MY FAVORITE SMALL SHOPS AT CHRISTMAS- Support small shops at Christmas. Get beautiful and unique gifts!

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Are you shopping for Christmas? If you are like me I’m always looking for “one more gift” for someone! Today I’m sharing five of my favorite small business shops! I find small shops have such unique gifts and I’m featuring some here today!  Take a look at these shops and I’m sure you will be able to cross of some people on your Christmas list!

Today on Decorating Tips And Tricks we are talking about CHRISTMAS VIGNETTES. Most of my decorating consists of vignettes. I’m thrilled to get even more tips from my friends Anita and Kelly.

Listen below:

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Now let’s talk about Christmas shopping!

First up is…

PLUSH PUMPKINS. And don’t let the name fool you! You can find more than pumpkins there! They also have acorns and pumpkins mushrooms of different colors and styles.

And don’t think THESE pumpkins are for fall decor. Oh, no! No! No! They are handmade of the finest materials and have real stems and will fit into Christmas decor beautifully!

Here are a few ways to use pumpkins, acorns, and mushrooms at Christmas…

  • sit them on a branch on your Christmas tree
  • put an acorn at each place at a table with a nametag attached
  • put them in a big bowl with greens and other Christmas items
  • sit pumpkins on gifts under your tree with messages like JOY, PEACE ON EARTH, LET HEAVEN AND NATURE SING attached to them
  • lay a small wreath down flat and put a pumpkin on top of it
  • gather up acorns and/or mushrooms in a nest with a few twigs of evergreen
  • pair acorn and/or mushrooms with tiny acorns and sprinkle with snow


My next shop is so precious to me and one I am supporting this year…

SUMMER HOUSE.  This great organization helps people with intellectual disabilities. Anita’s (Cedar Hill Farmhouse) lovely daughter is a member of Summer House. 

This program is partially supported by a shredding business where these valued individuals go to work and feel purposeful every day. They also do fun things like go out for coffee and do Zumba and even take fieldtrips like going to the zoo too. And so much more! 

To help fund their activities and give them another business to run they are making candles like the ones above! I think this is such a wonderful venture! The candles are made from beeswax and essential oils.

The fragrance is Spiced Citrus. Please consider getting a few Summer House candles as gifts this year!  They also sell notecards by the members at Summer House. Go HERE to see both!

Here are a few people that would love these candles…

  • manicurist
  • hair stylist
  • mailman
  • teacher
  • book club
  • the person who has everything
  • someone who has done you a kindness over the last year
  • me! LOL!

Next on my list (but in no particular order really)…

… is FRENCH GARDEN HOUSE. Lidy is a dear friend to StoneGable and Decorating Tips And Tricks!!!!  Her blog and her online store will keep you swooning for hours!

The one word I use to describe anything Lidy puts her hands on is EXQUISITE! If you love French things you will think you landed in a Paris Brocante!

Just look how perfect these linen monogrammed napkins came to me! Sigh!!!

There are so so many items that almost anyone would love! You just have to go and look for yourself! My favorites are her linens, housewares, bedding and her bridal items. If you know a bride make sure she looks at Lidy’s floral wedding crowns, shoes, and buckles. But there is so so much more!

And if you are reading this Bobby I would love the swan cuff bracelet!!!! Seriously, I would!

Our next stop is…

EDITH AND EVELYN. This sweet lamb causes a big buzz on my Christmas Blog Walk last week. I got more comments and email asking where it was from. I have good news and some a little sad! Edith and Evelyn is another French lovers dream!!! It has tons of gorgeous antiques and vintage finds. But you will not find the little lamb there until after Christmas. They were THAT popular! But…

this little lamb has a big brother and he is for sale there. I love him so much and it’s because he carries the symbol of Lamb of God and King Of Kings! Perfect for Christmas. How gorgeous would a larger lamb be under your tree!

Don’t tell Emma Kate, but Gigi is getting her a lamb for her first birthday!

Make sure you check out Cindy’s blog too, Edith And Evelyn.

Here’s what else you can find…

  • religious artifacts
  • dough bowls
  • antique blue canisters
  • paintings
  • french wine carriers
  • jardiniere
  • grain sack
  • and more!

Our last stop is…

LAVENDER ROAD ANTIQUES. Right now Karre’s shop is filled to the brim with Christmas stocking and grain sack Christmas stockings and ornament and all things Vintage for Christmas! But she has lots of other beautiful finds too!

Don’t you love the burlap webbing band and the blue and white backing. Great attention to detail!

Here’s what I’m filling my kids Christmas stockings with this year. Not everyone will get the same. Just a few ideas for you!

  • Starbucks gift cards
  • lip balm
  • hand cream
  • Hanabi (a fun card game)
  • small deer grunt ( I know!)
  • Amazon firestick
  • gel nail polish
  • personalized key ring
  • Kate Spade jewelry
  • chocolates
  • zip drive
  • portable charger
  • personalized notecards

This stocking would make a great gift filled with all kinds of amazing small goodies!

I hope you have liked my favorite small shops! And I bet you can find some great gifts there too! Don’t forget to treat yourself. That silver swan bracelet is calling my name!!!!

A big thanks to all these shops for sending me things to share with you!!! 

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  1. Nora Vassar says:

    Oh I love everything but those velvet pumpkins have my name on them.

  2. These little shops have some beautiful things. The lamb is so precious. We have some small shops in our town that I always visit when I need that perfect gift.

  3. I love the holidays at Stone Gable. Yvonne stole my heart I would love to add her to my collection of favorite things.

  4. Thank you for all the inspiration and the info about the Lamb!

  5. What a wonderful post today Yvonne!! I love shopping small for the same reason.. unique & different! I so appreciate you sharing your favorite shops & your suggestions on how to give to those on your list and/or how to decorate with those special items! Thank you!

  6. The lamb has captured me. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

  7. Karen VanLoo says:

    I can see why that little lamb is so popular, it’s precious!

  8. Chloe Ward says:

    I love shopping at local shops. Thanks for sharing yours.

  9. Theresa at Winterberry Lane says:

    Yvonne you are such a sweetheart for sharing with us your favorite little shops to shop. I adore your little lamb. The lamb reminds me of a small lamb that was given to our daughter when she was born 30 years ago. It has been the center piece of our christmas tree all these years. Our daughter has her own family now and the little lamb is on their christmas tree this year. Have a great Monday?

  10. Thanks for these great recommendations Yvonne! I love to shop small and will check out all of these lovely ideas. The candles will be my first stop.
    Your vignettes are always so inspiring!

  11. Sherilyn Jennings says:

    I love locally owned shops like these! Some of mt favorites are on my list of things to do today.

  12. Thanks for sharing some of your favorite shops with us. I love to find new places to shop!

  13. Thank you for sharing your favorite shops. I love finding places to get those special items for gifts.

  14. There are some seriously talented people out there ! Love me some cloth napkins and I love Chow with me on Etsy ! In fact just today she posted new holidays patterns! I am now headed over to check out all these great shops you just shared!

  15. Yvonne, your stocking stuffers caught my eye. I added several of your suggestions to my shopping list. Lambs are so precious. I saved a Beanie Baby lamb many years ago for a granddaughter. Thank you for introducing these beautiful shops. I purchased three pumpkins early part of September. They are beautiful.

  16. Lycinda Yount says:

    Thank you for sharing the little shops with us. I just love the lamb- so precious. The pumpkins are beautiful also. Will have to get my shopping list ready. Thanks for all of your ideas.
    Merry Christmas to you. Thanks- Lycinda

  17. Many thanks!!! I was one of the readers who inquired about the precious lamb. It will be worth the wait to obtain one, even if it will be after Christmas.

  18. Love shopping small shops, always looking for another little something.The lamb is just adorable and so are the pumpkins.

  19. I’m a strong believer in supporting small, local shops. In many cases, as shown here, you find unique items.
    I wouldn’t display pumpkins in my Christmas decor but the acorns are cute. Love the lamb!

  20. When I click on Lavendar Roads Antiques, Edith and Evelyn website comes up? Thought you would like to know.

  21. Deb McNelly says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts at Summerhouse. I love the thought that my spending will benefit such a worthy cause. It sounds like such a wonderful place. May God bless.

  22. Oh Yvonne love your post today. I love small shops as well, quaint and some out of the way, just like the Hallmark movie this weekend, “Christmas in Evergreen”, I want to rub a genie’s bottle and be transported into this mystical town.

  23. Paulette Beal says:

    I am so glad I found your blog. K love to read your decorating ideas and although I cannot do them all, I have gotten some ideas that I was able to incorporate in our home. I also look forward to your Sunday “message”. Your willingness to share your faith to us is refreshing and meaningful Thank you.

  24. Jenny Young says:

    I’ve checked out French Cuisine before, there is so much there I love. And I love the little nests at Into the Woods. But the sheep at Edith and Evelyn really grabbed my attention. I collect sheep to display at Christmas & Easter though the ones in her Etsy shop are larger than I usually keep.

    I wasn’t able to browse Lavendar Road Antiques. The link took me back to Edith & Evelyn.

  25. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh my thank you for sharing your favorites

  26. Eloise Fitzsimmons says:

    Loved the little shops. Now I’m off to find the card game you’re using as a stocking “stuffer”. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Hi Yvonne,
    Love the bloggers you featured on this post. I would have never thought of using pumpkins for Christmas! I love Edith & Evelyn’s blog! Beautiful! Of course, you sure know how to give us such beautiful styling! Blessings!

  28. I enjoyed the podcast where you girls talked about these lovely shops. I’m off to buy a few candles for Christmas gifts. What a great charity to support!


    I do have a small collection of bells -Bells and more- as well as lambs-Easter lambs. But yours lamb is a king among mine.
    Thank you for sharing & inspiring.

  30. Thanks for the ideas for stocking stuffers; I was close to being out of ideas!

  31. I love the idea of the candles for gift giving. Your providing for your friend and your Elling out a great organization. Plus the gift last all year. Win Win.

  32. FrenchGardenHouse says:

    Yvonne, thank you so very much for including me and my beloved FrenchGardenHouse on your post today! Each suggestion is one of my favorites. I love seeing our beautiful napkins on your table, and I hope that you will enjoy your set for many memorable meals! {Ps. Bobby Santa…let me know if I can extend the “friends and family” discount for the bracelet for Yvonne. But don’t tell her!!} xo Lidy

  33. I loved your post about the Lovely little shops! I love shopping small for special and unusual gifts. Have you ever been to Cricket’s Antiques & Garden Market in Glenmoore, Pa. It is one of my favorite places to visit to find home decor and one of a kind gifts!

  34. I love all but the lamb of course is my favorite!

  35. My favorites are the little acorns. I collected a few last year and some vintage velvet for this very idea.

  36. Denise carlson says:

    I absolutely love the beautiful velvet pumpkins they are incredible! !And I follow Lidy she to is incredible, I love her blog and her beautiful French Garden House Antiques. Thanks for sharing your favorites with us today. Please enter me into the drawing.
    Thanks, Denise

  37. Selena Hyllested says:

    I Absolutely love all the beautiful Decor and I love the little wool sheep and the beautiful colored bulbs in the vase it is so Christmasy and lovely gives me so much joy looking at all your beautiful posts and I love the little velvet pumpkins as well and the acorns are so cute!