FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!


This year I’m bringing the softer side of fall to my home! And using a light hand to do it. Fall at StoneGable is all about white pumpkins… large and small. I’ve also fallen in love with leaves made from burlap and old book pages.  This is such an easy way to decorate for the season. Soft, white with splashes of orange, organic and natural.  Come on over for a little fall inspiration!


I am thrilled to be a part of the ECLECTICALLY VINTAGE FALL HOME TOUR SPONSORED BY GOOD HOUSEKEEPING. A big thank you to Good Housekeeping! You can see all the homes on tour at their site HERE.

And another big thank you to my friend Kelly who put this great tour together!

If you have stopped by from Nina Hendrick… welcome! I’m so glad you are here! If you missed Nina’s tour see it HERE


Today I’m sharing the “back” of StoneGable.  Most of our living goes on in this part of our home. Kitchen, breakfast nook and family room.

FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!

Fall in this area of our home is more laid back and relaxed. 

FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!

Fall means cooking! You will find me in my kitchens cooking lots of soups and pumpkin dishes. YUM!

FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!

I like to keep my kitchen counters pretty free from lots of “stuff”. This kitchen gets used hard! So I take a minimalist approach to decorating in here.

FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!

But I just can’t help adding a couple of sweet pumpkins!

FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!


FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!

I have such a crush on lanterns and their soft evening glow in my home!

FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!


The breakfast room is also decked out for fall. In the new year this area is in for a little overhaul!

FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!

You can see where our little dog Scamp has dinner. He will be 20 in January and still in good shape!

FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!

The mums in my area are gorgeous this year! I just had to bring a little orange burst of color into my home! I mixed them with baby boo pumpkins and small deer sheds in a tobacco basket.

FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!

FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!

Across from the kitchen table is the bar and open shelves. Bobby planked this wall and installed the shelves. I keep these shelves filled with white dishes. This fall I added leaves and pumpkins to the dishes already there.

FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!

So cute, right? FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!

FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!

You can see more of the fall open shelves, HERE. And you can make an easy fall garland like mine… see the tutorial HERE.


Let’s head to the family room…

FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!

The family room is where we unwind and relax! Our style is comfy, neutral and welcoming! 

FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!

FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!

Did you notice the new-to-me-desk we are now using as a table? I painted and antiqued it and made it quite grungy. I have one more really fabulous things to add to the desk. I can’t wait till it’s totally done! I’ll share it with you soon!

Did you notice the new to me desk we are now using as a table? I painted it and have one more really fabulous things to add to it. I can't wait till it's totally done!

The mantel is the focal point of our room! To see more of it, click HERE.

FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!

FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!

FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!

Every fall I treat myself to one new pillow.

This pillow is really fabulous! It’s large, embroidered and soft colored. LOVE it! You can see it HERE.

Did you notice the new to me desk we are now using as a table? I painted it and have one more really fabulous things to add to it. I can't wait till it's totally done!

I’m so glad you stopped by StoneGable to see part two of my Fall Home Tour!

FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!

If you would like to see Part 1 of my Fall Home Tour, click HERE.

SOFTER SIDE OF FALL HOME TOUR- Fall is the perfect time to decorate your home in the softer colors of fall. Lots of home decor ideas

Now, head on over to JENNIFER RIZZO to see all her fall inspiration!


You might like to follow me on Pinterest and see all the great things I’m finding to pin every day HERE.


FALL HOME TOUR, PART 2- Showing off the softer side of Fall!


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    1. Love your home. It is clean and comfortable. Please don’t do a big over haul in your breakfast room. I love it the way it is. It is so inviting. I look forward to receiving your emails and seeing what you are up to next. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  1. I love, love, love all of the white pumpkins! Do you think I can paint my orange faux pumpkins white? I’m feeling very inspired!!! Your home is amazing!!!!

  2. Everything is so gorgeous, so many awesome ideas. Love all of the white pumpkins & pillows for fall. Just beautiful, thank you lots of work there.

  3. The neutral tones and white pumpkins are just lovely! Such a peaceful and serene looking home. I love to decorate for fall and am guilty of going a little overboard with the fall colors! I just love those oranges, deep yellows and rust colors! I do intend to find some different colored pumpkins when I come out to Lancaster County in a few weeks! Last year the assortment of unusual pumpkins was just amazing!

  4. Yvonne, Just want to let you know that after studying your family room, I decided to bring a coffee table into mine. I was advised by a friend(decorator) to not add the table. But, after adding it, we both love it, and it has completed our room. The room is small, but all in all, it works just fine. Thanks for all the pictures. Joyce

  5. Lovely, lovely! I’m looking forward to see how you redid that desk. I have an old washstand my aunt turned into a desk for me. I’d like to use it in our new home and think she would approve of me redoing it, too.

  6. Your home is always so cozy and inviting. I love the white chair and ottoman in your family room. That is my next style of furniture when it’s time to replace my current set (which will be soon ;)). I saw some pretty mums by me but held off as I thought it might be too early to get them.

  7. Loving the whites and neutrals for Fall! Suddenly my gold and glittery orange pumpkins from last year look too bright and shiny! Maybe it’s the warm weather…..white spray paint ahoy!

  8. SO beautiful! It’s so bright, cheerful and inviting. Now if we can get Mother Nature to cooperate and make it feel more like Fall. I was disappointed to see our forecast is still in the low 90’s at least another week. Alas, I can still dream of Fall and go to your blog anytime for ideas and inspiration. That’s what it’s all about! Have a great day, Yvonne!

  9. Your home tours are always so beautiful. I need time on each picture to take it all in! You decorate every area and it looks so put together. I try to take something from each post and apply it to my home. Pumpkin hunting this weekend. Yippee.

  10. Enjoyed seeing the wide range view of your rooms and how everything flows together. I used your idea of adding pinecones for my kitchen table vignette along with some scattered acorns, which were all gathered together in a wicker basket with assorted pumpkins.

  11. Thanks Yvonne for sharing your lovely home with us blog followers. It looks awesome! I have a question. How do you preserve the real pumpkins that you bring into your decor of your home?

  12. Hi Yvonne! I just love your new pillow. And the 2nd part of the tour was fabulous!! I looked out the window this morning and discovered some yellow leaves on the trees. It’s almost time for fall y’all, 8 more days and I will hang the raffia wreath (your tutorial) on my front door 🙂 Can’t wait!!!

  13. Your home is lovely as usual. You are such a warm and inviting hostess. Thanks for all your ideas. The best part is they are not over the top and can be done by your readers.

  14. Everything is beautifully done, Yvonne. You have such a good eye for lovely things even if they are simply done. Thanks for sharing with all of us!!!

  15. Your home is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing with me!! I live in a very small 624 sq ft home, I get limited on how much I can do; so I LIVE BIG when I read your blog!! HAPPY FALL!!

  16. Seasonal pillows are a fun accessory. I was thrilled to receive an embroidered pumpkin pillow from my sweet granddaughter for my birthday. She also gifted me with creamy mugs and bowls from Home Goods. They resemble yours and my lightbulb moment is to display them on kitchen shelves. Wherever would I come up with such an innovative and pretty idea? Thanks again for opening my eyes to some great decor ideas.

  17. I love the leaves you have made. You have gotten me hooked on burlap. I’m going to re vamp some older boxes with burlap to put in our new place. Excited to see how they turn out.

  18. I’m loving the softer side of Fall!!!! Fabulous ideas. I think I’m going to treat myself to one new pillow for Fall also. Thank you!

  19. Gorgeous as always! Your home is always so warm and inviting and I love the way the colorful mums look with the white pumpkins. I haven’t bought any pumpkins yet this season. It’s been too hot so they will probably rot! I can’t believe your dog is almost 20! That’s wonderful!

  20. I love your beautiful home and your decorating ideas. It is both beautiful and so comfortable and cozy. I like to make wreaths and follow your tutorials. Making your fluffy Pom Pom one for winter!

  21. I love you use of neutral colors but still gives a warm cozy feeling we all want for fall! The hydrangeas on the mantle are gorgeous! Are they burlap?

  22. Thank you for showing pictures of your dining room and living area. Everything in your home is cozy and I do love that. I can’t believe your dog is 20 years old. I never knew it was possible for a dog to live that long.

  23. I love both your dining room rugs, your style of whites and neutrals are my favorite, I always find something of interest for me,
    very interesting and a job well done, Thank you so much!!!!!.

  24. Your softer side of fall decorating is beautiful! I love the new pumpkin pillow in the family room. Everything is so lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  25. Am also loving white and other neutral pumpkins this year. I especially liked your white picture filled with berries. Now that you are decorated, enjoy your baking for fall.

  26. My day isn’t complete without checking to see what you’ve created! I have followed you for several years, and am always amazed at how many ideas you have in your head! You always decorate to perfection!!

  27. Enjoyed your book page leaves so much…I love all things about words and really love seeing all of the ways you use books in your decor.

  28. Your home is so pretty. I love the white pumpkins ! Your dog being almost 20 is a blessing from the Lord.
    We had one that was almost 19 when he passed away.

  29. I so enjoyed Part 2 of your Fall Home Tour…..so many great ideas and beautiful photos! I always enjoy your kitchen and family room decorated for the different seasons – they always look so homey and welcoming! I liked your centerpiece idea for your breakfast nook, and paired with the white baby pumpkins, it looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing so many great ideas…..

  30. Love everything …. the garland is such a nice touch and looks easy enough even I could do it! Yvonne … how do we win you? I would love to have you come to my home and tweak it. Pretty please?

  31. your decorating sense is spot on….your home beautifully – yet simply – done. warm, inviting and up to date. i love it! question…can you share where you got the fun galvanized tray under your daily grind sign? i’ve hunted everywhere for one! thanks!

  32. I sooo love everything about your home! There are several little things that I have that are like or similar to yours! I have the exact same breadbox. I have a lantern with some really beautiful fall colored potpourri around a candle decorated with fall leaves. It is made with distressed metal….just something you would like I know. Your white makes EVERYTHING pop. You have impeccable tastes and I would so love to take an in person tour, but will settle for the great photos! Happy Fall decorating to you and all your followers!

  33. I have decorated for fall for many years with white pumpkins and I love what you have done with yours. I also love the bluish/greenish ones but don’t use them with my white ones. One of my white pumpkins actually lasted until the next June before getting a soft spot on it! I sure enjoyed and got the most of that one. I am using bleached deer antlers that were given to me from my nephew. He collects them and has lots that he finds. I am using the smaller ones since I don’t have a very large table. They will look great with my white pumpkins and burlap leaves! I may also add some of the paper ones as well out of newsprint.

  34. If you had the opportunity to look at all the posts I’ve printed you’d probably see more of your posts then anyone else’s!! Thank you again for all the inspiration.

  35. Loving the return of the tartan throw in the family room! I adore your house its so beautiful. I actually took inspiration from one of your previous fall looks. I fell in love with your fall decor, the time you placed the tartan throws and Dot and Bo ottoman in the family room. It was so serene and cosy that I just couldn’t stop looking at it! So I have decided to go for a blue, orange and off white color scheme in my home this autumn. (as we call it in UK). Thank you for the inspiration. Your site always brings a smile to my day. 🙂

  36. Love your beautiful Fall home! The mums are gorgeous, nature’s beauty at it’s best! Thank you for the tour and for all of the wonderful Fall inspiration!

  37. ‘m always inspired by your posts. My next project is changing out my hall bathroom shower curtain. Haven’t found anything I like in stores, so I dug into my closet and came out with a gorgeous fabric I bought to recover chair cushions. Hopefully, I’ll get to it soon (wink wink).

  38. I love the way your house feels inviting. The lantern gave me an idea for my own place. Thanks for the inspiration! Love that you give yourself an allowance of one new pillow each fall! 🙂

  39. i love your home and the way you decorate it. it feels so welcoming and comforting. i home to have mine look similar to yours someday. keep sharing. 🙂

  40. I enjoyed your Fall Home Tour. The white pumpkins were sooo lovely. I really wanted to grab a book and make myself cozy in your family room!!

  41. I love the way you warm up the living room by using the warm wood color. I’m always a fan of white, but the way this is styled really makes the room feel so inviting. Plus, white pumpkins. They are the best.

  42. I love your style! I’m especially liking the baskets you have on the shelves next to your hearth. What a great way to have what you need nearby, but hidden!

  43. Guess what? I tried to choose what I like best, and fir the life of it I just could not choose one. Why not? Because everything shown is gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  44. Yvonne,

    I so love your fall decor. I thoroughly enjoy my daily reading of SG. I sometimes get overwhelmed with ideas that I get from you Blog. Thanks for your time and effort sharing your ideas with us all….

  45. I love your decor style. I also have a black and white kitchen and will definitely be imitating some of your choices. I am curious as to whether I am the only one who noticed the Easter week menus among the fall decor?

  46. Your home is so friendly and inviting. I feel like I could just walk right in a be at home. So beautiful. I love mums and have placed to large plants outside my front door. 🙂

  47. Your home is absolutely breathtaking beautiful! You have it decorated exquisitely. The rooms are so bright!! Love it

  48. You make every room look inviting and very cozy. Love, love, love your coffee table in the family room. Thank you for all your amazing ideas you share each day. You are a treasure and something I look forward to reading each day.

  49. I just love EVERYTHING you do!! You have so much talent and creativity. Thank you for all of your wonderful posts. I’m always so inspired!

  50. I love your style and your home is absolutely beautiful! Where did you get your curtains, the sheer ones with what looks like burlap at the top? If you made them can you provide a link if you’ve done a tutorial on them? Thank you for the inspiration!

  51. Beautiful home! Your style is elegant, yet warm and welcoming. Love it! I am wondering, however, why the chalk board says Easter Week…:)

  52. Just started following you this evening. Your post caught my eye & after looking through all your photos, I have the urge to start my own fall decorating? Looking forward to your next post! ??‍♀️

  53. I just love this side of your house. So cozy and welcoming. Does fall extend to the bedrooms and bath? It’s always a joy to read your post. Have a wonderful day.

  54. I love everything about your home. I recently fell in love with the white pumpkin look and have been decorating this week with them..your photos give me inspiration and direction..thank you for sharing..Happy Fall

  55. Beautiful Yvonne!! Could you tell us more about the curtains that have the tan and black dotted headers??? They are beautiful!
    I am headed over to Amazon to check out the DR light fixture :^) Perfect!

  56. I love the colors of Fall . However last year I started changing to liking your type of the softer side of Fall .
    Your home is beautiful . I stumbled on to you thru Pinterest and will be following and copying your style .
    Love & prayers ?