I think kitchens should be functional. Easy to live and cook and entertain in. Designed smartly and organized. But I also think they should be fabulous! Most of us spend a great deal of time our kitchens so of course we want them to look amazing . And when function meets fabulous in the kitchen it is a beautiful thing. Today I’m sharing an oh, so easy way to decorate our kitchens and organize them too! It’s my 10 MINUTE way to love our kitchens!

Today is 10 MINUTE DECORATING Love My Kitchen Edition! I hope you will stop by the blogs at the end of this post and see how they love their kitchen!

 The kitchen is my favorite room at StoneGale. I love this upscale farmhouse kitchen! I always say, “It’s the workhorse of my house”!

It’s 20 years old and I still love love love it! It’s had a couple facelifts in all those years. But it’s classic styling keeps it fresh after all these years.

I keep my kitchen simple and functional because it gets used so hard! But, I want it to be a beautiful room too! 


Today I’m sharing a very functional and absolutely fabulous and creative way to hang and organize things in your kitchen!


I picked up a few hanging organizational racks and some fun accessories at Ikea! Such a clever way to hang kitchen things in an attractive way.

I hung 4 large, sturdy mugs under my cupboard near the coffee bar in my kitchen. Originally, I wanted this rack to be more decorative but I quickly found that our guest and family went to them first to get coffee or tea! So it’s also very functional.


The rack even had a bucket accessory I used as a planter.


The coffee bar is not the only place in my kitchen I used a hanging rack…



I have a kitchen rack by the stove and cooktop. 


I have a planter accessory that I use to hold my measuring spoons. I also added another little green plant for interest and “fluff”. Gotta love “fluff”!


I also hung measuring spoons that are too pretty to hide in a drawer. They get lots and lots of use! I found them on a trip to the Mothership (Savannah) a few years ago.

FUNCTIONAL AND FABULOUS KITCHEN RACK-planter-for-small-kitchen-spoons-stonegablebog-3.jpg

These racks could not be more easy to hang. They come with the bar, bar ends and small screws. The accessories are sold separately. 


  1. Put the bar screws into a wall (or in our case beadboard) according to directions.
  2. Assemble the hooks and end pieces on the bar.
  3. Hang.
  4. Assembly and hanging of the bar takes only a couple minutes, it deciding what to put on it that may take longer!

This is such an easy, economical, functional and fabulous way to love your kitchen… and yourself!


I’m getting one more rack for my dish towels.

Just think of the places you could use this hanging rack! I have a couple for the study I’m making over. I also would love to use one on the back of the main hall bathroom door (working on the upstairs main bathroom too).


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FUNCTIONAL AND FABULOUS KITCHEN RACK-So inexpensive and so many uses.

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    1. My beadboard is so easy to clean. The trim at the bottom of the beadboard where it meets the soapstone is not wood. It is some sort of plastic composite that is painted white. That way it will not warp or get water logged.

  1. I absolutely love those Ikea hanging racks and accessories! I’ve seen them all over Pinterest. My problem is I have ceramic tile backsplash, and I wasn’t sure how to hang them on that. We’re thinking of upgrading our backspash to glass tiles, so I may wait a little longer. These would also be cute in the bathroom or in a craft room for supplies! You really could use them anywhere. I love these!

  2. Love the little green plants, “fluff” as you call them. Are they real? What are they called? Or maybe they are artificial?

  3. Love the hanging rack, but I have been looking for a spoon rest. I like the one in your photo, can you tell me where you got it?
    Thanks Yvonne!

  4. I’ve seen these before and absolutely love them! They look adorable in your kitchen!!! One would never know that this kitchen is a work horse…it always looks perfect:)

  5. Hi Yvonne,

    I just love your style! I won’t try to copy everything you’ve done in your kitchen because the design & style of my kitchen is completely different, but you inspire me to try different things. I want my home to be functional, comfortable & beautiful. Decorating seems to come naturally to you but some of us – like me – need a bit of help. So, I say ‘thank you’! I also enjoy that you respond to so many questions & comments.

    Have a great day,

  6. I absolutely LOVE your kitchen and wouldn’t change a thing except move it into my house!!!
    I LOVE the Galvanized Trays and Canisters!! May I ask where you found them? I NEED them for my kitchen!

  7. Hi Yvonne ~
    I have mentioned these cute little racks in another post from you.
    I’m so happy you put the link up today.
    So so pretty and functional – I am going to do this in my kitchen.
    My kitchen is a galley kitchen and whenever I see something that is space saving I grab onto it.
    Thanks so much again for always helping your bloggers ~
    Have a fantastic day
    Much love,

  8. Love this Kitchen………and the racks,,,,,you always have such great ideas,,,,,,,,,,,,,I have been searching your site for three days now (getting dizy))) lol have been looking for a article on painting garden signs it was three pieces of board one showing how to paint a point with a plant , another with the word garden on it and not sure what the third one said………it was really cute, but I cant seeem to find it again….there is so many beautiful things on your blog, but cant fin that again COULD YOU PLEASE POINT ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTIONS TO FIND IT AGAIN, I WOULD LOVE TO PAINT THEM THANK YOU

      1. THanks, I found it on Pinterest…..but it is a post from Bloglovin,,,,,,,from Fresh GIrl Paints…….but I am pretty sure I found it when I was looking at everything on your site, and the things that otheres post that on a the bloglovin. but anyway thanks again……and I love your site…….look at things everyday………

  9. I love fluff too – you fluff so perfectly my friend! Love your tips and your kitchen is so stunning, inviting and warm. Wish I could come over and sip on a cup of coffee with you by your coffee bar and catch up friend! xo Heather

  10. I love IKEA and having shopped at the one in Phoenix so much, I know all the ‘ins and outs and shortcuts’ by heart! Now I live in a state that doesn’t have an IKEA. No problem. You can shop online, order thru, and have it shipped directly to you…wherever you live. How great is that? I have used these racks and accessories all over my house and especially in my studio, (the buckets to paint brushes, scissors, rulers, etc).

  11. Well! Thanks Yvonne! I just ordered two racks! The long ones! I had been looking for two bars to hang side by side to mount on the long breadboard side of my center island to hang towels on! I can’t believe the great price! Your rack looks adorable in your kitchen! I’m hoping the mounting brackets are included! I’m assuming so! Thanks again!!!

  12. Love these racks, love how you styled them, love your kitchen! It may be a workhorse, but it cleans up as a sleek stallion.
    Can’t wait to see the bathroom you are working on.

  13. You have the most awesome, happy, warm, and well designed kitchen I’ve ever come across! A while back you had a most amazing coffee cup rack on one of your counters, do you remember your source for it? I have an old wood one that I have been using for decades and it has been stained and painted, but I’m ready for a change! Thanks for sharing your artistry with all of us….

  14. Hi Yvonne,
    I just love your kitchen!! That’s what drew me to your blog!! I have a question. What does it say on the little doggie bone that is on the bead board over your doggie dishes? It’s very cute! I have two cocker spaniels and also have bead board on the wall where their dishes are and thought that looked really cute! Just curious what the words are on the bone. Thank you:)

  15. Love those wonderful Ikea racks and rods….I use one of the rods to hang my vintage kitchen towels as the rod is not very deep and perfect for these towels….I also use this rack system in the laundry room with the hanging basket….I LOVE your kitchen and how it is so beautifully organized!

  16. I’m going to shamelessly copy your idea! I love it! I’m hoping that the bar can be cut down to accommodate a smaller wall area in my kitchen. The bar, as it comes in 22.5 inches, is just a couple of inches too long…it’s so cute!

  17. IKEA!! Really?? I have one less than 10 miles away! I have a small kitchen in my condo. Every inch has to serve several uses. But the cabinets are custom made and my husband is picky about me putting holes in them.
    So I’ll have to do some sweet talking.
    I have some similar measuring spoons and that’s what I want to hang. The real ones I want are in Savannah at Paula Deans shop. They are a bit out of my budget but I have been back to visit them, twice over the last 2 years. Thanks for sharing this great tip..
    Barbara Ann

  18. Hi Yvonne, I LOVE your kitchen, and your style. Thanks for sharing so many of your ideas with us.
    I love your white ironstone pitcher holding your wooden spoons, is it new or vintage?
    I’m heading to Ikea tomorrow to check out all of your purchases, hoping to incorporate them in my home.

  19. Love the look and style of your kitchen. I’m in the process doing a little face lift in my kitchen and even went to Ikea, because I wanted items off my counter tops (like you). I wish I had lighter cabinets as I love the black and white. I never get tired of looking at your kitchen!

  20. Simplicity at its finest, so bright, beautiful and functional. I like clean and uncluttered as well but, it has to be pretty. BTW, bad hip and all I repainted our bathroom Sonnet by BM over the weekend and am so in love with the color, I’m going to slowly repaint other rooms with it as well. My hubby wasn’t too keen on it bit once done loves it as well. Our brand new home with awful beige painters grade paint is getting a Stone Gable upgrade. Thanks again for sharing

  21. I love your kitchen! Love the greenery in your decor also. Is that fresh boxwood? The hanging planter is a great idea. I might have to try that as I have so many of them sitting in the shed.

  22. Oh my goodness!!! Always wondered where you got that rack and hooks. Never thought of IKEA. I am going this weekend! I so want to be you when I grow up!!! Thank you!!!!

  23. The racks look gorgeous, I really like the fact they have the pots for plants/flowers. That makes them so much more unique. The black color really sets them off in your white kitchen.

  24. I love your kitchen, and the way you have arranged it. I was able to order the cup hanger from Ikea, but the measuring cup hanger is too large for my kitchen, so my cups will have to remain in the drawer for now. I love seeing ideas for arranging my kitchen, as it is the one room I spend a lot of time in. Thank you for the lovely ideas!

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