HOOKS IN THE FOYER-Create a space for guest to hang coats, purses and other thing on.

Is your foyer guest friendly? Do you have a place for guest to hang a coat or hat, leave a purse or a wet umbrella? There are so many easy options for creating a little area other than a coat closet or a chair that can provide your guests with a place to drop things at the door! It’s the little and simple amenities that often mean the most! Just by adding a bar with hooks on it and a boot tray I created an area for my guests to temporarily dispose of things and know where they can find them. Let’s talk about getting hooked on hooks!


HOOKS IN THE FOYER-Creating a welcoming place for guest to put their things as they enter your home.

We installed this vertical coat hook (Pottery Barn Outlet) a few years ago and really had no idea how useful it would become! Our lady guest like it to hang their purses and wraps and the men … their hats!  Coats work well on it too. My guest really appreciate finding these useful little hooks!

I really like the idea of going vertical especially because we have such limited space on that wall. Smart, isn’t it?


HOOKS IN THE FOYER-Creating a welcoming place for guest to put their things as they enter your home.

Here’s the Pottery Barn vertical coat rack in brushed silver. To see the link click HERE.

1 PB

Our family doesn’t use the foyer coat rack because we use the mud room door off the garage to come into StoneGable. But we have a coat rack there too. That one gets tons of use!

The key to a putting up a coat rack in a foyer is to limit its use to guests. That way it does not become a family dumping ground making the foyer cluttered!

Even the smallest entryway can benefit from a coat rack! It’s up and out of the way!

HOOKS IN THE FOYER-Creating a welcoming place for guest to put their things as they enter your home.

Here’s a little coat rack inspiration and their links…

1-coat rackimg


Ashbury Entryway Rack


1 wayfair-recycled rackimg

Recycled Wood Rack

1 Brainerd-Architectural-Hook-Rail-R46121Y-WSN-L

Architectural Wall Rack


1 Finley-Wall-Shelf-with-3-Metal-Hooks-FN00376-8INT

Finley Coat Rack


1 lucy-shelf-with-hooks-c

Lucy Coat Rack with Shelf


1 wade-wood-and-wire-cubby-c

Wade Wire Cubby and Coat Rack

1 leigh-wall-mounted-coat-rack

Leigh Coat Rack


Even one or two attractive hooks can work. How about something like these…

1 Minuteman-International-Single-Coat-Hook-WH01

Minuteman Single Coat Hook





Caramel Bronze Single Hook


1 moran-double-hook-c

Moran Double Hooks

1 stanleyimg

Stanley Coat Hook

Another useful item to put inside the front door, if you have room, is a boot tray. I keep mine out all year long. I’m a barefoot girl in the house, so if I need to step outside the front door I have a pair of shoes handy. This makes a very nice place for guests to put their wet umbrellas! Or boots in slushy weather!

We are not like Martha Stewart who insists on guests removing their shoes before coming into the house! We like our guest… shoes and all!

HOOKS IN THE FOYER-Creating a welcoming place for guest to put their things as they enter your home.

Here are a few of my favorite boot trays with links…

1 PB-aimg

Blacksmith Boot Tray

1-wayfair img

Pinecone Boot Tray

1 Crate and Barel img

Zinc Boot Tray with liner

1- woof img

Woof Copper Boot Tray

This would be great for a large entryway or a garage! Nice price point too!


OIA Utility Entryway Organizer


Do you have a small space to add a coat rack or a boot tray? There are so many fabulous designs to choose from!


You might like to follow me on Pinterest and see what I’m finding to pin every day HERE.

HOOKS IN THE FOYER-Creating a welcoming place for guest to put their things as they enter your home.

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  1. I leave plenty of space for guests’s coats in entry closet but never thought about hooks for purses and such. Thanks for idea

  2. My daughter made a coat rack for me out of an old trim from a beautiful old dresser that was not salvageable. It has been very efficient for many guest.

  3. Your blog is always so positive, but then I read your Martha Stewart comment. I’m sure you didn’t mean to bash her. I am a loyal Martha fan. You are very much like her, so I am assuming you meant the comment in a wink wink lol kind of way. I read your blog every time you post, your work is an inspiration. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for another great idea that is practical and decorative.

  5. Today I’m appreciating all the ideas / suggestions with the links. Very informative and helpful. Thanks, Yvonne!

  6. Yvonne, love your ideas for making your guest comfortable at the front door! A place to drop off their belongings is so important and welcoming! Happy Monday, Pam @ Everyday Living

  7. Peggy spencer says:

    A girl after my own heart!Nice to know I am not the only one who goes barefoot.The minute I hit the door,my shoes go.Always have,but my husband has lived here in the South the whole fifty years we have been married.Go barefoot?Never.Now I I can say,I know a Lady who does besides me.Really love the vertical idea of the coat rack.I don’t think I have ever seen one.Today,I will be on the lookout.Thanks again for all the information and ideas you give us.We are so fortunate for your blog.First thing I do in the morning is to see what you have for us.

  8. Kim Nicewander says:

    I love the hook ideas for the entry hall. My home has a small entry hall, so hooks would be a great asset. I always look forward to reading your blog while drinking my morning coffee. Thank you!

  9. I love the vertical hooks from Pottery Barn. I always use our front hall closet, but if I found a vertical bar like yours, I would have room on my wall. Nice idea.

    1. Hi Phyl, it comes in handy! And we love how it looks on the wall too!

  10. Carol Davis says:

    Hooks have been one of the small additions I have used in the guest room bath and bedroom. They are so convenient for my guests and don’t take up a lot room or cost a lot of money. Also, can be so decorative. By the way, I did not read what you said as a Martha Stewart bash. As Joe Friday used to say, just stating the facts.

  11. Gayle Mathues says:

    hhmmmmm something to think about! I have a folding brass coat hook I bought for my husband’s closet door, but we have not put it up since we moved to MD. We host a small group Bible study once a week during the school year. Our guests have no where to put their things in our tiny split foyer entry. That coat hook would solve the problem! thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Anne marie says:

    I love all these hook ideas – thanks.

  13. I like all of these ideas especially the ones with a shelf or cubes. They would be useful in many areas of the house. Thanks

  14. Sherry M. says:

    Love the vertical idea! Smart in more ways than one. And as usual, the entry to your home is welcoming and inviting, a reflection of the warmth within. Thanks for sharing StoneGable with us. Have a wonderful week.

  15. Carol Anne says:

    Great idea for a small foyer. Your creativity always amazes me.

  16. Love the simplicity!

  17. Great ideas. I will be putting up a coat rack in my back hall. And I like the ones you have links to. Thanks for the inspirations!

  18. Our family room off the deck doesn’t have an entryway. There are sliding glass doors. I have a nice boot tray, door mat, and a vase for umbrellas. Although there is room to hang a hook, anything on it would extend over the door frame. I am always on the lookout for ideas to make it more of a foyer, but this is the best I’ve been able to do so far. You used your limited space so well.

  19. Thank you for all the great ideas and options. The links are especially helpful. A wonderful and timely post, as we approach the cooler and wet weather.

  20. We have a coat closet in our foyer that we use for guests’ belongings. But we also have a decorative rack with hooks that is used for grandchildren’s outwear when they visit. I purchased a large, deep basket for shoes which works well too. Organization works well for grandchildren at our house. I will be purchasing a boot tray this fall. Thank you for your suggestions.

  21. Julie Maier says:

    Hooks in the entry way are so, so perfect! I have a cute white bench with hooks and a lift up seat for storage in our entry way. It gets daily, constant use in our house. The front entry is where everyone enters (we have a detached garage) – groceries land there when unloading the car, library books to be returned land there, bags with returns to various stores get hung on the hooks. And of course, purses, coats, scarves, hats, and backpacks get hung on the hooks. I’m not sure what I would do without it (our entry hall closet is so tiny!)! One thing I don’t have and think is a great idea is the boot tray, especially on rainy and snowy days. Definitely getting one of those very soon! Thanks again for the inspiration, Yvonne!

  22. Love your blog! Could you please tell me where you purchased the blue and white striped rug in your entry? I have been looking for something similar for ages.

    Keep up the good work!

  23. Rita Spicer says:

    I’ve never seen a vertical coat rack. What a great idea. I also noticed that some of the options you pinned were in gold or brass — I’m so glad that is coming back.

  24. Again, great ideas that are practical and decorative. Thanks!

  25. Candy J Weiford says:

    My daughter used reclaimed wood, added hooks, put it the length of her hallway. The kiddo hang their backpacks & jackets on it. Above the hooks on the wall are beautiful family pictures. Love the idea of the vertical coat hanger.

  26. Love the vertical hook idea and the look. I have a split foyer, so this would work beautifully for me. Right now, I have an oblong mirror with hooks across the bottom and a boot tray below. I may opt for a vertical hook to save space and use the mirror somewhere else in my home. Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. Although my mobile home does not have a foyer, I created an inviting entryway for guests. I have a gardeners hook bar for hanging hats and coats etc. And a rug for boots. I do like the idea of a boot tray, a nice welcome on a rainy or snowy day here in Wisconsin.

  28. Bonnie Trott says:

    I have a hall tree just inside the front door. Used a lot. A sap bucket behind the door for umbrellas. I put hooks in my closet to hang extra purses on, love hooks! But you’ve given me even more reasons for more hooks. Thanks so much!

  29. The entry foyer hooks are genius for a small space. I love that you limited the number as well to eliminate the possibility of too much clutter. It’s perfect.
    I also purchased an over the door version of hooks on the door to my guest room for guests to place hang up items such as purses and the drop down cosmetic bags. It works well also,and is hidden behind the door out of sight.
    Thank you for sharing all if your great ideas with us.
    I especially look forward to your Sunday posts.

  30. A place for everything and for everything a place!

  31. I like the idea of a wall coat rack. Our entry is quite small at the moment and that’s very convenient and lovely as well.

  32. Theresa Kleinschmidt says:

    Great post,Yvonne! When we moved into our 100 year old farmhouse ,it had various antique hooks in the summerkitchen and the kitchen. Over the years the hooks have a wonderfull patina on them. As I told my husband if those hooks could talk ,they would probably have alot to tell us of all things that have been hung on them. Again, thanks and have a great day

    1. Hi Theresa, I love the idea of something so old and utilitarian. Yes, if they could only talk!

  33. Love the hooks! I need to add some to my foyer, as well as the bathrooms. I live your blog! Thanks for all the ideas!!!

  34. I want to do something like this to my utility room. It’s just off from the side entrance. thanks for the good ideas.

  35. Carla Eskridge says:

    You’re so clever! A vertical bar with hooks for small places is perfect. Implementing his soon! Love your blog site!

  36. Love this idea, brushed nickel matches my foyer and stairway lighting as well. One more Honey Do for my list!

  37. I just found your blog yesterday & love it. Your vertical coat rack is so pretty & I had never seen one before. I read through your blog & like your 30 minute timing of quick cleaning. I will try that today with dusting! I know I’m going to really enjoy your blog!

  38. Martha Franks says:

    Great ideas! I’m looking at my foyer and planning! Thanks!

  39. Judy Schordock says:

    Love these great ideas! I too have never seen a vertical coat rack. Love it!
    Thank you

  40. Yvonne, great post! This is such a simple way to tidy up our hallways, or guest rooms. I have a huge guest closet in my entry, so no hooks needed there, but in my guest room I have a handy antique hook rack, it’s so handy for guests to hang their coat, their robe, or even an extra towel. When there are no guests, I hang some seasonal decor from one of the hooks.

  41. Great ideas for small spaces!! Love the double hooks.

  42. Loved this post. I have some very functional hooks in my entry – even a few at children’s level because of all my grandchildren, but being from Montana I sure like that pinecone boot tray.

  43. My decorating sentiment exactly. Cannot have too many hooks,and shelves above them even betterLook forward to your blog every day. You leave M. S.in the dust!!

  44. Babette Thurston says:

    Hi Yvonne! Thanks so much for this great idea! I need a vertical hook because even though my entryway is long it isn’t wide and because of our AC unit there. Having a vertical hook would really help to hang things. Thanks again great tips!!

  45. Sherry Pelle says:

    Hi Yvonne! I have a shoe basket at my front door. It works well to corral the shoes. Gonna have to try and find a spot for a vertical hook system. Thanks for the idea!

  46. We do the same thing with hooks for company and have one generic pair of adidas slip on sandles that anyone (if our kids are over,) can use by the door to run out for any reason. They’re a size large and work for any of us.

  47. You’ve shown lots of nice hooks, Yvonne; they would suit anyone’s taste! I’m lucky my condo foyer is large (10′ x 12′) with a good sized coat closet so I have sufficient room for a chest of drawers, a handy chair, umbrella stand and mirror. I didn’t know Martha prefers guests to remove their shoes!! To me, it seems very unwelcoming (I’m a Martha fan, by the way) and I do wonder how elderly guests manage. I remember my parents, as they got up in years, just couldn’t bend over to remove their shoes when they visited other family members and I certainly never, ever expected them to do so when they came to my house! I’m sure there’s a few readers here that remember the 70’s when “fashion boots” were all the rage. Up to that point, boots were strictly utilarian but “fashion boots” were part of your outfit and a woman wasn’t expected to remove them. If they come back in fashion, I can’t help but wonder how Martha’s female guests will cope.

  48. Hello Yvonne, While we have a bench in the entry that serves as a drop-off point, your ideas for hooks would be perfect there. You inspire me every day!

  49. Thanks for the hook idea! I love the vertical style!! I have a “hat” rack for my husband’s hats. I like your idea much better. It’s a lot less cluttered!

  50. We have a mirror in our foyer with coat hooks. Works great for quests to hang their belongings and the mirror is prefect to give yourself a quick look before going out the door. I believe I read on your blog every room should have a mirror and this one brings some light into the foyer.
    Love the pine cone boot tray. Will be ordering it for the foyer as well.

  51. Clever idea. I have a spot behind my front door that will work great this. Love the Farmers Market sign.

  52. Great tips! I’m going to use both hooks and a boot tray in our mudroom. Love the classy metal one…much better than the old plastic one I had.

  53. Vertical hook way better than my horizontal hooks idea!

  54. Beautiful foyer! I really like the wall-hung coat rack. Thanks for showing the pretty options for boot trays, our current Chocolate Lab is such a sloppy drinker that I have to keep her bowls in a tray to help protect the floor.

    Also, I must ask if the Farmers Market sign is from Decor Steals? I love their items and have purchased many of them. I’ve been considering this sign so its nice to see it in your space to give me a better visual of the size, assuming that it’s theirs. 🙂

    Thanks for all your wonderful ideas and tips!

  55. HI Yvonne, A vertical hook would be perfect in my small hallway. While i do have room for a seat so people can sit to remove / put on their shoes, there was never a spot to put purses or hats . Thanks again for a great idea!

  56. Jan Purdin says:

    I have a very tiny space so this might just work well. Thanks for the ideas.

  57. I have a wonderful entryway to decorate and having a boot tray is just great! I’ve recently moved to Oregon so a place for drippy umbrellas and boots and coats is a must! I have just put in a table with some shelves (actually a twin headboard I picked up at Good Will) and have some pictures and a mirror to put above that. So, hooks and drip tray here I come! Thanks for all the wonderful advice and ideas.

  58. mona whiteside says:

    Love the vertical rack, I have just been thinking what I have to put by our entry door. I think I know now. Thanks for posting.

  59. Joanne B. says:

    Another great post on all those little details that make a house a home! Thanks for sharing your ideas and the work looking for good ideas for hooks! I had been looking for nice classic brass hooks to add in my master bathroom with no success. The one you show from Stanley will be perfect for me! Boom! You did all the work for me! Can’t beat that! Thanks for all you do to make your blog so real!

  60. Great little wall rack/hook. Perfect solution for those who don’t gave big foyer. Thanks for sharing it!

  61. I’m in love with the recycled wood rack

  62. Robin Gasser says:

    Your coat hook is very pretty! I am assuming you have the boot tray on something so it doesn’t slide around (?)

  63. Nice idea. The vertical rack takes up NO floorspace!

  64. Great idea! I have the perfect spot.

  65. Sue Radcliff says:

    Really like the way the vertical rack looks! Must check out for my home, Thanks!

  66. So, when you don’t have guests are the hooks bare? I would think not as it would look bare.

  67. All great ideas! Hard to pick only one .

  68. NANCY CARR says:

    I would not have thought to hang a hook/s in a small space by the door until I saw your post. Thank you for the idea.

  69. I love the idea of a entryway coat rack. I’m currently in the process of making one for my home. It’s kind of a small space but I’m planning on putting a small bench there also. Now I just have to finish it!

  70. Lots of great ideas and products to chose from and look at.. I really like the boot tray. Some place to put really wet shoes or umbrella until they dry!!
    Be blessed

  71. Do you have the boot tray on some sort of pad so it keeps from sliding?

  72. Deb Gregory says:

    Another great post with wonderful & useful ideas! Thanks!!!

  73. Great idea for a small foyer but a good size for many areas such as a bathroom or guestroom. Thanks again for starting the creative thinking….so many ideas to have fun with our homes.

  74. I always wanted some kind of pretty hooks in the entry but didn’t have room for a coat rack. I spied an amazing antique french carved shelf with hooks across the bottom below the ornate design in one of my favorite antique stores…months and months went by before I could commit to spending what it cost…but it sat there and waiting on me! lol! I have never regretted the purchase!!! Cute in the summer with a wicker purse hanging on it and I have a cute little french bench below for seating. I absolutely love having the hooks for guest coats and purses! Great idea! You have amazing ideas and I love your decor!

  75. Yvonne, Do you have any ideas on how or where to use a hook(s) or a coat rack when there is no space available as a guest comes directly into my living room from the carport? There is no wall space to the right as you step inside and there is a side table with a lamp on it to the left. I bought a precious 3 hook rack and shelf coat rack that has 3 baskets in it. Thanks.

  76. Freddie Ann says:

    Perfect timing for me. We are moving to an apartment (for the winter months – so I don’t have to drive to work 37 miles in the snow) and we have about 44 inches from the door to the hallway and a couple of the vertical hooks will be perfect. So going to go out and find these.

  77. Dorinda Selke says:

    One thing that our home lacks is an actual foyer so I have had to be creative and use a coat tree. Ugh ? Hugs, Dorinda

  78. Just picked up a copper boot tray last week I found reduced at Target! Now to find hooks!! The ” for guests” tip I had not thought of before, as I can’t stand seeing a bunch of boats crammed up on the wall, etc.. Thanks!

  79. I loved this idea and put a shelf with hooks at my front door. With a ” Welcome ” sign hanging on it .

  80. Portia Read says:

    Great ideas! Love the chair by the door too. Our front entry is teeny tiny and a bar or hooks would be great. Thanks!

  81. I have always adored your vertical coat rack! It takes up very little space and serves a great purpose beautifully. I looked for one like yours and couldn’t find one so I bought a horizontal one. I should have waited a couple of months. I am going to get a boot tray too and you shared so great options.

  82. I too will be looking for a vertical coat rack. What a great idea! Our downstairs closet is small and full of our own coats. I believe we will all be lucky to find one anywhere in the U.S. Thanks so much.

  83. A wall rack is such a clever idea! Frees up floor space.

  84. I’ve never noticed the vertical hooks from Pottery Barn before. I love how little room they take but still provide all the function. Thanks for another great post!