I’m a country girl at heart. But I also love the culture and activities of the city. My decorating style reflects that too! My bent is a little formal and classic but it’s made relaxed and welcoming with farmhouse charm. I call it Refined Farmhouse! This may be your style too or you may love it and have not known what it is! Today let’s talk about just what makes a home Refined Farmhouse!

Today on the podcast Decorating Tips and Tricks we are talking about BOLD COLORS! Listen below and get lots of tips and our advice.



Let’s talk about Refind Farmhouse!



If you love classic home decor styles then you are on your way to a Refined Farmhouse look. That’s where it starts. Classic, clean line with a touch of upscale formality!

You love symmetry but you can relax that just a little too! You love beautiful fabrics and look for attention to detail in all your furnishings. 


Your look is timeless, a bit sophisticated, and curated. But that does not mean stuffy… not at all.  The NEW Classic Style trades small furniture for larger more comfortable seating and likes matching pairs but is not chained to the idea!

It is not a fussy or ruffly look. It’s tailored and neat. This is a style that can stand the test of time.

Matchy-matchy furnishings are replaced with things that work together. You won’t find tons of repeated fabric. You will find fabrics all living nicely in a room and all different! 


Refined Farmhouse combines furnishings that are both fabulously styled and comfortably functional. More times than not, this style will opt for comfort over something impractical even though it is totally beautiful. 

When choosing furniture for a Refined Farmhouse look choose comfortable and wider seats and well-made cushions in quality fabrics. Look for unique reclaimed wood worked into beautiful coffee tables that you can put your feet up on.

This room is company worthy and family friendly!




The NEW Classic home likes to live and be decorated a little less rigidly than traditional homes from years ago. Adding updated and unexpected items like a large clock, an animal print rug and nubby baskets are just a few more trendy ways the New Classic rolls. 

Also look for neutral colors and a tight color palette. But if you love color, choose one color you can’t live without and carry that color throughout your home. Pair your favorite color up with white, neutrals and one or two other colors. Just a splash of a secondary color goes a long way.





Both New Classic and Farmhouse thrive on lots of texture. Fabric with nubs and bumps, sisal rugs, reclaimed wood along side of velvet, hides, soft cotton and smooth acrylic. Instead of lots of color texture plays an important role in making a Refined Farmhouse room look attractive and interesting. Play up textures if you love this style!



Refined Farmhouse reflects your personal style and relies on accent pieces to tell your story! Go bigger and less is more! Make every accent piece work with the overall look of your room.  Find vintage pieces that you love! Even new items that look old can look amazing in a Refined Farmhouse room. And don’t forget to decor with items that are really fun or surprising! 

The stool in the living room is a unique piece that works to warm up the room with its farmhouse look. It’s a little surprising accent that I love!

But be careful not to fill a room too full of “things”. There certainly is a tipping point. Know when interesting becomes cluttered.

I use a very edited hand when I’m adding farmhouse elements to my living room.  A wire basket, burlap on books and a reclaimed wood lantern. They all have that “farmhouse” feel but are still styled to work with the rest of the living room which is more formal. Just know when enough farmhouse is enough!


My kitchen and family room have a more relaxed “farmhouse” feel than the living room. However, these rooms flow together because they have the same color palette and similar items in them.

If you love the charm of farmhouse make sure to add a little to your rooms. Vintage trays, windows, galvanized metal, white pottery, chippy wooden pieces, mason jars, burlap, farm inspired signs, grainsack… you get the idea!



Like all decor styles, Refined Farmhouse is really a personal matter of interpretation. Find your balance of New Classic and Farmhouse appeal and anything else you love and decorate your home with YOU in mind! Don’t get stuck on “doing it right”. There is no right! Only… right for you!

The fun stylized flower chair is neither New Classic or Farmhouse, but I love it in my living room. And because it works for me, it works!

And finally, remember decorating is a journey. Are we ever really done?


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  1. Anne Marie says:

    Great post – thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Rebecca Musser says:

    I think this describes my style quite well, as long as there is some Color! with my neutrals!

  3. JolieAnne says:

    I think refined farmhouse is nice. I would caution your readers to watch out for the scale of items placed on tables and to watch how many different furniture pieces you add to a room-I feel it can look like a thrift store if most of the pieces have little to do with the other. Enjoy the placement of pieces until you like the look. I am going by experience and editing the room can be rewarding. I like to keep my prints to 3 and the colors have to relate somehow. But if you like it, it us your home and you can do what you like. Some rules are meant to be broken!

  4. Dianne Lanier says:

    Love your home, love your style!

  5. Thanks for the inspiration! Your home is the perfect blend of style.

    Hope you were not close to the house explosion in Lancaster County and everyone is safe. God bless.

  6. genie steger says:

    Yes I think I have this look too, it has evolved and simplier is better!

  7. Doris Campbell says:

    Love your style. Everything is always beautiful and the tips inspiring. Thank you

  8. Paula Thomson says:

    Love your style?Beautiful Home

  9. Your home iseautiful and so put together. It is so cozy and comfortable.

  10. Beautiful. Looks welcoming. Hope your ankle is doing well.

  11. Great post – one thing that comes to mind when I think of “refined” is a look at the legs on your furniture. I noticed that your furniture looks well crafted with nicely tapered legs (the table to the left of the sofa has a great shape). Selecting items that have this leg style instead of block style legs, IMO, helps give that refined look. The ottoman made of the bottle box is great too!

  12. Very pretty! Looks very inviting!

  13. I love how you style and live in your home. Some very smart ideas we can use in our honestly…

  14. Wow! You do refined farmhouse so very well! I am always fascinated by how you put things together!

  15. Refined Farmhouse suits you perfectly!

  16. You’re house is the perfect blend of refined and farmhouse .. love love love it!!

  17. Jan Fusco says:

    Well I believe I now know my design style. Refined Farmhouse. Although I do like color. Thanks for the advice.

  18. Love the combo of both looks combined. Sometimes I have to restrain myself from adding in too many farmhouse type decorations. Your room looks great!

  19. Nancy Bailey says:

    Yes, ‘Refined Farmhouse’ – that’s the perfect description of my decorating style. We are within a few months of being in our new home after losing everything in the fire. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Yvonne – your blog posts have been such an inspiration. I will just have to remember to go slow and easy and not try to do everything at once. Could you please share the manufacturer of your white spool chairs and the fabric you selected? I know those will be a must in the new house. Blessings, Nancy

  20. Love adding farmhouse elements to my decor.
    You have just the right balance in your decor.

  21. Carol Elkins says:

    I just love your home! Refined Farmhouse is the look I’m going for in my own home. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  22. Yes decorating is a journey and I enjoy seeing how you decorate your home. I love the journey I’m on now decorating my own home. It’s so much fun!

  23. Love your style of decorating!!

  24. Love the neutrals and can’t wait to use the burlap to cover books idea! Love your Blog!

  25. Enjoyed the post! Happy 4th of July Eve to you and your family…I hope everyone remembers our active duty military and Veterans during this country’s special holiday!

  26. I love your Farmhosue style, it is very warm and welcoming. The color palette flows nicely from room to room. My country farm house is over 111 years old and is a combition of handed down furniture pieces and aquired pieces from auctions. I love the thrill for the hunt to find pieces that work well in my home. Thanks for the inspiration and Happy 4th of July.

  27. Love the post and your living room looks great!!!

  28. Yvonne, I know you have said before, but would you repeat where your couch comes from and the fabric name? I’m trying to decide on whether to do slip covers or buy a new couch altogether. Any words of wisdom on this decision?

  29. Julie Briones says:

    Lovely post. Thank you! I’m so glad we are never *really* done decorating. I’m working on adding a bit of blush to my blue/white bedroom. I’m not only going to incorporate a pillow or two, but I also have some beautiful photographs from Cami at Tidbits that I’ll be propping on some shelving. 🙂 I think wall art can definitely add color, especially if they are beautiful prints that are inexpensive and can be changed out. 🙂

  30. I think you have finally found your style of decorating, It’s lovely. I’m so glad you decided to remove the lucite table and chair. The floral chair really added charm. Good job and your refined farmhouse is very beautiful. God Bless.

  31. I love all the pretty white color

  32. Marcy Leonard says:

    Always think your posts as rah-rah peptalks to get me off my tuffet and continue editing and pairing down the years of accumulated furnishings and memorabilia in our house. You energize me every day!

  33. What a pretty living room, I love that black side table with the nailhead trim. Would you mind sharing where you picked up that beauty?

  34. I love your style! Will you adopt me?
    PS – I’m probably older than you!
    Happy Independence Day
    ??God Bless America??

  35. Love your decorating style! Where is your huge clock from?

  36. Is there a better word than AWESOME to describe you and your home? If there is, take that one too!

  37. Jeanne Bell says:

    Where did you get the distressed white frames in your living room? Love your home.

  38. This is what I’m aiming for. You make it sound so easy and I am struggling. I can’t believe I’ve made it to this age before I got it headed in the right direction.

  39. really enjoy that footstool…truly understand what you say about decorating home being what’s right for each of us .

  40. This is definitely my style of decorating and I love it.

  41. What color did you use on your walls?

  42. Vee Muller says:

    Especially love your large clock and the beautiful bureau underneath it!
    Happy 4th all!

  43. Deb Gregory says:

    I love the freshness of the refined farmhouse look. You have the eye for decorating. Such a talent you have & I’m so glad you share it with us!

  44. Jana Rinehart says:

    I love your style very much. I have a question. I do live in a farmhouse in Round Top Texas. I have beautiful old wooden floors. And still have lots of color in my house. I absolutely love it. Am I out of date now? I just cannot think of painting old pieces like a chestnut armoire. Or french chair with Ralph Lauren red print on it. It all goes together beautifully.My walls and tall ceilings are white shiplap with old wooden beams at the peak. I do realize that the look is all nuetrals…but what do you do when you have a house full of color and old pieces that are gorgeous? I just love the way my house looks and am feeling a little out of touch.

  45. Thank you for your information and inspiration! Your taste is exactly how I would like to decorate my home, it is inviting and warm, with interest and beauty.

  46. Great post. Pretty armillary, where is it from?

  47. Love this room! Where did you get the zebra rug? I have wanted one for a while and really like the one you have.

  48. Love this post and the description of your style! If I were to move into your furnished home, I know I’d feel right at home! 🙂

  49. Portia Read says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    I can’t wait to see what your project with dropcloths is about.
    I had a notion one time to make a slipcover from one. This sizes are huge for the price.
    Where do you find them these days? When I look I just see the plastic dropcloths.

  50. Imagine my surprise when I opened this today and saw the same Southern Bottler footstool you have in your living room that I have in mine!! So funny-what a coincidence! I do have a refined farmhouse/country French theme going on in my house and I love it. Thanks for your continued inspiration!

  51. Mary jo Lambert says:

    Where is that chair with the spindle arms from?

  52. It’s so beautiful. I love it and I love that you encourage others to find their own personal style . I’m so inspired by your post. Thank you and I’m following closely and have been for a while. I would love to move in there but I’ll just keep working on my own home. It does get a little better each day..