HOME DECOR TRENDS FOR 2017- What's in, what's out and what's here to stay for another year!


I have a little confession to make… here goes! I’m sorta addicted to home decor trends. Not only to see what gorgeous items are available for my home but also… ugh… I’m just going to say it…. to see how ridiculous some of the upcoming trends are! I think some “design experts” have lost their minds! They are so artsy that what they predict as a trend, only the uber wealthy or somewhat eccentric would even consider putting in their homes. Today is PRACTICALLY SPEAKING. And we are going to look at common sense trends in home decor for 2017!

I’m cutting through all the mumbo-jumbo and contradicting predictions to bring you your best decor bets for 2017!

Let’s take a peek at what 2017 hold for home decor enthusiasts…

What’s still in…




One trend that I do not have in my home (but love) and is still going strong are upholstered headboards.  They are absolutely gorgeous! If you love this look you are on trend! 

Upholstered headboards give a room a luxurious, soft feel! If your room could use updating think about going with a fabric headboard like the one above. And here’s an added bonus with this headboard… it has nailheads and they are very much in style! 


DESIGN TRENDS FOR 2017-Sensible trends the home decor enthusiast can use

If you like chippy, worn pieces with lots of character you are in luck. They are still a darling in the home decor industry sector! This trend continues to be an outgrowth of needing to feel more relaxed and connected to an easier bygone day. I love it because it gives great character, texture, and warmth to almost any decor!




Oh, I am doing the happy dance of joy about mixed metals! Matchy-matchy looks are still a no-no! Don’t be afraid to mix cool and warm metallics and add in a few neutral metals like iron and oil rubbed bronze. Just remember that metals are accent pieces. A little goes a long way.

To see a post about mixing metallics click HERE



Trendsetters say that polished stainless steel is slowly riding into the sunset! It’s had a l-o-n-g run and it will slowly phase out over the next few years! What is the next trend? No, it’s not white or brushed metal… it’s BLACK.  Black stainless is sleek and modern and very sophisticated! We should be seeing more and more of this gorgeous stainless creep into kitchen, laundry rooms and even other rooms in our homes.

I happen to love black stainless steel. It’s a very soft black and will work with just about every decor! My Samsung washer and dryer are this gorgeous black stainless steal!


DESIGN TRENDS FOR 2017-Sensible trends the home decor enthusiast can use

This is one trend I’m very happy about! Lucite is modern yet mixes so well with any style and decor. It has little visual weight and lots of chic! Treat yourself to a great piece of lucite furniture this year!


While these trends aren’t predicted by big firms or decor experts I think they will stick around for awhile longer…

  • burlap
  • farmhouse style, at least for the next year or two
  • natural colors
  • clocks
  • industrial furnishings
  • open shelves
  • painted furniture
  • sanctuary bedrooms
  • porches
  • firepits
  • succulents
  • home offices
  • natural fiber rugs
  • gallery wall art (although this is almost on its way out!)
  • mid century accents

Now let’s talk about what’s…

OUT… and please don’t shoot the messenger!


Copper has had a very short run on the trend stage. Old, vintage copper is another thing. It’s a classic. But new styles done in copper are definitely out! Copper is an attention hog and always wants to be seen even as an accent. I can’t say that I am sad to see it go!


Say it ain’t so!!!! White marble is on its way out when it come to doing a whole bathroom in it. However, I think marble like Carrara will take awhile to phase out. I love white marble, a lot! So I’ll be one of the last holdouts!


Again, it will die slowly. So don’t worry!


It’s been out for awhile, but now it just looks dated. About 10 years ago almost every room in my home was yellow!


Rooms that are predominantly gray have seen their heyday and quickly becoming trite!  Personally, I like the look but could never live with so much gray.


  • chevron pattern
  • heavy window treatments
  • watery pastels
  • accent walls
  • naked windows
  • mirrored furniture
  • tiled countertops
  • all white rooms
  • subway tile (oh, no!)

Ready for what we should be looking for in 2017? Remember I’m taking a sensible, practical approach! Here’s what’s new and in…





Don’t paint that brick fireplace just yet! Warm, earthy terracotta is a big, big trend in 2017!  Can you believe that all white walls may be fading and warmer tones of terracotta pots are coming on strong! Think mat finishes. How about a burnt terracotta throw?




The book nook has finally grown up! With all the demands of technology, people are wanting to have a place to unplug, unwind, read a book or pull out a magazine or newspaper!  A place that is comfy and well lit will make a perfect reading area in a home.




I’ve looked at so many trend predictors and they all agree on the insurgence of vibrant jewel tones coming on strong in 2017! I’ve gotta wrap my mind around this one! Decorating with jewel tones is almost as hard as walking on a highwire! It’s hard to do right. But there is no doubt about it friends, IT’S HERE!




Warm metallics are happily coming back. Not those tacky, cheap, gold frames or colonial the brass chandeliers . But rich, warm hues showing up to accent a room or a piece of furniture! Think rich hand carved frames with gorgeous gold leafing and antiquing… and updated lamps in hammered or antiqued brass!




Modern geometric designs for curtains, bedding, pillows, and rugs are big, big big. Look for large, outlined geo patterns to be on trend!

You would be surprised how a little geo pattern will update a room! Don’t go small that is OUT!




Did I just hear a collective cheer? Yes, blue is hot! And really, blue is a decor classic. But navy and cobalt blue and really on trend for 2017. We saw tons of blue in dinnerware this summer and I see it spilling over into home decor. 

I LOVE blue and will be introducing some more blue into my home in 2017!

Other fabulous trends for 2017 and beyond…

  • maps as murals and on other home decor items
  • green as in the Emerald-City-Wizzard-Of-Oz green! Bright and deep
  • big clocks
  • boho and bohemian accents
  • blush pink
  • cork
  • dark furniture with pure white walls
  • rustic accents

As 2017 comes into focus I’ll be sharing more PRACTICAL forecasts about home decor!

Here’s the bottom line. No matter what the style we all need to decide what we put in our homes. Choose what you love and continue to love your home by developing your taste and personal style.

Trend or no trend. Using what you love in your home is the best thing to do!


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HOME DECOR TRENDS FOR 2017- What's in, what's out and what's here to stay for another year!

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  1. I’ve been a follower for many years and I have to say this is one of my favorite posts! I look forward to seeing how you incorporate the newest trends in your home. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE this post too! I’ll have to Pin it for future reference. Thanks for keeping me up-to-date! I am happy to see that I’m right on board with terra cotta walls, and I’m gradually trying to incorporate BLUE in every room (my FAVORITE color). I can’t say that I’ll be keeping up with the black stainless, but I can live with the shame. 🙂 I always love you posts (and I want your kitchen). Have a blessed day!

  3. Thank you for the great post. I’m going to be painting my walls and was wondering, with yellow, white and grays going out of favor, what are the newer choices for wall colors?

    1. Pam,
      I totally agree, making a home is focusing on what you love and makes your home happy! My desire is to walk into my home after a day at school and have my home “say” Welcome Home! Puts a smile on my face every day!


  4. I always love your posts! This one was chock full of great information for upcoming 2017 trends! I’m glad blues are an item on that list! Thank you for keeping us abreast of the changes in design trends!

  5. Re-doing my family room, the designer that’s helping me wants an accent chair in the geo pattern! I am happy to say I thought it was a good fabric choice, now you’ve confirmed it. Thanks!

  6. Great post! Thank you very much. Classics never go out of style and I think farmhouse style is an american classic despite what the experts are telling us! Love your style and appreciate that you share your home with us.

  7. Enjoy reading your posts, Yvonne. Love that black stainless steel look, how cool is that! Thank you, for the brilliant update, wonder what motivates you to come up with such interesting topics each week, such a joy to your readers

  8. Love the reading area wall color. With the white walls going out, what is the replacement color for total house color. I have yellow now so guess I’m way outdated.

  9. Guess I am in the minority but I have always decorated based on what I love, whether it’s color, window treatments, furniture, etc. It’s fun to read about the ins and outs of design trends, but they don’t force me one way or the other!

  10. A year & a half ago when we downsized to a new home, I choose to go with a blue color theme for our master bedroom because I had been given some vintage, Amish blue embroidered quilts, which I used as window treatments. Keeping fluid in my home decor choices allows me to embrace some of the new trends which will work with what is I already have in my home. Which is why reading your blog is informative and fun! Sharing your ideas leads to “light bulb” moments for me to take an idea and expand on it to suit my current home decor.

  11. Hi Yvonne,
    Thanks for this post! I loved seeing the newest trends, however, I get a little annoyed when designers say this is out and that is in again! Subway tile, in my opinion, is just timeless and for the homeowner with a small budget is really achievable. I still adore the look of copper and I think it goes really well with my mixed metals. I really don’t feel that I always need to follow what designers say are the rules. I just decorate my home in the way it makes me happy. We spend our hard earned money to later be told that the style is not in? I can’t live like that. I feel that every homeowner has to decide what is right for them and stick with it! Love your posts and thank you for being awesome and sharing your heart with us!

    1. Absolutely right,Babette! But just like “avocado” appliances and tiled countertops things do go out of style. And if you are making an investment it’s better to get something classic that cost a lot of $$$ and save the trends for accessories. I don’t think subway tile will go out of style quickly, but just like those other items, our homes will be dated by what we put in it. It’s just how it is!

  12. great post- thanks for the heads up… while I think most of us just can’t go out and buy a new set of furniture or even large accent pieces, this is all very informative. I for one will shun the terra cotta… just can’t handle anything with even the suggestion of orange as decor. Terra cotta is great for pots. Orange looks good on an orange. And I love white rooms! they call to me! But the rest is pretty good news. Thanks!

  13. Thank you for your decorating update. Interesting to read, but I’m with Frances, and decorate with what I love. I’m coastal, blue, gray and white. These colors are very calming to me. My couch is gray, and new, so it will be around for a long time! I do love reading your blog and viewing pictures of your lovely home. You continuely inspire me with ideas that I attempt to duplicate to suit my decor.

    1. Hi Doreen, the thing we need to remember is that a style may be “out” but it actually takes quite a while to seem dated. Depending on the style of your gray sofa, it may never be dated or tired looking. If your styling is classic then it’s just a gray sofa and can look fresh for years and years! Adding the accents like pillows and throws will keep it updated and on point!

  14. This is a great post, Yvonne! It’s interesting to see what is in style. Like you said though, we each have to create a home that will make ourselves happy.

  15. Enjoyed your Trend post very much. I was wondering why Subway tile wasn’t mentioned & then I saw it. I have never liked Subway tile & so much of that is seen on TV home decorating shows. All of your pictures are so beautiful and inspiring. I have never seen black stainless or even heard of that but I’ll take a look in the appliance departments just to see it. I do think I would like it.

    1. Me either, Linda! Subway tiles just remind me of my years traveling via Toronto’s subway system and while I appreciate its classic lines, it just isn’t for me. I feel the same way about gray – again, I’ve seen light gray done nicely in various rooms but it’s too depressing for me and its era will be remembered just like Hunter Green and Burgundy … or Seafoam and Peach which was really hot when the TV show, Miami Vice, was big.

  16. Well, It looks like my Jewell tones are back in, especially the blues. I’m slow to redecorate. Shows I could really use the decorgift card. Love your blog.

  17. What a fun read. I’m not big on trends but I do like to try to stay fresh , so maybe small inexpensive add ones like pillows, throws or table top accessories are the way to go. I’m hoping you’ll do a piece on making sure your house has some sort of consistency throughout, so that it flows well and doesn’t feel choppy or that some rooms look like they belong in a different house. (I hope that makes sense). Thanks for keeping my creative decor juices flowing…..you’re the best.

  18. Thanks for the post on the home decor trends for 2017. I may or may not incorporate a few, but trends seem to come and go quite quickly. I’m going with what I love!

  19. Well, I for one like tones of gray and will keep my walls as they are. I think that I will blend in new trends, but stay with what I like, too. It takes a lot of energy and money to stay on trend with everything. You post is very helpful and I will be looking for some different things in 2017. That’s why we keep on shopping!

  20. Thanks for this post but I’m excited to be including stainless appliances and light gray walls in my new home. I’ve lived in our current home since 1990 and am so tired of its (what I consider dated) decor. I’m looking forward to the light, bright and more neutral colors. I can incorporate some of these new color trends as accents. I’ll be on the lookout for some of these upcoming trends.

  21. We just downsized to a brand new home and with the exception of stainless steel appliances, we seem on trend! Love your posts every day!

  22. Great post!! I am not surprised that blue is coming back, I love it! I know gold/yellow walls have been “out” for some time, but I still have them. They just seem to work with what I have and although I am so ready for a change I am having a hard time choosing a new color. I can’t get on board with the grays, so I won’t be sad to see them go. I have been toying with the idea of changing my dining room, which I find too small for for entertaining, into a reading room. I think that may be better use of the space. Thanks for the info.

  23. Great post! While some trends come and go, I think classic items (such as the Carrara marble) will always be in style.

  24. Trends are just that! I and it seems like we all decorate to suit our individual tastes. I always look to your ideas and home to see what I can “steal” to use for my home! I want a kitchen like yours!!

  25. Great post. I am a big fan of stainless steel and anything galvanized, but I will need to check out the black stainless steel!!

  26. A fun post! I did notice, however, that the photo of the “reading area” did not feature any lamps. As an avid reader, I’m a nut for having good reading light, especially in the evening!

  27. And here I thought I had bad taste for not always agreeing with designers. I love your blog. You have great style and class!

  28. A word of warning: If you or you loved ones suffer from allergies blow off upholstered headboards.
    My husbands sleep improved significantly when we got rid of ours in favor of wood.

  29. Great post. Just do not agree about white marble going away. It’s a classic- just visit Paris! We had to purchase a new washer and dryer last weekend and guess what we purchased? Black stainless- it’s beautiful in my laundry room.
    Thanks for all for all the timeless ideas for the home.

  30. Trends come and go, but I am steady on! My home reveals our personalities. Several people have commented that our home looks like us!! Whatever that means. I do enjoy reading what is “in” and what is going “out”, though. The same goes with clothes for me. My style is my style.

  31. What a fun post, and I also love reading the comments! It’s encouraging to read that most of us ultimately decorate to our own personal style. I’ve always loved blue and have had it somewhere. 🙂 It’s fun to glean ideas on how to re-purpose what I/we already have. Thanks Yvonne, and also to the community of readers!

  32. I can definitely agree with you regarding the designers and some of their more “eccentric” styles. Sorry, but sometimes I just don’t get it. I have been seeing a lot of the things you mentioned coming into play this year. While helping my daughter shop for new bedding we saw a lot of boho styles and a lot of geo designs. I think I can get behind some of the jewel tones as accents for Christmas!

  33. Well it’s fun to see how the trends come and go. I may partake in some new pillows or a new chatchke or two, but I don’t really sway from my own personal style just because something is in or out by “someone’s” standards. Hugs, Dorinda

  34. Fun article, Yvonne. I have been surprised to see my style of decor become so trendy recently. I see this more as a negative rather than a positive since it will surely make my house look dated in the near future. I live in a 1920’s farm house and have decorated with vintage plates on my walls, vintage aprons, towels, and dishes in my kitchen and dining room, neutral wall colors, etc.. I usually don’t care for the trends in home decor. I’m just going to continue decorating in the style that fits my home and my tastes. I almost always get compliments from first time visitors…some even say it’s perfect and that they want to buy my home. LOL – it’s not perfect!!

  35. I am so glad the gray everything trend is leaving. It has always looked depressing to me. Looking at some people’s blogs is like watching a black and white TV show. Bring on the color!
    I love how your home is decorated, and how you add the pops of color through accessories. That makes the most sense since colors come and go.

  36. We just finished painting a two story foyer gray. Now I read its on its way out. lol I will be living with it for a while. Thank you for a very insightful post.

    1. Jnice, enjoy your gray foyer. Gray is such a neutral that it will embrace any decorating changes you may want to do in the coming years. My rooms are gray and it enables me to use whatever pop of color I want (for example blue that appears to be current for 2017) and enables me to create cohesiveness by incorporating that color somewhere from room to room. I truly don’t believe you’ll be sorry you painted with gray.

  37. Thank you for the heads up on design trends. Love that blue continues to be featured, but I’m not a big fan of blush and other pinks. It reminds me of the old mauve trend. Lol

  38. What if you can’t afford to repaint and completely update? What are your suggestions then?

    I’m in a 1977 home with some updates. What is a basic landscape that one can easily update with accessories and a budget?

    1. Pillows and throws are your best friends! Find updated styles that will work with the furniture you already have. Most of all when you buy buy classic and time-honored styles for your big ticket purchases. They can stay in style for a long long time… decades!

    2. You simply DON’T follow trends! Simple as that! Go with what you like and you’ll be happy …. and more importantly, unique!! I’ve always followed my own instinct and received many compliments. Remember that old expression that goes something like: March to, or Follow, your OWN Drummer! 🙂

  39. Interesting post today. I love to follow trends and visit local furniture stores to see how they incorporate them.\
    But when it is all said and done…there is no place like home…no place like what we are comfortable living with.
    When guests visit our home I want them to see us…my husband and I and what we are about.

  40. Of Course, always love your blog and ideas. I love some of the new trends, but not all. I don’t know why but I hate brass old and shining. I have never liked it, but others do. I am so glad to see the bolder blues coming in. Love the royal blue as I call it. So glad some of the grays are going out. What I love about your blogs are the normal person can learn from it and still enjoy their home without a lot of cost. That is so important in todays economical world. Thanks for all your information and look forward to the next blog as usual. I get so excited when I have time to turn on my computer and see that I have a email from you.

  41. Love hearing about coming trends! Sad to hear gray is going out because I prefer it over beige as the base to my livingroom so I can add the trending jewel tones or patterned accents while maintaining my base. I have a very small master so a couple years back I made an upholstered headboard since it takes up less room and so glad it’s still going to be instyle. But lucite?! I agree it doesn’t distract the eye but it feels so 70s, man!

      1. In your setting, those nested lucite tables are adorable! Thanks for all the ideas and inspiration (spiritual & creative) every day.

  42. As always, you have given us not only inspiration, but an opportunity to look ahead in decor changes. After many years, I am updating my family room, and want to choose things well. The sofa I ordered is creamy white, and I want my husband’s chair to be navy. How exciting that it is making a comeback! I’m still not sure what color the other chair in the room should be. My walls are beige.
    Thank you for sharing!

  43. Great post, Yvonne. Thank you. I just purchased 2 gallons of Benjamin Moore’s Sonnet because I love the color of your walls and now white walls are passé. But I’m going to paint with it anyway because the room tends to be dark most of the day and has some dark furnishings.

  44. Thanks for your take on the upcoming trends. And THANK YOU for the reminder that we need to be true to ourselves and what we love, despite the trends. Just like fashion trends, decorating trends can make us feel that we have to have the “now look” or we’re not up-to-date, “in”. But being true to what you love and surrounding yourself with those things (which of course can and more than likely will, incorporate some “trendy” elements) will be the true, lasting classic look tailored to you. Thanks again, Yvonne!

  45. Hi Yvonne, Love this post. So helpful in this world of many choices! Would you be able to do a post on up dating lamps? I would like to change out shades to make more up to date but don’t know where to start. What shade shape for different styles of lamps would be great. Thanks for all your wonderful posts.

  46. Great post. While I think the black stainless is very attractive, I love the way my recessed lighting bounces off my stainless appliances. I think it is the “bling” for the kitchen, so even if I had to replace my appliances I would still stick with stainless. But I could definitely see a washer and dryer in the black stainless.

    1. I love the look of the black stainless steel however while I was shopping for a kitchen suite the store employee told me that the black on the black stainless steel was really a sort of film. He said it will show every scratch. I decided to go with the stainless. I agree with you Sharon that I would stick with stainless,

    2. I agree, Nikki. While Yvonne’s set is just lovely in the Laundry room, I would be very cautious about the matte black in the Kitchen. Large appliances cost too much to make an error! I think a fridge would simply stand out too much, visually resembling a dark hulking behemoth! A Laundry room is where you can have fun if you wish to try out a new color or finish in appliances – IF you can close the door on it. If there’s no laundry room door, then I’d match the washer and dryer to the kitchen appliances so there’s a flow color-wise. Just my opinion.

    3. That’s exactly how I feel too. Love the “bling” that steel adds to a kitchen but I don’t mind trying a fun color or finish in the laundry room.

  47. When it comes to trends I tend to start in a small way . I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a classic style, and add a bit of trendy on the side. Trends come and go, classic is forever.

  48. Great post with lots of good information on what is in and what is out. So glad to see the blue and I am in love with that rustic/terracotta color…….

  49. It’s always an interesting read. But it all comes down to :::: it’s your home and decorate it with what you love not what’s ” on trend”

  50. This is one of my favorite posts so far. You are so knowledgeable and I am so excited to start updating. I am headed to Homegoods this afternoon. Thank you for your inspiring ideas and advice. Have a blessed day

  51. Love hearing whats “In” altho I’m not a real trendy person. Love the farmhouse look but not too much chippy. Your home is just right! Glad gray is on its way out. Too dreary.

  52. Thanks for a well thought post, and for reminding us to stay true to ourselves. I think trends exist because decor is a HUGE revenue industry, and counts on people changing looks frequently. I have found it best to let my house help dictate what works based on light, traffic flow, etc, and have evolved a decor that is comfortable to my family, if not magazine worthy.

  53. I was so disappointed when I saw that chevron is going out I recently purchased the black and cream chevron rugs from Ballard for my kitchen and they look so pretty. I will have to use them for at least a few years.

  54. I don’t always follow the latest trends but it is fun to see what is out there and get some new ideas. I like your last comment about putting things in your home that you like. I try to use things that make me happy whether it is trendy it not! Thanks again for some really great ideas!!

  55. Fantastic post – really made me think. I do not like to follow the trends unless they really steal my heart. Guess I am a pretty traditional type of person but do like a few trends thrown in for variety!!

  56. I like some of the trends and some of them I don’t but we all have to call our place ” Home ” Just like you said too

  57. perfect post! Of all the things sun setting is chevron – all worn out. But marble? Really? it is classic and will never lose its appeal.
    thanks for all your posts – just love your ideas and inspiration.

  58. Great ideas in this post! It was interesting reading the comments too, and how everyone is different in what they do and don’t like. I’ve had terra cotta in my den/reading room for a few years now simply because I love the color. Now it’s in style! I was thinking about repainting my yellow hall anyway, so glad it’s going out. Like many others have said, just decorate the way that makes you happy.

  59. I still have 2 yellow rooms in my house, the kitchen and office. It’s my husbands favorite color! But I would like to update the kitchen this year. We have a lot of oak cabinetry and I considered painting it. But our house has a LOT of wood and I feel we’d have to redo the whole thing. I’d love it all a creamy white . Maybe the next house, if we downsize. Love reading about the trends and may incorporate some in pops of color with pillows and throws. We painted our family room last year a chili orange, a DARK terra cotta. I love it. It’s a happy room. So thanks for the post. Fun it read. And I always learn something useful from you!

  60. Very very interesting, I shall be rereading this tomorrow when it’s not quite so late at night (it is very late here in France now!) I love the modern Geometric cushions and I love old marble. We are giving our guest cottage which we rent out to guests all summer long a little makeover this Autumn ready for next year. I am changing out the cushions (that European word again!) for mustards and blues so I was so pleased to see this collection of cushions, now if only I can find some similar ones here in France, our eldest daughter and I are off shopping on Tuesday to Bordeaux before she returns to University! Our guest house kitchen has marble for the counter, but it is antique marble, a huge slab we found which is probably about 100 years old, it is marked and old but weighs an absolute ton and looks fantastic! I love this post, thank you, I’m just checking we are on trend for 2017!!!

  61. I have gray cabinets in my kitchen and copper pendants and they are going no where. I usually decorate by what I like not what is trending. Same with my clothes.
    Patricia (NC Coast)

  62. Love your blog and your style! I’ve been meaning to paint my 80’s fireplace doors black. But now that brass and gold ate coming back do I leave them alone? Ugh!

    1. I bought a new home this past spring and the walls had just been painted a Sandy beige throughout the home. Seeing I am a white wall gal I was not sure how I would like those walls but I have come to love them and have decorated in very natural, neutral colors so I was happy to see that a little more color was coming back for walls. Thanks for all the good information!

  63. Well, I suppose we shouldn’t have expected anything less than change on the horizon in the home decor world too! Just like in the fashion world- one minute it’s skinny jeans then it’s a complete 180 and we are loving flares! We just can’t win, can we? But a home is a project that develops over time and trend or not, I like what I like and I will always want to surround myself with what I love, whether the so called “experts” approve or not!

  64. Uh OH! brakes applied! I was just coming around to thinking I had to succumb to painting our interior walls in various (subtle) shades of grey ~ I’ve been a holdout! So I have waited it out, and now it will be a less than desirable color!?! I must re-read to see if you made a recommendation for alternative wall colors (beyond Terra Cotta?). Back to a basic beige, but a bit darker and warmer? I love Terra Cotta ~ the color is in our brick, but I’m not crazy about too much of it at one time!
    One question, please. One of our daughters and her family had their home’s exterior painted a medium gray with black and white trim … what do you think about outside paint color (they’ve barely put down the brushes!)?! I’ve also seen a Cape Cod or two painted various greys, and I love them, especially with black & white! is this a case of personal taste, ultimately?
    Love your insight and knowledge, and your design talents! Thanks for sharing this information so generously!

  65. Interesting post Yvonne. I knew gray wasn’t going to last and was a trendy color, but some love it! I can’t believe marble is out, since it is classic in my opinion.

  66. I LOVE this post, Yvonne! Even though my home leans toward traditional, I always love reading about the trends. I must say, I am not thrilled with the prediction that subway tile is on is way out since I just put it in my kitchen last year…but hopefully it will just fall into that classic category!! I love blue so I am happy that there will be more options in the stores with that. I never added any gray to my house so that one is easy…Fun post! Enjoy your week!

  67. Yvonne,
    Thank you for doing the research for us readers. Interesting ideas! Always enjoy reading up on your ideas!

  68. Thank you so much for this post Yvonne! It so helpful and informative, along with the guests’ comments and ideas. I have a question – if subway tiles are on their way out, what do you think they will be replaced with?

  69. I agree with you, I decorate with what I love. Sad that pastels are out, but possibly happy that jewel tones are in. My colours are dark wood and white with accents of blue, turquoise, green and pink, and I use both pastels and jewel tones of those accent colours. It`s easy to find nice decorating accents when the colour you are looking for is in style and sometimes you can pick up a good sale when your colour is going out of style!

  70. I’m so glad to hear blue will be on trend! That’s the color I’m using in the bedroom and master bath…and maybe a little here and a little there! I’m so excited!!!

  71. I will need to read this one more than once! I will say, however, that no matter the “ins” and “outs”- my home will be decorated with what I like and what makes me smile when I see it.

  72. Thank you for that last comment! I love to see new trends and incorporate a few into my decor. However, I gotta admit I still love my yellow living room/dining room. We painted it yellow when we built the house 22 years ago and I still love it. I tried to convince myself to go gray a few years ago, but never did thankfully because now it’s out. I do have blue accents in my yellow rooms. So, guess I can still be a little on trend. Thanks so much for your post. I really enjoyed it. ?

  73. I do enjoy reading about the latest trends and will undoubtably implement some of them, but after decades of decorating I know what I like and what I don’t. Still fun to watch as we seek to keep our homes fresh.

  74. Have always enjoyed reading about your beautiful home. It feels so welcoming and makes a statement such as come on in and stay awhile. Many decorators in magazines have been using stark white rooms with white furnishings or grays and are just too cold for me so I’m glad to see this going out. I’ve always been told that subway tile would never go out of style. Took me awhile to really like it. We put stone subway tile in our basement kitchen and love it. Anxious to see what you do to your home in 2017.

  75. Thanks for this post! I just bought a new house and we are updating our furniture and will be painting soon enough! So glad to have some insight into new trends, but also the encouragement to stay with what we like and what will make our house ‘home’!

  76. I just cant do the yellow, gold, copper thing. I lived with that for years and will only go back kicking and screaming! My home now is gray/white/farmhouse and love it. It feels so open and free. I guess I will look back in 10 years and hate what I have now but for now I am staying with my little gray farm house.

  77. Glad I read this one – getting ready to streamline window treatments- with white shutters! Scored a point there! However choosing master bedroom wall color is still up in the air. Thanks for the tips!

  78. I do not follow the trends that much, I want to live in a house that speaks to me, however I will add or change something that works in my home, so your blog has been a inspiration of ideas that can be used in most homes, keep the tips coming.

  79. Thank you for this post! I’ve seen green, especially emerald green sofas in several blogs/magazines/catalogs lately. I’d love to have one but I’d have to change out everything in the room!

  80. I’m reworking my living room and just ordered geo print curtains – and I didn’t even know they were on trend (I just loved the pattern)! I’m not sorry to see gray go (or subway tile) . . . but copper? I may have to be out of style on that one! Thank you for sharing this with us – I’ve got it pinned for future reference!

  81. In then out,orange then blue. No color is ever out, rules guide but get changed all the time. Our homes are our fun loving decor depots that show our personalities and love of home. Nesting is an ongoing joy! Stay informed about design but do what you love and it will be right.

  82. Always an interesting topic. Just keep in mind, the designers’ job is to create new trends
    so we keep buying and buying…even tho we have perfectly good stuff already…lol. I watch the trends to see if styles/colors I already like are “in” because that is when I can find things I like more easily. Generally,I avoid what’s in and stick to what I like…including my few pieces of colonial brass:)

  83. Thank you for the fun facts.
    I think what really is in for 2017 are the colors,furniture and appointments that you like…that’s a real home.
    I think so much of the home decor fashion that I see of ;ate all looks staged….mot homey.
    Homey is a style that can be trendsetting and tasteful/
    I would like to see a comeback for art in 2017…I am so tired of seeing black printed words in frames

  84. Just a few months put in a new master bath with grey floor tile ,light grey walls both with abit of a blue tint. Have white marble sink and vanity and white soaking tub.lots of blue and white chinese pottery and plenty of fluffy white towels. Art work in room has a blue theme and I have used silk blue hydrangeas for arrangements. I adore the room and find the color scheme so relaxing. I definitely think we just need to go with what we love . Trends are fun and as you so wisely advice we can add them in with accessories. Thanks so much for your blog. I love it and it is the first thing I read each morning.

  85. I love this! I’m so excited that my home will be in style soon…I love the current/recent white, gray, aqua trend but with the style of our home and woodwork and desire to not paint the wood white, I was fairly bitter for a while cuase I couldn’t have what I wanted so I made due and in the last year or two finally conceded to the fact that we were better suited for jeweltones and bohemian décor. I still want to lighten up a wall or two but the stage of life I’m in is not allowing for time/energy to do that so i’ll just now be more content knowing that soon, others will be trying to figure out how to work terracottas and teals and even a bit of green together…and I’ve actually got it! yay! ok, now I can stop wishing for that light airy rustic cottagey feel…cottagey, yet warm and cozy suits us well anyway!


  86. I LOVE this post! So many great tips. I am looking at redoing my living room. I want to brighten it up. I do not get much natural light and I have a burnt orange sectional couch that I think it darkens the space, I am looking to go for a navy and cream colored living room. Hoping that might light up my life!

  87. Hi Yvonne,
    I am personally glad to see subway tiles go because they remind me of bathrooms. I’m glad to see chippy furniture stick around. It’s so much fun to work with!

    I’m wondering if kitchen backsplashes are on their way out. I went to Lowe’s yesterday and saw very little backsplash raw material.

  88. This post is dynamite!! Thank you Yvonne for all the time n research you put in to bring us such great post! Thank you! Thank you!!

  89. Love this post! So happy to see blue in the forecast! I’m using blues in my newly built home in coastal North Carolina! I never get tired of blues when used in the right proportion with other natural hues! Saving this article! Thanks Yvonne!

  90. I would also be interested in what you think will be replacing subway tile. I’m just about to put a backsplash in but have not made a final decision yet. One of my options was subway tile, but I also have pinned some pictures with square tiles. What do you think is coming?.

    1. Hi Christina, Subway tiles slow demise is not my opinion but what I’m seeing and reading in upcoming trends. I love subway tiles and am using them in one of my bathroom makeovers. However, just like all styles they eventually fade!

      1. Thank you for your reply. I don’t like making these kinds of decisions. I may go ahead with subway tiles because they are really beautiful. Have to decide by next week.

        I have an all white kitchen, so it is perfect for adding a few inexpensive trends into and enjoying them while they last.

  91. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve learnt a lot and really love your comment about needing to love what we put in our homes:) I take that into consideration every time, it’s important that things have meaning and purpose in my life. I found a company who furnishes one’s living space according to your specific taste, so to me, they are very valuable as well:) They’re called Furnishr [www.furnishr.com] and they will even set up your living area of choice to suit your needs. Thanks again for this piece, I will keep it all in mind when it’s time for me to set up!

  92. We are finishing the basement on a 4 year old house and are looking for a neutral, current color for walls. Ideas for paint that won’t be dated in a few years? We will have dark wood floors and creamy white trim like the rest of the house.

  93. Just reading this blog now.
    Love some of the new trends for 2017.
    My favorite is navy blue, which by coincidence, I started putting in my living room.
    Oh no, my walls are yellow. Will definitely have to paint.

  94. I’ve learned if you are particularly fond of something in your home, it’s not faddish and it’s good quality, hold onto it. It will become popular, maybe even trendy, again and again. When my husband and I had our house built in 1989-1990 we planned to get new furniture for the living room. I wanted do it all in the trend of the time – jewel tones. We painted the walls dark blue. I had my eye on a sofa in emerald green, sapphire blue, deep red and gold stripes and a tapestry covered chair. Unfortunately, after the builder added on his cost for the very few extras we requested, there was nothing in the budget for jewel tones. We recently bought a good sofa that will last us the rest of our lives so looks like I’ll miss the jewel tones again. LOL But I can always add pillows and throws in those colors, if I feel the need for them. Thank you for your blogs – weekdays and Sundays.

  95. I am way behind on my reading of your blog…..sorry! Question, where did the round ottoman come from, I have been looking forever for one just like that! Thank you

    1. Hi Kevin,
      Geo’s are still going strong. But also emerging are stylized florals (not sure I’m loving this one… all I can think of is my old navy blue floral chintz sofa… UGH!) I’m also seeing black and white patterns like mudcloth still looking strong!

  96. We just ordered a new bedroom set.It
    has a linen insert in the headboard and
    footboard,both outlined with tiny nail
    heads.Happy to know I’m on trend !!
    Can’t wait to see it in my home.

  97. I appreciate your insights on decorating trends for 2017. I recently painted my living-dining room, foyer and hall a color close to sonnet, because I was inspired by your blog. IT had been a very pretty yellow, which reminded me of rooms in Sweden and Europe. It feels very fresh now, and I am working with getting my furnishings and accents to compliment the colors of my area rugs which are navy and tan with some small accents of dark red with a very dull green. Thank you for your blog and for your spiritual input, your style always gives me pause and invites me to read more!

  98. Thanks for the heads up on what is coming! I love gray but did not go that route on the recent up-date. I hope to be in style as I am classic, classic, classic—boringly so! Thanks Yvonne for the recipes too—I share them w/my girls & my SIL. I esp. like your rib-rub.

  99. It’s very interesting to see how the trends move. Since I can’t afford to change with the trends I stick with the classic basic pieces and change out the accents. I have a soft warm medium gray sofa and want to recover my accent chair and ottoman any suggestions for an an accent color?

  100. I really enjoyed your take on the latest trends! I’m trying to decide on an update for the two windows in my living room. I’ve decided to go with a wood cornice that is similar to my updated wood mantle and surround. Using a cornice is a definite but I’m still not sure if I want plantation blinds or drapery panels! The biggest window faces north and the smaller one only gets the morning sun so I’m not worried about light control. I’m leaning towards panels so I can make the windows look bigger. Decisions, decisions! Your post made me want to change my living room wall color from a pale gold to something new. Just when I was thinking the room was almost done!

  101. Thanks for this handy reference, Yvonne!! I’m pinning it for future use. I love blue as well..but terracotta? … that may take some getting used to.. Lol.

    Again, Happy New Year
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s “sermon”.. ?

  102. Need to paint! But what color? I have a pale yellow time for new!
    Well I have Emerald Green bath tub don’t tell me it is back in style LOL
    Thank you for this post! This year I have plans to
    Update our home!
    Happy New Year!?

    1. We have all pale yellow in several main rooms and very tired of it. We hired an interior decorator and they just directed us to a light gray color for a whole house repaint. They told us that one of the #1 sold interior colors in 2016 and expected to remain for ’17 from both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore was light gray (SW Repose Gray for example is what we chose but not painted yet). Now I’m wondering should we do the gray? Prior to this home, our other house had an off white color (SW China Doll) and we are tired of that color. We are not planning to keep updated on all the trends but don’t want to fall out of trend right after making a major investment in painting.
      Can anyone help?? If not gray then what is the trend that would stand the test of time (next 5-10 years) for a good neutral color? Not interested in all white walls as we also have nice white trim, heavy moldings, chair rails, wainscoting, etc.

      1. I think gray walls will be around for awhile. Keep them light and not too blue or purple. I’m not sure gray will last 10 years but it will last for several.

  103. Great post’ I am thinking of painting my wood kitchen cabinets white, is that still in??? Or do you suggest doing that? Also want to replace my flooring with a wood look…???

  104. This article has great timing as well as being very useful. I just took down all my Christmas decor and am trying to decide what to do for January. Thanks for the helpful news for 2017.

  105. Thanks for these amazing trend updates! I want to paint some “brownish” wood furniture pieces so trying to discover what will still be trending for the next couple years at least. Do you have any suggestions?


  106. I have two great loves. Pottery Barn and Stone Gable. I have spent hours looking at your blog and copying your look in my own way. I so agree with you, blue is going to be big. Thank you for your blog and all the inspiration and encouragement you give to so many.

  107. I was a little scared to read this list but found it soo interesting! I love my grey (very, very subtle) walls so much and can’t say goodbye to them anytime soon! Although I am glad to see accent walls go! lol! Thanks for sharing! xo

  108. Well said. Thanks again for a wonderful post. You are definitely becoming my go-to person for home decor. Donna A.

  109. I love this article. It’s so hard to keep your finger on the pulse of home trends because they seem to change daily, it makes your head spin. It seems you have some insider information? I have to laugh because I’m glad someone does. Your trend predictions seem to be right on time. I’m so happy to see gray finally being phased out as the new neutral. The color makes me feel grey and down, so I’m happy to see it go. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  110. Very interesting concept of black stainless steel. I think you can also use cotton tapestries as headboards. curtains or bedspreads. It will give a new unique look to the house. Amazing article for a perfect home decor. I loved your post. I am awaiting for your next post. Thanks for sharing.

  111. I Love your site! Watching it on my phone it is hard to maneuver through all of the adds. Thank you for the modern decorating updates.

  112. Love the podcast and all the info. To me funny, because blue has always been a color in home i.e. Living room my bedroom.

  113. I have read several of these articles by professional designers and several of the thing you mention that are in are actually on the way out. Especially burlap. Way out according to the so called experts. It’s not a practical fabric to use for everyday for it to have lasted. Also industrial furnishings and mid century. All out. Gallery walls have been out for a while. And marble is still going very strong. It’s predicted to be around for a long while. I like to read about all these predictions. One blog I read even will post their trend predictions from previous years so you can go back and see how accurate they were. Now that is fun.

  114. Thank your for telling us about the latest trends. I find it interesting to see what’s in and what’s out. However, I want my home to reflect my personality and what I like. It’s taken me years to create the charm and comfort that my family and I feel in our home. Even though I enjoy reading about the latest trends I find they don’t last for long. You have such wonderful ideas for enabling us to blend the old with the new. That’s what I enjoy doing. I can always find ways of adding some of your wonderful ideas to my own style without changing the look. I’ve simply enhanced it. Thank you so much for all you do.

  115. Yvonne as always thanks for the tips. I like to move everything around from season to season it makes everything look different in different locations. Like things that make me smile!!!!

  116. It is finally 2017, and with the new year comes a chance to freshen up your home decor and update it with some new pieces for your house.For a more casual look, people are now turning to cork to add an extra edge to the place. This material not only provides a unique touch, but is also a sustainable and practical way to add a pop to home decor.

  117. If you’re having trouble finding the right manufactured vanity for your home, try thinking outside the cabinet box. Many savvy homeowners are finding chests of drawers, old file cabinets, vintage consoles and more, and converting them into one of a kind vanities.Pantone’s verdant is the color of the year for 2017.This color brings zest while still managing to work with warm wood tones.

  118. Awesome…You put the great ideas for Home decorIdeas, “Modern geometric designs” i like it.. Yeahh,, It’s a great..
    I love it and keep up sharing your great ideas.

  119. Hi there, Just found your site and love it! I was trying see about every trend that is hot or not and this seems like the place to be. Thank you for all of the information. I would very much like to be a regular reader.

  120. All white walls are in — that seems too stark to me but I am open to it and now is the right time to make a decision.
    We just took back a tiny cottage that has been a rental for 14 years.
    It is a rectangle of 24′ wide and 36′ deep. the north 12′ or so is, from front to back, a bedroom, bathroom, laundry room/pantry and bendroom (with a bathroom behind the laundry room serving it).
    The ceilings in the great room are 11′ tall.
    I am using simpifly beige (an HGTV color) in the bedrooms and baths off of the rooms on the north. They look good.
    I am fairly stumped with the great room, though. It takes up the entire south side of the floorplan with, from front to back, living area, kitchen, dining area.
    The room is 36′ long and 11′ wide in the living area, and 12′ wide in the kitchen and dining area. The room faces south but not a ton of windows. The ceilings are 11′ tall — which is fantastic. Right now, the walls are a khaki color (beige with green undertone). I was going to do them the simplify beige, but now think maybe all white….but I don’t want it to be too stark.
    So…should I be doing an all white room instead of an all beige room? Should the ceiling be something else?
    The kitchen cabinets are wood, kind of a light cinnamon spice color. The floors will be dark hand-scraped wood. The trim is all substantial, squared off MDF. Haven’t figured out the countertops yet…open for suggestions. They can be seen from all over the space.
    Thoughts? Any suggestion greatly appreciated.
    This is a wonderful article!

  121. I really like your home decor ideas and all images is superb, We also provide a good idea to install wooden room divider your living room and all other product to use for decor purpose. Have at look this product visit us at aarsunwoods.com

  122. Thanks for these amazing trend updates! 2019 has been started but the trend ideas do not look like 2017. You have done a great job. Keep it up

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