FALL IN THE GUEST ROOM- Here are some creative ways to add a nod to fall in your guest room. Creative and easy ideas!

Today I have lots of creative ideas for you to give a nod to fall in your bedroom!  Since most of us will spend a third of our lives in our bedrooms wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a bit of fall decor in there too! And not only in the bedrooms we sleep in but our guest room too! I often say our home is like a hotel… and this is especially true during the fall! So here are some ideas for fall in the guest room.

Today on Decorating Tips And Tricks we are talking about DECOR EVERY HOME NEEDS. We have lots of ideas for you today!

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Today we are in the J&J guest room. This room was once my daughter Jacqueline’s room and where she and her husband Jonathan stay when they come to visit. Lots of guests also have made this bedroom theirs while they stay at StoneGable.

Let’s start with something easy peasy! Don’t forget flower from your garden or market make a beautiful fall statement!

The zinnias and marigolds are just beautiful in the garden this fall! I planted them a little late and I’m wondering if that is why they are still so nice. I may do the same next spring.

What a delight to have a big cheery crock of blooms on the nightstand! Even a few cut herbs in a little vase would be perfect here too!

Did you notice I put the crock on a little white birch log slice? Just an extra fun detail! You can find them HERE.

Since the weather will be getting chilly I’ve layered the bed with a few more blankets. I like to use thin quilts instead of extra blankets over the sheets.

The duvet and shams I use in the guest room most of the year lend themselves to fall! 


I just add a few extra fall pillows to the bed! You can find the gold striped lumbar pillow HERE. 

It’s my new favorite! I’ve always love decorating with golds and mustards and fall is the perfect time to bring those colors back into my decor.

One of my favorite things to add to any bed in my home is a bed tray. Adding a few fall touches makes the bed look extra autumnal!

They look great on a bed that is not in use and gives me one more surface to decorate. And my guests love that they have an extra place for magazines and a coffee cup!

The tray I have is no longer in stock but I love THIS tray!!!

We get our pumpkins right from the pumpkin farms and Amish greenhouses. I’ve come to love their less than perfect “organic” look.

Across the room from the bed is a small sitting area and a large chest of drawers. I am going to slipcover the little chair this fall. I’m thinking of using my favorite, a painter’s dropcloth.

 The white dish between the brown transferware dishes is the only thing I have from my father’s family. It belonged to my great aunt Catherine.

The big basket is for pillows from the bed and chair. I have a basket like this in every bedroom. No pillow thrown on the floor!

The dog is a silhouette of  Jacqueline and Jonathan’s GSP, Baron.

Just a few pumpkins, feathers, pillows, flowers, etc makes the room ready for fall and lots of guests!



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  1. Love your pillows, and the basket to throw the pillows in. What a good idea! I also love your transferware on the wall. You have fabulous ideas!

  2. Dee Pruitt says:

    Awesome ideas as usual Yvonne, love!

  3. I would enjoy a stay in your guest room! Beautiful!

  4. Just love the touch of fall for guest. Those acorns are adorable, did you make those? What is the nut material stuffed in the hull?

  5. Love this! Can you please tell me what rug that is under the bed and where to find it? Also, the pillows with the wreath on the bed? I love the plates on the wall.

    1. Hi Robin, the rug is sisal and came from Wayfair. I’m sorry I can’t remember the name of it. I got it so long ago.

  6. Yvonne, a lovely welcoming guest room but why only one nightstand/table? It looks as though there would be room on the other side of the bed instead of that floor lamp. I can see you have the bed tray, but that wouldn’t be much use during the night. Sorry if I sound that I’m being a little critical as I usually love everything you do!

    1. Hi Di, there really is not enough room on the other side of the bed for a nightstand. I wish there was. I have a small stool that you cannot see by the bed so my guest can put a book or phone on it.

      1. I thought there might be something like that hiding!

  7. Theresa at Winterberry Lane says:

    Yvonne your guest room looks so inviting for fall. I also love your wonderful selection of fall pillows. Thanks for all the inspiration today.

  8. Mary Moore says:

    Love your guest room. You have inspired me to redo mine…which is LONG overdue!
    And I will be adding baskets to all room fir those pillows from the beds!
    Thank you as always fir great ideas!

  9. Elaine Wesselman says:

    It looks so inviting and comfortable a guest may not want to leave! Seriously, I love every one of your ideas! Thank you Yvonne for all of your inspiration!

  10. Beautiful room. Is that a map on the wall above the headboard? How did you mount it? Makes me wish I had kept some of the maps from places we lived throughout my husband’s career, before gps!

  11. genie steger says:

    I absolutely loved both of your guest rooms! The pillows, the pumpkins and your tray!

  12. What a wonderful guest room, so comfy and inviting. Love your style, you have the best!! Enjoy your Friday, thanks for sharing.

  13. Love the fall touches in the room, especially the pheasant feathers. That plate is a beauty!

  14. I think your bedroom looks so inviting!! I can’t imagine why you would ever have it empty looking like this!!

  15. You have thought of everything in your guest bedroom. It looks so inviting and a pop of fall throughout. It makes me look at my bedrooms and think of some redos. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Karen VanLoo says:

    I just love this bedroom! It’s so bright and cheerful because of the windows, yet cozy and comfortable as well.

  17. I am new to Stone Gable and I am absolutely loving all the fall decor ideas. SOO MANY WONDERFUL IDEAS. Thank you. Ruth

  18. Oh this is just beautiful. I love how you decorated above your armoire also.Thank you so much for your sharing your beautiful home. The pillow is now gone but may I ask where the other bed linens came from? The shams and the duvet?I know everyone must ask the same, but I never find where the replies are. Thanks so much. I love your home and it gives me so much peace when I look through your site.

    1. Hi Rose, The shams and duvet are from our local Pottery Barn outlet several years ago. The white coverlet is from HomeGoods.

  19. Your guest room is so lovely and welcoming!! It’s fresh and open and yet very cozy! You have skills Yvonne!! I just love what you do!

  20. The guest room is lovely and inviting. I do like your throw pillow in the front. It looks like grainsack fabric – so cozy.

  21. Your guest room is so light and airy, just lovely.

  22. The addition of the mustard colored accents looks so pretty in your guest bedroom. It is such a great color for this time of year! You certainly cannot go wrong with a few white pumpkins, too!

  23. Rhonda Storey says:

    I LOVE that you have your plate from your grandfather on your wall Yvonne. I too, have a few (blue/white staffordshire) plates that were my Grandmother’s, and hung them with my other blue and white plates. I’m very sentimental, so those plates mean a lot to me. Love your guest room! Your home is beautiful!!

  24. Beth Pozzini Putz says:

    Yvonne, I did feathers yesterday in one of my ironstone pitchers because of your vignette on your buffet in your dining room, I believe. Thanks for the awesome tip! This room is gorgeous, it looks so cozy and inviting. Your entire home is fabulously splendid! I will admit, I am being a copycat because I love all of your ideas. Thank you for sharing!


  25. Your guest room (like the rest of your home) is beautiful (& I have that tray!)! I honestly never thought about putting fall decorations in the bedrooms, but after seeing your guest room, I think I might.

  26. What a lovely guest room! So airy and very inviting. Love your style!

  27. Teresa White says:

    It is always nice to see what you decorate with. But I think using the plates on the wall in the bedroom is a nice ideal. I would never have thought of doing that on my own but it gives the room more character using these in the vintage look of the room.

  28. Pamela A Beck says:

    Yvonne so happy I found your blog! Love the colors you used in the guest room. What do you have planned for the master bedroom. I am trying to redecorate my master. I feel like it is dark and would love to brighten in up. Recently relocated to Florida and struggle with the decor for Florida.

    1. We are slowly making over our master bedroom. I’ll be showing you what we are doing in a couple weeks.

  29. Lovely guest room. It is so welcoming. Anyone would want to be a guest in your home.
    What color is the stain/paint on your armoire?

  30. I wouldn’t want to leave if I were a guest in that room. Love it all, especially the pillows with the grapevine wreaths.

  31. What kinds of changes will you be making in this room and throughout your home with the advent of little feet in the house?
    BTW, What is the dish pattern shown with the TORTELLINI WITH SAUSAGE AND PUMPKIN PARMESAN CREAM SAUCE from the week of September 24th menus? I’ll try the recipe for sure but I must have the dish!

    1. Hi Linda, The dinnerware is from Mikasa and is called Indigo Bloom. Hope this helps.

  32. Maybe one day I will be a guest in this room! I miss you so! Hope you are almost HEALED!!!!! Love this beautiful and SPACIOUS room and all your fall touches! We have Colleen this weekend so I will be decorating “her” room for Fall next week:) Call me!!

  33. Love the bedding and transferware!!

  34. Katherine says:

    The room looks so wonderfully welcoming! Love that you have included items of sentimental value (the plate) — they always make a room so special. I am inlove with that mustard lumbar pillow but I can’t get the link to work! HELP!!

    1. Katherine, try the link again. It is working. Sorry you are having trouble.

      1. The link doesn’t work for me, either, Yvonne. I’ve tried it on 2 devices.

  35. Vee Muller says:

    Love your guest room. Also use baskets to hold pillows when our bed is in use. In fact have a large basket on either side of the bed in the master for convenience.

  36. And I see that fabulous magazine poking out!!
    I chose to pass on my Fall guest room this year. We are moving in November, and unless I can figure out a way to “make a guest room space,” it isn’t going to happen, so I will live vicariously through yours.

    I am contemplating, if the bed will fit, making a tiny guest area in the sated space if my laundry from, and having a barn door to separate it off. Only really need a bed, small table, lamp, and maybe a small bench in the space.

    I am sad about only getting the three bedrooms, but determined to figure something it!! Lol!!

    1. not sated___ wasted**

  37. What I love is that everything is spotless, uncluttered and clean. Beautiful, Yvonne. Just changing the pillows is amazing the feeling it gives.

  38. As always beautiful décor, I’m especially loving your bedding.

  39. Pam Richardson says:

    Yvonne, this is such a welcoming guest room dressed for autumn, love all the comforts and details!

  40. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh my my I am in love with the colors and the decor you have done in the guest bedroom Just beautiful Thank you for sharing and God bless

  41. Laura Harrie says:

    What a lovely guest bedroom! All your touchs make this room just a welcoming retreat. I would love to stay there!

  42. J & J have been afforded a beautiful, serene, peaceful space to enjoy the new seasons of memories being made in your gracious home. No wonder this room is a favorite with so many others and a great example of what is possible for the rest of us who want our homes to places of refuge and houses where God’s Presence is felt and known.

  43. Kathy Kurns says:

    I’ve followed you for years Yvonne ~ I love your style! Plus, you have one of the most pleasant blog sites. This room looks so warm and welcoming. Looking forward to the fall!

  44. I love the pretty duvet. And using the stool is a great way to have a table in a tight area. My seldom used guest room will be getting some use next week, so I will be getting some fresh flowers and maybe a tray for the bed.

  45. Avril Crundwell says:

    I love Fall. Your tray is beautiful and I love the little details. You’ve given me a great idea for how house warming gift for my son. Thanks. I also love to layer my blankets.

  46. Darn, darn, darn! The accent pillow is no longer available and the link for the tray just goes to the Pier 1 website.

  47. Paula Ball says:

    I absolutely adore the duvet you have at the bottom of the bed. It is creamy white and tn with a floral pattern in spots. Could you share where you found it?

    1. Hi Paula, I found the duvet at my local Pottery Barn outlet several years ago.

  48. Shauna Neuenswander says:

    I absolutely love this bedroom. I always get so much inspiration looking at all your pictures of this room.

  49. Sandi from Wisconsin says:

    I love everything in this guest bedroom! The bed tray is such a beautiful fall touch, as are the pillows.

  50. Shirley@Housepitality Designs says:

    I just signed the “reservation book” for that gorgeous warm and welcoming guest room you created!

  51. Hi,

    I like all your decorations. its really nice.

    Could you please let me know where i can get the green dinner set?

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Nan, I have several patterns of green dishes. Can you send me a link to the post they are in and then I’ll be able to help you better.

  52. Hello Yvonne,
    Love your decorating style! It all looks very inviting. Looking forward to all your posts every day. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas. Sincerely, Rita

  53. Lauren J. says:

    I love this room! I had to save the pictures as inspiration for decorating our home bedrooms. I LOVE the colors of the pillows on the bed and the window treatments.

  54. Norma Rolader says:

    Yvonne love the guest room all the decor is beautiful

  55. I just signed up to for your posts. I love your style as I am sure you hear that quite a bit. The guest room is simply beautiful. Can you tell me where you found the white pillow with the fall embroidered wreath?

  56. I love your decorating style. I started listening to all your podcasts and have a journal of things to add or change in my home. You are such an inspiration! Too bad I’m not closer… we moved from Honeybrook, PA to the mountains of WV (but I sure do miss my Amish neighbors). Thanks for the great blog posts!


  57. Judy Lincicum says:

    Hi Yvonne! This is Judy from Phoenix, Arizona, and just wanted to let you know I’m back into blog land after taking some time for some health issues I’ve had. I am having a wonderful time, since it’s been over a year and half, going through your blog and catching up. I hope I haven’t missed too much. It’s so good to see that you are continuing your journey of blogging and sharing these wonderful topics and tips of yours. I know, because of following your blog for so long, that my kitchen looks alot like yours now. LOL Love black and white! Thank you, dear Yvonne, for hanging in there and sharing all that you have over the years. I just feel so at home, reading your blog. It’s like getting in touch with an old friend. God Bless You! Judy

  58. diana keenan says:

    I love everything you post and I would like to know where and what the brand name of you comforter I love it

  59. I love those bittersweet pillow covers. Where did you get them?

    1. Hi Maria, I got them from my local Pottery Barn outlet a couple years ago.

  60. I love the paint color! What’s the name of it? I think it would look great in my master bedroom!

    1. Four out of the five bedrooms in my home are painted Simply White by Benjamin Moore. LOVE this soft white color.

  61. Annette Loscialpo says:

    Love the guest room. Good inspiration for my own guest room redo. What do your guests do with the tray when they’re visiting? Put it on the floor. And what’s with the drapes so short?

    1. I know! The drapes are short because my daughter has a dog and he sleeps with them in that room and he loves to lay on the drapes. And his dog hair and dirty paws get all over them. So I hung them to be short enough so he can’t make a bed out of them.

      As far as the tray, my guest put it on the floor when they are going to bed, or put it outside their door at night and I put it in an unused bedroom.

  62. Yvonne,
    Just beautiful, love this time of year! Any suggestions on where I could find a similar gold stripe pillow? It’s sold out & I’ve been looking form something similar for my living room.

    1. I love that pillow and was so sad to see it was sold out too! I’d look on Wayfair or Joss and Main!

  63. I love your guest bedroom!! The colors are balanced so well. Your collection of pillows is perfect.

  64. Absolutely lovely… I am now beginning to notice the importance of texture… 🙂 and, you are right about your SG neutral color palette… it is the BEST!! I so wish I could change out all of my large pieces right now w/ solid neutrals! (*sigh*) Until then… I can daydream as I look at your beautiful rooms…thank you so much Yvonne!! 🙂

    1. Put a big nubby, solid colored throw over your big furniture pieces. That will help.

  65. Sonya P Burgess says:

    Hi Yvonne, i love the touches of fall in your guest room. I know your guest feel cozy and comfortable in your home. Hope your doing well.

  66. Diane Capko says:

    I’m absolutely loving your great place..there’s so much inspiration. Even though I work full time….still I I try to do a little. “Stone Gable”in my home..each month…
    Thank you so much. Just love what you do…….!!!!!!

  67. J.E. Reilly says:

    Your guest room is wonderfully welcoming!
    I love the lumbar pillow but can’t get the link to work.

  68. Mary Helser says:

    What can I say everything you do is fabulous darling. If only. I just love it all and just dream that this is my house. Have a wonderful day.

  69. Toni Foster says:

    Thank you for site. I look forward to it each morning as I take the train into work. The guest room is exquisite yet cozy.

  70. Can you tell me where I can find the gold pillow right in front ont the guest bed?

    1. HI LINDA! I found this pretty pillow at my local Pottery Barn. Hope this helps.

  71. Oh Yvonne, you sure know how to elevate everything to the next level! How thoughtful to have your sons dog silhouette framed, I’m going to repurpose a few stools as side tables as well but Im thinking of adding a pouch at the base to hold a few small items. I’m thinking I’ll add tabs that velcro onto the railings to allow for easy removal to wash, maybe out of drop cloths? I sure do miss you on the podcast, l hear you in my ears every morning….make your bed!

    1. LOL! I just made my bed. A little late this morning, but it’s made! And I feel so good when that task is done!

  72. Ginny Ricci says:

    Beautiful guest room….makes me want to come visit and stay! (smile)
    Happy “leaf peepin!”

  73. I noticed that the draperies in this bedroom were very short… I was under the understanding that they should touch the floor…..Thank you