Thank you Carpet One Floor and Home® for sponsoring this post. I’m so excited about this “reveal” today! The Gable guest room is the smallest guest room at StoneGable with a big gable window and a vaulted ceiling. It feels cozy and I like to say that it is a little jewel box of a room! The room certainly needed updating to fit in with the rest of my neutral home. Everything in this room was changed out! From the paint color to the rug to the furniture to the bedding! Everything except the mattress which was rather new. So, let’s t-o-u-r! ($500.00 HOMEGOOD’S GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY is at the end of this post)

Today is episode #27 of Decorating Tips And Tricks and our topic is a real favorite of mine… PILLOWS!!! Yes, we are discussing pillows!!! 

You can listen below…

Now let’s tour the Gable guest room…

Do you remember how the Gable room looked? Here’s the BEFORE…

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

You can see more of the room’s BEFORE and how I planned to makeover this guest bedroom HERE.


And here’s how the Gable room looks now…AFTER

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

A big, big change! And a very different feel. I wanted this bedroom to be very light and relaxed and very unfussy, updated and neutral!

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

Here are a few images of the mood board I created for the makeover…

This room was lightened up with a couple coats of soft white paint and a beautiful bound broadloom carpet that covers most of the hardwood floor. I want my overnight guest to have a soft surface for their feet!

I ordered the carpet and had the edges serged. I love the way it turned out. The carpet covers the center of the room and because it was custom made I chose the size I wanted!

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!


This beautiful carpet is from …

We decided on on a Relax it’s… Lee’s ® carpet called WHITE WISP in a gorgeous white tone! Our guest will love this pretty soft carpeting and I’m going to love its easy care and stain resistance!

You can see all the other reasons I chose Relax it’s… Lee’s® carpet in the Plans and Progress post HERE.


In a guest room it’s very important to keep furniture at a minimum to give our guests room to move around and spread out! Because this is the smallest guest room st StoneGable I tried to create a feeling of a larger, lighter and open space. White walls and a light rug went a long way in creating this look.

Making a cozy guest bed is another must-have in our guest rooms.

 I want my guest to sleep on a mattress just as good as the one we sleep on! It’s an investment but so worth it for our guests. 

The bedding is neutral and layered. I want this bed to say “welcome” in an unfussy, realaxed way!

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

Because the bed tucks perfectly into a small indent in the room there is no room for nightstands. I opted for these pretty, streamlined sconces that have a small round platform for a phone and maybe a pair of glasses. There is a USB port built into the round base of the sconce to make charging a phone easy.

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

The sign above the bed perfectly says how we feel about having guests staying with us!

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!


I think I love this room because of the big window and the way the sun brightens up the room.

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

The smocked burlap curtains filters the morning light, unlike the curtains that were hung before.

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

The drop leaf table that had been in this room was relocated to the guest suite. In its place I put a small bookshelf.

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

A small white dresser with a reclaimed wood top is waiting for guest’s clothes.

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

The mirror like the dresser top is reclaimed wood too!

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

I like to have an empty dish or bowl for my guest to throw their pocket change or jewelry in.

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

This is the chair that I ordered for the guest room but it won’t be here until May. I think it will add a sassy, lively element to the room and be very comfortable too!

So, in the meantime I’m using this one…

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

I hope you like the Gable room’s makeover inspired by Relax it’s… Lee’s ® carpet.

Now, here’s YOUR chance to win a…


I’m happy to be a part of the LOVE IT WITH LEES ROOM MAKEOVER CONTEST. One blogger will win a $500.00 HomeGood’s Gift Certificate and YOU CAN WIN ONE TOO

Just vote for your favorite makeover (I’d love you to vote for mine) and you will be entered to win!

You can vote HERE. You can vote for me (or others) once a day until April 7th. 


You might like to follow me on Pinterest and see all the beautiful rooms I’m finding to pin HERE.

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER REVEAL- A step by step guide about making a room over! Here's how I did it!

 Carpet One Floor and Home® sponsored this post but the opinions are mine. 




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    1. Love your style! I have recently retired and now have time to read blogs and enjoy all the beautiful tables, rooms and recipes that you create! You truly have a gift!

  1. Love. Love how you layered the neutral bedding.. yet the room has so much visual interest and warmth, KUDOS… on another successful design.. and it looks like you are ahead in the votes!!! Thanks for sharing your talents.. blessings

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this room. It feels so relaxing just touring it. Where did you find the wall lamps with the shelves? I think those are my favorite, followed by the succulent in planter, drapers, then everything else!

      1. Can’t wait for the resources post! Stunning makeover and so many things I want. Not surprised you’re winning so far – just voted!

  3. Your guest room is beautiful , love the brown gingham checks, that is what I used in my master bedroom! Yvonne , you taught me to use neutrals and now I love them!

  4. I love all the elements, but especially the textures and neutral color scheme. It’s beautifully put together. I hope you will share the sources soon.

  5. I really liked your guest room before, but I love the new look!! Your guests will feel so special when staying with you.

  6. It really is perfect, I love the curtains, the lights, everything and that chair is going to be gorgeous, as you say it will just add a sassy pop which will bring it altogether perfectly. Please do post a photo once it arrives and it is in situ. I would love to come and be a guest in this room, it looks so relaxing!

  7. I love the clean updated look of your new guest room. Beautiful drapes and bedding (checks/stripes are a favorite combination!). But I also loved the old bed and bunny plaque from before. You certainly know how to make your guests feel welcome and special.

    p.s. You’re winning by a landslide!

  8. Both look great to me, but I understand when you need a change. The smocked drapes are georgeous. Makes me think I should take a look at mine, ha. You do beautiful decorating!

  9. Oh, so lovely!! Love the bedding from PB!! And the drapery, and the scones, and the chair that’s on its way, and the rug! Need I say more!!

  10. I love your curtains!! Where are they from?
    Great job on the new guest room!!! What a cozy & relaxing guest room!

  11. Lovely! As a traveler with iPhone and iPad, I especially love that you included a charging capability on the sconce. Very thoughtful!

  12. I love receiving your posts in my emails……yet another fabulous room…loving the burlap curtains…in the Uk we call it hessian….I will try and find some of that “smocked” curtain heading tape….seem it somewhere….FABULOUS!!!!!

  13. I love your guest bedroom makeover. For a couple years I’ve been trying to decide on how to do my guest room and this has certainly got my mind in that state! Thank you!

    1. Yes I would as well love to see your craft or work room. I have a challenge my sewing studio is in my formal living room. It is a challenge to have style and work room in one. I so need so inspiration.
      Thanks Denise

  14. Love it, can’t wait for the source post – I currently have the tan buffalo check curtains with a tan linen duvet with black ticking pillows …… now I need the poem poem shams !

    I voted yesterday but didn’t realize I could vote daily. I’ll do that now.

  15. Looks great! I love the smocked drapes. I have that same window. I love how you make the changes. I really liked the room before as well.
    Now I want to go work on my spare bedroom. LOL we don’t have to keep it tha same for ever!
    Thanks Have a nice weekend!

  16. Oh I do love the makeover (but I too did like other the iron bed also). Love the burlap curtains and the bedding (looks like Pottery Barn)and I am considering them for our MB makeover), I never get tired of pillow ticking and gingham checks!!!!

  17. I am new to your blog and love this beautiful room! The neutral colors throughout the room are so relaxing and inviting. Beautiful!

  18. Love the bedside lamps. Perfect answer to the less than 12 inch space on each side of my quest room beds. Love the whole room.

  19. Nice and light, although I loved the iron bed in the before room. But understand why you changed it. So glad to see you added the sconces for reading etc. I have one tiny suggestion, have someone construct a small shelf supported by a brace on either side of the bed as a “nightstand” where guests can place their glasses if they need to see when they get up, a cell phone, or glass of water. It would be simple to add and could be done in. Wood tone to match the sconces. I think that would be an essential for anyone.

  20. What a lovely room that invites relaxation and inspiration. I am going to “borrow” some of your ideas – strips and plaids on the bed, softening the palate a bit so eyes and mind can relax. Just got paid and I now am on a mission to up the décor in my guest room. Thank you as always – xx-hb

  21. Simply beautiful and what a relaxing feel just looking at the pictures. I especially like the plaque above the bed.

  22. Just beautiful with all the extra special touches! Can’t wait to see the new chair in place and the resources for those great accessories! We just had all our bedrooms carpeting replaced by our local Carpet One Floor and Home and were so pleased with the results and they made the process a very easy one for us.

  23. Your guest room is beautiful and inviting. I would love to be a guest there. I will keep on voting also. Good luck.

  24. I too like your guest room. The carpet is nice! I do miss the beautiful bed you had in there. Too bad you couldn’t at least use the headboard.. the new bed seems too modern. But that’s just my opinion. I like all the cute details!

  25. Looks like a room I would love to take a nap in! I had those exact curtains in one of my rooms in our last home. I would love to source those again because the store is no longer in business I purchased them at. Nice job!!!!!

  26. Oh, please, may I come for a visit? I will spend all my visit in your beautiful guest room!!!!! Perfection.

  27. Really thought this makeover the best. I especially love the wall light…great idea as lots of rooms do not have area for two side tables…the birdie cute too ….that bit of whimsy we so love!

  28. Beautiful…Love the bedding…All the layers…Love the wall sconce with little shelf. Light and airy, yet warm and inviting…

  29. This room has yor “stamp” all over it! I especially like the bedside lamps. I agree the carpeting is just right. It is a perfect retreat for guests or anyone!

  30. I love the transformation and as usual, you hit it out of the park. I have never heard of Lee’s Carpets and am definitely going to look into it. Thanks again and looking forward to seeing your list of resources. Have a Blessed Day.

  31. I love the neutral color’s and adore the furnishings, but I miss the drop leaf table. I guess that’s my ‘remember my grandmother’ feeling whenever I see one. The sconces are absolutely the best, allowing clean utilization for today’s gadget need while providing a space for a water glass too, excellent choice (smart).

  32. Love the bedding and the small bookshelf. You always do a fabulous job. I look forward to opening your blog daily to see all your fabulous ideas. I am also enjoying your podcast.

  33. Beautiful room. The sconces had me… with a USB port no less! That is something I could use in one of my guest rooms…I have a funny corner where I can’t fit a table, so that would be perfect. I had no idea something like that was out there..

  34. This lovely room is sure to be appreciated by your guests . Thoughtfully well appointed for comfort and beautiful decor , your guests will be warmly welcomed in this room .

  35. Your guest room is exquisite! I absolutely love the color palette you choose! It is soft and elegant and so inviting!

  36. Hi Yvonne
    I love the room makeover!!! You’re winning!!! I must know where you got the sconces and those adorable planters! The room is beautiful so light and airy! Bravo!!!

  37. Love your gable room makeover… pretty!! I think my favorite would have to be the neutral bedding, but it may be the pretty chair you are waiting on! 🙂 What a blessing for guests that visit your home to have such a wonderful guest room! Thanks for sharing – Happy Friday!

  38. This is a beautiful guest room … I love the sunlight streaming in through that beautiful window and the bed is so very pretty too !
    The welcome sign left on the dresser for your guests is wonderful … I love all of your special touches to this very welcoming guest room! Jayne

  39. I was so happy to cast my vote for your beautiful new guest room, I love the new look! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us and have a wonderful weekend!
    Miz Helen

  40. Love the inviting bedding! Do I spy some hidden blinds for the windows? So glad a couple of bunnies made the cut…

    Have a great day!


  41. I choose your guest room makeover because I love the drapes!! I also appreciate having a small chest for guests to use. I like to travel, but don’t like living out of a suitcase. Just beautiful, as always!

  42. You are such an inspiration! I thought I had a lovely guest room, but yours puts me to shame.

  43. I like some of your changes but not everything. My favorite addition are the side table/lamps. Where did you find them? I had burlap curtains back in 1075 when I was newly married and couldn’t afford finer fabric. I don’t really want to go backwards but I know it’s a popular look now . Glad you are happy with the redo and I know your guests will be too. Your ideas are always appreciated.

    1. I hope you take this as an opinion of one of your readers, not a criticism. I agree about the curtains making the room look like it is going backwards. I absolutely love, love, love the original look of the guest room, especially the color of the wall!! Can’t say enough how pretty I think the whole look is from the wall to the beautiful bed, bed coverings, to the light and dark furniture. And I even like the old curtains too! It looks like you invested a lot to make it so pretty!!!! The second makeover look gives the impression of decorating on the cheap with others throwaways, at least in my opinion, although I’m pretty sure I’m going to be outnumbered here. Lol. Maybe it’s because I’m not a fan of whitewashing all my furniture and accessories. I find it looks too ‘bleached’, ‘the same, not original. But as in all things, we’re all made different and each of us like different things.

      1. Lola, your opinion is welcome here. But you are very outnumbered. I actually won the makeover challenge! But that is what is so wonderful about decor… it’s a VERY personal thing. I share decorating on my blog to inspire my readers and I’m hoping you can find something in the room that makes you want to continue to decorate your own abode and make it a haven for you and your family.

        1. Yvonne, I figured I’d be outnumbered which isn’t a problem for me. But I’m glad you won! After all, you were the designer of the ‘old’ look too! 🙂 I didn’t think it was a bad redo I just preferred the original. I think I’m close to getting my husband to agree redoing our master and I’d love,love, love it to look like the pink room! Usually I can take or leave decorating because tastes vary so much. But I’m so in love with the original and hope I can at least duplicate the wall color if I can find out the name. Hint, hint! Of course that means new carpet too, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Lol

    2. Hi Harriet, what goes around comes around. I’ve just discovered the beauty of burlap in the last 5 or so years and love how it creates a more casual look in rooms that I tend to decorate more formally.

      Don’t look at it as going backwards… think of it as re-discovery in a new and unique way!

  44. LOVE THE ROOM! Like so many other can’t wait for your resource post!!! You do a wonderful job with all you under take.

  45. The after is lovely, especially the smocked curtains. i, however, prefer the soft peach tones of the before. When I showed my hubby the two rooms, surprisingly, he picked the before too! Your home is beautiful and both rooms are welcoming to your guests.

  46. It’s just beautiful and so calming. You have inspired me for my new house with the gambled roofline in all 3 of my rooms. Although my walls are only 5 feet tall. I had that exact window in my old house. I made a linen Roman shade that crossed all 3 windows. When it was open looked like a very narrow valance but when closed it provided privacy since it faced the neighborhood street. I loved the view of our old neighborhood and wasted to make the most of it.

  47. I love everything about the guest room, especially the smocked drapes…Thanks for inviting us in for a look..Indeed, you are winner…

  48. What a beautiful room! I’m in the process of redecorating a guestroom and am looking for inspiration.

  49. I really like the simplicity! We’re moving in April to a smaller home and presently getting rid of clutter and selling large pieces of futniture. I read your blog each day and I want to say Thank You for the inspiration

    God bless
    Teresa C.

  50. The room was beautiful before and is so inviting and lovely now. The sweet little sign and bunny bowl on the dresser are so charming and welcoming.

  51. Your guest room came out beautiful! The Lord has certainly given you a talent for decorating…..and the house to use it on. I enjoy your blog very much!!

  52. The room was lovely before and looks great now. I love how you styled the table under the window, and the sconces are such a smart choice.

  53. The bedroom is so beautiful and inviting. I love the before also. I will look forward to your resource list as I love those sweet little sconces.

  54. I love the new room! I prefer neutrals as well. Really am drawn to your sconces, one of my favorite types of lighting. I like everything about them, the little place for your glasses, the wrought iron, all of it. Love the bedding, duvet cover my favorite!

  55. What a gorgeous room! I love the new carpet – makes the room seem so cozy. The room is stunning – I always love your use of texture in your home. And, I voted for you! Good luck!

  56. Voting for your makeover was a no-brained! While I also enjoy Cedar Hill, your seemed to have the most overall change that appealed to me.
    Best of luck for the win!

  57. I loved the room before, this one is nice too. I really loved the the iron bed, lighter curtains and beautiful pink walls. Here I like the carpeting, the plant stands and the sconces with the platform with a USB port, so necessary today and such a thoughtful touch. It always feels so good to have a refreshed room. Nice.

  58. The makeover is absolutely beautiful. Love all the attention to details in everything you do. Can’t wait to see the resources as there are a number of items which interest me. Thank you.

  59. Well I have to say I really LOVED the before guest room also!! I also love the make-over. Honestly I would love to sleep in either one!! I do have a request though. Could you tell us where you got your bedding? I especially LOVE those sheets on the bed in the new guest room. Please if you would let me know where you got the sheets and what their name is, I would love to purchase a set of those. Thank you so much!! I just love your decorating style!!! Feel free to email me with the sheet info, thank you so much!!!

  60. I LOVE the room, especially the sconces. I too have a guest room with no space for a nightstand and the USB port built in is brilliant! Where did you get them?

  61. Amazing makeover! I love the details on the window treatments. Guest room looks wonderfully relaxing and welcoming. Beautiful work, as always!

  62. Very Nice! However, I wish the hardwood floors were still exposed. Love hardwood.. The curtains blow me away. I’ve considered trying to make some but I the gathers at the top scared me off. 🙂

  63. As much as I like the after, I just adore the before! It is such as sweet room either way. I especially love the new sconces!

  64. The guest room makeover is so very beautiful. I especially love the smocked burlap curtains, the new chair, rug, and bedding! Can’t wait to see the resources.

    I loved the old guest room look, too! I would be happy with either one! I especially loved the iron bed.

    You have a wonderful talent for decorating!

  65. I love everything about your beautiful and cozy new guest room. It’s absolutely perfect. I think what really caught my eye was one of the smallest pieces – the little welcome sign. It says it all!

  66. You have definitely a given talent for decorating. Your new guest bedroom is beautiful!! Its so peaceful and serene looking. Love your Greatful, Blessed, and Thankful plaque over the bed.

  67. I have been anxiously awaiting the guest room reveal. You have completely transformed the space, and I love every thoughtful detail you added. I truly appreciate your design style and have taken many of my decor tips from your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your home and inspiring myself and others on so many levels!

    P.S I absolutely love the curtains

  68. LOVE the curtains in both the before and after.
    Where did you purchase both from please.

    I decided that If I win one of the five certificates, i will use it on my son’s apartment bedroom makeover. He wants a more cozy bedroom with some warm color.

  69. Very lovely!!! It has personal touches like the birds yet the put together looks of the bedding. I agree with a comment above. We don’t have to keep things the same forever!! You are truly our inspiration that keeping our home looking nice is an expression of appreciation for what we have been given from the Lord. Your choices are tasteful and I know that you stick to your plan.

  70. LOVE the guest room. You are my go to gal for inspiration. What would you do with library paneling in the living room? Paint or just remove? I so wish you lived closer to me. 🙂 Thanks for all the ideas.

  71. Your guest room is beautiful!!! I can’t get over how different it looks. I love, love, love the curtains! I voted for your room because honestly, it’s the best one in the contest!

  72. The room looks great! I’m voting for you on the contest and will be checking out Lee’s for our guest room since I’m currently on the hunt for a durable carpet that can stand up to the Alaskan adventures our friends and family have when they visit! 🙂

  73. I loved the iron bed in your before shot!!! So much charm. Know the carpet co. Sponsored your make over, but all that beautiful hardwood covered up? Love the chair you ordered?

  74. So many items I’d LOVE to have in my guest room; I’m most appreciative of the varieties of textures. So many layers, yet you make it look effortless. 😉 Just beautiful!

  75. It’s always good to make a change so that we don’t tire of our home. The room was beautiful before but now appears more modern and updated. My favorite things are the sconces with the little birds (I love birds as decor) and the beautiful smocked draperies. However – and I’m sorry to post a dissenting however – I don’t feel that the fabric is right on the draperies for the “puddled” look. In my opinion, puddling requires a soft pliable fabric. Burlap is just too stiff to properly puddle and ends us just looking like it needs hemmed. Other than that, I love the update and your guests will appreciate it also.

  76. Love multiple things about this room makeover – the smocked curtains are fabulous; love the ticking bedding and neutral colors. Can’t believe you found the sconces, which are perfect for that space – what a find. I admit I like the ‘before ” bed better, but agree the new one is simpler…hopefully the old bed found its way to a little girls room somewhere!

    Question – is there a story behind the rabbit decorations?

    Looks like you have a lot of votes – hope you win!! ( And hope I win also

  77. What a beautiful guest bedroom!! I especially love the layered bedding. So warm and cozy. Everything is just perfect. You will have some very lucky guests.

  78. Yvonne,

    You have been an inspiration to me ever since I started reading your posts. I was just wondering if the burlap curtains were a little “harsh” for the rest of the decor. I know the design part about textures and stuff… Thinking I might need to spend a night in the room and ponder my feelings for it a little more…..

    Loved the “old” room, also!

  79. The room is perfect! It’s warm, welcoming and comfy. That chair will be the perfect addition. And, those little sconces! You couldn’t have picked more perfect ones for that space. I love the bunny head, too. Did I miss where you bought him?
    You MUST win!

  80. I absolutely love your attention to detail. How it all comes together so seamlessly. I love how high you hung your curtains. Beautiful indeed.

  81. Abosutely beautiful, when can I come for a visit??? You have excellent taste and designer ideas…love it

  82. I’m so glad that you got your “vote” button fixed so I could register my vote for this beautiful room. I, too, loved the old one, but this one is fabulous. My son and I have just built my new farmhouse and I am so stealing your ideas. I love the carpet and this is next on my list of purchases for the new house. Forget the guests – this is going in my master. I absolutely love the curtains as well. Where did you find them? I hate to say it, my I covet those curtains. Had to smile at the little bird. I have a collection of those little birds. They will fit right it.

    Can’t wait to see what you do next. I have a clean slate…

  83. Looks beautiful, and I just voted for you! Best of luck to you, and all the entrants in the giveaway!

  84. I love the room before, and I love it just as much now!! Those curtains are wonderful and something I would love in my bedroom. I think any guest would love spending time there. Great job Yvonne!!

  85. I love your guest room makeover and especially the wall sconces by the bed. I would love those in my master bedroom!

  86. The before was very pretty and inviting and was my own personal style sometime back—BUT the new brightness and airiness is divine! So much lightness, but without the glare. It is the drapes that I am over the moon about. Please publish your sources soon. And I can’t not mention the rabbit–love it!

  87. Yvonne! 🙂 I subscribe to a number of blogs……and I especially love yours! You have such beautiful, refined taste.

  88. What a beautiful guestroom, I love the new Carpet One carpet! The ability to have the edges seemed enabling a perfect fit is such a great feature. I would love to stay in this room as a guest, it is relaxed elegance for sure.

  89. There are so many pretty things in your new guest room, but I do miss the head & foot board from the “before.” Can’t wait for your list to come out showing where your purchased these beautiful items!

  90. I love the curtains!!! I just bought that same duvet and shams – they give a casual, light feeling to our master.

  91. That is a really inviting room, one that I will love to stay in. Thank you for really opening your home to all of us and sharing God with us. may the Lord keep blessing you and your family.

  92. Your guest room is so inviting and lovely. Love the curtains. Any guest would have to love staying in this room, in fact, you might not get them to leave.

  93. Love the makeover especially the curtains. It has inspired me to redo our guest room. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  94. Stunning! I would love to stay in this room:) Also, just wanted to say thank you for the paint color Sonnet…..just painted a room and it is the perfect neutral pallet!! I so appreciate being able to view it in your home as I have no vision when it comes to paint color. You made the choice easy.

    You are smokin the competition!! Just voted.

  95. Your guest room looks very comfortable and inviting. I love the “guest room” sign hanging on the door handle!

  96. From my friend Pinky: WOW!!! What a gorgeous transformation!!! You are inspiring me to REALLY redo our guest room, AKA, Colleen’s room!!! It is NOT what I want at all so I may just make that my next project! I LOVE the curtains!!!!! Source? I also love those sconces!!! Great job my friend. You and Bobby make one heck of a team!!!! Can’t wait to see you!!!!! XO

    PS, voted for you again:)

  97. I’m impressed with the updated guest room at Stone Gable. The room is very warm and inviting. I love the beautiful bedding. You are my inspiration Yvonne,I have been redoing one of our six bedrooms upstairs and I am borrowing some of your ideas. Thanks and have a great weekend!

  98. Love the buffalo check, I think they are a classic and always be around. I loved the color sonnet, you used in some of your house. So I purchased a sample,it looks so much different than in your pretty home. I will have to keep looking, by the way I love your blog.

  99. Wow, love it all!! You have inspired me to use neutrals. Never thought I would love it so much. Thanks. Good luck with the vote, you are way ahead.

  100. What a relaxing space, I’m moving boxes everywhere, but just seeing that guest room makes me want to sit back with a cup of joe. Great job love the burlap curtains and warm tones ?

  101. Thankful and grateful are what I think of when I saw these rooms. Just always love what you do and the ideas I can use in our home. Thankful that you take the time to share all these neat ideas with us and grateful that I can take them and make a beautiful peaceful home for my husband and myself.

  102. OMGosh! Of course you are winning ~ hands down! Your room is a total makeover … TOTAL!
    Can I just say how much I want those curtains (from KariAnne, of course!) so badly I can taste it!
    Love it all: only you could make tucking the end-of-the-bed covers IN, a new decor “fashion statement” … !!!
    I could go on and on, but I won’t ~ this time! Hugs, dear lady, you’ve outdone yourself again!

  103. I’m in love! I’d be more than happy to hang out in that room. Where did you find the bedding? It’s perfect!

  104. I love what you did to a small room. It looks so inviting, cozy, and thoroughly restful.
    I am most interested in the rug….we have a Carpet One in our town and I’m going there to check this
    out in the next few days. I did like the drop leaf table in the old version, but I’m betting we will see
    it again in another rooms post….I hope so anyway.

  105. I simply love your guest room, especially the sconces. You are my stndard and I try to emulate your style, Thank you for keeping me imspired.

  106. I love the before AND after! Thanks to you, I’m slowly incorporating more neutral tones in my own home! p.s. You’re winning!

  107. EVERYTHING about this room, I LOVE!!! I want to go upstairs right now and start in making my upstairs guest room look [somewhat] like this. So SO pretty, comfy and inviting.

  108. I saved this post for Saturday so that I would have time to sit and savor every nuance of this tiny space! It is precious! My husband and I made over our daughters former room this fall just in time for her and her husband to be surprised when they came to stay Christmas Eve. It was such fun! I call it my Home Goods room (for obvious reasons) and my son-in-law calls it the Princess Suite 😉 I voted for you and see that you have a comfortable lead!!!! Yea! I will keep voting until the 7th and hope to be as lucky 🙂

  109. I love your beautiful guest room. I just realized that now that I know what your voice sounds like, I read the blog hearing your voice in my head.

  110. You have my vote! This room is wonderful and any guest would be so blessed to spend time in there.
    I may have missed it, but where did you get those lights? They are a brilliant design, especially when you have limited room for end tables.

    Enjoy your new space!

  111. I’m a bunny person, love the one on the wall especially! Such a calm relaxing retreat for your guests, Beautiful!!

  112. Beautiful. I am addicted to this site and all your decorating ideas. I want to buy the curtains in white for our master bedroon

  113. May I ask a question? When you use a duvet as a cover what do you put inside it? This room is perfect and I think I found the source for the bedding. You did it perfectly…but.. is the checked duvet filled with anything. A blanket? You did a great job as usual.

  114. I love your new guest room. It looks so inviting and the bed looks so comfortable. You thought of everything. I would love to know where you bought the bookcase and mirror.

  115. I actually prefer the “old” version of this room. It was very welcoming, with it’s gorgeous wood floors and decor.

  116. Love the room! Hard to say what I loved the most; maybe the bedding and window treatments. Anxious for your resource posting! Beautiful as always1

  117. Such an exquisite room!! So simply attired but so functional and thought through. As a Guest, I would so love every part of this room!
    Blessings are filled in this room!

  118. Itis a very beautiful room. What do you do with all the old stuff. Seems like a waste of money to totally replace everything when it was a beautiful room before. Loved that brass bed

  119. I love the new look and what about those curtains! ❤❤❤❤Any guest will feel comfy and welcome in this room. I also love the rabbits as I have a collection and am always on the lookout for unique ones.

  120. I love the before as well as the after. You have a beautiful home!I really love the new curtains.Thanks for sharing and all you do.

  121. Stellar redo! I could nap there with no trouble. When I redecorated the master I hung the smocked curtains and my daughter says they remind her of her childhood dresses! I still love the curtains.

    Your room couldn’t be more perfect! God bless you for sharing your gift.

  122. Loved everything in this room. And PS I just made your blueberry muffin recipe and it is the best!! Do you think it could go into a small loaf pan or is it too dense to cook through. Thanks for all your recipes. I have made a lot of them.

  123. Oh my goodness…. I admit I have been reading your blog here and there for quite some time and I thought the before was the after until I began scrolling. Both versions are so pretty. …..

  124. I have been under the weather and am just catching up on some of your blog posts – I absolutely LOVE this room! My favorite are the curtain panels, they’re beautiful!!! It’s so inviting, I love the neutral tones and the accents are just perfect.

  125. The wall scone with little shelf that you chose is great, especially with the addition of the sweet little bird.

  126. The curtains are my very favorite followed closely by everything else! Can’t wait to see that new chair! Stunning room!

  127. I believe, as you do, that a guest room should be welcoming but clutter free. You’ve totally achieved that with your guest room make over! Thanks once again for the inspiration!

  128. Your readers have all said it, better than I can. But it is just beautiful and perfect. I so admire your talent in decorating!

  129. I love everything about this guest room Yvonne!! Your design in all your rooms is perfection and I look forward to the resources.

  130. Love how perfectly you blended the neutral colors in this room, Also, the smock topped burlap curtains you used are so unique. I often times think of burlap as a course and heavy fabric, However, these are really light and airy!

  131. Sorry I’m late to the game … just found your blog couple weeks ago but have been ill. Your whole house is simply beautiful. I ABSOLUTELY love this room. I am in love with “ticking” – especially brown/beige and haven’t been able to find bedding pre-made. I’m a thinker about sewing – not a doer so I will just have to admire yours from afar. Great job!!

  132. I !over the bedding and carpet choice. I feel the drapery, although lovely, overpowers the room and takes away from the beauty of the window and the location of the rods interrupts the window design. Also the dresser lamp is a bit too large. Otherwise the room is a great guest room.

  133. There are several ideas in this room that I love! One is the duvet! Did you have instructions for making this?

    Thank you

  134. I would keep the drop leaf table. Your guest could pull up a chair to use a laptop while enjoying the view out the window.

  135. I really like the light sconce with platform on each side of the bed. Can you share where you found it? They would be perfect for the small space in our bedroom.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful home. You inspire me!!

  136. I look forward to opening every email from Stone Gable. Always inspiring and makes my day just a little more cheerful! Your home is so inviting and warm.

  137. Beautiful! I love the look of the neutral decor! I would love to stay in the guest room, so inviting. You have a beautiful house! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful decorating ideas.

  138. Yvonne, would you share where you purchased the sconces with the little attached platform? What a brilliant idea, and one which I would love to incorporate into my small guest room. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Suzy! I found them on Wayfair. Unfortunately, they sold out. I’m hoping they get them in again because they are perfect for light and they even have a usb port for a phone!

  139. I love the smock-top draperies, but am very allergic to burlap. Do you know if they are available in other fabrics? Your posts/site are so informative.

  140. I have the essentials for my guest rooms, but need to work on the look! Yes! My closets are just as you described, and in need of work! Thank you for the beautiful ideas!

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