GROUPING LIKE DECOR- ideas and tips for beautiful ways to group like

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Do you have a collection? Things you have that have a common theme?  Items that you like to display… sometimes together? Today let’s talk about how to group them so they look amazing and not like they are the contents of a curio cabinet gone wild! I’m so thrilled to be a part of DECOR STEAL’S DESIGN INGENUITY CHALLENGE. Thanks to the kind folks at Decor Steals I have a ready made  collections of gorgeous trophy urns and have been having fun styling them. Come see!

Today’s post is sponsored by Decor Steals and the DESIGN INGENUITY CHALLENGE! I’m paired up with the fabulous Courtney from FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE. If you have never been to her blog you are in for a very special treat!!! Her photographs are dreamy and gorgeous and inspiring…just like she it!


You can get these stunning sets of trophy urns at Decor Steals today!

Here are a few tips to help you group like items and collections for a bold and fabulous decor statement!


If you have a collection display them grouped together! Don’t sprinkle them throughout your home. They have more decor power if they look like a collection! Make sure to display what you love! We need to live around things that bring us joy!

GROUPING LIKE DECOR- trophy urns-moss

I love love love these beautiful Decor Steal urns! They have an aged patina and graceful shapes!

GROUPING LIKE DECOR- trophy urns-beautiful shapes-stonegableblog.com2. VARY HEIGHTS

Varying the heights of the objects you are collecting and displaying. This keeps our eyes and mind happy! Varied heights are much more pleasing and interesting than thing that are all the same height. If the pieces you collect are all one size use decor risers such as books and small benches and stands and a stack of dishes to elevate some. 

My large trophy urn is close in height to the other urns I used in this grouping. So, I filled two urns with hydrangeas and left one empty to vary the height of the overall display.

GROUPING LIKE DECOR- trophy urns-with hydrangeas-different

These amazing urns come in several sizes. But they are interesting and unique in other ways too that make for a very beautiful display! I am infatuated by the gorgeous detail on the urns like the intricate handles and fluted bases…

GROUPING LIKE DECOR- trophy urns-detailed handles-different


And the handsome embossed etchings on the face of some of the metal trophies!

GROUPING LIKE DECOR- trophy urns-with hydrangeas-embossed



It’s a time honored fact that displaying things in odd numbers looks better. Such a simple rule, but it works!!!!

GROUPING LIKE DECOR- trophy urns-with


I made moss balls (so much nicer than store bought) for the urns. There are so many fun things these trophies could be filled with. But they can also stand empty and make a sublime arrangement! Come back next week for an easy moss ball diy!

Every trophy is a little different… like a little work of art. And they work so well together without being matchy-matchy!


GROUPING LIKE DECOR- trophy urns-moss balls-grouped in odd numbers-stonegableblog.comSo, when you are displaying collected items remember…

  • Group like things together
  • Vary heights
  • Display in odd numbers

I can think of so many things to add to these urns… boxwood balls, pumpkins, ivy, succulents, fresh greens, candy canes, nests, sea shells, old silver, old books… and so much more! Don’t you think a handful of white tulips would be perfection in some of them?

What would you put in these pretty urns? Please share!

GROUPING LIKE DECOR- trophy urns-with hydrangeas-detailed handles-stonegableblog.comThese beautiful trophy urns are today’s steal at DECOR STEALS at an fabulous price!

And Decor Steals is giving away 2 sets of a trio of urns on their FACEBOOK PAGE! Head over and enter to win!!! Good luck!

A big thank you to Decor Steals for the gorgeous urns and giveaway… and to Courtney, my Design Ingenuity Challenge partner, for all her inspiration! 

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GROUPING LIKE DECOR- Ideas and tips for beautiful ways to group like objects!






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  1. Love the urns from Decor Steals! They are perfect for an instant collection, and I love the way you styled them!

  2. These are beautiful, Yvonne! Love the DIY moss balls too:) As always, great tips for decorating!

    1. You are so right, Katy! I love to be reminded about design and decorating basics!

  3. GwenCondit says:

    i love this aged look. I still love moss balls. That’s my choice I’d put in them. Maybe I’d have to take them to the grocery store with me in late September and find pumpkins to fit inside?!! How about tinsel and a simple large ornament at Christmas?? And a poof of dried box wood? Hmmm I’m on a roll here!!!

  4. Love your urns, Thanks for the tips and ideas. The moss balls look cute!
    Have a great day.

  5. I love your kitchen and was wondering where you got your light over your sink? I thought Ballard carried them, but not any more. Any ideas? Love the drum shade in black & white check.


  6. I’m going to use the urns at my upcoming girl’s evening dinner in the garden. A plate of app’s on the smaller urn, wine and ice in the larger and flowers or platter of finger sandwiches on the medium. Maybe even some candles?? Thanks you for the ideas!

  7. Love how you styled the trophies and urns Yvonne- so pretty! Fun partnering up with you on this!

  8. Love the urns Yvonne! I have hydrangeas in urns love…they’re the best! Thanks for sharing your pretty designs.

  9. Like the different sizes and shapes. Imagining these on Christnas desert buffet with sprigs of fir and red berries….filled with different Christmas Cookies for Grandchildren.

  10. Yvonne,
    Great advice, dear friend!!!
    LOVE the moss balls within the urns!!!
    Styling the urns atop the wooden shutter is marvelous creativity!!!

  11. Beautiful post. Any chance you’d share how you made your moss balls?

  12. I love Decor Steals , thanks for the heads up about their give aways !

    Love your beautiful decorating ideas ♡

    Look forward to checking my ‘mail box ‘ every day !!

    Take care, Betty

  13. Hi Yvonne,

    Absolutely love your style! And love the urns here, I actually just ordered the set of three from Decor Steals myself! Also love the moss balls and am anxiously waiting for you to post next week as to how you made them, they are so much more natural and beautiful than the typical store-bought kind!!

    Thank you for sharing such simple, lovely creations!

  14. Ellie LaJuett says:

    Love the rustic urns and the moss balls!