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  1. xso beautiful! Makes me want to do itt today! My laundry room is actually downstairs and a stg room, too.

  2. We are currently remodeling our master bath, going kinda slow now that it’s my hubs busy season with his business. Our laundry room is next! You’ve done a beautiful job.

  3. I love it! I have a huge shelf above my washer and dryer and it is so high up I cannot get anything down without a ladder, not a stepstool, a ladder! I am short though! I also have cabinets and a sink. When we bought our home the previous owners had the old style small washer and dryer. I loved the laundry room until I got my set like yours and now it’s so crowded. There is barely enough room to open the doors and me stand in front of them. Any suggestions. I love the pendant!! Laundry rooms are just perfect Farm style!

  4. Love it. Some more ideas to add to Husbands “Honeydo” list. What is your paint color? Also, may I ask, what program do you use to add your little insignia?

  5. I love a bright laundry room, and you definitely covered that, Yvonne! Great job, and the floor is wonderful. I’ve been seeing a lot of tile with a wood grain like that in FL, and that’s what I thought it was at first glance. Bobby’s earned a hole in one on this project, right?!

  6. Yvonne, your laundry room is three times the size of mine and so nice and bright. I have no light coming in. I wish I had thought about that when we built. Beautifully done and I’m so glad it serenades you, too!

  7. The Laundry Room looks so nice! I noticed your cart – I use a non-wire cart for laundry and tidying up from room to room. I keep laundry liquid bottle with dispenser perched on my sink to catch drips. I baby the finish on my machines with a stylish rug across the top to protect from “micro” scratches. You may want to consider a soft lining under your baskets. It doesn’t matter the size of a laundry space if you are able to do laundry from home, you are already blessed! I am a long- time, faithful reader of your wonderful blog.

  8. What’s not to love about your laundry room remodel!!! Your hubby is amazing and you did a great job choosing the new flooring.

  9. I see Tide,Downy, bleach, etc. Where is your “homemade soap”? Is it a thing of the past?

    1. Hi Carol, Homemade soap that I use almost daily is in the cupboard. Because the container is so large I did not want it to take up so much space in my drawers.

  10. Open shelves – if even that – over the washer and dryer. Just my opinion. I have found that the doors of my cabinets got in the way when trying to reach over the washer and dryer. It did not take long for me to remove the doors and now the ‘shelves’ hold the iron, dry cleaning cloths, decorative canning jars, etc.

  11. Perfect farmhouse laundry…know doing the never ending chore in there makes it much more pleasant. Great job on the makeover!

  12. So cute and functional! I’m in the process of re-decorating some things in my laundry room as well. Love the inspiration!

  13. Yvonne, your laundry room is just as beautiful as the rest of your home! The vintage clothespins in the jar are adorable, as well as your cute, chippy iron laundry basket. I wouldn’t mind doing laundry in a room like that…you did a wonderful job.

  14. I would love a pendant light for my laundry room, just like that! Can you tell me who the manufacturer is? My present fixture casts a light upward and this would be so much better for my workstation. Thanks!

  15. Your laundry room redo is absolutely beautiful! What brand of flooring did you use? It is fabulous and looks like real wood.

  16. Hi Yvonne! I love your new laundry room and I super love all the brightness in there. I can see why you love doing your laundry now. You and Bobby did a great job!

  17. Your laundry room turned out beautiful. It is so bright and cheery. You have inspired me. My laundry room has to be my least favorite room in the house. I’m always neglecting it when it comes to decor. Thanks for the great ideas!!!

  18. You both did an awesome job on your laundry room. The washer and dryer look great. I like the idea having a little door on the washer to be able to add last minute piece. Love to hear more about steam cycle..the room looks great.

  19. Very pretty. Like that it is bright and cheerful. Still haven’t even painted ours since it was redone almost 10 years ago! Bare sheetrock with plaster marks. Another projec.. Have a good day Yvonne. Linda

  20. Beautiful room! Love the flooring…….can you share info on it? Thanks for sharing all your beautiful ideas!

  21. Sure would love to have a laundry on the main floor – or the upstairs would be even better! But still schleping diry laundry to the basement. Oh well… such is life!

    1. If we would ever have another two story home I would have a laundry upstairs. I also schlepped laundry to the basement in one of our houses. Bless your heart!

      1. Like your makeover very much. We also have a pair of tremendous laundry appliances.
        Love the front doors and the size.
        No schlepping dirty laundry downstairs. We have a laundry shoot?. Drying rack IS a cute touch. I
        use a collapsible canvas large tote to bring clean laundry up to main floor

  22. I have a pair on pedestals, and the cabinets over them are all but useless unless you keep a small ladder nearby. I love your room.

    1. I would gladly trade off space over my appliances for appliances that are tall and have storage under them. It’s so so nice not to have to bend over to load and unload my washer and dryer!

  23. Love it Yvonne. I have front load’s also with the pedestal and love the extra storage as you do. One thought about cabinets above the washer and dryer, I have 2 cabinets with the window in the middle. Because of the height of washer and dryer with pedestals I have to have hubby get on a stool to get any item. I have turned them into cleaner storage of extra products and often forget what I have.
    I have considered taking down cabinets or taking off the doors and using baskets. Although baskets would hide items, I would use chalk board tags .
    My room is small but well lite with no door. One window above units and a window across from them in a hallway from my kitchen and to a master bedroom. I have a bad back and recovering from back surgery that has not helped
    I love your site and check each day for inspiration and encouragement especially now with health issues. I am so limited. Have added temporarily (I pray) a little stool to raise cleaners because bending and lifting are out of the list of can do’s and cause pain when I try. Again keep it coming. Thank You and God Bess Darlene I am retiring July 4th. Working from home until then. Can’t wait for freedom of time to enjoy my home.

  24. Love it all! I redid my laundry room about a year ago. Don’t you LOVE having the utility sink with a cabinet below. One of my favorite changes. I wish I would have explored the plank flooring – love how yours turned out. A have a porcelain tile that looks like stone. My laundry room is right off my family room and the color work beautifully together.

    Wish I had one of those amish laundry racks:)

  25. What a beautiful reno!!! You mentioned maybe putting cabinets above the washer and dryer, I wonder if that may make the room feel a bit boxed in. It looks like there is quite a bit of storage already. I’m sure whatever you decide to do will be wonderful. Looking forward to seeing your powder room makeover 🙂 !!!

  26. Your laundry room is crisp and beautiful. Where did you get the ” You are my sunshine” wall hanging? My dad used to sing that to me.

  27. Your room is adorable! Such great taste! Matches everything else in your beautiful home! You are very inspiring!! I was wondering where you got that sweet laundry cart?? Looking for something just like it! Would definitely make laundry more pleasant!

    1. Hi Celia, the laundry cart came from Antique Farmhouse. And it’s the perfect size for putting clothes in my new Samsung washer and dryer! I love that!

  28. I love it!
    Right now my laundry room is quite a sight and a mess!
    I love your floors and am wondering if they are wood or tile?
    I have been thinking of tilting mine with the white fau wood tiles, or possibly whitewashing the existing old worn and chipped wooden floors.
    My room needs to be dry walled and spruced up real bad!
    This is a total inspiration down to the drying rack, light fixture and antique laundry basket!

  29. I love the new flooring and that little wire laundry basket so adorable! You both did an outstanding job. Please let us know in a year or so how the rubber gasket does as far as mold goes. So many people complain about that. Maybe since yours is self-cleaning it will be fine.

      1. Thank you Yvonne. We are going to get a new set in a year or so and I am so torn about getting the front loader or top loader.

  30. Love your new laundry room, Yvonne! I love the farmhouse look and that it’s so bright and cheery – it’s got to be a great place to do laundry…if one has to do laundry! Thanks for sharing……

  31. Looks Wonderful Yvonne !!! I like the Amish drying rack , and have been looking at the ones in Ballard’s catalog ?

    Enjoy your room !!

    I notice many reading are asking about the new flooring, what is the answer on the make ??Thanks

  32. Yvonne, I don’t know why but I love a laundry room. Maybe it’s because I don’t have one~just a closet. Yours is so charming and efficient that it will almost make laundry fun! The washer and dryer are fabulous and I love your floor choice! After living so long with the old laundry room, I’m sure this feels wonderful! You did an amazing job!
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  33. It is gorgeous Yvonne…love the farmhouse feel that you have continued in this room. I need that sign for the mini makeover we are doing in our laundry room now 😉
    ~Lori from LL Farm

  34. Hi Friends, So many people have asked about the flooring…It is Tranquility Resilient Flooring from Lumber Liquidators. The color and style is Grizzly Bay Oak. Hope this helps.

  35. I love the sign. I would consider a hanging rod to hang shirts just out of the dryer. Or do you use the towel rack for this? I love keeping the top of the washer clear to spread out Craig’s golf shirts and spray the spots before washing….it substitutes for a counter. That said, I LOVE the look of you happy place, the floor is splendid, and I like everything about it, especially the apron.

    1. Please excuse my butting in, but I have heard we shouldn’t get any stain-removal spray on the finish of our washers/dryers because it could damage it. Hope you cover yours with a towel or something.

  36. Absolutely love love everything.
    Lucky you….looks like you don’t iron.
    I hate the old ironing board but I have to use it so it stays up.

    1. Oh, I iron EVERYTHING. I guess it is the way I was brought up. I iron upstairs in my bedroom.That way I can put everything away as soon as it is ironed.

  37. Very bright, user friendly laundry room. I have a small purchased sign and a large sign I did on a refurbished cupboard door. I much prefer your sign, its inspired me to get out my new silhouette and see what I can make. Thanks for the inspiration. Beautiful job.

  38. That’s beautiful! would love to see that “gardening apron” – besides it’s age, anything particular that you love about it?

  39. Last Fall I “found” Stone Gable… I have enjoyed every article. I’m retired senior who enjoys my home; decorating, cleaning and organizing. I too am child of my Heavenly Father and enjoy your Christian writing. Technology is downfall. But I “plugg” along. I too have a fondness for pillows, dishes, pretty linens and my family. Keep up the beautiful work.

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