FALL PILLOW LOVE 2017- I've done the searching for you and found lots and lots of beautiful fall pillows for fall 2017

We are pillow lovers! And we use them to decorate liberally. We are thrilled as the seasons change because that means we are on the hunt for beautiful pillows and pillow covers to celebrate what is happening outside our front doors! Yes, it’s that time again… another edition of pillow love! FALL PILLOW LOVE 2017! I’ve searched the web for the best fall pillows for you! Let’s take a look!


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FALL PILLOW LOVE 2017- I've done the searching for you and found lots and lots of beautiful fall pillows for fall 2017

This fall I’m putting together a more sophisticated, nod to fall look. Not so much fall pumpkin pillows. I will miss them this year, but there is always next year!

Changing up decor is something I love about decorating! And it’s really very easy! Changing just a few key items can give you an entirely different look!

This year I’m using beautiful grays and deep stone ground mustards and graphites. They will work wonderfully with my neutral rooms!

The inspiration for fall decorating was this gorgeous 24 x 24 inch embroidered pillow from Pottery Barn. I fell in love with its rich colors, embroidered texture, and interesting tribal design. This was the jumping off point for my fall decor!

Not all fall decor has to have pumpkins, corn, and acorns on it!


The rest of the pillows did not come as easily as the Suzani pillow! I found the mustard ruffled pillow at a local shop, and the gray and ivory pillows at Pier I. Because the Suzani pillow was so bold I kept the other pillows solids. Their great texture spoke loud enough!

Notice the beautiful soft chenille fabric with the herringbone design on the gray pillow. Beautiful pillow! See it HERE.

I must admit the ivory lumbar pillow was a splurge. I fell in love with it! It’s so so textural and beautifully made!!!! It could work in every room in my home. And because most of my pillows are square, this little gem will work in front of other pillows too!

It came from Pier 1 and is part of the Magnolia Home collection. See it HERE. Look at the texture! Sigh!

Before we begin I know I’m going to get questions about the deep gold pillow with the raw edged ruffle. I’d love to tell you can get it online. But you can’t! I found it at a local shop. Oh, I wish they had a website!

Here are some wonderful pillows I’ve found for fall 2017! I’ve paired up a few that work together well! 


1  chenille tile orange pillow   || 2  orange and white pumpkin pillow  ||  3  carmela natural pillow  ||  4   pumpkin trio lumbar pillow  ||  5  beaded and embroidered pumpkin pillow    ||  6   chunky jute trimmed rust pillow

I also like 1 with 6 and 3 with 5. Actually 3 with anything. It’s so important to buy what I like to call “foundation pillows”. These are pillows that can work with almost anything you put them with. When thinking about putting together a group of fall pillows don’t just pick those with a seasonal motif, make sure they are supported by textural and solid pillows that work with them!


7  herringbone chenille gray pillow (I have this above- come in lots of colors)  ||  8  gilded pumpkin pillow  ||  9  velvet pickstitch pumpkin pillow  ||  10  orange plaid flanged pillow  ||  11 carmela natural pillow  ||  12  carmela natural pillow

Think about 6 and 9 together or 8 and 11 (yes, it appears twice- I love this versatile pillow). How about 5 and 10 on a sofa for a bright pop of fall! And 3 with 8 for a softer fall look! 

I like a trio of pillows and many of these would work together!

13  oversized damask pillow  ||  14  embroidered acorn wreath pillow  ||  15   gather pillow  ||  16 magnolia home fae ivory lumbar  ||  17  metallic suzani pillow cover  ||  18  natural boucle pumpkin pillow


Here’s more of my favorites!


19  watercolor trio pumpkin cover  ||    20  linen retro orange line arrow pillow cover  ||  21  basketweave pillow cover ( I have several of these- they come in some great colors!)  ||  22  gourd embroidered pillow cover  ||  23  autumn maple leaf pillow cover  ||   24  black and white check pillow cover


Think about using pillows that don’t have fall themed motifs. These pillows should look warm and have a pattern that works with your decor. I adore #25 and 26. Gotta get them for fall! I think #29 is so on trend and cheeky! LOVE the stylized feathers!

25  marais floor pillow  ||  26 japiur pillow  ||  27  lodge cabin pumpkin pillow  ||  28  harvest pumpkin hook throw pillow  ||  29  feather study throw pillow  || 30  joslinjoslin gray and ivory large pillow


I always say, “Pillows are like jewerly for your home”! Accessorize for the season, friends!!!!

The Love To bHome Fall Tour is going on this week.


Make sure to check out all these inspiring fall homes HERE…










Stop back tomorrow and you can see the back half of my home decked out for fall!

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  1. I really liked the Carmela pillow that you showed first in your Fall Home Tour, so off I went to Pier 1. There I found a better pillow for my own decor, and also saw tons of other great fall items. I usually only shop at Homegoods, TJs, and Marshalls, so I’m grateful that your inspiration has led to my broadening of horizons. Now, on to CANDY CORN!

  2. I love your comment that pillows are jewelry for their home! I also love neutrals and your ehite lumbar pillow is just fabulous! The other pillows are also great. I can’t wait to get your daily blog.!!! You always inspire me!

  3. I always felt like something was missing in my decor from season to season. You taught us about texture and…bingo! I have learned from you that even the addition of the simplest textural element creates dimension and ties everything together. Thanks for such great information. Happy Fall!

  4. Wow what a beautiful assortment of pillows! Can’t even figure out what I like best. Wonderful texture in some of them!

  5. Pillows pillows pillows! I think what I love about them most is how they can completely change the look of a piece of furniture, or a bed, or a chair, etc… and you don’t have to spend too much money. Sure, some are splurges, but it’s fun to check out local shops and discount stores as well. I love the pillows you are showing today! Such wonderful textures and the colors are just fabulous.

  6. So many pretty pillows….my vote is for the fringed pillow.
    Yvonne (or any of your readers), could you tell me what the trend for 2018 is regarding kitchens? I have an all white kitchen (Cambria Torquay countertops, white subway tile for backsplash, white painted cabinets with beautiful glass knobs, white walls that are painted bricks and a charcoal gray tiled floor) I am a little tired of all the white but hesitate to add a lot of bright colors. Just wondering what’s new? Thank you for your help.

    1. White is a classic, Gayle. It will always be in style but maybe not the hottest trend of the moment and that’s okay! I’m seeing charcoal and black. Also upper cabinets a different color than bottom cabinets. I don’t think I’m that brave! Bleached cabinets are also on the horizon. I see lots of unlacquered brass and stone sinks. I’m also hearing granite is out but I think it is a classic! Backsplashes are getting very creative with interesting materials like embossed metals and natural stone done in creative patterns. I think it’s best to go classic myself. Gutting your kitchen to get the latest trends is a very expensive and fickle endeavor!

  7. Oh my love all the pillows it would be hard to pick a favorite!!! LOL!!! I would be trying to fit them all in God bless and thank you for sharing

  8. Great choices, Yvonne. Thanks for encouraging this reader to invest in seasonal pillows. Such an easy decor touch. I currently have 2 pumpkin and 1 new neutral. Also, was gifted a homemade machine embroidered one with beautiful velvety, intricate design of squares, that is grays, creams and taupes. A dear, talented friend had a sewing machine shop for a time. Having a late August birthday guarantees a Fall pillow gift each year.

  9. Wow, so many pretty ones to decide on! I think #19 is my favorite, and what a price!

    Thanks for putting this together, Yvonne.

  10. I just love pillows and the texture and color they provide. Your suggestions are beautiful and so decorative.

  11. What beautiful pillows! I could pick out so many of those and put them in my rooms. I must take a trip to Pier 1 and bring my credit card along!

  12. Yvonne you have done a wonderful job at putting together such a fine selection of fall pillows for today’s post. I love your new pillows and all the textures. The lumbar pillow is my favorite. Have a great day!

  13. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pillows and where to buy them! I so appreciate knowing where to buy an item! I never did pay slot of attention to pillows until I started reading your blog… now I’m learning how to make some seasonal changes with some basics included!

  14. As a person who has an obsession with pillows, it is so nice to have a personal shopper do the searching, Yvonne! I am sure I speak for other readers, also. I routinely shop Pier I, so I have that covered, but thank you for providing what other sites offer. I find it tedious to search too many websites, so you make it quite easy!!! I am off to Pier I today…

  15. A few years ago I was wise enough to purchase a creamy beige sofa. Now I can switch out pillows and throws to suit the season. You have great picks!

  16. I really like the pop of fall colors like the orange of Pumpkins! I love pillows too but the neutral color scheme leaves me cold!

  17. Had to smile at your comment about the gorgeous gold pillow with the wonderful textured ruffle — it’s the first one that caught my eye and that I lingered over! I’ll be looking for a nubby linen to make a replica! Really enjoyed the array of fall pillows you assembled – way too many choices!

  18. I really love your pillow posts Yvonne! You always share such nice pillows and combinations of pillows that would look great in my home. Happy Fall!

  19. LOVE the pillows… but, definitely not for everyone’s budget. 😉

    I picked up a couple of Ann Sutton’s pillows at Society 6. Very happy with them. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, Yvonne.

  20. What beautiful pillows! Great ideas for my new sofa that arrived yesterday! I can’t wait to choose some of your beauties!

  21. Kohl’s has some fall placemats that I want to make in to pillows and would cost less then buying fall pillow already made.

  22. Yvonne, you’ve done it again! And my husband is going to kill me because I’ve taken the lead you’ve established and purchased some beautiful pillow covers for fall. I must admit, I am addicted! I do have a question for you…where do you store your pillows that are actual pillows? My master bedroom closet is now dominated by pillows I need to store. I won’t be able to keep them there forever. My husband is not too thrilled with me storing things under our bed because we have hardwood floors now, not wall to wall carpet. I would welcome any and all suggestions! Thanks for another great post??


    1. Storing pillows can be a bit tough. I have a cedar closet in one of my guest rooms and put the pillows in there. If I buy a pillow and the cover can be removed I do that and keep them folded in the chest in my living room.
      Hope this helps Beth!

  23. These are absolutely inspiring! Thanks for the matching suggestions. Very helpful for those of us who need help thinking outside of the box when mixing pillows.

  24. I wanted to keep my living room colors of blue and white but incorporating fall accents. I ordered two pumpkin pillows from Pier 1, with shades of blue and gray, added white velvet pumpkins and gold silk ones, and it looks lovely! Love all your tips!!

  25. I am catching the pillow bug. They are all beautiful. I love #4 the trio of oumpkins lumbar pillow. It looks to me like it is hooked and I love the texture.

    As always your decorating is inspiring.

    Thank you,

  26. Fun post from beginning to end. I love the 10 minute tips and tricks on the pod cast today, you girls rock! Please enter me into the drawing.
    Thanks, Denise

  27. Fall is my favorite time of the year. Pinned and very inspirational. Too many good ideas but on my boards for next year.