FALL TIERED TRAY-An easy and pretty way to decorate for fall. Even if you have a hard time decorating, YOU CAN DO THIS!

Are you decorating for fall yet? Despite the weather outside many of us are getting out the pumpkins and pinecones. Even though Mother Nature is not scattering many colorful leaves outside we are arranging them inside! As always, I’m shopping the house and moving things around to decorate for fall. The large wooden tiered tray that I had in the kitchen found a new home this fall. My dining room buffet is just the perfect size to hold a large item like the tray. This fall arrangement is so so easy to put together and I hope you are inspired to create a vertical vignette of your own!



FALL TIERED TRAY-An easy and pretty way to decorate for fall. Even if you have a hard time decorating, YOU CAN DO THIS!

Part of decorating is moving things around here at StoneGable. Using what I have and finding new ways to use them keeps me challenged and creative! I found this pretty white wooden tiered stand at a local shop in Lancaster. I’ve found a couple stand I love and have included them in “get the look” at the bottom of the page.

White pumpkins are not yet at our local farmstands so I’m using faux pumpkins that I have painted white until I can find the real thing! If you would like to see a tutorial for painting pumpkins white click HERE. I think it will be another week until white pumpkins will start popping up everywhere! Once they do I’ll add real and faux pumpkins together in my fall decor!

For this vertical fall vignette I used white cups and bowls and ruffled plates and small pitchers. Lots of creamy white! I added a couple of handfuls of silver flatware and fall elements!

I have not decorated with my Mikasa Italian Countryside for a long time. I say they are the workhorses of my kitchen! I have had these everyday dishes for a couple decades!  They are still my very favorite and get used the most in my kitchen! Italian Countryside is a classic!

So I’m bringing them out to “play”! I put the Italian Countryside cups, creamer and sugar bowl on the middle tier of the tray and did not add any extra fall elements. I didn’t want to overwhelm this sweet vignette with to much color and these pretty dishes can stand alone! 

FALL TIERED TRAY-An easy and pretty way to decorate for fall. Even if you have a hard time decorating, YOU CAN DO THIS!

The bottom tier holds my favorite “ruffled” dishes. They are so so pretty. I got them at a local shop a few years ago! I have a penchant for white dishes. Especially white dishes with interesting edges! 

FALL TIERED TRAY-An easy and pretty way to decorate for fall. Even if you have a hard time decorating, YOU CAN DO THIS!

I collect ironstone, like this small creamer, and mix it with other white pieces! I’m not fussy or exclusive. If a piece of dinnerware is white I love it!

FALL TIERED TRAY-An easy and pretty way to decorate for fall. Even if you have a hard time decorating, YOU CAN DO THIS!

My late blooming Pee Gee hydrangeas are so pretty right now I put three in a creamer with a few faux fall sprigs! In October the hydrangeas will turn a beautiful soft pink tinged with deep pink edges. But right now I’m enjoying their tiny snowy white blooms! 

FALL TIERED TRAY-An easy and pretty way to decorate for fall. Even if you have a hard time decorating, YOU CAN DO THIS!

FALL TIERED TRAY-An easy and pretty way to decorate for fall. Even if you have a hard time decorating, YOU CAN DO THIS!

The top tier is filled with white pumpkins!

I added a few faux fall inspired berries and leaves.

FALL TIERED TRAY-An easy and pretty way to decorate for fall. Even if you have a hard time decorating, YOU CAN DO THIS!

Why don’t you let some of your dishes come out to play this fall? If you don’t have a tiered tray how about stacking a couple cake plate or pedestals or put a pretty vignette together in a tray or basket! 


FALL TIERED TRAY-An easy and pretty way to decorate for fall. Even if you have a hard time decorating, YOU CAN DO THIS!






FALL TIERED TRAY-An easy and pretty way to decorate for fall. Even if you have a hard time decorating, YOU CAN DO THIS!


  1. I am so ready to decorate for fall but here in south Alabama the weather is still so hot until it takes all the fun out of seeing all the wonderful colors in my home. I am also ready for cooler weather!!! Happy decorating.

  2. Now this is perfect, Yvonne! I love this vertical vignette. Why do I get so excited whenever you bring out your ruffle edged dishes. Lovely. The pops of fall is just the right touch. Of course, you always seem to have just the right touch whether it is something new or repurposed. My favorite, as well, is your Mikasa Italian Countryside. It never ever gets old to me. Love, love, love the tiered tray. Gorgeous! Bring on the fall decor, Yvonne! I’ll be anticipating every bit of the eye candy. Have a beautiful week!

  3. Lovely vignette, Evonne. Your white dishes really standout with a little pop of fall color. I really haven’t thought about decorating for fall, since Florida is so hot and humid! Your post today has inspired me to at least get a little creative inside for fall!

  4. Just lovely! I collect ironstone too! It started with my Mom, she has a few very nice pieces! I usually get out my deeper tones for fall, but this year I think I will do tjis..lighten up! Looks so fresh! Thanks as always!

  5. Very pretty. I don’t have a tiered tray, but I do have crates and baskets; would you mind showing us what to do with those! Thanks!

  6. This vignette is beautiful! I really love the white wooden stand. It’s a great way to make a fall statement (vertically) if you don’t have the space to do it horizontally. It brings the eye up and it’s so pretty to look at all the elements you use. Thank you for the inspiration. I have a 3-tier metal stand I used for summer. Now I will be on the look-out for a white wooden one!

  7. I love the white plates . I too am addicted to them. I get this from my mother…she was a dish collector too. I love the stacking of the items in the various heights with the pops of oranges and greens.

  8. Beautiful tiered tray! I have a galvanized one, but it is short, so it is hard to do much with it. I love your white dishes, so simple yet classy! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful home, and tips with us!

  9. Love this vignette and the white dishes,I also have a love for ironstone and actually have the same creamer!! I have passed on many dishes to family and friends but will not part with my ironstone. Love your blog and all you do to inspire all of us dedicated readers, thanks for all your time spent encouriging all of us.

  10. I absolutely love the ruffled edge plates! While I love what you do with white, all my dishes and accessories are Polish pottery so I have lots of cobalt blue edges and patterns but I have mimicked a number of your stacking display ideas and it gives me a completely different look that the vertical display stand look…thanks for all the wonderful ideas, always 🙂

    1. Hello KRed – While I have a lot of white, I also have cobalt blue/white dishes. I love using a set of lime/acid green salad plates for a change and also use a set of pink glass salad/dessert plates. Lots of colors can be used with blue and white patterned dishes. I recently found some glass ruffled-edged aqua dessert plates. I’m forever changing things around!

  11. Your vertical vignette is so beautiful. I need to be on the lookout for white dishes with interesting edges. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  12. Now I know I need a tiered tray. I will be on the lookout for one on my shopping trips. I also like the white dishes and have been adding interesting pieces like you have. Thank you for today’s inspiration.

  13. Always lovely displays in your home! Simple, yet elegant. I have been looking at some earlier posts of yours and wonder if you can tell me what color flooring you have in the entry. Is it the same throughout your entire house? We are soon remodeling and I need to spruce up golden oak floors! Thank you!

  14. Thank you for the wonderful ideas. I love fall and white dishes. You gave me inspiration to use what I already have.

  15. Feeling like fall here in Maine! I always look forward to seeing your seasonal vignettes! Thanks for the inspiration !

  16. So pretty! Very simple but a beautiful fall statement that takes up little space on the cabinet. I like the tiny berries among the white hydrangeas giving it all just enough color but not taking over the white. Thanks again for a great idea.

  17. Oh so pretty ! Lovin’ those ruffles! The tiered tray has just enough early autumn in my opinion. In my home I like to decorate in mid August with different colors of sunflowers and burgundy / dark red mums. I’m presently painting some orange pumpkins white and I will add them to my decor – so happy as its my favorite time of year. Hugs, Dorinda

  18. Yvonne,
    Your soft white inspires me!
    I did do some fall decorating before I left on vac., didn’t want to feel like
    I was behind when I get home next week!!
    I LOVE the white tiered tray, oh my gosh, what a great find!

    Thank u as always for the fall inspiration and all the time u take for your fans out here in blog land!!

  19. Gorgeous! I love your tiered tray (the size is perfect … I’ve been on the hunt for one)! And, of course, the way you styled it is perfection. Look forward to seeing more of your Fall goodies!

  20. Lovely as always…you always are very creative using what u have and making it look beautiful.You inspire me …?

  21. Love the way everything flows on your tiered stand. I have various pieces of white dishes but I’ve noticed the shades of white/creamy whites aren’t matching. Does that matter? Oh, by the way, my husband loves your idea of “shopping the house” for different things to use! Keep the tips & ideas coming!

  22. I love white dishes also! I’m just about to begin my fall decorating, although it is too hot. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  23. This week I started assembling several fall vignettes in my living room & on my front porch. Using the white color scheme is a fresh way to ease into autumn until the weather actually turns cooler. Using sturdy candle sticks combined with pretty plates of assorted sizes is a way to create a tiered tray effect. Depending on it’s shape and size, sometimes turning the candle stick upside down, creates a sturdier base for the plates.

  24. Couldn’t wait had to put out some of my fall decorations too. Love the white with the fall colors such a peaceful l00k.

  25. Lovely! Thank you for inspiring us!

    In the mountains of East Tennessee, where I live, the colors have not started to change yet. Using the outside as my inspiration, I’ve incorporated the colors of late summer into my home and I’m loving it! I’ve got hydrangeas in dark plum, brown-tinted lime green, and brown-tinted rose colors throughout my downstairs in various pots and pitchers in my favorite Portmierion Botanic Garden – the perfect touch!

    I adore your white tiered tray – I’ll be on the hunt for something that I can paint with chalk paint to replicate!

  26. You’ve hit it out of the park again. White plates for fall-oh, how it works. I love the ruffled edged plates and the fine tailoring of your creamer. I have always loved ironstone, but have replaced it with blue/white dishes. Sigh!

  27. Yvonne, as usual, you inspire me. Love the tiered tray! I don’t have white dishes, but I’m”going shopping in my own home” and see what I can find! Thanks for sharing with us your beautiful home!

  28. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this! I have a two tiered tray I purchased at Magnolia Market in Waco. I’m going to use your idea to decorate it. I started decorating white dishes and ironstone, I have the same creamer! I’ve been waiting for some inspiration for it, and you just gave me the ideas I needed. Thank you! That’s beautiful. I am so excited for Fall to come, and I am enjoying the subtle ideas you are giving us to transition from summer to Fall. Simply beautiful.

  29. I have already started to “shop” my house for items to use in my fall vignette! It’s so much fun to welcome the next season with loving touches that say come and sit a while!

  30. So pretty! I’ve been wondering if it’s too early to start putting out my fall decor. I think I’ll start slowly….I have a tendency to blitz the house and try to get it all out in one day! I think I’ll start with little changes like you have with just the pops of fall color.
    I love your white plates. My everyday white dishes (Crate and Barrel) have been discontinued and I’ve been on the lookout for something to replace them. I need something that will hold up and not chip. Any suggestions would be great!
    Heading to Lancaster County in October and hoping to get some new fall items and tons of pumpkins!!!
    Happy Labor Day!!

  31. I love this! Fall is my least favorite season,so having just a hint a fall without screaming summer is over is something I appreciate 🙂

  32. Here in So. California it seems rediculous to consider decorating for fall until October. It remains very warm until September has passed and well into October. So, seeing all your fall decor ideas is a bit frustrating to me. Oh how I long to get started! The white vignette is lovely!

    1. Hi Leslie: the weather here in southern Ontario, Canada has been amazing – ever since early May! We had mostly 90F (and higher!) for all of July through September. Yesterday, people were still in shorts and our leaves are just now – finally – starting to change! Further north though, I’ve been told the color has arrived. I decorate similar to Yvonne and keep neutral colors until the temperature dips. Somehow orange pumpkins and 80F doesn’t work! lol!

  33. I love your use of white in your decorating. I have a dark red hutch in my dining area that I decorate with creamy white dishes. The contrast is just enough to brighten up the dark piece.

  34. That is a magnificent tiered tray. I’ve had my eye on one lately, but my teeny tiny may have reached maximum capacity. I’ve also been eyeing mikasa’s Italian Countryside cake plate! So this is all very tempting! As for fall, I am so ready. My pumpkin patch has provided dozens of wee pumpkins in many shades and over a dozen soft peach medium pumpkins. I just want to pumpkin everything!

  35. I usually am an “overboard” decorator,but you have inspired me with your simplicity this year. I think this year less is more,so I’m going to follow your lead.
    This is beautiful and needs nothing else to say Fall is approaching.
    Here,in Mississippi, we are ready! This summer has been HOT and very humid,so we are ready for a break.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely home as well as your heart with us,Yvonne!

  36. I loved how you used your white dishes to create this lovely tiered stand for fall….so simple and yet so pretty, not to mention functional! Thanks for sharing – looking forward to more fall posts! Happy Labor Day!

  37. Love this vignette. It allows vertical storage of things commonly used and would be great to save some table, buffet, or counter space… and it could be changed according to the season!!

  38. I usually start putting pit the Fall things the first weekend of September. This weekend. but , sigh, it has been sooooo hot and humid here in North Central Florida, that I can’t bring myself to do so.
    I may just enjoy all the beautiful inspiration for a week or two and see.
    Hugs, Gee

  39. You are always so inspirational with your designs. You are the first blog I go into with my 1st cup of coffee and enjoy the morning.
    Thank you!!!

  40. Love the tray and LOVE those dishes. What a fun idea. I love dishes and never think to just put them together in an arrangement. I’m usually good about thinking outside the box and displaying some of my favorite things…
    crystal vase holds my embroidery floss…mini votive holder holds paperclips on my desk…fav coffee mugs from travels…great for pens. I love the tray idea with dishes. I need to put this on my watch list at Home Goods.

  41. Love the inspiration – so far this season, I have been unable to find small pumpkins, even small ones to paint. Thanks for your lovely pictures, especially the tilted lampshade – it made me smile as it was so typical of my house. JudyC

    1. Hi, Judy,
      Have you looked for small (faux) pumpkins at stores like WalMart? I saw some at our local store. Happy Decorating!
      Nan from northern PA

    2. Hi Judy … what about the dollar stores? I bought some from Michael’s but also the dollar store last year. The ones from Michael’s were a nice color whereas the dollar store ones were a bright orange that wouldn’t go in my decor so I painted them then rubbed some antiquing paint (Folkart) and they look just great. I took my time painting the stems with various shades of brown (dollar-store craft paint) so they’d look more authentic. I did (dirty) white and muted blue-green colors.

  42. This vignette is so pretty. In Florida it’s still very hot but just looking at this set up makes me feel cooler. Love the dishes with the ruffled edges, sweet. I’m keeping this post close at hand so I can refer to it as I try to gather some of these items for my home. I hear my favorite shopping areas calling…

  43. Thanks for inspiring me every day Yvonne Love this vignette. I have alot of blue in my house too (as other reader commented) and I LOVE the pop of orange pumpkins in the fall, goes with the blue fabulously! Love reading your blog every day. 🙂

  44. I have always been drawn to white dishes, so I liked your ruffled plates as well. The vignette is pleasing to the eye! Still way too sunny and warm in NM to put fall things out yet, but I enjoy it when I can. Happy Labor Day!

  45. Hi Yvonne, lake always beautiful vignette all around your lovely home ,here in Florida it hot but yesterday I did my living room I’m take all my seashells aut of my simmer decoration , I love your tray from were you bought I like have one they are so nice to decorates in all season.
    Have nice labor day !,,,,,

  46. Yvonne,
    Yes, the fall decor is coming out here at my house too! Just some small touches now for a welcome change. I put my antique child’s wheelbarrow on my long french country dining room table, and filled it with apples and a vine of white berries, along with a few fall leaves. So nice after the summer patriotic centerpiece that has resided there for several months. A few touches here and there and the house feels completely different…yaaaaaayy! Love your blog and you always have interesting beautiful ideas for us…keep up the wonderful work.

  47. Love the white pumpkins and the tiered stand. Your blog has made me do more with making pretty vignettes on my kitchen is a,and and by my front entry. I love that your ideas are simple and pretty easy to do and that your “shop your house”. It’s amazing what we can find that we already have! Thanks, Yvonne.
    Becky J

  48. Love your fall ideas, wonderful and inspiring. I’m copying your black and white check napkins ( making them) and apple green accents in my kitchen. Love the ruffled dishes. I’ll be adding fall leaves to a large vase. I’ve got to get into the attic and shop for fall! : )
    Have a blessed day Yvonne!

  49. Yesterday I scored an excellent find at a local flea market, beautiful ironstone duck shaped pitcher, I thought of you immediately…
    Where did you find your tiered tray, if I might ask? I adore it and your vignette !

  50. Yvonne, your ideas are inspiring as always and lovely. Little by little, I’m being won over to the idea of autumn being on the way.

  51. Honestly! I cannot keep up with you! All i hoped to accomplish this weekend is get over to Michaels and find some tiny pumpkins to re-paint white from your post a few days ago. I still haven’t made it over there yet, but today’s not over yet, is it? Now mind you I didn’t even pressure myself to actually PAINT them, just to GET them would have been major! You just keep on moving, don’t you? Now this lovely tiered fall serving display? Really! You must not sleep and I think you must also try EVERYTHING you think of just to discover new looks to share with us! Who would have stacked cups every which way on a serving piece and have it look so lovely! You are such an inspiration to us to think out of the box! I’ve said it before and i”ll say it again: if you weren’t so darn nice and so darn talented and so darn genuine you’d be so easy to hate! And I say that with the best of intentions! Martha Stewart has nothing on you! You have it all, and the best part is you acknowledge your gift and share it with us! You are so special!

  52. Thanks for the fall inspiration. I hauled my totes up from the basement this weekend,because you put me in the mood to transform our house to instant fall. Thanks Yvonne,can not wait to see what you have in store for us blog followers for this next week.Enjoy your day!

  53. I love your wooden tray decoration using the things from your home. Your white dishes with the curvy edges are so unusual and beautiful!

  54. Yvonne, your tiered display is beautiful but the first thing I thought, “This is just a disaster waiting to happen”. It would never work around here….

    Enjoy the Labor Day!

  55. Love the white tiered tray! Any chance there is a link of where to purchase them? Coincidentally, I just purchased a new set of dishes (things get pretty mismatched over the years) and I bought the Mikasa Italian Countryside. I love them and so does my husband. They will be my everyday dishes for a long time. Glad to hear they hold up well over the years.
    Always love your touches in your home.

  56. I love decorating for autumn. The colors are so warm and cozy and just my style. I love what you have done with white as a decorative piece and enhanced with the seasonal colors. I have bought a white couch and do the same. with throws and pillows/ Love your blogs, keep us happy!

  57. I’m inspired! I find as I get older, and it seems busier, the small vignettes are so satisfying. I used to decorate every nook and cranny, now I like to move, repurpose, etc. love your ideas and photos.

  58. Guess it’s about time to put away my July 4th decorations…LOL! Ready for fall too! Beautiful vignette….as usual.

  59. Oh Yvonne, what a beautiful display! I collect Lenox Butler’s Pantry and I just ordered a few of the Mikasa Italian Countryside pieces! I was so excited to see you using yours! You are such inspiration! I am in Western PA. and I am decorated inside! I do need to get a few pumpkins but I’m ready! Keep up the marvelous work!

  60. I love the white ironstone creamer! I will have to keep my eyes open for one!
    Nice tiered stand – you make decorating look so easy.

  61. I own the same ironstone creamer and sugar. Wish I had the soup tureen like you have. Maybe I could buy one if I get the gift card? You pictures are always so beautiful.

  62. Hi Yvonne! I adore all trays, tiered or not. Today I picked up a few white coffee mugs from GW’s at 50% off!! I can’t wait to display them.

  63. I love the soft white pumpkin theme. A little bit of fall without hitting you over the head with all the orange that’s coming.

  64. Not doing autumn yet, but I ‘m storing your lovely ideas in my head for when I make the seasonal switch in a few weeks

  65. Beautiful. Have had my eye on a couple tierd trays and you vignette confirms I do need to get one ordered. Love your ruffled dishes. You are such an inspiration. Thank you, you make my day with your blogs.

  66. I have read your blog for some time now but usually don’t take the time to comment. You have a beautiful blog as well as a beautiful home. I think any home can be beautiful if it is a place of love and gratitude. That is so obliviously the case with you. I also appreciate a home that is decorated from what you already have. I love the fact that you include scripture in your blog for we can do nothing without His help. Beautiful printable. Thank you so much.

  67. I love shopping my house for my decor, too. I have all of my fall decor up already – I did it on the 1st of September. I had lots of inspiration from your blog. I’ll probably continue to play with all of it through the fall season, but I’m not planning to shop for anything new other than some real pumpkins and possibly some gourds…well, and fruit, but we’ll eat that. I already bought some green apples to add.

  68. Can you tell me if you painted the buffet that the vignette is featured on? I love the color and the finish. I would appreciate it so much if you could share the paint information. Thaks!

  69. Your tiered tray is beautiful! I don’t have one, but I think I will start scouring the local antique shops for a few. I really love buying things I can use again. I also have all white dishes and my daughter is following in my footsteps. Thanks for yet another easy and beautiful idea!

  70. I like the tier on your dining room buffet. Never thought to put one there! I just have semi lamented there is actually little counterspace in my kitchen for these wonderful display! Thanks for the inspiration.

  71. I also love white dishes. I try to keep my “collection” small. I started with pure white Corelle dishes in serving for 8. I didn’t know in the 1970’s how smart I was to purchase this set. They mix with everything. They look fine with my china and alsos with chunkier pieces. I love the different shades of white and how they mix and match.

    As always, thank you for your wonderful blog.

  72. Your vignettes are always gorgeous and so inspirational. You’ve encouraged me to shop my house & be more creative …. All because of you and your awesome blog. Thank you.

  73. I have two new cake plates that I have yet to put away because there is no room! I will now use them in my fall decorating–thank you for the inspiration.

  74. Not sure if this has been asked, but do you have a source for your white tiered tray? It looks to be a little larger than most, making it perfect for so many possibilities!!
    Thank you for such gorgeous inspiration!

  75. Absolutely beautiful, so elegant! I would love to know where you found your tiered tray. I have seen numerous trays, but this one is lovely. Thank you Yvonne!

  76. Did I miss a comment about where you got that tray???? I love it!!! and the way it looks on the buffet is gorgeous!!!!!

  77. i love the different types of dishes you used. I love different textures of the same thing. Very good and pretty idea.

  78. Love this on your buffet. Stunning. I like your mixture of nature, silver, wood, stoneware , dishes unusual. It looks superb!! I only have the galvanized one from pottery barn and it’s a bit deep for displays. Love the white wooden one.

  79. I do really appreciate your style. I find it to be very calming after a very ‘uncalming’ few years! Thank you for sharing.

  80. This is really simple but elegant. I wish I would have thought of it but now I will have to copy you.Thanks so much!

  81. I love the white! I too have painted my pumpkins, orange is beautiful to me for a week or two but after that it’s just too much for me. I love your white tray and now that I have more inspiration I will look for a lovely white tray like yours.

  82. I love your white on white tiered tray with a touch of color. I have lots of white dished, but I will be on the hunt for a tiered tray that is either white washed or that I can paint myself. Your tray warms my heart. That is when you know you have a thing for white dishes and displays.

  83. Good morning,
    I just discovered your blog this morning while reviewing my Pinterest feed, and I found wonderful inspiration here for Fall tablescapes, decorating and for Fall High Tea. The creativity and photography are stellar, and I appreciate that you share resources to find goods and materials. Well done–thank you! Following you on Pinterest and Facebook now!

    Susan Rebillot

  84. Yvonne, That white tier tray is stunning! You have it decorated perfectly, but it’s the white that I’m loving. Now I’m going to be on the hunt for one that’s similar. It’s just what I need? OH WAIT, I can hear my husband saying “is it a want or a need?” GRRRR!

  85. Love the tiered tray decorated with all the white and a touch of color. I will be looking for a similar tray to display some fall things on too!

  86. Hi Yvonne-
    Once again, you’ve inspired me(!). I bought a beautiful tiered tray online, and am starting to decorate it – very much like your gorgeous example here.
    Thanks so much for sharing your ideas with us.

  87. Your posts are a wealth of information. I save your pictures and pin your posts. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. I never tire of reading your blog. If you ever compile all your ideas and tips into a book, I’ll be first in line to buy one.

  88. This is so beautiful! I love the simplicity of your decor. Each beautiful element stands out and speaks to the overall beauty! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Our weather forcast is calling for high 90s tomorrow but I am still daydreaming about the cool days of Autumn. I have written down lots of ideas I find from you and fellow bloggers and am on the lookout for the items I will need ( although I really just have to shop my home!) Can’t wait to get started but I have to wait till at least Sept.

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