I have a very important question to ask you…DO YOU KNOW YOUR DECORATING STYLE? If you are like most people, you sorta know what you like and what you don’t. You can tell me what you think your style is, but you probably can’t tell me with confidence and conviction! Let’s change that!

I think it’s important to know what styles you love and enjoy living with and what styles you aren’t fond of and perhaps are living with in spite of that fact!

Let’s work together and try to get a good idea of our own personal decor style! Knowing your decor style will help you create a home you will feel comfortable in and love!


My style is a TRANSITIONAL.  I love classic furnishings. Home decor that stands the test of time. Beautiful fabrics, symmetry, comfort, a little formality (a tad), calm and order, understated beauty, a refined and welcoming feel.

Don’t let the name transitional fool you. It does not mean staid or dated or too many patterns. That’s NOT transitional.

Transitional is comfortable and well-appointed and predictable in the best way possible. It is classic and the most welcoming. I bet most of us would classify your decor style as somewhat transitional!

 The threads that tie my style together are certainly classic and traditional but my style runs deeper than that as do most of our styles!

Transitional is several styles rolled into one with the lion’s share of each room leaning classic!

My style is also FARMHOUSE. Farmhouse was originally a moniker for a type of house and a geographical area and not so much a style. Lately, farmhouse has BECOME a style!

 I am very influenced by the gorgeous farmland that surrounds us and the style of our modern farmhouse and now our more classic home on a golf course.

I lean towards the warmth of hardwood floors, planked walls, utilitarian accents, porches, living close to the earth, large kitchens, and rockers on the front porch!

Because I put an up-to-date spin on farmhouse style I like to call my style MODERN-FARMHOUSE LIVING.

These two styles TRANSITIONAL  and MODERN-FARMHOUSE influence my decor style the most!

INDUSTRIAL style often seeps into my farmhouse styling too! I like industrial metals and woods and mechanical details. But a little of this goes a long, long way. And if done right mixes wonderfully with Farmhouse style.

To dig a little deeper I also love American furnishing as opposed to French decor. And British Colonial style sets my heart aflutter!  Industrial, Cottage and even a little bit of Southern Charm works for me too!

So I say my style as Transitional with Farmhouse accents. And I define it as AMERICAN FARMHOUSE LIVING! American Farmhouse Living is more of an attitude than a way of decorating.

How am I so confident about my decorating style. Well, I know what I love! But even the most confident home decorator changes his or her mind on their decorating journey.

I’ve brought in industrial, cottage, and other styles to StoneGable and the Tanglewood house, mostly in accents.

I’ve flirted with chippy and Scandinavian, Contemporary, and other interesting styles. But even though I love many styles the underpinnings of all these styles rest on classic furnishings!


Here are some tips for learning about YOUR style and how to decorate to get the look you love. YOUR present decor may not be YOUR style!

The styles you love and are drawn to may not be sitting in your house right now!

If you are like me, your home is a work in progress! You may be saving for a makeover, living with a piece you spent way too much money for because you can’t afford to get rid of it now, you don’t know how to make A STYLE  change or… I could go on and on!

And all these scenarios have been part of my decorating story!

To help you define what you really love and what you don’t, start by creating a couple of Pinterest boards and label them WHAT I LOVE and WHAT I’LL PASS!

Spend some time each day adding to the boards. ONLY PIN WHAT YOU REALLY REALLY TOTALLY LOVE AND WHAT YOU DROOL OVER on the What I Love board.


Do this for several weeks and see what you have. Find the common thread in each board. Spend time evaluating and write all your observations down.

Yes, DO THIS! IT will give you an idea of what you would love to live with… and hence, your style!!!!

Look at your list. Do you see any repeated elements that occur on your lists? These common elements will go a long way to determining your style. This exercise will give you a goldmine of decorating information!

But remember your style, like mine, is most likely a combination of several styles!


Just because your home might not be “perfect” doesn’t mean that you dislike everything! We can all get into that all-or-nothing pit!  

Focus on what you do have and you love and find joy and inspiration in those pieces! And don’t forget to think “upcycle”! A great coat of paint or a wonderful new fabric can transform home decor! Look at your stand-the-test-of-time decor and update it! You will be amazed at the difference!

The clock in my family room is an excellent example of upcycling and upscaling furnishings! The clock was once brown. Not a great color for my decor. Very drab but good bones. I think I bought it out of desperation and it’s $47.00 sticker!

BUT the clock had great styling. So I painted it! Now it looks like “my style”!

You can see how I painted my clock HERE.


Get to know decor styles and what makes them distinct. Here are just a few styles…

  • TRADITIONAL – see above. Think refined, familiar and comfortable.
  • TRANSITIONAL- a mix of styles with the most furnishings falling in the traditional/classic sensibility. Eclectic, a mix of a few styled married beautifully together.
  • COUNTRY – traditional time-worn furnishings, warm, flea market, milk paint, ironstone, a feeling of comfort and home, NOT your mother’s or grandmother’s country! Think of small estate living.
  • CONTEMPORARY -sleek, clean lines and subdued colors, pop of color added, low to the ground furnishings, few extras. Think urban living.
  • FARMHOUSE-inspired by farmland and utility. Functional items, lots of galvanized metal, wood floors, white paneled walls, big kitchens, porches, rocking chairs. Think of StoneGable!
  • MODERN- minimal furniture, stark, uncluttered, white with black accents. Think George Jetson!
  • COASTAL- influence by the sea, airy rooms with light fabrics, whites and colors of the sea, nautical accents. Think beautiful homes on the ocean.
  • COTTAGE- furnishings that show a little wear, botanical prints, wrought iron beds, quilts, cozy feel, fresh white paint on planked walls, open windows. Think sheer curtains wafting on a light breeze!
  • INDUSTRIAL- raw unfinished look, lots of metal, exposed pipes and pipes in design, open shelving, unfinished look. Think warehouse.
  • ECLECTIC- a mix of styles and periods that work together because of a common element like color. Think mix and match!

And there are many more!

Know what elements constitute decor styles…especially the decor you love!

I had a little crush on Mid-Century Modern style for about two minutes!

Although my crush on MCM did not last long, there are so many things I’d love to use at Tanglewood! Here’s what I find so attractive!

  • function follows form
  • uncluttered
  • juxtaposition of materials
  • wide color palette
  • clean lines
  • industrial task-type lighting
  • wood mixed with other materials

This style worked perfectly in my sunroom. Our sectional has a bit of that Mid Century styling I love! Low profile, functional, deep seating, clean line with classic MCM legs.

And this sofa in a neutral color makes it very generic and able to play nicely with my more classic furnishings!


My style, like most of yours, has EVOLVED!

Decor goes out of style EVERY YEAR!!! Yes! Some things you bought last year are already “out”!


Some things you are holding on to right now might be the very things that are choking your style.

Let go of furnishings and accents that are tired or very very out of style… IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT.

And now, on the other hand, don’t get rid of wonderful things you love and are happy to live with if it’s out of style. If you love it WHO CARES!!!

Here’s on of my best decor secret!

Choose classic big-ticket items like sofas and chairs and beds in solid, neutral colors. These pieces will stand the test of time (or at least 10 years). I tend to buy trendy accent pieces that are very inexpensive to fill in my decor. They are easily replaced when I get tired of them. The hallmark of transitional styling!

I think the secret for keeping a home look “fresh” or “updated” is to not let your accent furnishings get too tired! Think about replacing things like a lamp or a tray or a pillow more often. Wow! What a big bang for you buck and a real boost to your home!

Don’t fear change SMARTLY embrace it!

I found these pretty classic and modern chairs and knew they would add lots of style to my home. And they will stand the test of time!

Here’s why the furnishing in the image above will stand the test of time…

  • classic lines
  • comfortable seating
  • neutral color
  • interesting detail- nailheads
  • pretty legs
  • works with the rest of my decor


The bottom line is live with what you love no matter what trends dictate! It’s your home and should be YOUR SYLE!!!! Live in it and love it!

Even the smallest decor item in your home can give you joy so hold on to them!

I love the sunflowers in the StoneGable dining room. So I…

Took them to the Tanglewood house!

I know that sunflowers are a little thing, but for me, they are a must in my home during summer and fall! And they bring me JOY!

Did you notice I updated the container they were in? Because our new home is a bit more modern and open the urn just looked a bit to “traditional” for the style of our Tanglewood house. The interesting fun wooden container works so much better in our home now!

Again, just a little thing but lots of little things add up to big style!

The more articulately you can define your style the easier it will be to transfer the style in your head to your home. Remember it takes time, practice, and lots of making choices to create the home you love!

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  1. I love your decorating style! My style is (I think) transitional, a little farmhouse and a little coastal (since we live in Florida). I really need to go through my Pinterest boards and clear out what I don’t absolutely love. Thanks for the great advice!

  2. I’m trying to transition my home into more of a neutral color scheme and adding some farmhouse accents.I have repurposed items I like with spray paint to give them new life.Sometimes less is more and your home is always a work in progress.

  3. This article is truly freeing. I like when you said should last ten years or so. That statement frees me finally from a chair I’ve never loved. It was an impulse purchase that cost a fortune to get it in that fabric which has faded into think early ‘70s olive green floral. My mom never even had this style but I’d babysit and people had it. It’s uglier than ever!!! But my husband sits in every chair in our home to try to relieve his back pain so I’m looking into a slipcover. NO!!! I can get a new chair. I got a double bed and what worked with a twin bed now looks odd. I need simple small nightstands and either get the antique lamp fixed or toss it. Another old lamp needs to go. Freeing!! My plans for the room have evolved. Thank you for this freedom to evolve and change things.

      1. I love this watch too. unfortunately it is not any longer available from this dealer.

        But you have another big white framed clock, can you tell me where you found it?

  4. Love this, thank you!

    Would you consider a future post taking us through step by step how you plan/design a new room (or redesign)? I remember you mentioning PicMonkey on the podcast, but I downloaded it and am not sure how to apply it to a design project.

    1. Hi A, not PicMonkey, I use that for editing pictures. Pinterest is what you want. Yes, I would love to do a series about how to plan/design a room. Great idea!

  5. Yvonne,
    As soon as you asked the question, my head starting spinning. My style is transitional, but very different than your style, which I think is absolutely beautiful.
    I love rich classic woods such as cherry & mohagany with a modern simpler style. My walls are pastel colored, each room its own color, my favorite color is pink,but my husband objects to the house being pink. However I usually have a new favorite color of the week, my neutral is a charcoal grey. I love florals and the cottage look.

  6. We are tearing down a old cottage – building a small home – we have 2 Leather recliners – Medium size- tan colors- wall are antique white- I am thinking white or tan couch {leather or material } = 2 cane tub chairs with Teal seating – teal cushions for couch- I have many mexican ornament= t
    eal cream pink – does this sound right for you- would you please let me know what you think- we have a 9 foot window looking out to a river – we will have a small fireplace I really enjoy your information on my computer- it is very helpful- Thank you Reta Martin

  7. I would like to get an arched window frame to hang above my fireplace. The walls are a light tan. The fireplace and mantel is white and the lid above the fireplace is black. What would be the best color or arched window frame to get.
    Thank you

  8. Thank you for the great article! I think I might be transitional! Where did you get the 2 beautiful framed pictures above the console table? It is the first picture.

  9. Thank You that was amazing advice and I am going to do just as you say , start with a pinterest board of things I like , keep things I like and recycle those I dont Thank You so Much

  10. Oh be still my heart, you speak my decorating language, my daughters,say what’s decorating style, and I tell them What I Love, love coastal, cottage, and a bit of farmhouse….is that transitional? It seems effortless to me, I love old chippy pieces, and a pretty floral chair, and I live bowls of seashells, and pictures of my grandchildren playing at the beach on my walls.i love aqua with white throughout my home with a bit of floral here and there in just the right spot. And I love my home♡ just could read all of your article s over and over. God Bless, Barbara

  11. Hello. I am in the middle of decorating my house but everything I have done has made it look worse and worse! The main reason is because I keep trying to decorate around a granite countertop that I hate. I just bought it so I cannot get rid of it. What would you recommend?

    1. Is the countertop in the kitchen? You don’t need to decorate around it at all. It can stand alone. What is your decorating style? What color palette are you working with? Those should determine what you put in your home. Add a pretty big runner in your color palette to the granite and call it a day! Hope this helps.

  12. The engineered wood (real wood) flooring I have in some of my house has been discontinued and I want to replace carpeting in other areas. These areas meet up with the wood flooring. So do I try to match the best I can? lay it a different direction? or go a totally different wood? or what?

    1. Hi Jan, although the discontinued wood is really a dilemma it seems you have come up with some great ideas. My first inclination is to get all new wood flooring. It will look seamless. However if that is not an option my next suggestion is to see if you can match it. We had to match the wood in our Tanglewood home. The bedrooms were carpeted and I can’t sleep in a room with wall-to-wall carpeting (allergies). So we found a wood that looks the same. Find a good, local company that deals in flooring and have them match it. Hope this helps.

  13. Thanks for the great post! I have inherited many pieces from my parent’s home. They have beautiful taste and invested in quality things, but I feel like I live in my Mom’s house not mine. I think it’s time for some changes.

      1. That sounds great but what do you do if your partner has a very different style than yours? And they are very slow to make decisions? Do you divide the house?

  14. I’m quite the mix of decor styles. Is eclectic farm a thing? Somehow it all works together. I know what I like, and it looks like things were curated over time.

  15. I’ve always loved your style, Yvonne! I’ve never mastered one style; I let my husband influence too many decisions!

  16. This was a great post! Lots of good info. I would have liked a few more photos of the different styles. Transitional certainly fits my style but still not really sure what “label” I would put on it. I would like a different house and my furnishings would definitely be different than they are currently.

  17. I love the Pinterest idea and will use that. I lean more towards coastal cottage items for my home.

  18. I have followed you for a very long time and have seen many of your changes. I too am transitional. I love decorating and looking at homes. Thanks for all your tips today

  19. Oh, Yvonne, you are such a GREAT TEACHER!!! What a wonderful post. I know that you have posted before on decorating styles but I appreciated that you expanded this post with things that you have learned/done since your move. Being comfortable in our homes and with what they are “offering” to us, our families and those who step into our homes is paramount. I LOVE it when someone says they feel God’s peace when they are in our home. I laugh and say that my tiny brain demands a high sense of order!! We, like you, have downsized and it was actually fun paring it down to what we LOVED. That, and your StoneGable wall color throughout :), has made this little home a small slice of heaven.

  20. Such an informative post which I really enjoyed reading. You have given me a lot to think about. Thank you.

  21. My style is combination I like to call Shabby Farmhouse, some might call it Cottage Farmhouse

  22. I am definitely farmhouse. Love the look that’s why I love your ideas. Thank you for the chance. 🙂

  23. Home Style Saturdays always bring pops of color & nuggets of decorating wisdom – thank you!

  24. Yvonne has been an inspiration to me for many years. I think I am now transitional in my decorating. Now that I am home more, I am enjoying new ideas using what I have.

  25. I think I lean more towards traditional because it feels warm and homey, to me! I love the looks of the other styles in other homes but can’t seem to make them my own. Maybe I should try transitional and see where it takes me!

  26. Thank you for these suggestions. I started a pinterest board with decor I love, but never thought about one for what I don’t like. That’s a great ideas. My likes are leaning traditional and British colonial.

  27. i think I have finally found my style…. it has been so hard to pinpoint. you are so right when you state find something you love. For years I hated my kitchen. I decided to paint the cabinets and wow… what a difference.

  28. I loved this blog on How to Know Your Decorating style! It is a little difficult for me because I like some in every style. I will follow your instructions to narrow it down. Thank you!

  29. Great advice… especially the wise words regarding staying open to change. I’ve evolved quite a bit over the years, so my style has too. I think that’s a win! 🙂

  30. Yvonne- I love your posts- informative! Your house always looks fresh and up to date- not trapped in one style.

  31. Yvonne, I can’t believe this is the 200th HSS! I have enjoyed each one and look forward to many more. I have been trying to change from traditional to more French Country. It’s frustrating though when I can only decorate one room at the time. However, it is finally coming together. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  32. Yvonne, I always learn from your posts! And look forward every week to your menus for the week! Would love to win the PayPal money to use on my new downsized house

  33. This is a wonderful look at all the styles. Having a warm comfortable home that makes others feel welcome is best in my book! Thanks for explaining and making it more simple to understand.

  34. Great information. Thank you for sharing. With all the decor choices, sometimes you get lost and need direction.

  35. I’m definitely transitional. I’m also a neutral loving girl. I believe in less is more and go big. In other words, no clutter!

  36. Love your style. Your home is so serene and quiet but I see so much interest in the details. I love that!

  37. I have followed you for some time and I look forward to your inspiring ideas. I love your decorating style!

  38. Great piece! I am also a struggling decorator. My focus currently is where to place my furniture. And how to get rid of my Husbands recliner LOL…. Men and their chairs….

  39. I learned the name of my favorite design style while perusing an Ethan Allen Catalog. They called it by British Colonial. Reminiscent of the staying in the Britsh colonies in the Caribbean, such as the Bahamas, and Jamacia. Dark mahogany wood, with a classic style such as Duncan Phyfe. Luckily, When a great aunt passed away, I inherited a lot of her mahogany furniture.

  40. I guess my style is Tradional Cottage Shabby chic. My grandaughter asks why I like furniture that looks like it’s old and used!

  41. Yvonne, I’ve been following you for years. In fact yours was one of the first blogs I started reading and following.
    You always inspire me to be a better decorator in my home.

  42. I agree with you. I love Transitional Modern Farmhouse and I lean a little Traditional too. I think it’s find to keep these styles and elements together. I think it ends up being a homey comfortable look. thanks for offering this giveaway. It’s great!

  43. Your suggestion about developing Pinterest boards was a good one. I have several but don’t think I’ve ever considered making one of things I don’t like.

  44. Thank you for the really informative article. I learned that I am a combination of many styles that blend well together. I love to see decorating magazines and can appreciate even the styles that are not necessarily “me.” I have read your blog over many years and appreciate your passion to create and to teach others how to do the same. I also greatly enjoy your Sunday posts that help us appreciate our Creator who made us all with our different tastes and talents.

  45. Transitional is what I like, a mixture of heirlooms. My real love is Country French
    .because it echoes my heritage.

  46. Transitional style. Every time I do one of those “what’s your style” quizzes it’s the same. So transitional, definitely. Longtime reader. Thanks for offering the give-away 🙂

  47. I love your style. I am feeling like I really should have two or three homes to satisfy all of my favorite styles.

  48. THANKS for finally helping me identify my style! I am retiring in November and want to retire some of my 40 year old “thingies” and decor in my home. The transitional style is it! I knew in my h ad and heart it wasn’t a true farm house but also not traditional. You have given me so many great items I can’t wait to get started!

  49. Thank you for this post. I look forward to doing my hw and figuring out what style is for me at this season of life.

  50. First of all, I never miss your posts since I love your blog. Lastly, I would spend the money on some evergreens since this year more than most a lot of people are focused on their gardens and yards. Mine could use some winter interest. Thanks for the giveaway! Also, My style of decoration is Traditional Eclectic.

  51. This is so helpful for trying to zero in on my style, but I’m still not quite sure. But I still get plenty of good advice and good information from reading your posts and from examining all your photos in detail. Thanks for all you teach us.

  52. That’s helpful, thanks! You’ve got a lot packed in here. I never would have thought to make a “what I hate” board. I may have to keep it hidden so I don’t feel mean 🙂

  53. wish I could share a pic of our small space decorating (front Porch) that you posted. All during self quarantining, hubby made bench from recycled supply, I painted and used basket and flowers from stash and had paint on hand. Love it, fits our front entrance perfect. Thanks for the idea

  54. This article encourages me to spiff up my foyer and make it my own. Most of our furnishings are,true family
    treasures which I love, but I need/want a fresher entrance to our home. Thanks,for the nudge!

  55. I loved this article as it was helpful with a couple of area’s I needed to finish. Always always enjoy reading your blog!

  56. I have always considered my style to be eclectic. I love classically styled furniture with quirky accessories and vintage pieces thrown for interest. We have moved quite a few times and I always seem to gravitate toward the classics when buying new pieces of basic furniture. I do like to change up the colors every few years just to drive my husband crazy.

  57. I am definitely transitional with the only style I really do not like is coastal and contemporary.

  58. I would say that my style is American Farmhouse living. I have some antiques and farmhouse features to my decorating style. I’m 70 years old and have been decorating this way for at least the last 30-40 years or so. Thanks for giving it a name

  59. I love your style and thoroughly enjoy your posts. I think my style is traditional with British Colonial and Coastal accents. Anything to remind me it being in the islands!

  60. I’ve learned so much about decorating from your posts. I love the Pinterest board idea and I’m excited to get started on finding a definite style for my home.

  61. I love the light and airiness of the rooms. The townhouse I live in is rather dark because of the way it is constructed. I rent so I can’t change anything.

  62. I love reading your blog! I have loads of Pinterest boards on style since we are on the cusp of building our own home and I want to get it “right”—-meaning I want to make it feel like a seamless extension of me that truly reflects my style. So, nailing it down is a good first step! I feel like I have a pretty good idea, but I love your idea of two Pinterest boards: one with “I Love” and one with “Yuck”. I’m looking forward to working on that project. Thanks for all the tips and lovely photos. Your “Transitional with extras” style is definitely my jumping off spot as well.

  63. Your blog is one of the favorites that I’ve followed for a long time. It inspires me to make changes where I can, even if I can’t afford all the upgrades I would enjoy. Most of us can’t. But I always learn how I can change up a look here and there, by restyling, or simple paint, etc. So thank you Yvonne!

  64. Your homes are so pretty! I have quite a long list of my style favorites; coastal, modern-industrial farmhouse. Perhaps I should add Transitional. I appreciate your tip of making a Pinterest board of what I DON’T like!
    Question-where did you get your dining bench/slipcover? I love it!

    1. Hi Jane, I’ve had the bench for years! It came from World Market. I repainted the legs and had it reupholstered and then I made a slipcover for it out of a dropcloth. So you see it has gone through lots of changes!

  65. Great decorating advice. I love transitional style. It gives me a wide variety of accent pieces to mix and match like wood and metal as well as mixed metals in the same room

  66. This article came at just the right time. I’m switching from primitive to farmhouse. A number of the primitives can be updated with white paint or stripping down some of the furniture to a softer raw petina.

  67. I struggle with this because I love so many different styles, but realize that I appreciate comfort above all, and have changed my preferences over the years. Love your style as well as a few other bloggers, all slightly different styles but with definite similarities. It’s hard when you love a lot of different things but great to see pictures in your blog to help refine the absolute favourites. Thanks for the inspiration!

  68. If I send you my address can you mail the urn you no longer use to me? I have been looking at that on your site for years now. I know envy is a sin but I spent months trying to find the same thing! I’ve bought more than one, got it home and it was either too big, too small- just not like yours. Love it, love it, love it. Can’t quite believe you would switch it out.

    1. Hi Margo. You need to stand in a big long line of family members, friends and blog friends who want the urn too! I just may hold on to it for a little while and as my home evolves I may find a place for it.

  69. This is such a helpful guide. Thanks for the clear way you present your material. It is always interesting and educational.

  70. Love your Homestyle Saturday features! I always find something of interest. Please keep them coming!

  71. Going by your descriptions I think I would fall under cottage. I like cozy and having a place where people aren’t afraid to put their feet up and get comfy. However when scrolling, I notice I am drawn to more sparse/hard Scandinavian styles for dining rooms. I don’t like to much clutter and I think that is why it appeals to me vs an ornate DR. Thank you for Home Style Saturdays! I look forward to it each week. I have a PayPal account that I used infrequently before the pandemic but have found I am using it much more now. It makes me feel more secure when I order online from sites I am not familiar with. This has occurred more often as I hunt for hard to find items during this crazy time.

  72. I love how you’ve found your style with many different looks. It shows your personality beautifully. Thanks for your ideas. I’m a combo, as well. I love cozy and comfortable – I use a LOT of blue and white, and mix it up with farmhouse, country, and traditional.

  73. Such practical and constructive advice. I am not sure that just one style is reflected in my home, but they all work together, so I must be doing something right, as per your article. Always enjoyable to read about this topic and you touched on many great points.
    Johanna B.

  74. Thank you for the style descriptions. I used to be fully traditional, but have evolved in transitional with touches of farmhouse. I, too have learned to purchase big ticket items in neutrals. It is less expensive to replace pillows, accent items, etc. It has only taking me moving into my fourth home to learn this.

  75. Dear Yvonne,
    My style is Transitional for sure. And, like you…… always in progress……comfortable, not formal at all….. nor stuffy or C_O_L_D ! I am a neutral person like you ……. and we live in our home and I LOVE IT……I also like to add my touch to things so if I want change I paint it….. I really enjoy your blog and I look forward to reading it! Keep all these wonderful decorating tips coming …….Thank You

  76. My style is country, french country, primitive, traditional, Grandma’s antiques (that were her Grandma’s) & cat hair!! Oh and I forgot to add a little on the side of hoard’ish (like be cautious when you open a cabinet because a wealth of thrift shop may just come tumbling out around your feet)!! But seriously great break down and explanation of styles. I enjoy your blog. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it!! 🙂

  77. You may think I am trying to blow your mind apart, but I think my design style is deep rich rustic z e n. I can only explain my style, however, I cannot make you understand it. 🙂 My company will only hang out on the front step or back patio, and they will drive down the street for a pit stop before thinking of coming inside. I confess I have created a style nobody feels comfortable in and maybe winning a give-away could be a start to change things. (I would like to install floors.) Home Style Saturdays, all 200 of them, has many ideas to even make a dance worthy space. Thanks for all your blogs and how they add so much to our decorating lives, it is appreciated!

  78. My style is a bit more on the modern side as I don’t like clutter. I previously had a large bookcase in my living room which I always had styled and decorated. When we re-did our flooring, I got rid of it and don’t miss it a bit. I love the clean lines, spacious floors and I love being able to use my surfaces instead of having to move something in order to put my cup of tea down.
    I also need the room as I take care of 4 toddler grandchildren two days per week. They need the room to rum around and play!

  79. What a lovely post! I believe I would have to call our style traditional with a healthy dose of farmhouse also. I think the sightly more casual/rustic look of farmhouse adds some interest and texture too our home.

  80. Yvonne,

    Until I started following your blog, I never new my style. I’m a lot like you, my style is Traditional Modern Farmhouse. I like to throw a little cottage in the mix too.

    While I still have older dark furniture, my dream would be to have light wood and “white sofas”. Just can’t wrap my head around living with white sofas with grandchildren and dogs…..

    Now to get hubby on board with pillows : ) I love them!

    Thank you for your great blog and I especially enjoy Sunday’s edition.

  81. I am still trying to hone in on my decorating style and these helpful suggestions really helped! I lean towards farmhouse with my own personal touches added in.

  82. I need a quiz or workshop to figure out my decorating style.

    Also, where’d you get that chunky lamp?

  83. I love your style and heart! I lived in an 18th century colonial for most of my life. Downsized recently when it was time to move into one level. I have gone from traditional to TRANSITIONAL and love it.

  84. Thank you for letting me know, that we can love many styles! I need a very big house, because each room would be so very different.

  85. I love this post! I definitely have to say My style is transistional. You gave me some great tips and ideas. Sometimes I’m just not sure if things go together or not so I kind of struggle with that. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  86. My home was mostly decorated with farmhouse. It was such a comforting environment, mainly because I grew in an 1832/1833 (mark was worn) stone house ( not the low-ceiling German kind). However, I recently decided, that at age 65, I was ready for a new look. I do not like to be on the beach, but I am pulled to beach colors and decor. I find it very peaceful and calming. We have a rather open-concept townhouse, with a vaulted ceiling to a loft. We have just painted the loft & downstairs aqua. except for the kitchen. The trim is white, and I am planning to put 2” white blinds at the windows. I am now having fun working on the decor.

  87. Yvonne I have loved your decorating style and have followed you for years. Your use of texture and neutrals has inspired a lot of the decorating I have done in my own home. Thanks for the very precise definitions of the different styles. I use to think my home was very farmhouse in style but given your definitions I think I lean more to cottage. The two styles definitely work well together.

  88. After finding your website/blog about a month ago and reading thru all of your wonderful articles and tutorials, I can happily say that your style makes my heart afflutter!! Thanks so much for all the wonderful inspiration Yvonne.

  89. Yvonne,
    I’ve loved your blog and your style from the day I found your blog! You are down to earth and so willing to share the dos and don’t s, the ins and outs, how -tos and how-nots of decorating, design and cooking.

    A day doesn’t go by that either my home or life in general aren’t influenced by you in some way! I love your neutral inspired home and the pops of color you add.

    Thank you so much for your generous heart! I look forward to reading each new post as well as searching and trying a new craft, tip, or recipe from previous ones!

  90. Thanks for this interesting article. I’m pretty sure my style is traditional and modern farmhouse. And I love everything roosters! 🙂

  91. Thanks to Pinterest, I do know my style: I love English Country, with a bit of English Cottage and Country French (ok, just the roosters!) thrown in. I really like that “collected over time” look, but at age 66, I’m not sure I’ll live long enough to achieve it! LOL!

  92. Thank you, Yvonne, for demystifying the art of decorating! Your insightful comments, wonderfully detailed photos, and practical suggestions have enabled me to clarify my personal decorating style. I look forward to reading your articles every day!

  93. I love this post. Over the years I have evolved from colonia (!), then country but have settled on transitional with influences of coastal (since I live close to the Jersey shore) and farmhouse. There’s a bit of cottage thrown in in the bedrooms!

  94. I’m going to have to work on figuring out what style I am. After reading all your good points I’m a little of so many of them.?

  95. I have been a long standing viewer of your wonderful blog, I enjoy all the beautiful pictures and the inspiration I get from sharing your talent with all of us. Thank you ?

  96. Hello Yvonne!
    Thank you so much for this article with all its information, and for the pictures that bring it to life. You are gifted and such a blessing. My favorite tip in the article: the secret for keeping a home look “fresh” or “updated” is to not let your accent furnishings get too tired!
    This is so true, and also do-able!
    Can’t thank you enough,

  97. Another post full of ideas that I can use and put into practice! I love that about you, Yvonne and the reason I’ve been following so long!

  98. I have learned many great tips from you over the past year in ideas, suggestions, DIY instructions, and links for decor!! Keep up the excellent work you do to keep us styling!!!!

  99. Hi Yvonne! I’m definitely transitional with a splash of modern farmhouse. Maybe I’ll call it StoneGable style! Ha! I always love your aesthetic and get so many good ideas from you.

  100. Love your blog, you always have such great ideas. It is such a pleasure to see what your going to post the next day. Thanks for sharing your great ideas and passion for decorating.

  101. Hi Yvonne, I’m starting to realise that my style is somewhere between Eclectic/Transitional/Chinoiserie with a bit of Cottage/Industrial thrown in! However it seems to be evolving, even as I’m sending this comment! I’ll let u know when it seems to have settled more or less more definitively! Thank You for the Beautiful pix of your house and Stone Gables.

  102. Hi Yvonne!

    Thank you for all the wonderful and informative posts you do. I have followed you for a long time with enthusiasm, and have used countless of your ideas in the styling of my home. I look forward to each and every post!

  103. Hi Yvonne! I love your decorating style. I’m all over the place too except for mid century and modern. I love the idea that you bought the clock despite it being brown and you painted it white. I will use that idea in the future when I want something but it’s a different color, just paint it? Changing the sunflowers to a different vase made a difference. You do an awesome job of collaborating different styles together to create a cohesive warm home.

  104. What a great idea about pinning on two boards on Pinterest. I am not too sure of my decorating style. I know I love color, so maybe Eclectic? I also love a serene space with light color/white and accent with color. The definitions really help.

  105. I love your beautiful style and all the elements in your home are so cohesive and well put together. Thanks for all the info that you share, I appreciate it. I know that I like cottage farmhouse ?

  106. Your home is so lovely, warm and inviting.
    Where did you get your lamp on the round table and I believe you have it on another table too. I lovei it.

  107. I’m definitely transitional. I love classic lines & neutral colours. I like to add a touch of whimsy to a room. I’m not country in my decorating but a porch is a must with comfy wicker chairs, potted plants & hanging baskets. But it doesn’t spill over into my inside decor.
    I like bronze lighting. I realize it is considered Out but it suits my style so I’m going to ignore that trend. Lol

  108. You style is exquisite … I have copied (purchased) your great room rug and the vases from crate and barrel … thank you!!!

  109. I’ve been away from Stonegable and your site for a while – life changes (sold house that we raised 6 sons in) closed our company that my husband and I ran for 40 years – retired to our cabin in the woods on a 1/4 section of land near a lake in Alberta, Canada.Have noticed you mention new home on golf course in the Tanglewood house. Have you and Bobby left Stonegable? Just hoping to catch up to understand whats going on and your posts.

    1. You have been away, Yvonne! I am so glad to hear all your great life changes! We too have had a few and we moved to a home that is smaller and just right for our lifestyle! Welcome back!

  110. Beautiful! I think my style is cotfage. I love the soft simple look of a cottage, and I think I have southern touches. I love decorating and coziness is my aim.

  111. I have started “decorating” with my own stuff. It looks completely different used in a different room. You have given me the idea of incorporating Coastal into my Transitional style. Thanks!

  112. Love the way you explain how to keep evolving your style. Thank you! I so appreciate your Christ centered messages.
    We are desperate for beauty to be in the grace of love and the lifestyle of sharing with others. You are a grace filled example of both. Your devotions are heart felt as well as your decorating tips.
    Thank you,

  113. HI Yvonne,
    I love to see the many styles of decorating. I agree with you that you must decorate for yourself because that is where you live. I change things until I know that it looks right to me. I was surprised to see my deorating choices come up from things I looked at or bought on line in the last few months. I was decorating our cabin called “The Bear Den” so alot of rugs or wall pictures and drapes with bear and deer motifs on them. I counted them in the cabin and we had 74 bears in 5 rooms. Love your ideas. Thanks Yvonne

  114. Hi, Yvonne!
    I know this is an older post but also think that just proves how right you are, about certain “rules” and styles for decorating. You are such a grounded person and I truly appreciate having access to all your well learned wisdom!
    Also, your photos show your choices, mostly neutrals, but I realized that the basic principles can be used in any color combos and tastes.
    Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom.