NEUTRAL BOTANICALS IN THE DINING ROOM-A new neutral take on classic style botanicals-stonegableblog.comI love love love neutrals!! And a neutral with a touch of black is perfection in my book. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to find a pair of gorgeous vintage black and gold frames filled with two huge botanicals… neutral botanicals.  Botanicals have been a time honored and beautiful way to fill a wall for centuries!  I especially love these botanicals because they are a new, fresh take on a tried and true classic!

NEUTRAL BOTANICALS IN THE DINING ROOM-prints-dining room-stonegableblog.com

These beauties came from the famous Luckett’s Design House in Leesburg Va. A few friends and I went to the Spring Market and we came home with lots of reasonably priced treasures! The prints, like the other goodies we got, were a real steal!!! I think they might be linen dish towels framed in these great vintage frames!

NEUTRAL BOTANICALS IN THE DINING ROOM-prints-fresh take on a classic-stonegableblog.com

I have a penchant for bees so the little bee in this print makes my heart sing!

NEUTRAL BOTANICALS IN THE DINING ROOM- linen print-stonegableblog.com

Down came the chippy frames and the torn tissue canvases that were hanging in dining room and up went the great new botanicals.

Here’s the before…


And here’s the botanicals and the after… not only the pictures on the wall has changed!

NEUTRAL BOTANICALS IN THE DINING ROOM-prints-wainscoting-stonegableblog.com

I am adding a tad more black to this room so that it works and flows better with the foyer and living room! I think that a little bit of black adds such a richness to decor and “grounds” a room too!

This is the other side of the dining room…

NEUTRAL BOTANICALS IN THE DINING ROOM-black accents-stonegableblog.comAs you can see, I am not afraid of mixing pattern either. It’s much easier to mix them when working with neutrals!

In this little corner alone there are 3 different fabrics and patterns!!!

NEUTRAL BOTANICALS IN THE DINING ROOM-black accent chair-stonegableblog.com


I have a few more surprised for my dining room… but for now, I’m enjoying the new take on botanicals!


NEUTRAL BOTANICALS IN THE DINING ROOM- dining room prints-stonegableblog.com


If this room gives you ideas or inspires you, remember to pin this to your DECOR or DINING ROOM Pinterst board. You can follow me on Pinterest and see all the great things I’m finding to pin HERE.FRESH NEW TAKE ON AN OLD CLASSIC-Adding neutral botanicals and other fresh ideas-stonegableblog.com





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  1. darlene witkowski says:

    Please let us know what is down center of table. Is it a shutter, door, what?! Why didn’t you mention it?!!
    Bless you,

    1. Hi Darlene, it is an old shutter. I’m using it on my very formal table to tone it down a bit.

    2. Susan kocol says:

      Where did you get that beautiful swan. Read all your post. You are amazing! And the swan is also amazing!

      1. The swan came from a shop in Alexandra Va about 20 years ago. The shop is no longer there. sorry!

  2. These are lovely and I like the idea of framing linen dish towels as I have two that were my moms – never used, she just liked their charming pattern. I will be on the lookout for two great frames. I do, however, really like the chippy frames and the torn tissue canvases – is there a place on your site or Pinterest where you tell more about them?
    Thanks for all the eye candy.

  3. Love the black accents and I especially love that little round side table! Do you remember where you bought it ? And thanks for sharing your beautiful home 🙂

    1. The little round table came from Ballard Designs. The top comes off and it can be a tray.

  4. Absolutely beautiful!

  5. Thank you! I’ve been wanting to mention your garden stool tables too. There are none showing in this post but I know you have green and gray ones. I love how you use them in your home and change them out as accents. I think you could do a whole post on your wonderful little tables 🙂

  6. kimpinn62 says:

    Beautiful. Love it all! What color are the walls?

      1. I bought a sample of Sonnet and it reads a little “pink” to me. Doesn’t appear to be in your photos. How would you characterize it?

        1. I guess it all depends on your lighting. Here is it a very neutral bone.

  7. Ooh, yes, Yvonne! I love those, and that fact that they are framed textiles makes them even more appealing. Loved those framed napkin art pieces you had before, but I agree that these are even better. I love black accents also.

  8. Lovely. Many years ago I learned from a decorator that every room should have a touch of black regardless of the overall color scheme. I have used this in my home and I really like it.

  9. Love the new pics…what a great idea! I agree a touch of black does ground the space we live in.

    So beautiful….


  10. Those are beautiful! I love the way you use the neutrals and black in your home, it LOVELY! Your home is helping me once again appreciate my black granite countertops in my kitchen.

  11. Debra Boyer says:


  12. Those were a wonderful find and a good reminder to us to look beyond the normal for interesting things to decorate with. I have a touch of black in all my rooms. I love your style!

  13. I swear Yavonne every time that I view your blog I am inspired! (Which I might add is quite often…) You truly make my heart smile.

  14. Those are great and I think they brought in the perfect accent to your room. Those pillows are great- especially the one with the layered flower on it. I like how the design of the floor rug has a touch of black and the other black accents just pull it all together while still keeping your light and neutral theme going.

  15. Melissa Leach says:

    Love the black accents and all the fabric patterns 🙂

  16. Good Morning Yvonne!
    YOU, are amazing!! is there anything you can’t do? I’m coming to visit you one of these days, to get some pointer from you, for my own house. and to just have a cup of friendship! Your style is exactly what I like, but it’s hard to find those resources here in Baltimore.
    I come up to Lancaster pretty often to shop and see family, and hit the Old Mill House! I’m still waiting for your new series to come out on HGTV, or DIY…”Farmhouse Living, at StoneGable” *giggle I know it would be a hit! I know i would watch!!
    Thank you for giving the color on the walls. but I’ve been wanting to ask, where did you find those chunky candle sticks on the table?! love them!
    As always, THANK YOU, for loving what you do and sharing it with all of us. I grew up without a mom, so its nice to meet folks as kind as you willing to share and teach, what seems to come so easily to you. me, not so much, but I do my best! lol
    Keep it coming, and thank you again.. You are my inspiration! Hugs!! Paula 🙂

    1. Hi Paula, how sweet! I would love love love an HGTV show!!!!! The chunky candlesticks came from our local Pottery Barn Outlet. I got them about a year ago.

      I am so honored to pour into your beautiful life!!!!

  17. Oh my.. those are perfect for your dining room. Such a beautiful room!! You definiely have the “touch”.
    Any idea yet as to when your book will be out? And I agree with Paula…. I’d definitely watch you on HGTV as well!!!
    Love that little table.. glad someone asked where you found that… I saw on “upcoming posts” a blue and white guestroom…. did I miss it.. becasue I haven’t seen any details on it.
    Have a blessed day!

  18. Love your touches of black. I have touches of black all over my house…and love it. Also, botanicals are so fun to use. Lovely dining room! Sheila

  19. Anne Marie Petralia says:

    As usual Yvonne, another beautiful addition to your home. Neutrals with a touch of black has always been my favorite. Just LOVE your blog.

    God Bless

  20. They look beautiful Yvonne! The touches of black in the room, especially on the walls help to anchor the blacks found in your rug. You are so talented with design and also in finding perfect pieces that are affordable.
    Have a lovely Wednesday!
    LuAnn 😉

  21. Lanita Anderson says:

    Love the new framed botanicals……the texture, the colors….they go perfect in your dining room! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Peperminpatty says:

    Yvonne, so many great ideas in your beautiful room. I especially like the ceiling color. Have a nice day Joanne

  23. bobbi duncan says:

    I love the dining room redo! The linen textured botanicals are just so charming, Yvonne…….soooo pretty. I know what you mean about some touches of black…..so elegant. Our home has formal Colonial and some French furnishings and I love having some black lampshades and art frames to kick the room up a notch. Your home is gorgeous……still in the process of decorating ours, but we are enjoying the process.

  24. The new art is just Stunning!!!!

  25. What a great find — I love the botanicals. And the black and cream touches lend an air of sophistication but NOT a formality. I really think what you’ve done is fantastic. You’ve done a marvelous job with your house. Would you like to come over for a visit so I can pick your brain for ideas??? I think my brain has dried up. I end up looking around and shrugging my shoulders helplessly. BUT!! You are an inspiration — thank you.

  26. Yvonne,
    Gorgeous botanical prints, dear friend!!!
    These prints framed in black are a Timeless Classic and a perfect accent for your Farmhouse design!!!
    I, too, am on the “hunt” for some “green” botanical prints with black frames for our lower level Family Room!!!
    Thanks for sharing and encouraging me to continue “the hunt”!!!

  27. Yvonne – this is stunning! The room is so light filled – yet the touch of black adds elegance. Thanks for sharing!
    (Also – where did you find your light fixture over the dining room table. Love that too!) Thanks so much!

  28. Love your color choices, warm and welcoming colors my friend. The warmth of the yellow/golds create such a comfortable feeling. I invite you to share at the Thursday hop ( open now until Sat at midnight) xo

  29. Exquisite! The fabric looks like linen which makes them all the more charming. The pops of black are such a finishing touch. But you had me for sure with the black gingham pillows.

  30. I love the new botanicals. Your dining room always looks so gorgeous!

  31. The prints really look great. And your right the new chair and table do help ground out the look of the room.
    It really looks great and classy. I love the color combo in your room.
    Have a blessed day.

  32. Hi! Maybe it’s just me….but I think a farm table would better suit your décor rather than the elegant dining table….just a thought!

    1. Me too Mimi! But the table was very expensive and I can’t replace it now!

  33. Hello Yvonne,

    I love, love, love the flower pillow on the black chair in your dining room. Maybe it’s an oversight on my part, but I cannot find where you discussed where you purchased it. Please, please share your source.

  34. I love the neutral botanicals in the black and gold frames! The size seems perfect for that wall. Question: is the color of your ceiling inset the same color as your walls? Thanks for sharing! Linda

  35. Love them! Really LOVE them! They make such a great statement in the room and stand out from the wall better than the old ones. Great find!

  36. The botanicals are a beautiful addition to your dining room. I remember reading an article by Candice Olsen where she said that a bit of black “grounds a room”. Ever since, I’ve been adding a touch of black to each room in my house and I love it.

  37. Lana Bouthilet says:

    I love the botanticals..can you please share the name of the company that manufactors them? I’d love to order them for my home. Thanks!

    1. HI LANA, I founnd these pretty prints at Luckett’s, a vintage shop in Leesburg Va. There are no markings on them! I think they are vintage tea towels.

  38. MARILYN CLARK says:

    After seeing your rug in your dining room, I ordered one for my living room at a river house. I LOVE it! It looks wonderful in my room. The room is in neutrals with just a touch of red. The room also has touches of black – I repainted a fireplace screen black. The screen was brass before. It looks great with the black. The rug pulls it all together. I also have some botanicals that I love. I think one of the reasons I love your blog so much is we have some similar tastes.

  39. Great idea, Yvonne, love this look in your dining room, it gives balance and grounds the room, lovely!!

  40. Donna Milazzo says:

    Love those ‘prints’! Is this an older post? Can’t believe you switched out the concrete dining room table…..

  41. Love the room remake! Can you please tell me where you purchased the older rug before you redid the room?

    1. Hi Gia, that was soooo long ago. I think I might have found it locally. Sorry I can’t help you more.

  42. Hello – love the rug -can you tell me where you go it please.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Eve, I found the rug on Pottery Barn years ago. I don’t see it on their site any longer.