

    I agree with all the above comments! Your mirror looks great and I do like it better than the painting above the chest. Definitely lightens things up, both “weight” -wise and bright-wise. Love the frame. As always, appreciate the helpful hints and encouragement!

  22. Love this idea! I had a mirror cut at a glass shop for a really old wood frame; I didn’t question what he would use and he cut a plate glass mirror which was too heavy for the old wood! So a little while after I hung the mirror, it fell, the weight having pulled the screw eyes out of the wood! Luckily, it had been hanging over a chest of drawers which broke its fall and it didn’t break the mirror or frame. Now I prop the mirror instead of hanging it! Like your other readers, I am glad to know Lowes cuts mirrors!

    Thanks for sharing your creative ideas and photos and great how-tos and your life with your blogging family!

    1. My framing shop told me any heavier object should have a hanger placed on each side of the frame and use two properly spaced hooks/nails/screws to hang instead of using wire strung between the two hangers. This is supposed to prevent frame collapse…..has worked for me so far….

  23. That is beautiful! I had no clue that Lowe’s does this! I know what I’m hunting for now…a one of a kind frame!

  24. Love your tutorial. It totally looks like something I can do. Right now I don’t have any empty frames, but I do have some art that I’d like to remove from their frames. Lol. Not too long ago I dropped a picture while hanging it and the glass broke. I was sad about it because although it was just a cheap picture, I really liked it. I painted the frame with white chalk paint and “framed” a lovely floral heart. I hung this above my bed and it looks really nice. Then I went through my stash of photo frames and found a really cute one that looks like a tin tile. I cut up the picture into three smaller “photos” (I couldn’t decide which part to save since I like so many parts of it). I chose one to show for now and stashed the others behind it.

  25. Good morning Yvonne, and thank you for another wonderful tutorial – and the tip that Lowe’s can cut mirror glass…I have a beautiful frame from my grandparents attic that I intend to paint farmhouse white and make into a mirror for my guest bedroom … happy day to all at Stone Gable….Smiles………Anne

  26. Love the instructions on the framing for the mirror. Looks really easy. I have several beautiful frames that I have gotten at Estate Sales, so certainly plan on doing some of them. I think it would be beautiful to put different size mirrors up your stairway. Good luck and thanks for the instructions.

  27. The last time I replaced a small cracked mirror, the glass store charged me more than the item had originally cost. ?
    This Lowes tip is fantastic! Do you know if they also cut replacement glass for pictures?

  28. I never knew Lowe’s cut mirrors. Oh, the possibilities!!!
    Thank you so much for this post. I can’t wait to do this.

  29. What a great idea, and it is a beautiful piece. I still love that picture!

  30. Love the chippy frame. Did you find it hard to apply the glaze points? I always seem to have trouble when I use them in picture frames.

  31. This seems like a simple project if Lowe’s is going to do the hard part and cut the mirror. I have a collection of old frames that I have chalk painted, but are not yet hung. I thought about making a gallery of empty frames on my stairway wall, but haven’t gotten it done yet. I think some of them are going to have mirrors in them now:) I also think that this would be a great way to provide a mirror in a guest room where my chest of drawers doesn’t have a mirror. I get my frames at Good Will or other resale shops for $5.00 or less. Often they already have the picture hanger on the back!

  32. Jinny McCleary Foor says:

    Now I know what to do with those old frames I have collected! When we move, I’m going to take your wonderful suggestion to have a mirror in every room. Thanks for the super ideas.

  33. I use a screwdriver to push the glazier points in.

  34. Had no idea this could be accomplished as a DIY project. Oh , the possibilities. Wonder if all local hardware stores will accommodate….. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful day.

  35. Love, love, love your new mirror!

  36. Theresa Kleinschmidt says:

    Good morning Yvonne, you can never have enogh mirrors,right! I love love this easy pease project.

  37. Great idea about using the hammer to push the points in! Thank you for the Lowe’s hint! That price is much better than going to a a glass company. Have also used this method to make a mirror out of an old window.

  38. so excited for this project. I have my frame already, even though it is not nearly as pretty as yours! Thanks for the idea!

  39. Yvonne, thanks for the great idea. I like your idea of making a gallery of mirrors out of different frames. I also didn’t know that Lowes cut mirrors to size. Thanks for the great information! I hope that you have a wonderful day!!!

  40. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life says:

    Love it. Nice to know Lowe’s cuts mirrors too.

    1. Your mirror is lovely. I’ve always loved chippy wood. I think it dates back to my grandmother’s old farmhouse. She was a wonderful homemaker but had a lot of furniture that probably could have used a coat of paint according to some people’s standard but she didn’t seem to mind the look and neither did I. She is
      the inspiration for my decorating style and so are you!

    2. Lauren Deyo says:

      I like it. I didn’t know Lowe’s cut mirrors either. Thanks.

  41. OMG what a difference ~
    I love mirrors especially when your space is smaller then most.
    I purchased a Ethan Allen mirror at a garage sale for $50.00 – just painted it and what a difference –
    It truly opens up the room.

    Have a wonderful day

  42. Your new mirror is beautiful and I love the new look in your living room!

  43. Love your chippy frame turned mirror! Such a great idea! Thanks for the info about Lowe’s!

  44. I am on luv with your white chippy frame turned mirror Yvonne. Our gave us this big old mirror with no frame, so I might try and recreate your chippy beauty!
    happy midweek.

  45. I love the new look about your furniture piece. The power of a good mirror is almost as good as the power of paint. Thanks for the Lowe’s tip, I was going to a glass and mirror cutting store and they were kind of pricey. Next time I will check at Lowes.


  46. Love the mirror. Lowes is so helpful.

  47. This project turned out so beautiful> Thanks for the tutorial ♥

  48. Anne Marie says:

    What a fantastic project – thanks for sharing it with us!

  49. Deb Gregory says:

    Yvonne, I love your style so much that I am changing my decor to look as much like yours as possible. Hope you don’t mind me being a copy cat. : )

    1. Marilyn Craighead says:

      We would all love to copy your decor! It’s BEAUTIFUL and you inspire me daily!

    2. Hi Marilyn, I am thrilled that StoneGable is inspiring you! Copy all you want.

  50. Love your mirror. I love old picture frames. Glazing points can be difficult with some woods. A screw driver is also helpful. I bought a new tool that injects points into the sides without damaging the glass or mirror.Takes about 2 seconds. It is expensive but I use to do a lot of custom framing.
    Great tip abut Lowe’s.

  51. Linda Ann says:

    Beautiful mirror! I’m in the process of making a mirror out of an old window. I’ve decided to try that mirror finish spray paint that you just spray on the window panes. I’m sure it won’t look at great as yours, but I’m hoping I can hang it in my dining room. Thanks for the ideas….going to get started painting the frame now!!

  52. My comment isn’t for a possible money reward.
    I hold close each of your pointers – they are basic,
    good sense theories that just make sense.

    Thank you for such a wonderful blog, I have shared it
    with so many friends on my Facebook page.

    Praying all is still going in a great direction with the
    progression of your son’s health.

    Please show a link or provide a how to on making the
    apron hanger with plates. Love it love it love it.

    1. Hi Patti! Thanks so much for your continued prayer for my son, Christopher! He goes back to the specialist on Thursday and we are hoping they are going to tell him he can start running.
      I’m saving the plate hanger diy for my book!

      1. Super on both accounts ! When is your book going to be available?

  53. Yvonne Leal says:

    Fantastic idea. I just bought an awesome frame from a garage sale and now I have a vision for it.

  54. I didn’t know lowe’s offered that service. Neat idea. I have a lot of old frames. Thank you for all the inspiration!

  55. Thanks for the tips, Yvonne. My husband, whose a woodworker, is making a frame for a bathroom mirror and these glazier pins are just what he needs. Have a great day!

  56. I have an old frame I bought at an estate sale, and this seems like the perfect project for it! Thanks for the tips about Lowe’s; good to know.

  57. Yvonne, we can always count on you to share the most beautiful yet simple and cost effective ideas! I cannot wait to try this one. I have several large frames I found leaning on my neighbors trash can on garbage pick up day. This is the perfect idea for transforming them!

  58. Linda Charlton says:

    Love the look with the mirror. So sophisticated.

  59. I made a gallery wall of mirrors several years ago and I still love it! I just took my antique frames to a glass shop and had them put the mirror in for me. I even had one made with beveled glass. 🙂

  60. Debbie Jones says:

    Love the mirror over the chest but miss the hydrangeas. They were like a breath of fresh air! It’s still summer!

  61. What a fun and easy project!

  62. Thanks for another great idea! I didn’t know (like so many others) that Lowe”s cut’s mirrors. Mirrors can be quite expensive, so this makes this post even better.

    I have several old frames in the basement. Gonna get busy on some new mirrors.

    1. Mirrors can be very expensive. The one I got is not as good as a beveled one. You get what you pay for, but I like it just the same.

  63. Bernadette says:

    Be on the lookout for old prints at Goodwill, that have pretty detailed frames.

  64. Very interesting and informative. I really like your mirror over the chest as well. Thanks!

  65. Yvonne – looks like I will be going to a lot more estate sales and tag sales searching for some awesome antique frames that I can make into mirrors. I am also thinking Christmas gifts with some of these too. Great upcycling craft – Big hugs, Dorinda

  66. Teresa Sole says:

    What a lovely combination!!!! The frame is beautiful and the mirror is just right! Your local glass and window shop will cut mirrors to size and they are usually pretty reasonable. You did a very nice job! Thank you for the tutorial!

  67. Love the mirror and the ease of this project.
    This is yet another reason to go thrifting! Yay. It’s a win, win.
    I am still anxious for you to paint the Rice Poster bed. You ARE the blogger that has one to paint, right? 🙂
    Thank you for YOU.

  68. Beautiful and I learned something new….never knew Lowe’s could cut a mirror for you….you opened up a whole new world for me! 🙂
    My mirror and glass place here are so expensive….Have a wonderful time at Haven…will miss you!!!!

  69. Love this mirror–What a great idea! It really looks good in that frame, and it’s nice to know that it’s a do-able project…although, I would be a little nervous using the glazier points.

    1. So simple and nothing to be anxious about Bonnie. Believe me, you will be surprised.

  70. Thanks for the tip about Lowes…I have a wonderful frame from my grandmother I can use.

  71. I have done this (but not with Lowes) On my bathroom wall I have a mix of mirrors Some old (including a shaving mirror from the 1880’s) some new and one in a old ornate frame of my husbands grandmothers. It suits the 1904 house we live in.

  72. Shelley Anderson says:

    Love your mirror and I have several pictures I’d like to revamp, so I may just redecorate with several mirrors in them. As usual, your projects are always pretty and easy!
    Your a very special woman who knows how to decorate!!
    Hope your day is splendid!

  73. Don’t you just love Lowe’s! Also love the mirror over your chest – so much lighter! As also, great ideas!

  74. *As “always” . . . should proofread before I post! 🙂

    1. Yes, I am a horrid proofreader, especially when I am fininshing working on a post at midnight!

  75. JudyCinNC says:

    Wonderful information as only you can give us. Thanks Yvoone. I will be looking for a frame.

  76. Barbara Williams says:

    Yvonne, this simple project is so inspiring. When you see the dramatic change when you replaced the picture with the mirror it is quite obvious. Thank you for continuing to help us create welcoming homes.

  77. Becky Anderson says:

    You’ve done it again! Wonderful way to use an old frame! Gotta go scrounge around in the basement now for a frame wannabe mirror! Thanks for your wonderful posts!

  78. Judy Holroyd says:

    Thanks! Love your ideas!

  79. Kathi Ferguson says:

    I love your blog. Thanks for the great idea. I will ask Home Depot if they cut mirrors also. If not, more business for Lowes, thanks to you and your blog.

    1. I love Home Depot too. Lowe’s is more conveniently located for me.

  80. There’s an oval antique frame at my parents house that would look great as a mirror. Thanks for the tip!

  81. My favorite treasure hunts have always been old frames. Several with mirrors are now a part
    of my home.Thanks for info about Lowe’s.

  82. Love the mirror and thanks for the Lowe’s info, learn something new each time I read your blog.

  83. SO, that’s what you call those little things…glazer pins. Thank you.

  84. Not the picture. I love it! Hope it’s somewhere else in your house.

    1. Hi Karol, Yes the picture is above my sofa. I’ll share that next week.

  85. The new mirror looks great, but really loved the print you had there before. I know you said it would show up somewhere again. Hope so. Lowe’s offers so much, don’t they? Love your blog!

  86. Heather P. says:

    I love your Mirror project!
    I’m currently in the market for 2- 4″ round frames to put mirrors in for my gallery wall…super hard to find!
    Also, how high do you suggest hanging mirrors, clocks, decor?

  87. Love the DIY mirror and where it landed at Stone Gable!

  88. Hi Yvonne,
    Love the mirror! Can you please source the white flowers in your vase in this post?

    1. Hi Lori, The flowers are faux. I got them at a local shop in my area.

  89. Lauren Drake says:

    Glazer pins and Lowe’s cuts mirrors! Lot’s of creative ideas rolling around in my mind! Thanks!

  90. Jeanne bell says:

    Thanks for the tip of using Glazier Points…….I never heard og them before.

  91. Candy J Weiford says:

    Thank you for the wonderful idea. I have a frame that my grandfather’s father made. All I know is that it is older than 1918, that is when my grandfather was born.

  92. Love mirrors ! Especially yours! I’ve been forbidden to get anymore ! By the hubs & friends actually!

  93. Love the look! Always a treat to come in and see what your up to. have a good one

  94. Nancy pharr says:

    I have so many beautiful frames that I no longer love the print inside of them. This is a great idea! Love using what I have.

  95. Freda Barbree says:

    Beautiful project, Yvonne……Always enjoy seeing your do-able projects and the changes you make to your beautiful home.

  96. Lynn Knight says:

    I love this! I almost bought a mirror this past weekend but couldn’t justify the price tag. DIY to the rescue! Now to rummage through all the frames I love and haven’t gotten rid of…

  97. Bonita McCurdy says:

    I love the chippy wood look. I didn’t realize it would be that easy.

  98. I like the Mirror and the new look of the room. Light for the summer.

  99. Here is a friendly FYI on Lowes cutting mirrors. My Lowes only carried mirrors up to a certain size. You should check your Lowes for available sizes before you buy a frame. I also think they do not cut oval or circle shapes.

    Great tips on this post, Yvonne. I don’t think I will ever think of a frame in the same way. Oh! The possibilities!

  100. Comment from Pinky: Love this! I had no idea that Lowes would cut mirrors! Your mirror looks beautiful there! I am guessing you are now at Haven….or close to it:) XO

  101. Great idea. And to the reply about Christmas gifting, yes, thank you for the wonderful idea.

  102. Kathy Lahr says:

    The change looks awesome! I love the “new” old chippy paint mirror!

  103. Sheila Gunderson says:

    A lovely addition to your living room. The chippy look frame looks great and mirrors always open things up!

  104. Joanne B. says:

    I have to laugh! Our mothers and grandmothers must be turning in their graves as we decorate out homes with things that are old and weathered- the cruddier the better! Great job with the mirror and it’s perfect in the room! Lovely!

  105. Janice Davis says:

    Beautiful!!! Thanks for the inspiration. I plan to make this my next project.

  106. Doris Raab says:

    I love your frame, Yvonne. My sister just got a pile of wood from a man down the street from her house who is remodeling a 100 year-old house. She is saving some for me. I’m hoping there is some that can be used to frame a mirror. You have inspired me to try it. It will be a couple of months before I visit her, but can’t wait to get my hands on some of that wood!

  107. Wonderful. I love it. Who knew it could be so easy. Thanks again Yvonne.

  108. Dixie Dobbins says:

    I love this! I have a mirror addiction and now I can make my own! Thanks can’t wait to try.

  109. Karen Webster says:

    What a fun project. Beautifuly compliments your lovely foyer.

  110. Great tip to put a mirror in every room. Would it be appropriate for a home office?

  111. I had no idea it was that easy and so reasonable. That’s amazing and the mirror looks great. I have several empty frames that I can use now to make mirrors. Thanks!!

  112. Perfect timing = this post. I’ve been wanting to do this with my bathroom mirror. Now I know how!!

  113. With as much time as I have spent inside Lowes, I had NO idea they cut mirrors.
    Now to start searching for some fun and interesting frames.

  114. Robin Gasser says:

    Yes, a fun project! now, to just DO it!

  115. Sharon M. says:

    Love the look of the mirror! Thanks for a clear and inspiring tutorial. Always enjoying reading your posts, Yvonne!

  116. Oh, yeah. Cleaning out the basement, and I have quite a few frames. Looking forward to doing this. Thanks! Fondly, Tami

  117. I love your house and I love all the tutorials and ideas that you give to us!

    I have a wonderful picture frame that I have wanted to put a mirror in it but didn’t know where to get one.

    Thank you

  118. Easy and so worth the view minutes. Ive done this too!

  119. Laurel Wimer says:

    I love the mirror but also the chest it is sitting on! Did you finish that, too?

  120. I’m definitely trying this. I have a frame to make a mirror. Do all Lowes cut mirrors? Glacier pins? Looking for them. Thanks.

  121. Angella Walls says:

    Thank you for the mirror tip! We are buying a new house, so I will use your decorating tip!

  122. This is exactly the project for our home entry that I have been looking for! Thank you so much for the easy to follow direction. Great site!! Look forward to sending a photo of the finished product

  123. Sue Dorsett says:

    You have inspired me to take a frame I purchased over a year ago at an online estate auction and have a mirror cut for it. Thought I would save for a grandchild’s portrait but well I guess that’s not happening anytime soon. I am psyched!

  124. Thanks for the great tip. I am about to go to Lowe’s and have them cut me a mirror. I have turned my daughter’s old desk into a vanity for myself. I have a frame that matches the desk perfectly, so I am going to turn it into a mirror. I will post the photo if I succeed. You make it sound so easy!

  125. I loved the mirror but I’m so into my crafts I don’t pay attention to my house,which is a tiny condo. I work full time and don’t entertain so after watching and reading your column or blog, I’m changing my attitude yah so u can change. Lol

  126. I loved thiS post. I am going to try this!

  127. Donna DAquilla-Bethea says:

    I have a rather large espresso colored wood framed mirror. It was originally on a wall in our former dining room.
    We now have a new home with no wall space to hang the mirror. We placed it on the floor in the back of our large closet. It looks odd.

    1. Hi Donna, sometimes you just can’t make things fit! Why don’t you try to sell the mirror and buy another that works in your new home? May God bless you in your new home!

  128. The mirror project looks fairly easy. I’m going to give it a try.

  129. Hi! Did you have the mirror already or did you purchase it at Lowe’s and have them cut it there?

  130. Mary Kidd says:

    Thanks, I am going to try this!