One beautiful advantage to the fall days getting shorter is the warm glow of candles in our homes. They give off a soft light and shimmer and make our homes and us look especially becoming! Come on in and see how I use candles in my fall decor! 



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Now let’s talk about candles, candlesticks, lanterns and more!

This year I put away the mercury glass and the silver and opted for organic wooden candlesticks and white chunky candles. This theme carried out through my living room, dining room, breakfast nook and family room.

I mismatched candlesticks but they all were wooden and a bit on the chunky side. I’m not into a matchy-matchy look and like mixing things, like candlesticks, up a bit. However, I do like my candles to be all the same color..more or less.

A big tray on the breakfast room table holds two candlesticks.

I love their turned shafts and interesting shapes.

Candles look wonderful grouped together. My favorite place to group them is on the dining room table! Even the centerpiece is really a lantern. It holds a little pedestal urn filled with fall brambles.

I used chippy white painted candlesticks and lightly stained wooden candlesticks as a part of this grouping. Even though the candlesticks are slender their height is dramatic.  And their rustic look is a great juxtaposition to my more formal dining room.

I found these candlesticks at a local shop.   

It’s important to create a pleasing visual pattern when grouping candles. Different heights and textures work together to do just that.

The round lanterns at the ends of the table repeat the metal roof of the middle lantern and have a lovely intricate pattern.

I chose a medium round lantern and put it on a pedestal and a larger one to sit on the table.


These candlesticks were so reasonably priced I got duplicate sets of each and added some to the family room mantel. The same candlesticks look totally different because of the way they were styled.


Lanterns are another favorite way to bring a soft glow to a fall night…


This lantern sits by my front door all year long. I just change the decor in the bottom of it.

Unconventional “lanterns” look so pretty paired together!

Candles and vignette go together!

How about you? Do you love the glow of candles in your fall home? I hope this has inspired you to get out your candlesticks, lanterns, and candles and light up the fall night!

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  1. Your candlesticks and lanterns are beautiful! I too love the glow of candlelight especially when it gets dark so early. I use battery operated candles now that are on timers and it is so neat when they come on at their given times. I have a thing for lanterns! They are all so unique and very cool! Thanks so much for sharing your favorites!

  2. Lorree Mitchell says:

    I just love your home! Everyday I look forward to opening your emails and seeing what’s going, and I’m never disappointed.

  3. Linda Ann says:

    I love the glow of candles, too! I think there’s something so cozy about lighting candles as evening falls. I choose my scents by season and am currently burning pumpkin and apple scents. I also have been inspired by you to add lanterns and pillar candles all throughout the house. I use battery operated candles for my vignettes so there’s always a glow and it’s safe! Coming home to that glow, even if it’s not an actual flame, makes me so happy! Thanks for all your ideas….you always inspire me!

  4. Elaine Wesselman says:

    I also love opening your posts! I love your home and your style! You are my main source for wonderful ideas! Thank you!

    1. I’m thrilled that StoneGable inspires you and gives you lots of ideas. Just what I want to do!!! Thanks for letting me know!

  5. Where are good places to find reasonable lanterns? The ones I find are quite pricey…I love the BIG one in your pic.

    1. HI KIM, The bigger the lantern the more they cost. I found most of my lanterns at my local Pottery Barn Outlet and they were deeply discounted. Look on Wayfair, Hayneedle and Pier 1. Hope this helps.

  6. Pamela Coleman says:

    Nothing like the glow of candles. I even use them (battery operated) on my front porch and back yard.

  7. Love the glow of candles and your laterns. Going on a hunt today for a few more laterns. Your blog is so inspiring and I continue to look forward to your wealth of ideas. Thank you.

  8. I love your chunky candlesticks. They look great in your home and in your vignettes. I also like the idea of using the same color throughout. Your home looks beautiful.

  9. Janette @ The 2 Seasons says:

    Here’s a tip that a decorator told me: She said to always light the candle and blow it out. Even if you don’t use it, the wick will make it look as if you do. A used candle is better than a new candle, I guess.

  10. I love how you’ve used candles all over your home. I’m on the lookout for some lanterns to use in my home.

  11. I love lanterns as well and use them all year long. Yvonne, where do you purchase yours from? Also, where did you purchase the dark brown turned candlestick that is to the far side of the
    ” cloche ‘ vignette with the bittersweet? I love it!! I love candlesticks…another obsession of mine… ??

    1. The turned pedestal candlestick came from Southern Home a decade or so ago. My go-to place for lanterns is a local shop called Cocalico Design and my local Pottery Barn outlet.

  12. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh Yvonne you really have my attention on candles … Love Love them and all your lanterns oh my yes yes Thank you

  13. I love love love LOVE candles. Candles sticks, votives lanterns I love them all.

    I’m addicted to Luminera candles. They are so realistic without the danger of fire. However I still light scented candles and change the fragrance with the season. Fall is my favorite.

    I have the battery candles all on the timers. It’s so convenient rather than turning them all on and off each night.

    So beautiful and cozy.

  14. I love candles! I really love your mantle with the pumpkins on the wood “slices”. Beautiful!

  15. A lovely post, as usual! Do you remember where you purchased the white perforated vase that is currently sitting on the “sideboard” next to your staircase?

    1. Hi Jayme, The white pottery lantern came from our local Pottery Barn outlet a few years ago. Sorry to say, I have not seen it for a long time.

  16. Love your candles on your dining room table and the pumpkins on your mantel. Your posts always give me inspiration.

  17. I have Luminara candles on timers in my home and I just love the realistic glow every evening. I also use scented candles whenever I can keep an eye on them.

  18. Kathy Nally says:

    I love candles and lanterns too, they are so warm and cozy especially this time of year!

  19. I love everything you do including your weekly recipes. I have made many of them. This is off subject ( I had asked this question before but can’t find the post where I submitted my question so will try again). How have you hung the ironstone lids that are in your dining room. I have one I would like to hang but the conventional plate hanger doesn’t work. Any suggestions are most appreciated!!!
    Thank you

  20. A great post as always Yvonne! I think you did a post once featuring stongable at night! I’d love to see that again! I also wanted to ask you where are some great decor shops that you go to in the Lancaster area? My daughter just moved to east earl, pa. Thanks so much, mandi

    1. Hi Mandi, I have a few great places for decor. The Treasure Place in Intercourse, Cocalico Design on rt 30, The Old Millhouse Shoppes on Strasburg Pike, and Shops up and down Queen Street in Lancaster. Hope this helps.

  21. I love candles during Fall and Winter! They just had such a soft glow to the shorter days. Your candlesticks are beautiful- love how you pared them with the lanterns.

  22. I love scented candles in a jar! They smell wonderful and no mess. I also have a few Luminara candles on timers . Love those in lanterns too!

  23. I love how you display your candle holders and lanterns. I’m especially fond of the one in the big floor lantern, next to the pumpkin. There’s so much candle inspiration in this post, I can’t stop looking at it!

  24. Gorgeous. I, too, love candlesticks and candles. I often put other things rather than candles on them too. I love lighting candles in the Fall and do during the day and at night. Miss you!!!!

  25. Candles are so welcoming. Try to have at least one burning on table for dinner, even though our nest is empty. Your candles and vignettes are lovely. Thanks for letting your light shine into our lives and homes.

  26. I enjoyed this post immensely! I love candles in decor, and for some reason as I was oohing over your talented design, it reminded me of when I first happened upon your blog many years ago. Savoring every picture was a delight. Maybe it was the effect candles have..nostalgia, romance, warmth, home, and always the glow they cast on my heart. Thanks, Yvonne, for bringing “light” to my day.

  27. Love candles and anything related candles especially lanterns.I have many battery operated candles and real ones all over my home including vignettes.Your arrangements are lovely.

  28. Fantastic post! Love love love!

  29. Candles produce the most beautiful ambient lighting, which makes people and places look their best! I totally understand the pros for battery operated candles but prefer the “real thing”. If you use tapers for your special dinner parties or gatherings, here is a tip I read. Place your candles in your freezer for several hours before lighting them. This prevents the wax from dripping on your table linens, etc., and will be less costly than dripless candles. Yes! We ALL love candles and lanterns, too.

    1. I just heard that tip! Great advice! LOVE my readers who contribute great tips.

  30. Candles make such a difference in the mood of a room. Most all of mine are faux and on timers and like other readers use them inside and outside. Still can’t resist some seasonal jar candles for scent but am careful about putting them out at bedtime. Just found the greatest large wooden and glass lantern in the garden center of my favorite grocery store. Marked down 50% and got a bonus of the dish garden they had used it to hold. Never know where I will find a bargain. Can’t wait to decorate with it for Christmas with a tall candle and some greenery!!

  31. Love your candle display ideas. Where did you get the rope pumpkins sitting on the wood slices?

  32. So beautiful and inspiring, please tell me where did the crystal and metal lamp come from?

    1. I think you are referring to the lamp in the foyer, right? I got it at my local Pottery Barn outlet a couple years ago. Hope this helps.

  33. Love this post!! I just recently purchased the battery operated candles with timers. I didn’t think I would like them, but they are awesome. When they come on in the evening, it gives off such a nice glow…and they flicker like a real flame. I think I got mine at Michaels, a little pricy but with coupons you can get good deals. Also my favorite thing to decorate with would be candle sticks…of any kind and size. I’m always picking them up at thrift stores and have several that I need to paint or distress. I love and I love the ideas that you give me for our home.

  34. Kelly Sanchez says:

    Yvonne, have you heard of Luminara candles? They have an artificial flickering moving flame and are absolutely beautiful and real looking. They would be perfect for your lanterns that are on the floor. They even have timers and will come on and go off at the same time every day. They would illuminate your areas beautifully. QVC and Bed Bath and Beyond sell them. (Side note: I don’t like Pottery Barn’s because their flame doesn’t move, it just lights).

    1. Yes, I use Luminara candles. They are beautiful and worth the expense.

  35. Candles are my favorite accents. Do you use the battery operated candles? If so where?

    1. I use a lot of battery operated candles and mix them with my lit candles. I change things around so much that I don’t have a particular place I use them all the time except for the candle in the lantern by the front door.

  36. Jan Cochran says:

    One reason your home and decor are so beautiful to all of us is the gorgeous Photos that you take. Not only are you a master decorator but a master photographer as well !!!! God Bless.

  37. I love using candles any time of year but especially in the Fall and Winter. They just make everything so warm, inviting and cozy.

  38. Thanks for sharing. I love your use of candles and it’s a perfect color scheme. I notice you use real candles even in your lanterns. I’ve been thinking about moving to the realistic looking flame less candles but they are pretty pricey.

  39. Oh my! I just love all those candlesticks. They have personality and style.

  40. Love your grouping of chunky wooden candlesticks and lanterns. Substantial candles and candlesticks massed are great because they have so much presence and are relatively inexpensive. I think candles and flowers are some of the best ways to add decorative touches to your home.

  41. west furniture revival says:


  42. Jill Brewster says:

    I especially love your fireplace mantle. Question….the lantern you have sitting in the tray with the chrome roof, did you purchase it white or did you paint it white? I have one similar that is red. I am thinking about painting it. Jill

  43. I absolutely LOVE your taste in décor and your home and color (or lack of !-compliment I assure you!). I will return to your website often. Thank you so much.