HOW TO CREATE GORGEOUS FARMHOUSE FLORALS-Easy tips for charming farmhouse influenced arrangements

No matter what you decorating style a little farmhouse charm is a welcomed addition to any home! And one very simple way to warm up your home with farmhouse appeal  is to make a pretty, inexpensive and sweet farmhouse floral arrangement! Farmhouse flowers are simple, straightforward, pretty and have a just-picked-out-of-the-garden quality. Even store bought flowers can take on the special grace of farmhouse flowers if arranged with a few tips in mind!

It’s FARMHOUSE FRIDAY… THE FLOWER EDITION! TODAY WE ARE ALL ABOUT FARMHOUSE FLOWERS AND ARRANGEMENTS! Oh, I love farmhouse flowers!!!! Make sure to see the pretty posts at the bottom of this page!

HOW TO CREATE GORGEOUS FARMHOUSE FLORALS-Easy tips for charming farmhouse influenced arrangements

Tuck a bunch of farmhouse styled flowers in a guest room, on your kitchen table or next to your computer on your desk. They are certain to brighten not only your home but your day!!!

Here are a couple of easy tips and tricks to create a gorgeous arrangement and a one-of-a-kind vignette!


HOW TO CREATE GORGEOUS FARMHOUSE FLORALS-Easy tips for charming farmhouse influenced

I think the biggest difference that sets a farmhouse flower arrangement apart from all others is that is does not look like it comes from a store or delivered to your door in a box. Even if you get your flowers from your grocer’s or local markets make sure to buy florals that exude a quaint feel. 

Although roses are lovely they are too formal and stately for a farmhouse arrangement… unless they are climbing roses from right outside your door! Stick to inexpensive, simple and humble everyday florals. Think of the flowers that grow wild on the side of a road or in gardens and planters!

My favorite farmhouse flowers are zinnias, daisies, hydrangeas, salvia, delphinium, lisianthus, peonies lilies of the valley, bleeding hearts, marigolds, snapdragons, and any other flower I can grow in my garden. Many farmer’s markets carry a great variety of these all year round.  


FARMHOUSE FLORALS-Easy tips for charming farmhouse influenced arrangement.

Creating a charming flower arrangement is all about what you put the flowers in! Put away the cut crystal and the important looking vases.

Opt for pitchers, and Mason jars and milk bottles. They continue the farmhouse theme. How about using a simple drinking glass or tea cup with a saucer or an old wooden box filled with glass bottles? Any galvanized container will work well too! Be creative!

FARMHOUSE FLORALS-Easy tips for charming farmhouse influenced arrangement.

This little vintage french farmhouse pitcher was a birthday gift from a friend. It is my go-to farmhouse “vase”. 


FARMHOUSE FLORALS-Easy tips for charming farmhouse influenced arrangement.

I’m always so sad to see flower that look like they’ve been taken out of a store wrapper and “plunked” into a vase without cutting. They look “leggy” and tall and stark and well, they  just look so unloved! We don’t want our farmhouse flowers to look like that but we don’t want them to look perfectly professionally arranged either! 

Farmhouse flowers should look like we went for a little walk in our garden and thoughtfully gathered a pretty handful of flowers and lovingly put them in a container that we had ready for them!

Take a less fussy philosophy with farmhouse flowers!


FARMHOUSE FLORALS-Easy tips for charming farmhouse influenced arrangement

Let’s not only arrange some pretty farmhouse flowers but let’s create a little vignette around them too. I think what we put around a vase of flowers is as important as the flowers themselves.  We don’t want a great flower arrangement to have that “cheese-stands-alone” look. Yes, florals are pretty all by themselves but they love pretty company!  

Use your imagination! Put a container of flowers in a tray, perch them on a stack of dishes. Prop a little nest beside the container! Combine them with a small bowl of fruit.  Farmhouse flowers are perfect to use in a farmhouse vignette!


FARMHOUSE FLORALS-Easy tips for charming farmhouse influenced arrangement


Don’t forget to reinforce the farmhouse look of a simple floral arrangement by using a sweet vintage-feel fabric under your flowers! I love love love to use old dishtowels when I’m creating a farmhouse floral arrangement in my kitchen.

And my favorite colors for accent fabric is blue and white. Quintessential farmhouse! I keep a box of dishtowels I love just for impromptu table runners.

Farmhouse flowers love burlap too!

How easy, inexpensive and FARMHOUSE!

HOW TO CREATE GORGEOUS FARMHOUSE FLORALS-Easy tips for charming farmhouse influenced

Here are a few more tips for creating and keeping your farmhouse inspired flowers gorgeous!

  • change the water daily
  • cut the bottom of flower stems every other day
  • pinch off spent flowers
  • no leaves below the water line
  • keep florals out of direct sunlight
  • add a drop of Clorox to the water to stop bacteria growth

Now how about heading out to your local farmer’s market this weekend? Make sure to bring home some pretty flowers and create a farmhouse inspired arrangement!

What is your go-to floral container? What is your favorite “farmhouse flower”?

Make sure to stop by the blogs below and see all the pretty farmhouse flowers featured!


FARMHOUSE FLORALS-Easy tips for charming farmhouse influenced arrangement

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  1. Treva Mills says:

    Absolutely beautiful!
    I do hope for a post on layering the flowers for the look you have, for people like me that just do not have the touch you have. I am one that takes the paper off and sticks them in the container. Boring I know.

  2. Very pretty! I too love a simple floral look. Right now I’m obsessing over containers full of white baby’s breath. No arranging needed there! So simple but stunning. I love all the layers you have put into this look. Now I’m going to go search my stash for some pretty linens to take them up a notch. Nicely done.

  3. Great tips! Love how you have all the layers of stuff going on in your vignette. Very pretty!

  4. Wonderful advise. White iron stone pitchers are my go-to containers.

  5. Kathy Fliegauf says:

    As a flower farmer that sells at local markets, it’s great to see your finishing touches.

  6. Wendy Howell says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! My go to containers are vintage milk bottles and pitchers. I am on the hunt for some white ironstone ones. I look forward to your posts each day. Thank you 🙂

  7. Probably one of my favorite posts! I love flowers and always
    have grown a variety and love to make arrangements such as
    the ones you show for my home as well as to give others. Thanks!!


    BELLA! To begin with your photography is crisp bright colors. Your flower arranging says the same thing, beautiful bright colors in perfect condition. I am new to your blog and every thing you do is well thought out. How do you take such beautifyl photos?

  9. Hi Yvonne! These arrangements are gorgeous! Simple cottage-style flowers arrangements are my all-time favourites! Thanks for these very clever tips I’m going to try them with bought flowers because the garden is a little bit desert right now 🙂

  10. Very pretty post! I love casual arrangements too and also love having an arrangement of either all one color (in different flowers) or the same flower but in various colors.

    May I add one other suggestion …. always make sure the larger/heavier looking blooms are cut shorter than the more “air-y” or lighter looking stems or stems that have smaller blossoms. The arrangement will then look more balanced and graceful.

  11. So absolutely beautiful, colourful and a gorgeous refreshing look. These flowers say, I am in good company! ; let us be together. I find the more down to earth the arrangement the better it makes me feel. I like to use empty soup tins, spray paint them and ask the boys to drill holes on opposite sides. I draw string through and add water and flowers, you do not even notice the string and hang it on the door handles, very pretty. I just love Stonegable posts. Everything makes me feel good and inspired. Thank you.

  12. Pat Crowder says:

    Yvonne you have done it again! Your choice of flowers, dishes etc. in your vignette is exquisite. What beautiful photography. This would make a beautiful framed picture in your home or mine.

  13. Yvonne your photos are super! Love the mix of flowers perfectly farmhouse!! xo

  14. Karen VanLoo says:

    I love the flowers! They make me ready for spring!

  15. Yvonne, I think of you every day. Your blog is my favorite! Today I am making your cornbread recipe. It is in the oven. Thank you for sharing it.

    I pray for your son and hope he will recover quickly. I know how hard it must be for you.

    I taught elementary music for awhile and I live in a rural area 12 miles from Wilkes-Barre, PA.

  16. Yvonne, your flowers are just lovely–as well as the photos. You have some amazing light in your home. Thank you for sharing such a pretty post with us!

  17. Absolutely gorgeous! Fresh flowers are always wonderful but even more so this time of year I think, as we wait for spring to arrive!

  18. I love your flower arrangements they are gorgeous. I also prefer the less formal arrangements, and I like wildflowers or garden flowers and I love using pitchers and my favorite is Williamsburg Pottery. I have a collection of it and I love the colors, the light gray and cobalt blue. There is just something about the way it looks with flowers, vintage linens and I have the candle holders to match so I usually put one of them with it with a candle in it.