FALL MANTEL FARMHOUSE STYLE- Creating a simple farmhouse mantel with a fall touch! -stonegableblog.com

The mantel at StoneGable is taking on a distinctively Farmhouse feel this fall! I went “basement diving” earlier today and brought up some chippy, farmhouse elements, and a few white pumpkins to see if I could put together a simple and seasonal mantel. I kept the window frame that I have used all summer in the center of the mantel wall and of course the vintage black shutters that flank the window. This season I wanted a very different look from last years more traditional mantel.

FALL MANTEL- FARMHOUSE STYLE-mantel-white pumpkins-stonegableblog.com


The window and the shutters were fixtures on the mantel that I was not going to change. I do have one more embellishment that I’ll be adding and sharing during our bHome Fall Home Tour on September 11th and 12th!

FALL MANTEL FARMHOUSE STYLE- Creating a simple farmhouse mantel with a fall touch! -stonegableblog.comI wanted to use some galvanized metal with this mantel. Galvanized metal has blue and gray tones and it works BEAUTIFULLY with fall colored leaves because blue and orange are complimentary colors. LOVE how the leaves pop! I purchased the galvanized lanterns several years ago at our local Pottery Barn Outlet. But they also work great as a container or vase!

FALL MANTEL FARMHOUSE STYLE- Creating a simple farmhouse mantel with a fall touch! -stonegableblog.com

I found 2 tobacco baskets in the basement and thought the dark, rustic look would work with my fall mantel.

The white pumpkins were one-time orange pumpkins. But I painted them. Here is an easy tutorial to paint those orange pumpkins white if you like the look of white pumpkins! Check out PAINTING PUMPKINS WHITE .

FALL MANTEL FARMHOUSE STYLE- Creating a simple farmhouse mantel with a fall touch! -stonegableblog.com

FALL MANTEL FARMHOUSE STYLE- Creating a simple farmhouse mantel with a fall touch! -stonegableblog.com


My galvanized metal candlesticks found a new home on the mantel for fall. These came from the Luckett’s Spring Market. I’ve been trying to figure out how the corrugated holders were made. Once I do, I’ll show you too!

FALL MANTEL FARMHOUSE STYLE- Creating a simple farmhouse mantel with a fall touch! -stonegableblog.com


Two birch rounds are makeshift risers to add height to one of the candlesticks.

FALL MANTEL FARMHOUSE STYLE- Creating a simple farmhouse mantel with a fall touch! -stonegableblog.com



This year’s mantel is very rustic and chippy and time-worn… and works with my fall family room! I’ll show you more next week!

FALL MANTEL FARMHOUSE STYLE- Creating a simple farmhouse mantel with a fall touch! -stonegableblog.com


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FALL MANTEL FARMHOUSE STYLE- Creating a simple farmhouse mantel with a fall touch! Lots of ideas and inspiration -stonegableblog.com

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  1. Beautiful, Yvonne … I love the elements you mixed together. The baskets add such perfect Fall texture, and I love the metal mixed in … your “basement diving” Fall mantel is an A+ !! Happy Fall, friend.

  2. Yvonne, you have out done yourself this time, I so looooooooove your fall mantle scape just really pretty. You have a great eye. Here’s wishing you a great fall weekend from Kentucky.

  3. I love your mantel and. All the elements you chose ! Love you little white pumpkins, I read and pined the how too on them. Will definitely be doing that on my break. So excited to learn how to make a candle like the ones on the mantel. I keep looking for coragated metal cans or pieces of coragated metal to wrapped around a can , but I have not been too successful with my search ..Then again I don’t get a chance to go hunting for it either.?? every time I m in the craft stores I’m running in and out because they are about to close or I need to get hopping on a school project.
    Have a blessed day.

    1. Hi Pamela,
      I’ve been looking at cans to, but the little candleholders are two parts. The corrugated piece and the bottom. I can tell they have been epoxied together.

  4. Yvonne,
    I’ve never seen little tobacco baskets! They are adorable! Reminds me of my dad when he raised tobacco. I also love the idea of painting orange pumpkins! Thanks so much for sharing your delightful ideas!!!

  5. I’m familiar with the large square tobacco baskets from growing up in south Georgia -the large sq ones were used to arrange/stack the cured tobacco leaves for sale in the great big tobacco warehouses-they were lined up in rows for the Buyers to examine and bid on…but never have seen the smaller ones..believe me if I run across those they will go home with me!Inspiring!

    1. Hi Jonell: I also love Yvonne’s tobacco baskets & am looking for a large one to hang on my kitchen wall. You may wish to visit Lucy at Craftberry Bush (Canadian blog) as she makes them! As a Southerner, you may be surprised to learn there were many, many tobacco farms here in southern Ontario, Canada. We have extremely hot summers (this one has topped them all!) but due to cancer warnings, many farmers have now switched to other crops.

  6. Yvonne I love your fireplace door, do you bychance remember where it was purchased from ? We are looking to redo our fire place manel and that door would be wonderful.

    Thank you! Teresa

    1. Teresa the door came with the house 20 years ago. We painted the brass grates an oil rubbed bronze (high heat spray paint) an re bricked our fireplace replacing the green ceramic tile.

  7. Love your fall mantel, Yvonne! I love the Farmhouse Style and all of the rustic elements you used. Looking forward to more fall posts and your fall home tour.
    Enjoy the weekend,

  8. Not my favorite 🙁 You have done much nicer mantles. This seems last minute and put together too quickly without much thought. My honest opinion. Please accept this as constructive and not put down criticism. I adore you. To me, you represent old Hollywood. I follow you regularly and have implemented much of your design. But this is not up to your standards.

    1. Clearly beauty is in the eye of the beholder & I’m afraid you’re outnumbered here. Mama always said, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Yvonne doesn’t need criticism….constructive or otherwise.

  9. Yvonne, I have been following you for almost a month and might I say I love your style, eye for color and design. Your not afraid to take that leap to change something traditional and make fresh and new. Your ideas and taste are impeccable and I have been gaining ideas and using my own twists, which is what I believe your trying to accomplish. Love the burlap runners, have made three already, mine of course and two handmade FAB gifts! Keep bringing us your world of ideas! Your blog inspires…. The mantal is amazing, btw! Would love to send you photos of my buffet hutch that is being updated as it was our first furniture buy 33 yrs ago!

  10. Yvonne,
    Lovin’ those orange hue leaves against the black shutters and the galvanized lanterns, dear friend!!!
    Lookin’ forward to the Fall Homes Tours!!!
    See you again, soon!!!

  11. I look forward to your posts everyday! Love the galvanized accents! By the way I am searching for the perfect rooster or chicken accent lamp for my kitchen and just love yours! Any chance you would share where you got it. I have searched for month. Happy Fall! It’s just around the corner!

  12. …I just recently found your site, and I love your mantle decor! I have a fireplace and I am the ” change -with- the seasons ” gal, lol. The galvanized candleholders are fab, love those. Your mantle looks beautiful and cozy, which to me, says ” Welcome”. 🙂

  13. So charming the way you mixed the old in with the new……..
    You have some gorgeous pieces…
    You have a way of making your home look so warm and inviting…….
    You are a master at your craft…

  14. Hello!! I am a new follower to your blog and I Love It!! I was looking at your mantel decor and was wondering where you got your tobacco baskets. I just haven’t seen them or I’m shopping at the wrong places. I really love your fall look. Right now I’m working on the summer mantel. Yours is very pretty. Thanks so much for all the great ideas. Linda