How To Fake Clean Your Home During The Holidays

Company’s coming in 20 minutes and it looks like your Christmas decorations have exploded all over your home. Don’t panic. Fake clean it! You will love this post! It is especially timely now when we are so uber busy! I’m sharing a gem of a secret… HOW TO FAKE CLEAN YOUR HOME DURING THE HOLIDAYS!

Today is Home STYLE SATURDAY. My blogging friends and I are sharing our best-archived posts. I know this post is not too old, but it is sooooooo appropriate and helpful as we approach the holidays!


A big thanks to Lory at Designthusiam for getting this together!

I’m sure you will be able to use this during those times when your home “gets away from you” as I like to say and company is coming. Or you just need a little clutter free sanity! The post below is perfect for any time of year, but you will certainly use it this holiday season!




Shabbyfufu | Cordless Window Blinds

shabbyfufu cordless window blinds


So Much Better With Age | Fall Favorites




Designthusiasm | What I’ve Learned as My Aging Parents’ Caregiver

What I’ve Learned as My Aging Parents’ Caregiver


On Sutton Place | Fall Entry Decor: Simple is Best

Simple Fall Entry from On Sutton Place


Savvy Southern Style | Fall Style French Farmhouse Guest Bedroom

fall farmhouse style guest bedroom



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  1. Hi Yvonne – I tried the Contact page but the form is malfunctioning,

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful site, I love it! While most of the ladies that I follow, like yourself, focus on the inside of their home, I focus on the outside – just starting as I just retired. If you don’t mind sharing, what theme in WordPress did you use? I realize customizing is personal, but I need a better base than the freebie with which I began. Thank you for your time and assistance!

    1. Hi Patricia, I think it is Genisis Child. But it really is my tech designer. Aimee at Anchored Design is AMAZING! You can find a link to her site at the very bottom of my page. So worth checking out what she can do for you1

      1. Thank you Yvonne! I discovered the link after emailing you, learning curve here. Totally impressed with their professional web presentation. No wonder your site is so pretty 😉

  2. Karen Porter says:

    You are to be Blessed!!

  3. Karen VanLoo says:

    Yvonne, where did you get that adorable glass base lamp on your entry way table? I finally have the ceramic snowflake lanterns from Pottery Barn, and am looking for a metal tray similar to yours to place them on. I just love that table, and everything on it!

    1. Hi Karen, it came from our local Pottery Barn Outlet years ago. The metal tray came from Magnolia Farm.