FALL DOUGH BOWL STYLING- A step-by-step diy for styling a fall arrangement in a dough bowl.

A dough bowl is the perfect container to use for a fall centerpiece. It’s sturdy wooden construction and time-worn look makes it my go-to vessel when I’m decorating with natural fall elements! Today I’m sharing an easy, no-fail way to style a fabulous centerpiece to last through Thanksgiving in a large dough bowl. I have a secret for filling a large bowl so it looks abundant and grand! Let’s do some fall dough bowl styling!



FALL DOUGH BOWL STYLING- A step-by-step diy for styling a fall arrangement in a dough bowl.

Let’s make this in just a few easy steps!

Get out your dough bowls! I have collected several over the years, but this one works nicely on my kitchen table! If you are looking for a dough bowl, see “get the look” at the bottom of this post. There are all kinds and price points. The “real” ones may be a bit expensive but they are well worth it! They are heirlooms!

FALL DOUGH BOWL STYLING- A step-by-step diy for styling a fall arrangement in a dough bowl.

I gathered together the fall things I thought I might want in my dough bowl… pumpkins, burlap balls, pinecones (lots of pinecones), willow balls, faux deer sheds, mini Indian corn and leaves made from old book pages.

FALL DOUGH BOWL STYLING- A step-by-step diy for styling a fall arrangement in a dough bowl.

I placed one large white faux pumpkin in the left side of the dough bowl and then filled the bottom of it up with “white pine” pine cones. I like to use these specific pine cones because they are long and thin and kinda connect together to make a very nice bed almost anything placed on them. 

Just a single layer will do! This one step work like magic to make arrangements full looking! Easy-peasy, right?

FALL DOUGH BOWL STYLING- A step-by-step diy for styling a fall arrangement in a dough bowl.

Next, I added burlap balls. These are so easy to make. I keep a box of them on hand to use when I decorate. To see how to make burlap balls click HERE.

FALL DOUGH BOWL STYLING- A step-by-step diy for styling a fall arrangement in a dough bowl.

Now comes the white baby boo pumpkins! The first layer that is! I just nestled them in. Can you see this centerpiece coming together already? 

FALL DOUGH BOWL STYLING- A step-by-step diy for styling a fall arrangement in a dough bowl.

Next layer, a couple willow balls.

FALL DOUGH BOWL STYLING- A step-by-step diy for styling a fall arrangement in a dough bowl.

More pumpkins and pine cones.

For this layer of pine cones I use spruce, scotch, redwood or douglas pine cones. I like to turn some upside down in the arrangement so the bottom of the pine cone shows.

FALL DOUGH BOWL STYLING- A step-by-step diy for styling a fall arrangement in a dough bowl.

The final touches are the deer sheds, acorn stems and book page leaves. How easy was that?

FALL DOUGH BOWL STYLING- A step-by-step diy for styling a fall arrangement in a dough bowl.


FALL DOUGH BOWL STYLING- A step-by-step diy for styling a fall arrangement in a dough bowl.

Here’s how it looks on my kitchen table…

FALL DOUGH BOWL STYLING- A step-by-step diy for styling a fall arrangement in a dough bowl.

Another dough bowl with a little more color… and you can see how to create this HERE.

FALL DOUGH BOWL STYLING- A step-by-step diy for styling a fall arrangement in a dough bowl.

Now grab a dough bowl and get busy!!!!



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FALL DOUGH BOWL STYLING- A step-by-step diy for styling a fall arrangement in a dough bowl.

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  1. Joyce Kennard says:

    Love the look of the Dough Bowl. Will have to create one for my DRoom table. Also, had forgotten about wanting to make the burlap balls, thanks for the reminder. Glad your week-end was good,, know you are excited about the new blessing you are about to receive. Prayers for the best.

  2. I love the dough bowl. I especially thought the acorns color really popped with all of the lighter colored pumpkins.

  3. One of my very favorite centerpieces. Love the neutral colors. A perfect way to usher in the fall season.

  4. Good morning Yvonne! It looks like your dough bowl is the perfect size for any table. Can you tell us the approximate dimensions of the one you’re using? Thank you and have a great day!


  5. Love the burlap balls. I can’t wait to make some for my fall scape. Everything you do is a piece of art!

  6. I have my great grandmother’s dough bowl and enjoy using it. I’m loving the neutral tones and will be decorating with them more in the new house. I like the pine cone suggestion.

  7. Tammy Durham says:

    Love the look! I want to make the burlap balls to use in mine, I like the look!

  8. Linda Schmidt says:

    You aleways use such practical things and when you use them in your vinettes they become such a statment. So nice.

  9. The idea to incorporate acorns & pinecones into fall vignettes came from reading your blog. I have now used them on both our kitchen table & on our front porch.

  10. I love the acorns on the stems…very cute!!

  11. Love the dough bowl. The centerpiece is beautiful.

  12. Have the dough bowl…now all I need are some white pumpkins to complete this look. Love it!

  13. Sandra Barnhart says:

    Love the look. I have a wooden bowl like that have so much fun changing it up for the different seasons.

  14. Karen VanLoo says:

    Oh you just gave me the inspiration I needed today! I have a dough bowl, would you believe it truly looks like wood but is resin? Everyone thinks it’s wood, but it isn’t. It looks like a Colonial dough bowl though and I use it for different things. I am going to use your idea to decorate mine for the Fall season. I love pine cones! I keep them and use them from Fall through Christmas. I’m starting my decorating tomorrow, I am actually taking a vacation day from work to begin my Fall decorating. I also collect vintage inspired Halloween items, so I have some of those I use. If it looks vintage, I love it! Nothing scary or cheesy. My favorite are the paper mache pumpkin lanterns, I have a few reproduction ones I’ve collected. I can hardly wait to start my decorating. Thank you, as always, for the inspiration I need every day.

    1. Hi Karen, Thank you for including StoneGable in your day off! You are such a faithful reader! xo

  15. Carol Davis says:

    Love how you coordinated the curve of the squash with the curve of the bowl in the colorful arrangement. You certainly have an eye for how everything blends well with not only colors but shapes. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this blog.

  16. Beautiful way to display Fall! The little pumpkins are a favorite of mine this year whether real or painted. I don’t own a dough bowl but I think a big basket will work. Thanks

  17. The book page “leaves” just pop! Love it.

  18. Gotta get a dough bowl! I want a vintage one, but they are expensive! Your design though, really inspires me!

    1. Yes, vintage dough bowls are an investment. But they can be passed down! They quickly become heirlooms.

  19. I’m so in L-O-V-E with your dough bowl centerpiece! Such inspiration and so beautiful~!!! I love each and every element you used in it. Have you ever used sweet gum balls from the sweet gum tree? ~~I’m not sure if they grow in your area~~ they add a lot of texture and interest also~! I’m going to have to search thru my stash as I thought at one time I had a dough bowl—hmmm….
    Love all that you do, Yvonne…I look forward to each post!

  20. I have never decorated for fall, it’s just not that common in Europe, but you have inspired me. You make this all look so easy and what’s more it’s so pretty, I wonder why we never make the effort over here, I rather admire how much you do. I decided to start gently, I don’t want to shock everyone! I bought some pumpkins and decorated our terrace table, I was so happy I shared it all on the blog today! Now I am going foraging in the fields for some dried corn, there is plenty about, it is just being harvested dry for feed at the moment. I may be rather late to the party, but I am going to have fun joining in!!!

  21. Candy marcase says:

    The dough bowls are so versatile! Love yours.

  22. Your dough bowl looks great and you have such interesting stuff in it. I still haven’t found the right one yet, but I keep on looking.

  23. I could actually do this!
    I have a dough bowl, so I will be filling it today.
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  24. Babette Thurston says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    As always I love the way you mix textures! Those baby boo pumpkins are so sweet! I’m looking for some of those now in my stores. I’ve also been on the hunt for a dough bowl. The right one will come my way! Beautiful display!

  25. So much inspiration, love the burlap balls.

  26. Julie Maier says:

    I really love the center piece! Where did you get the faux deer sheds? Thanks!

    1. Hi Julie, I found the faux deer sheds at a local shop here in Lancaster. I have several sets of real ones, but they are too big to work in this arrangement.

  27. My sweet husband emptied my basement craft storage room into the basement living area for the furnace gentleman. Attempting to purge craft “stuff”. Many rubbermaid totes, re-labeled and re-stacked. Greenery and leaves are cumbersome. Loving your fall look, especially more neutral tones. Today’s task is to remake corn husk wreath with less colorful leaves. All you do is such a blessing.

    1. Thanks, Jane. I bet you feel wonderful now that your craft storage is organized! YOU GO GIRL!

  28. Love your dough bowl styling. Always look forward to my email with your new blog post announcement. Would love to share the giant dough bowl my friend has. We do not have blogs or sell items on the internet. I just thought you would enjoy seeing her giant dough bowl! Pictures posted on Auntie RooLoo’s Cottage on Facebook. I am not selling, buying or competing with any bloggers. We just love dough bowls!

  29. I will definitely be using your ideas for my dough bowl which is a family treasure handed down to me by a dear aunt.

  30. Anne Porter says:

    Once upon a time I brought two dough bowls home from a junking journey … now “heirlooms” as you said, they are treasures from long ago that continue to serve in many ways. Thanks for lifting them up in your inspiring ways!

  31. I love the white pumpkins and book paper leaves !! I have an heirloom dough bowl . I am definitely going to recreate this.

  32. Theresa Kleinschmidt says:

    Good morning Yvonne, you are my go to girl for inspiration. We use to raise christmas trees on our farm so we had an endless supply of cones for decorating. To this day I still like gathering things from nature to decorate my home. Thanks and have a good day.

  33. Love this look! Always inspiring!!

  34. Just right for fall. Will have to make one for my daughter in law.

  35. I saw your bowl in yesterday’s post which inspired me to collecr pinecones.

  36. Just lovely, after looking at this I will have to try and find a dough bowl for my kitchen table. I t also lends itself to other holiday decorating. Thanks for the ideas

  37. Oh to have an heirloom dough bowl. The only good thing about my daughter’s X-mother-in-law is that she had an antique dough bowl! I love the neutral and nature look. It’s so classy but yet so simple. We finally have autumn temps in St. Louis. This may inspire me to begin fall decorating.

  38. Love, love, love……this “easy” elegant centerpiece! Thanks for the very “do-able” idea!

  39. Yvonne, I enjoy the color options you use rather than the typical orange for Fall. Here in Phoenix, we don’t really have these natural elements however this project gives me a good excuse for an hour and a half trip north to collect what I need for the arrangement. I’m going to try your ‘recipe’ for bleaching pine cones this year.

  40. Rebecca Nelson says:

    A dough bowl is on my list of wonderful things to acquire and I really want to get an authentic old one. I love the look and feel of beautiful old wood. I do love your blog and very much enjoy reading and looking through every post. Thanks again.

  41. Lucia Corwin says:

    Thank you for the inspiration! I have my dough bowl halfway done. Where do get the fabulous willow balls and mix of pine cones? I’m having great fun with this project… just what I need on a fall day!

    1. Hi Lucia: in case Yvonne is too busy to answer today, I’ll just step in to say those two items are usually available at dollar stores, at least, they are in Ontario, Canada and if they’re in dollar stores here, they’re sure to be in US dollar stores! Try Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, etc. By the way, grapevine balls are great fun to make … just go out in the country, look for those climbing vines (that are everywhere), pull them off (you might want scissors) and form little balls, weaving in the ends to maintain a ball shape. At the start, you may find you need to use some wire (kitchen twist ties) to hold the vines in place but once you get weaving the vines in and out, they stay in place. I always make my own (free!!) grapevine wreaths too. Lots of fun!

      1. Deborah Gullett says:

        When finding those vines just be sure they aren’t poison ivy! Beware the hairy vines!

    2. Sorry Lucia – I meant to type the word “or” after the part where I say “try Dollar Stores”. I didn’t mean it to sound as if Hobby Lobby and Michael’s were also dollar stores. lol! If you can’t find the two items at dollar stores, try the larger hobby/craft shops.

      1. Thanks Elaine! It’s wonderful to see StoneGable readers helping each other! Just what I want!

  42. So simple, yet what an impact.
    I have been hunting for a reason my priced dough bowl for years. Going to check out the link now!!
    Have a blessed day!!

  43. I have a couple of dough bowls and I like to use pinecones in them too. I wish I could find some deer sheds, either real or good artificial.

    1. Hello Sharon – lucky you, having a couple of dough bowls!! They are just about impossible to find in my neck of the woods and if found, usually run close to $200! Re your wish for deer sheds, I’m thinking of making some and if you are up for it, visit a blog called “Craftberry Bush” – she (Lucy) shows you how to MAKE them and they look absolutely amazing!! I think I will make it my Fall project.

      1. Thanks for the tip, Elaine. I will definitely check out “Craftberry Bush” and try my hand at making some sheds. I never would have guessed that we could make our own!

  44. I love using dough bowls! I use mine all year long. I put succulents in them in the summer.

  45. Deborah D says:

    I’m so blessed to have my great aunt’s dough bowl. I can remember going to her house and making biscuits of in it. What wonderful memories. Now it will make a wonderful centerpiece with new memories. Thank you once again for a marvelous idea.

  46. I do believe I just got hooked, a step by step for the decorating challenged! Where would one get a dough bowl, hhmmm sounds like some shopping is going to happen!

  47. Dough bowls are beautiful, practical and a bit romantic, wouldn’t you say?

  48. I was just thinking the other day that I might need a dough bowl!

  49. Looking for pine cones and magnolia cones to use in my dough bowl! My mother had one, now if I can only find it in all of her treasures!!
    Love the look!!

    1. Magnolia cones would be magnificent in a dough bowl. I have a friend that has a huge tree. I’m giving her a call today!

  50. What a beautiful and simple centerpiece! Thanks for the ideas!

  51. Mary Beth says:

    Beautiful! I’m still on the lookout for a breadbowl.

  52. I have always loved dough bowls. Thanks for sharing where to order reasonably priced ones. As always, love your blog!

  53. Too Pretty for words Yvonne. I have my Great Grandmothers’ Dough Bowl and it changes with the season.
    Patricia (NC Coast)

  54. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend…love the look, but might check out the one with a little more colour though. I will be checking out your burlap ball creation! Love your posts and the variety of your topics! Keep up the great work!??

  55. I have longed for a dough bowl like yours for a very long time, does anyone happen to know where to find one. They bring back such wonderful memories for me, I can see my grandmother standing at the counter with her large dough bowl making biscuits or dough for her sweet potato cobbler. A cousin inherited the bowl and sold it within a month after my grandma passed away. I was heart broken! When I think about it I get sick to my stomach. 🙁

    1. Look in the post and see GET THE LOOK and find all the dough bowls under it. You can click on any of those and see the price if you like order it there.

  56. Teresa Alexander says:

    so very pretty! great ideas for the dough bowl – and using things I already have! YaY!

    thank you!

  57. pamela Lepage says:

    Love you dough bowls they are just too cute. Pinned the how too’s thank you for sharing..
    have a great day!!

  58. Love the dough bowl centerpiece.

  59. Beautiful! Have to get me a dough bowl now.

  60. Lanita Anderson says:

    Thanks for the great tips on styling the dough bowl – it looks great and so pretty on your fall tablescape! I made some of the burlap balls last year and am looking forward to using them again this year in my fall decor! Thanks for sharing….

  61. I make homemade bread….I need a dough bowl!

  62. Teresa Alexander says:

    need to find an inexpensive dough bowl!

  63. Kathy Emmett says:

    I never thought about using different pine cones. What a great idea!

  64. Another beautiful neutral Fall centerpiece. Love it!!

  65. Dough bowls are perfect for the fall/winter season. Very pretty.

  66. Sherri Bassham says:

    Yvonne, I so enjoy all of your posts. Your home is so lovely in all seasons. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  67. Gayle Kesinger says:

    I have a dough bowl from my mother. I am copying yours as a start. Can you buy the leaves at Michaels or Joanns? Don’t have the antlers but assume they are pretty available. Love this look. Thank you so much for the idea.

  68. My husband got a walnut log a from my sister and brother -in-law from while they were traveling in Iowa. I have already told him that I wanted him to make me a dough bowl out it. I just showed him your Fall centerpieces and he liked them. Maybe this will inspire him to do make me one after he finishes our kitchen cupboards! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  69. Phyllis Piontkowski says:

    Love your site & your ideas. Like the colorful bowl best.

  70. Peggy spencer says:

    Absolutely beautiful.Love the whites with the light tan balls.You always come up with the best deals.Your blog is my favorite.a grandchild on the way, you will never be the same.Welcome to the best part of life,grandchildren!

  71. Love getting your emails and especially love the fall inspiration you provide!

  72. Shelby Moyer says:

    I just love all your ideas!

  73. Avril Crundwell says:

    I am so happy I discovered this site… I love the dough bowl and how all the pieces and textures fit together to create a beautiful, earthy and friendly tablescape. Thanks for sharing your creativity

  74. Martha Franks says:

    You’ve got me revved up to decorate for fall and given me some good ideas, Yvonne! I’m not much for the white pumpkins, I’m more of a fall color person. Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you every day!

  75. Love it! I just love filling things like that up with fall décor. It looks so nice on my table!

  76. Tammy Rey says:

    I love the pumpkins with the pinecones. I will have to try this, this year.

  77. If dough bowls are out of your price range, shallow baskets work well. Love the whole look, Yvonne!!

  78. Karen Gamble says:

    I always appreciate your beautiful and creative ideas. New uses for old items. I love FALL!!!

  79. Yvonne Matras says:

    Hello Yvonne- I love & anticipate your postings each day. I am in Canada & wondering if a Canadian follower qualifies to be entered into to your give away prizes?
    Thanks from another Yvonne ?

    1. Yes, of course Yvonne! My brother-in-law is Canadian. How blessed we are having him in our family!

  80. Kay McDowell says:

    Hi Yvonne, You are making me love fall. You are such an inspiration! On a side note, are you advocating for Hillary Clinton? I see that over half of the ads on your blog are about her. I would be surprised if you were, but the many ads are making me wonder. I assumed the ads are not something you have control of, but I just wanted to check with you.

  81. amanda barnett says:

    Now I finally know what to do with my dough bowl! love your blog. your home is stunning.

  82. I don’t have a dough bowl but I sure think this looks pretty. I know you enjoy it !

  83. Thank you SO much Yvonne for the easy tutorial! It certainly makes a beautiful centerpiece. Now I need to dig out my dough bowl and gather my goodies. I never would have thought to turn some of the pine cones upside down in an arrangement. The bottom has so much texture and is so interesting to the eye. In nature they sure don’t all fall face up! LOL

    Keep all of the great ideas and lovely photos coming. Enjoy your Autumn!

  84. paulette hasty says:

    Obsessed with white pumpkins since discovering Stone Gable last year via Pinterest! Actually, obsessed with everything Stone Gable! Greatest Pinterest find, to date!

  85. Carol Imler says:

    Oh, I love the burlap balls!! I’d like to add these to my decor! Did you need any special type of paint for the brown?

  86. I love fall neutrals. Beautiful Yvonne.

  87. I really the Fall centerpiece with the browns and tans. I especially like the burlap balls that you made.

  88. Barbara Kujawa says:

    Love the burlap balls. Fall is my favorite time to decorate and your ideas are awesome.

  89. I love your style and have used lots of your tips. ? Thanks for another wonderful post, Yvonne.

  90. marjorie lavender says:

    I have wanted a dough bowl for years but have not run across one within my budget. I like the way the little white pumpkins contrast with this bowl.

  91. Michele Grantham says:

    Love the how to instructions.

  92. Rhonda Frix says:

    That is easy and beautiful!!

  93. Melanie Ledoux says:

    It’s said some people live “vicariously” through their children, but me…I live vicariously through your blog and beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  94. Rita vines says:

    Love the dough bowl arrangement it is beautiful

  95. Pam schwwitters says:

    I love to look at all your posts, I had been looking for a nice fall tartan throw, I ordered the one from your post. Thank you. I love when we learn how to find some of the cool things you use. Pam from california

  96. So pretty and easy! I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for a dough bowl. : )

  97. Love your style and the dough bowls are no exception! I am going to try your ideas out! Love the burlap balls too!

  98. Marilyn Gillis says:

    Thanjs for the inspiration!!

  99. Thank you for getting me in the fall decorating spirit !!! You have excellent idea is an excellent decorating style !!!
    Now I just have to find a dough bowl!!!!

  100. Your dough bowls are gorgeous. I only have one and it’s a smaller one. I have it decorated with willow balls and white mini pumpkins.

    Thank you again for all your ideas. Now I need to find some pine cones to add to it!

  101. You make everyday and the holidays better. Warm and inviting ideas.

  102. I have that almost exact dough bowl and never once thought to make a beautiful centerpiece out of it. Thank you for all your ideas! Everything you do is done so tastefully!

  103. Nice! I’ve been looking for a fall centerpiece and your dough bowl looks just like something I’d love to do. Thank you so much for sharing!

  104. Kittyluvr says:

    I love the look of the dough bowls. I don’t have one but use a wooden bowl my daughter brought me back from Kenya on a mission trip….it’s very meaningful and I am going to use your tips to fill it for fall.

  105. Barb Berry says:

    Love your Dough Bowls, especially the one with the fall colors.

  106. Love your use of the dough bowl and I have one! Beautiful arrangement

  107. Love seeing your step by step instructions for fall decor in your dough bowl. Always inspiring.

  108. Carol Barton says:

    Can’t wait to try making the burlap balls! Thanks so much for sharing.

  109. I have my dear mother-in-law’s dough bowl. Thanks for the hints. I love the look.

  110. Beautiful!!! I always look for pine cones and acorns when we travel to the Caroline’s. Can’t fine what I need where we live. Love your Dough Bowl.

  111. Maureen Fay says:

    I love all the wonderful fall ideas. Best of all, you are using things you already have. I shop around my house for things to use before I go to a store.

  112. It’s lovely, Yvonne. I don’t have a dough bowl and have never come across an authentic one for sale. I use a low oval basket , not a bad substitute! I am wondering what your news is, I am hoping it is what I think it is!?

  113. Love the look of your arrangement! I don’t have a dough bowl but I do have an old wire basket that I like to arrange things in. You’ve sparked my desire to rearrange it now for fall! Do you do anything special to the pine cones you collect before you display them? I’m new to your blog — really enjoy it!

    1. Hi Kathee,
      LOVE how you are using the inspiration and making it your own!

  114. Angela Hamby says:

    I love all the natural elements!

  115. LYNN LOFTIS says:

    Love this idea with the dough bowl. I have one of my Great Grandmothers and will use it. That way I feel like she is with us during the holidays. Thanks for the inspirations. Love it!

  116. Love the look. You make it seem so easy! Really enjoy your blog.

  117. Karen Thompson says:

    LOVE the arrangement. Purchased MANY styrofoam balls for pennies on after-Christmas-sale; have the dough bowl; have antlers. Just need the white pumpkins to complete this lovely look!

  118. As always, a beautiful idea. I’ve got so many pine cones from around the yard this year. I’m not going ot wait until Christmas to bring them inside this year! Thank you!

  119. Ruth Harris says:

    Yes so simple but so perfect! I want a dough bowl !

  120. Marti Jefferson says:

    Beautiful fall decorations

  121. I love the dough bowl and everything in it.

  122. Time to go shopping at a local antique mall to find
    me a dough bowl. Love how you used it for the fall.
    Very unique.Thanks for the ideas you post.Cheryl

  123. Love your style…so classy, yet so warm and inviting! I always look forward to seeing your post pop up in my in-box. Keep the great ideas rolling!!!!

  124. Dalila Mendoza says:

    I love this look and the colors. The white makes it so peaceful.

  125. Lynn Schwarzkopf says:

    Thank you for your beautiful fall ideas!

  126. Mary Moore says:

    I just love all the ideas you post! Just wish I had the time and money to do it all! ❤️

  127. I have never heard of a dough bowl, your arrangement is beautiful, thanks for the idea 1

  128. sandy bryant says:

    lovd e the dough bowl. i also have one. loved the idea with the paper leaves takes me back to grade school…. i’ve tea stained some old book pages. these ideas will complement the pine cones pumpkins and love your ideas keep them coming!!

  129. Doreen Sinclair says:

    Love the natural look of this centerpiece also love the book page leaves.
    Doesn’t take much money to make something pretty.

  130. Thank you for your seasonal ideas, I don’t have a dough bowl but a large round wood bowel that I use for the fall season. Like the burlap balls fun idea nice size to add to display. It is always fun to view your sit. God Bless for making life more fun.

  131. I always love your ideas, have been looking for an old dough bowl for some time now!

  132. Sheila Gunderson says:

    Happy Harvest, Happy Fall!

  133. Janice Propst says:

    You are very talented! Lovely centerpiece!

  134. Wow! Lots of comments! Love your fall centerpiece! I plan to make some burlap balls using your instructions! Thanks for sharing your ideas and expertise !

  135. Love this idea. Guess I need a dough biel?So

  136. Patricia Lawlor says:

    Love the simplicity yet beauty of your fall decorating. Wonderful taste

  137. Such a nice dough bowl for decor. I love the items that you paired in it and the different sizes and textures. Yay for Fall!

  138. Deborah kilchrist says:

    Love this site!

  139. Tracy Longhenry says:

    Love the bowls and layers!

  140. Julie Veldman says:

    I love all you great fall decorating ideas, especially this beautiful dough bowl. Love your blog!!!

  141. Love your instructions for constructing centerpieces. Hopefully your book will include many basics to build upon. Come quickly!

  142. So farmhouse, yet classy and elegant. Love the dough troughs. Keep up the good work

  143. Wendy Vura says:

    Sure wish I could take you on a little tour of my house! I have used several ideas from your amazing blog & brain! My heart still stops when I see your country kitchen!!!!
    Oh and your Sunday LOVE for the Lord ??
    The best!

  144. Hi Yvonne, about a year ago I saw a post you did on a Benjamin Moore paint color called ‘Sonnet.’ I always kept it in the back of my mind that someday I was going to use it because it’s just a gorgeous shade. Fast forward to this week, we are ONE week in our new home in Smyrna, TN having moved from Northern California……the interior color is awful. So I remembered Sonnet and went to the paint store, bought a sample and it is PERFECT!
    I just wanted you to know how much we out here in blog land value the effort you put into sharing tips and ideas.
    Thanks so much, Colleen

  145. It looks gorgeous, Yvonne! I have always done a very simple Fall display in my long dough bowl–a few gourds, some Indian corn, some real leaves and some pinecones. I plop it on my buffet and I’m done! Dough bowls are great for making homey displays. My long one came to me from my father-in-law’s mother and I have a round one that was my grandmother’s. I usually just use my long dough bowl for Fall decor, but I’ve been seeing so many variations of Fall displays, I might do a totally different type–maybe with the little Baby Boo white pumpkins that you used–in my round bowl for another spot.

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