Sometimes wreath making reminds me of the wheel.

The wheel has been slightly altered and improved upon… but there has never been anything better invented in it’s place.

I love to make wreaths!  I can get very swept up in the beauty and creativity of wreaths… but the style I keep going back to is like the Forsythia wreath I made for my front door. It, like the wheel, would be a hard design to improve upon!

Twiggy and wild and full… it is also very easy to make.  Here’s how…

The forsythia’s in my area are beginning to bloom… and they are wild and brambly and leggy. Just perfect for my favorite default wreath style!

I reused a twiggy wreath from last summer and bought two different types of forsythia branches. I think the slight variation in the flowers gives it lots of up-close interest.

Here is a Cherry Blossom Wreath I created a couple of years ago using the same technique…

Click HERE to see how to make this twiggy spring wreath.

I made this Forsythia wreath last spring. To see a tutorial click HERE.

I made a complimentary forsythia wreath for our second front door… look for an upcoming tutorial on that too!

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  1. Yvonne, all the wreaths are wonderful but I am so partial to the cherry blossom wreath. I just love it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. You make absolutely incredible wreaths. Your Forsythia wreath is one of my all-time favorites and it looks so awesome in front of your black door. I have a black door, and need that wreath too.

    I am too lazy and usually just buy them, though.

    You inspire me every single time I visit. Thank you for your talents and photography, Yvonne. Just inspires, big time.


  3. Your wreath is very pretty! I am going to go look at the tutorial. For years I had a faux forsythia wreath on my front door. It matched the cream brick of our home and the blue shutters so well. It fell apart finally! Time to make a new one! Thanks, Yvonne!


    1. You are welcome, Yvonne! I had been looking and looking for one and liked yours because the neck and head are up in the air, not bent down and connected to the body, which of course is less breakable. I could not believe it when I saw that listing. I am watching it to see if it actually sells or not. It has no bids so far.


  4. I so love all of your wreaths…they are always so beautiful!!…thanks for sharing your wonderful talents!!!…I had to take down my door baskets as they were a great gathering place for the awful pollen…can’t wait for it to stop raining pollen!

  5. What a beautiful wreath! I’m so excited to try this but can’t seem to find a place to purchase that willow wreath base…where do you get yours?

  6. Gorgeous wreaths! You say that you bought the forsythia, but where to buy? I would appreciate a reply. Thank you.

  7. Okay Yvvone, You are the best!
    God has gifted you with all the heart and kindness
    it takes to make beauty a part of your life.
    Thank you for your ideas and the love that
    goes into your inspiration!