HOLIDAY BLOG WALK 2016- Come see StoneGable all Merry and Bright!

I wait all year for this post! I plan and create for months to deck out StoneGable with Christmas cheer! And today’s the day! I finally get to share our Christmas decor. I’m so happy you are here! WELCOME!!!!  This year’s Christmas decorating theme is TREES! And dotted throughout our home are trees of all sizes and shapes. The color scheme this year is primarily red, white and black. You know how much I love a touch of drama (in decorating only) and a tad of black does the trick. Our home is cheery and colorful!  Well, enough small talk, come on in and I’ll show you around!


This year I am thrilled to be a part of HOLIDAY BLOG WALK 2016 hosted by the talented Jennifer Rizzo from Jennifer Rizzo Designs.  31 Gorgeous homes beautifully decorated for Christmas!!!! Every one is a must-see! There is so much inspiration in every home!  Thanks, Jennifer for all your hard work and asking me to be a part of this amazing tour!!!!


And a big THANK YOU to Wayfair for sponsoring this special event!

If you are coming to me from Angela’s at Number Fifty-Three… welcome! Don’t you love Angela’s trees and one-of-kind style? So inspiring!!!! She is a tough act to follow!


I’m so very excited to share Christmas at StoneGable with you!!!

Let’s start in the family room.



Besides trees, I scattered Christmas ornaments throughout the house too!


Trees on the mantel… and stars!



Covering books with red and white wrapping paper creates a festive looking bookshelf. 



The breakfast nook is a small cozy space between the family room and the kitchen…

The newest addition to my breakfast nook is the updated striped rug from Wayfair. What a difference from the traditional black oriental that was there before! This rug is sassy and fun! You can see it HERE



A fat candle in a simple white bowl of greens and ornaments work as a kitchen table centerpiece!


Even the open shelves in the breakfast nook are decked out for Christmas!


I’m captivated by bottle brushes this year!





Now on to the kitchen…









Now, to the living room…


This year’s Christmas tree is filled with white paper lanterns. They look magical when the tree is lit! Stop back on December 22nd to see my CHRISTMAS NIGHT’S TOUR. I’ll be sharing my lit tree.



My dining room is quite different from the rest of StoneGable. It is much more serene and soft and filled with winter whites and morning light!


WINTER WHITE CHRISTMAS TABLESCAPE-Get lots of entertaining tips too!



WINTER WHITE CHRISTMAS TABLESCAPE-Get lots of entertaining tips too!


Thank you so much fo stopping by! I hope there were at least a few things that inspired you! 

Next on the tour is Kristen’s home from MY UNCOMMON SLICE OF SUBURBIA! Please stop by and see her stunning Christmas home!


Did you know that I have a Pinterest board called THE BEST HOME TOURS? You can see it and follow me on Pinterest HERE.



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  1. I really like how you decorated the shelves on the bookshelf! Wrapping the books in Christmas wrapping is a fantastic idea!

  2. I love the neutral colors of your dining room. Reminds me of a serene snowy day! I love the bottle brush trees as well. Your home is lovely and elegant. Decorated it is gorgeous!

  3. Thank you for all the festive decorating ideas. Your home is a dream home that I know your family & friends enjoy. I love the color combinations you choose. Merry Christmas, Happy New year and God bless you and yours!

  4. I did not think last year’s could be topped, but you have done it. Who would not love to wake up to this on Christmas morning? You are truly a blessing to your family. Just lovely. My favorites: the little “pops” of red combined with the neutrals and your sassy new rug!!! 🙂

  5. Yvonne, every morning my husband brings me coffee in bed where we sit with our computers and catch up on news, Facebook posts, and emails. It’s such a treat to be invited into your home most mornings and see what creative and inspirational decorating and cooking ideas and projects you have developed– and all so beautifully photographed. I still haven’t figured out how you do so much and then have the time to write about it. Surely Stonegable is more than just you! Thanks for making my mornings!!

  6. Everything is so festive, very nice. I especially like the dining room. It is so soft, reminds of a snowy day. Inspiration for next year at my house. I think I will have a “White Christmas”! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  7. Yvonne, I love everything you do and the way write about it it seems so effortless. But, everything I do creates a big mess, lol. Guess I don’t put enough planning into it….Like you, I love the Red, White and Black, and that kitchen area is perfect. One of my two questions, do you really cook this big (as on the menu) every night for the two of you, lol and did you ever do a blog about how you made the plate hangers for the aprons? Love them and have so many plates that I have had for years that would be perfect to make as gifts for our daughter in laws. Oh, please do continue the blogs, I am having hip replacement of the 15th and I am sure I will need lots of reading and prayers. Thanks for starting my day.

  8. OH Yvonne! Simply stunning! By far your most AMAZING Christmas decor yet! Every little detail (the tiny silver snowflake tied up with the red baker string?) is yummy! I love that you included plaid, a Christmas favorite of mine, in the decor. Everything is perfect with your beautiful house! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

  9. Absolutely beautiful!!! It has got to make you happy, just walking into each beautifully decorated room, feeling the Christmas spirit. I love your blog, and look forward to seeing what you will write about next.

  10. It’s all so beautiful!! Love the touches of black, your kitchen (wow!), the decorated aprons all lined up in a row, and the paper lanterns on the tree, especially. Very fun and Christmasy. ?

  11. Beautiful, just Absolutely Beautiful!!! I Love every single room, so much so, I had to go back and look at all of them again. Thank you for so many wonderful Christmas ideas!!!

  12. You always make me get my reading glasses so I don’t miss a detail!! Everything looks lovely, ready for Christmas morning! We’re expecting a granddaughter around then so added joy this year like you! Beautiful home!!

  13. Yvonne your home is absolutely beautiful!!!! You are an incredible decorator and all your little touches shine through. Love the pops of red and the paper covered books are darling in the family room. God Bless 🙂

  14. Love, Love, LOVE your style. I am always so inspired by your vignettes! Thanks for providing such beautiful eye candy. 🙂

  15. Dear, Sweet Yvonne … What you have created has taken hours and hours of planning and preparation for
    our enjoyment. Thank you very very much!
    Merry Christmas to you and your entire family …. May it be your BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!

  16. The lanterns in the tree are over the top! Everything is so beautiful. I would now spend my days wandering from room to room just in awe. Just wonderful. Merry Christmas.

  17. Your home is so beautiful decked out for Christmas. Love the red and white with a pop of black. Can’t forget the plaids, they are my favorite! Everything is so cozy warm and inviting! Have a Merry Memorable Christmas! xo

  18. Love your blog and house, don’t know what part I like best!!!Love the aprons hanging off the special plates!

  19. I love your Christmas decor this year! All of the red adds such a festive touch! I had never used traditional Christmas red or plaid until this year, and I love it! It creates such a welcoming, festive feeling for my precious family – my hubby of 14 years, my little boy who will turn 7 in January and truly has the holy spirit in his heart, and my dear Momma who lives nearby.
    Thank you for your blog, you provide so much light and joy to many!
    Merry Christmas! ?

  20. Fun and Beautiful together! Your tree with the paper lanterns is probably my favorite. I like how you have added touches of black plaid/checker to your decor. You did a lovely job making your house into an inviting home Yvonne. Blessings to you and your family this wonderful season and enjoy, enjoy making traditions with the newest member of your family…that sweet little grand baby.

  21. Your home looks beautiful! I love the tree theme and especially the colors(red, white and black). You are an inspiration to me and I enjoy your decorating skills. I painted my living and dining room the same as yours. I love checking to see your blog everyday. I love the tutorials you give on your blog site. I look forward to see what you do next to your beautiful home. Thank you for sharing your home with us. May God continue to bless you this holiday season.

  22. Everything looks beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration! I’d like to use your idea of the beautiful bowls filled with greens, candles & Christmas ornaments, so pretty! Love your style!

  23. Wow, that’s all I can say is WOW!!! I get inspired every day by you! I am all decorated, but still continue to “tweak” and add some things. I love to take that faux “snow” and sprinkle it around my vignettes and tables, etc… sure it makes a mess but I just vacuum it up after the holidays! It just gives a little extra sparkle to things, and since we see very little (if any) snow in central Texas it’s the only white Christmas I get. I always love your ideas and your beautiful home!

  24. So many wonderful ideas! I especially love covering books with wrapping paper to match your decor. What an inexpensive way to add a lot of impact!

  25. Yvonne, I’m so inspired by everything you do, but especially this Christmas! Wow, every little detail sends me running around my house trying to take your ideas and make them my own. I especially loved seeing your gigantic pinecones in the bowls with the greenery, looking like topiary trees. So very cleaver! I collected some sugar pine cones a few weeks ago, and you can bet that I will soon have those beautiful little trees showing up around my house too. Thank you for everything you do.

  26. Very pretty and I like the color combination, something unique! You have done a wonderful
    Job. Would you mind sharing where you found your black and white buffalo check pillows in your dining room? Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!

  27. I have been following for years,but this is best ever. The dining room table is so elegant,but simple. I hope you will do a video of your house lit at night .thanks Sandi

  28. Your house is absolutely beautiful! It gave me a million ideas for Christmas. Where did you get the grey Merry Christmas pillow and the white and red snow flake pillow both on the chair?

  29. Love the use of simple greens around the house.
    The tall pinecones over the range look like trees.
    Your Christmas tree is with the paper lanterns is
    beautiful.Also loving the red,white & black color
    scheme.Beautiful home.

  30. You have really decked the halls of StoneGable! I love your decorating style Yvonne. The christmas tree with the paper lanterns is awesome! I can not wait to see the night view of your tree. Have a great day.

  31. Simply over the top! I love the aprons hanging below the plates – unique. Thank you for all your hard work to help the rest of us try new things.

  32. Your attention to detail is amazing, which makes your home beautiful. I enjoy visiting your home and it gives me so much inspiration.

  33. So much turmoil in my life right now. . it felt so wonderful to sit for a few minutes and to view all of your lovely Christmas decorations. Everything is just beautiful, as I knew it would be. You are an extremely talented decorator. Merry Christmas.

  34. Yvonne, I was so happy and giddy to see your post this morning…I couldn’t wait all week to see how you decorated your home for 2016! And you didn’t disappoint! You have amazing talent!

  35. Love❣️Thanks for more inspiration. I started following your lead last year using a pop of black in my Christmas decor and am continuing that theme. I always coordinated my Christmas wrap, changing colors each year . Now, I collect plaid, red , white, and black ribbons and wrap all year. It is such fun to mix and match and the packages look fantastic. BTW, I want a pig like the one over the stove! Bless you and your family.

  36. I have a similar copper pitcher to your white one pictured here….never thought of using it/decorating it. Thank you for the inspiration!
    Marvelous ideas even for those of us that don’t have much.

  37. Shelia… Speechless…. That was inspiring and fun and beautiful and livable and …….. You have just the perfect touch. Thanks for sharing

  38. Love it all, simply done with that touch of red & black on the white. Never thought of wrapping books on a shelf – GREAT IDEA!

  39. Your home is always beautiful and the addition of the Christmas decor is so warm and inviting. The touches of red and black just adds that extra touch for the season, and I especially love the book covers. I always love my morning visit to your home. Merry Christmas !

  40. I look forward to the tour of your house at Christmas time every year! Always wonderful and magical. Soooo talented!

  41. I have been waiting for your tour all week. I was so excited to open my email and see that today is the day! You are such an inspiration. I am looking forward to decorating my own place now.

  42. Wow Yvonne. You’ve outdone yourself. Every little touch is something special. I love those little wreaths in your windows. The red throw and pompom pillow are gorgeous together. Your tree is amazing. I made your little lanterns last year and display them on a small tree in our den with bird and mice ornaments. I’ll probably be trolling this post for days to come just to drink it all in. Thanks for your inspiration!!!

  43. Your home is incredible! I’ve followed you for awhile and also am amazed by your beautiful graphics and photos, too!
    I love to decorate for Christmas and also adore trees everywhere. Thank you for sharing your home.

  44. Your home is so lovely and inviting. The fresh greenery and boxwood adds so much without having to figure a bunch of stuff out. So nice.

  45. Your decorations are beautiful, I recently lost my mother so this year is really hard, but after looking at all you beautiful decorations I might actually do a little decorating this year. Thanks for the cheer.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Susan. I felt the same way when I lost my husband of 55 years and that dreaded “first” Christmas came around. I actually felt as if part of my body was missing. Please try to put out just a few of your favorite decor items as it really does help in making you feel a tiny bit better; as if there is still “you” left even though your Mum is gone. Just looking at something pretty every day in your own home brings a tiny bit of visual comfort and right now, any kind of comfort (in whatever shape or form) is what your spirit needs at this time of the year. I wish I could explain it better; I guess I’m trying to say “be extra good to yourself” this month and pamper yourself with whatever brings you a bit of comfort.

  46. It is festive! Is the tree on your hearth faux?
    The plates and books for aprons, did you buy or make? Do you have a tutorial?
    Love it all, can I come over?

    1. Hi Jo Ann! The tree by my hearth is faux. I found it at a local shop. I did not make the plate apron hanger but hope to make one in 2017 and have a tutorial for you! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  47. How lovely. Thanks for sharing your hundreds of ideas. I love how simple it is by placing live greens, pinecones and ornaments in a bowl.

  48. Always love your Christmas décor, and this year is not different! I also love the bottle brush trees – I’ve collected some vintage and some new, and they will be in my dining room this year!
    I also would like to know how to make the plate hanger if you can post that!
    Merry Christmas!

  49. I loved how you scattered ornament around the home especially the cute aprons in the kitchen. I love little trees everywhere too!

  50. Yvonne,
    Although I read your blog I don’t comment much. How many times can you say ,”Beautiful!”? But I must tell you how much I enjoyed this holiday tour of your home! It is beautiful and warm and festive! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  51. Breathtakingly beautiful. Truly! All of it! I want to borrow your idea of wrapping books with wrapping paper. Brilliant I tell ya! 🙂

  52. Love the color combinations and love the mantel with the big star and the clock, also I like that you put some pine’s branches on the chandelier : love that idea. The living room is stunning, so beautiful!.

  53. Everything is so beautiful and elegant, but I think my very favorite things are the sweet little wreaths with the black checked bows in your dining room.

  54. There is much sadness in the holidays for me because there is no family to celebrate with but this brought tears of joy to my eyes because it is so beautiful. It reminds me of when I was a little girl and I would walk into our decorated living room early on Christmas morning…seeing all the glitter and sparkle, waiting for family to come and Christmas dinner. Such happy loving memories those were. Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for for sharing your lovely holiday home.

  55. Wonderful, inspiring decorations. As always, your home looks beautiful, warm and inviting. Thank you for all of the ideas you so graciously share with your readers.

  56. I look forward to opening your blog each day!! I love your taste and style. I have tried to “borrow” some if your ideas!! I am a pillow houbd and love the idea of having the fillers and keeping the covers separately.

    Keep up tbe great ideas and work!! I LOVE your Christmas decorations!!

  57. Wow! Your house is a winter wonderland! Hard to say what I like best, way too many beautiful vignettes! Love the mantel, the aprons hanging from the plate holders, the white paper lanterns on the tree, etc! Would love to walk thru your home at Christmas! Truly lovely!

  58. I’m new to your blog and live it! I am absolute fascinated with the paper lanterns on the tree. Looking forward to the night tour.

  59. I love all the bits of greenery added to your regular decor. It makes your home look festive without looking over done. Beautiful – inspired me to add small bits throughout my home this year.

  60. Today was the first time I noticed your plate apron hangers. What a novel idea. You definitely added a lot of cheer to your black and white decor with the use of red.
    This year I added a tiny bit a red to my black and white library and powder room too. I’m a big, big fan of black and white French anything. I like the way the addition of red adds some excitement to more neutral color schemes.
    Thanks for sharing your beautifully decorated ‘Christmas’ home.

  61. My fav room in your house is your little dining nook and now it’s all decked out for the holidays! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me whereI can find chairs like yours with black legs and wood seats. I’ve looked everywhere:(
    Merry Christmas to you & yours!!!

  62. Your home is lovely as always! I really love the tablescape in the dining room. My daughter and I are going shopping for more decorations. Its a silver and white theme in our home this year. Merry Christmas!

  63. I really enjoy the posts and love most of the looks. The only this is the white couch and chairs. My husband and grandkids would destroy that look in a minute. Just don’t know how real people live with white upholstery. Bur I do look with envy at all your posts

  64. Everything is lovely. It would be hard for me to pick a favorite! You have inspired me to make some changes at my house!

  65. Everything is simply beautiful! Have you ever visited Henry’s Greenhouse in Holtwood? Their Poinsettia Open House is tomorrow morning. If you haven’t been there check it out, they have a Facebook page. I know you would love it!

  66. Yvonne Just loving all your sweet little details this year, as always. Where did you find all the different bottle brush trees if you don’t mind sharing ? Hugs, Dorinda

  67. Just starting my Christmas decorating and got lots of great ideas here-the small tree in soup tureen with ornaments around the base, the large candle in bowl with greens and ornaments around it. Wasn’t planning on much red though, but I love it in your home!

  68. The lanterns in your tree is so unique! can’t wait to see them lit! by far, one of my top tours so far on blogland. everything so beautiful- just enough! happy holidays!

  69. Your home is beautiful! I recently redecorated my kitchen in black/white because of your pictures. I love being able to add red accents for Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your family! ??

  70. You have such talent. So much to look at yet not overwhelming and absolutely inviting. And the attention to detail is exquisite. I love the books in wrapping paper in baskets on the bookshelves. The paper lanterns in the tree – I can’t wait to see them lit up on the night tour post. I love looking at your posts. It’s eye candy and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!!

  71. I always enjoy reading your blog but was thrilled to see the Christmas tour of your home! So glad to see all of the red making a comeback after so many years of neutral. Don’t get me wrong. I like neutral but it needs a little oomph. And you oomphed in all the right places. Beautiful!

  72. Feeling like we are all there in your beautiful Christmas home, preparing for tea or hot cocoa. Your dining room table would be my favorite place to sit, sip and fellowship. Thank you, Yvonne, for welcoming us. Hoping to replicate a facsimile of your winter tablescape on my mantel, nestled in frosty greens.

  73. Beautiful! Love the touches of red. I collect Snowbaby ornaments. My tree is always white, gold and glass. This year it has one red ornament, a heart. I love that it stands out from the rest. Thank you for sharing!

  74. Don’t mind me! I will be sitting in your den with a cup of hot chocolate!!!
    SHHHHHH! Please don’t tell anyone where I am at… this is what I think as I look at your home!
    Merry Christmas to You!

  75. Your home is so lovely and inviting. When I do get a place of my own someday I will be using your idea so for inspiration to decorate it. Love all of your ideas.

  76. I love everything-thanks for the inspiration and sharing your gifts and talents with us. Have a blessed Christmas!

  77. I adore Christmas!! It is so wonderful to find a kindred spirit. You seem to truly share my feelings about this glorious season! I can’t wait to see all of you new posts!

  78. So many things to comment on! Christmas is my favorite holiday and the most fun to decorate for. The room views are all so lovely and inspiring. I love the dining room! And your oak floors are gorgeous. Great job!

  79. Very festive and bright. Thank you for all the work you put into it all to make your blog such a special place to drop by each day.

  80. amazing site, so thankful I came across your blog, thank you for inviting us to your life!! a true gift you have, Merry Christmas

  81. Your house is feeling a Lot Like Christmas. The dining room is my favourite of all. What is on the pine cones sitting in the bowl that looks like snow or ice? Very pretty!

  82. This is my first comment here.. Your Christmas home s so beautiful and inspiring..!!!
    I send to you and your family my best wishes for Christmas and New Year.

    Dina from Athens – Greece

  83. I love how striking the neutral pallet becomes with the layers of texture, with baskets and things, along with the subtle pops of color. The bows on the top of the tree, tie everything together.

  84. I don’t comment often because I only echo statements already made! I read your posts faithfully every day. I feel like you have helped me so much to decorate making things look fresh! Also your new addition to your family is precious and your daughter is lovely. Thank you , Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  85. LOVE your kitchen light fixtures (especially the gingham check lamp shade above the sink) — they look wonderful with or w/o Christmas decor

  86. I just want to run right back to Pennsylvania for my own personal tour. Every room is a delight! Bravo! Well done! The lantern tree how creative!!!

  87. I love the simplicity yet fun, way you carried out the red, pincones and greens!
    Can I ask about the I AM His sign in your dining room? Love IT!

  88. WOW! Your neutral decor really makes the colors of Christmas pop. I think the dining room looks classy all done out in the neutrals.

    You are a real artist. Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  89. Beautiful displays! Everything flows so nicely through out the house! Thank you for sharing. Everything is so inviting.

  90. Your home is beautiful as always! So much inspiration!

    Where did you buy the white bottle brush trees?

    Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for sharing your warm and inviting home!

  91. The most wonderful time of the year and you surely made it wonderful with your lovely decor. Your home is absolutely beautiful. Love the touch of red just enough.the books covered in Christmas paper is a great idea. I’ve seen it in some of your other posts. Love your aprons and the plaid coffee mugs. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful ideas.wishing you your family and all those whom you love Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas from Corfu Greece

  92. I have the same three-tiered tray on my kitchen island as you do! It’s fun to see how you styled yours for Christmas! I enjoy styling mine with the seasons as well.

  93. Such a fun time visiting with you! Now, jump in your jammies and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in your wonder-full spaces 🙂

  94. This tour is great. I love the red, white and black colors, so sophisticated!! Your home looks so warm and inviting for the holidays!

  95. Wow, everything looks amazing! I wish you could come decorate my house too. That takes a lot of thought and work, so I hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead of you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home.

  96. Love,love,love.Especially the kitchen and that awesome chalkboard.I no longer do Christmas since my sons are grown,unless I am lucky enough to have a visit from my granddaughter.I am however going to grab some fresh cut greens to put around the house,I imagine it smells beautiful.

  97. Love, love, love your tree with the paper lanterns!! Your use of white, I varying shades with silvers and golds and naturals is exquisite!!

  98. Oh My…
    You provide me with so much inspiration.
    I love your blog and follow you on Pinterest.
    Blessings to you!

  99. I LOVE your house! Where or what are the little wreaths you have hanging on the inside of the windows? They are cute and just enough. Merry Christmas

  100. I am in total awe (envy really) that you have already decorated your home for Christmas; I am barely over Thanksgiving.
    It is beautiful.

  101. Hi Yvonne. What a fabulous tour of your beautiful home. I have a little “granny suite” (I’m the granny!) with no room for a real entryway but I do have a board with hooks right inside the door. I’ve been learning for a while now that many different things can be containers, but was amazed & delighted to see the aprons on their hooks. I’ve hung some on my hooks too, but never would’very thought to use the pockets as “containers” for Christmas. Genious! Thanks so much for sharing your gift of design with us.

  102. Thank you for welcoming us into your lovely home. ? It’s so fun seeing how you have used the paper lanterns and the powerful impact they have made on your tree. Also adore the beautiful gingham aprons. I’m just RED with envy ❤️ You have created such an inviting Christmas environment, and I know your family loves celebrating the season in this sweet home. Merry Christmas and hope you have a Blessed New Year!

  103. You inspired me to bring my decorations up. I’ll put some Christmas tunes on tomorrow and get busy. Everything looks so lovely, Yvonne.

  104. Beautiful! I got an old dough bowl and added some antlers, pine cones and faux snow and it looks fab! Thank you for the idea. I love that I can get so many ideas from you to use things I already have but, use them in a new way. Your blog is the best!

  105. Love your vignettes! I also love bottle brush trees! Your house is always so cozy & inviting. Would love to have breakfast in your breakfast area!

  106. So many wonderful details. I especially love the trees in the soup terrine and other tableware. You really have a knack for decorating! One day when I have my forever house I want to imitate your style. Blessings!

  107. Lovely rooms and decor. This is so inspirational–It gives me great ideas for making my home festive for the loveliest of seasons–CHRISTmas.

  108. Clever idea of the paper lanterns on the tree.
    Also would like to know source of the thin wreaths in the dining room windows.

    1. I like the simplicity of the tiny wreaths too. They’d be very easy to make; buy a few sprigs of faux greenery (dollar store) then bend each branch in a circular shape, wrap a piece of wire to hold it and hang with ribbon. I found many items this year at the local dollar store that once you “played around” a bit (either adding an extra stalk here or there or just fluffing up the straight stems) gave just as nice a look as the more expensive items at craft stores. I still spend more on quality faux flowers and greenery but I’m just saying that when you see dollar store stems of greenery, really look at it, fluff out some of the branches and see how it looks. Many times, you’ll be surprised at the effect!

  109. This is Christmas decorating done with a loving, inviting hand while the other hand is sprinkling sparkle and snow…now it All glows! So beautiful Yvonne. Thank You for sharing

  110. I get a little thrill when I see you in my inbox. You do not disappoint!!! For Christmas,I would like for us to swap houses. Santa,are you listening?. Absolutely a storybook house.Bravo!!

  111. Everything is so festive and cheery…I love your style and use many of your ideas; the most recent tucking bits of greenery and candy canes in my apron pockets…would love to see a close-up of the bread box in your kitchen…sweet idea and my eyes were drawn to it.

  112. Your 2016 Christmas decorations are simply inspiring to me. I especially liked your Christmas tree decorated with the white lanterns. What a unique idea!!! I also was drawn to the simple idea of covering books with festive Christmas paper to add a punch of the holiday spirit in those unexpected places. I look forward to your blog each and every day!!! Keep inspiring us all……

  113. I know where I can get inspiration is coming to your blog. So beautifully done. This year I didn’t put all my Christmas decorations out but it is still a fair amount. I like the look better. Peaceful yet colorful. Love your tree and stars theme. Merry Christmas Yvonne! God bless…………

  114. This is my first post to you. Everything looks beautiful and so inspiring to your followers. I especially like that you use things we already have to make Christmas decorating fun, such as bowls and cream containers. Your energy is contagious. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. Patricia B

  115. What a beautiful Christmas House!! How much visual fun it will be when your children come for Christmas! I love it all. Your Chinese lanterns reminded me of a year when I decorated my tree with white fans and (very realistic) white doves. It really did look lovely and was quite unique at the time. My hubby and I went out one night and when we came home, we discovered how real those birds looked … to our cat!! In our absence, he had had a fun time jumping up and grabbing them out of the tree!! (I hadn’t wired them in; just merely nestled them in the branches.). He had happily chewed off all the feathers – what a mess!

    My favorite parts of your home is the dining room, the simplistic look of the mini window wreaths and especially … your Bread tin filled with greenery and lights!! I am in awe of all the work you put into your blog and especially so at Christmas! Well done!

  116. As I sit drinking my peppermint bark coffee and looking at the house tours this year, they really inspire me for ideas for next year already! I know crazy right! I love your tree so beautiful !! Thank you for sharing and God bless Merry Christmas!

    1. Hellen and Yvonne,

      I am actually taking notes on paper for what I want to do next year! I feel like I am in a school lecture taking notes. Haha….

  117. Your home is beautiful. I also decorated using a lot of different sizes of trees and red. I enjoyed seeing how you displayed them. Thank you for your blog.

  118. You are such an inspiration to me. I always take away an idea of some kind to incorporate into my decorating. My favorites this trip, the table tree runner, the aprons on the plates, but the one I’m going to do is the simple greens weaved through the light. I have that same garland.

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    Military Wife

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