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OH YUMMY! Let’s talk dessert! You know, that sweet treat at the end of a meal or the thing  you serve at a gathering that EVERYONE loves. Let me be perfectly honest… I don’t like to make desserts! Too precise… too much chemistry! But I sure do love love love to buy a special dessert and serve it to my family, friends and guest! The fancier and the prettier, the better! Like this fabulous, decedent chocolate pie above! Can you believe I bought it at Walmart? Here are 5 tips for serving a store bought dessert and making it look over-the-top fabulous!

5 TIPS FOR SERVING A STORE BOUGHT DESSERT-chocolate cream pie-stonegableblog.com



This is a must! Unless your store-bought dessert tastes scrumptious why bother? The dessert does not have to be expensive, it has to be amazing!

Today, I’m featuring one of the best store-bought pies on the market, EDWARDS® CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE! Yes, it is not only delicious and rich and chocolatey and silky, but I just took it out of my freezer and thawed it out before serving it! My family loved it! And look how beautiful it looks!!! All swirled and peaked and dotted with chocolate chips!!!

I now keep a little stash of Edwards Whole Pies in the freezer (they come in some wonderful flavors) for those times I need a beautiful and luscious dessert! These pies are seriously delicious and very reasonably priced!!!!

No baking, no mess… just compliments!


When you are serving a store-bought dessert make sure to take it out of all store packaging. You want to show off the dessert not the pan it comes in!!!!

Here’s how the pie looks in all it’s sturdy packaging… 

Very nice for us to keep in our freezers, but we want to see all the scrumptiousness inside!

5 TIPS FOR SERVING A STORE BOUGHT DESSERT-chocolate cream pie-in package-stonegableblog.comAnd here’s how the Chocolate Cream Pie looks without the packaging and no aluminum plate. The chocolate cookie crust holds the pie together so well!

Make sure you take off all store wrappings if possible!

5 TIPS FOR SERVING A STORE BOUGHT DESSERT-chocolate cream pie-not in package-stonegableblog.com



Make your dessert the star it deserves to be by slipping it into or on a pretty bowl, plate, glass or cake stand. My Edwards Whole Pie literally got elevated to new heights by a pretty ribbed cake plate! It just makes dessert look as special as it tastes!

5 TIPS FOR SERVING A STORE BOUGHT DESSERT-chocolate cream pie-on pedstal cake plate-stonegableblog.com



A beautiful dessert can stand alone! However, a little embellishing will give your dessert a gourmet look! Add some seasonal berries around your store-bought dessert like I did for a colorful garnish! What tastes better than chocolate and raspberries. So chic!

Add mint, shaved chocolate curls, a dollop of whipped cream, a scoop of ice cream, a snowfall of confectioner’s sugar or even put your store-bought dessert in a puddle of some decedent sauce! All fabulous flavor enhancers and all so so heavenly!



Serve your gorgeous store-bought dessert with a smile and the confidence that you are giving your family and friends something scrumptious and memorable… because you really are!

5 TIPS FOR SERVING A STORE BOUGHT DESSERT-chocolate cream pie-chocolate chips-raspberries-stonegableblog.comAnd make sure you have enough for seconds!!! Oh, yummy!

5 TIPS FOR SERVING A STORE BOUGHT DESSERT-chocolate cream pie-chocolate chips-raspberries-pie on fork-stonegableblog.com These tasty Edwards®  Whole Pies are sold at Walmart and now you can save $1.00 on any one Pie by taking advantage of the Walmart ibotta rebate while supplies last . Click HERE for rebate.

You can find Edwards Whole Pies on Facebook HERE.

If you are like me and would rather leave the dessert making to someone else… YOU CAN!!! Just follow these 5 simple steps and take a delicious store-bought dessert to over-the-top fabulous!!!!

5 TIPS FOR SERVING A STORE BOUGHT DESSERT-chocolate cream pie-scrumptious-stonegableblog.com


I am being compensated for this post, but the opinions are 100% mine. Edwards Whole Pies are DELICIOUS and look sublime and are a very easy way to serve dessert!

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5 TIPS FOR SERVING A STORE BOUGHT DESSERT- Take a great store bought dessert and make if fabulous! stonegableblog.com




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  1. Sometimes you just have to take short cuts! The pies look wonderful and my dear mother-in-law always wanted to eat her dessert first — she wanted to make sure she had enough room 🙂 She sure had a sweet tooth. Yes, I agree with you, you can make anything special by adding a little embellishment. The same thing goes in sewing, right? Have a wonderful week, Yvonne.

  2. Shortcuts are great and NO ONE has to know, shhhh……!

  3. Yvonne, your ideas are great and they do make that store bought dessert look delicious, but I enjoy making desserts. You certainly have a knack for presentation! Those same ideas would still elevate a homemade dessert!

  4. I so do this!!…ha!…I remember so many years ago watching Christopher Lowell and how he would show us how to put a party meal together from the deli/grocery store and make it look like we slaved in the kitchen all day!….Love how you “beautified” the pie!!!

  5. Karen VanLoo says:

    Oh yummy! While I do love baking and my friends call me “The Queen of Desserts” I don’t always have the time, and in the summer I prefer cold desserts such as “ice box pies” or ice cream. I love those Edwards pies, the chocolate one you are showing is my family’s favorite one, and the key lime pie is absolutely delish! Thank you for the tips on serving them so beautifuly. Next time I have guests over, I’ll certainly try that!

    1. Everyone raves about Edwards Key Lime PIe. It’s in my freezer for my next gathering… if I don’t eat it first!

  6. Oh my! I need to try that pie. I love to bake but I believe it’s ok to take a shortcut when you don’t have the time. I remember once reading an article where the lady bought a store bought apple pie and put it in her own pie pan, dusted her face and clothes lightly with flour and sprayed some cinnamon apple pie room scent around the house so her family would think she’d been slaving away all day.

  7. Wonderful idea with dressing up the frozen pie …..looks so delicious. Your spring bouquet is so pretty and fresh looking. I like them so much better than a florist arrangement …so homey .

    Have you painted your bed. I definitely don’t want to miss that post.
    Always look so forward to your posts.

    1. Hi Sherrill,
      My bed is a fall project. I’m still trying to figure out what color will work!

  8. Oh my goodness this looks delicious, Yvonne, and I love the Stone Gable spin you gave to it ~ you always have a way of making everything look absolutely amazing.

  9. Love Edwards Key Lime Pie!!

  10. Perception is everything! I believe we start eating with our eyes and if it looks good, our minds are already made up that it will taste good. I bet that pie tasted as good as it looked!

  11. Yvonne, that pie looks delicious and completely homemade with your fabulous touches added! Great tips and so easy to do!

  12. I just love reading your posts. This one calls for a get together just so I can try these Edwards pies Thank you.

  13. Missy - A Shade Fancier says:

    It’s those embellishments that does the trick every time. Right??

  14. Love it, sometimes we forget to simply fancy things up a bit and make them special.

  15. This is a very common practice in France. Often, when people entertain there, they will cook a fantastic meal – but leave the dessert for the professional bakery to take care of. Taking a dessert out of its disposable packaging and setting it on a really pretty platter or stand makes it look like the work of art that it tastes like! I picked up a blueberry pie from Trader Joe’s for the Fourth of July. I took it out of the packaging and placed it on my Irish cut crystal cake stand. It looked festive and delicious. Doing this allowed me to spend my time getting everything just right for our dinner.
    Michelle from simplysantabarbara.blogspot.com

  16. Some time ago you had an Featured an Olive Bucket in one of your posts. I loved it and have been searching for one. Now that I have finally found one but can’t remember how you used it. Help!

  17. Thank you for the great tips. The little extra steps do make a difference.
    Be blessed

  18. Hi Yvonne,
    How beautiful! I love your ribbed pie plate. Did you get it recently and, if so, may I ask where? I have recently discovered your blog and absolutely love it.


  19. The Edwards pie is fabulous! I love what you did to decorate it and it presents itself fabulously! I want to save your pics on my Pinterest, however I can’t get any to “pin”. I looked among your Pinterest board to pins yours, but couldn’t find anywhere. Could you tell me where they are…..under which category? I love your blog and enjoy reading it and pinning your pictures! Thanks in advance!

  20. You SHOULD be compensated for this amazing post, Yvonne- I seldom – almost cannot remember doing so, it’s been that long- buy desserts. I am one of those (like yourself) make-it-from-scratch kind of gals, but with this broken foot I am looking for easy inspiration and you just nailed it for me, thank you!

    I have never even heard of Edwards – but due to all my keyboard drooling, I think I am going to use my coupon, get hubs to pick one of those yummy desserts at Walmart and have some friends for tea and dessert – to aid me out of my lonely misery, and in STYLE!! ♥

  21. Yvonne,
    You took a store bought pie and made an exquisite dessert, dear friend!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  22. I love your tips Yvonne!! Mmmmmm – this looks so yummy! I’ll have to keep my eye out for Edwards Whole Pies – it looks amazing!

  23. bobbi duncan says:

    I have never tried store bought, but this looks so delish that I’m picking up some this week for company coming to visit. It will be great, not having to spend more time cooking, especially with the hot weather we’ve been experiencing here in PA. Embellishing makes it look home-made, and if it tastes good, well, what more can one ask? Thanks ever so much for this idea, Yvonne.

  24. I love your ideas! I do not love to cook but I love setting a beautiful table and making it special for friends and family. I am going to do this for Easter but how do you get the pie out of the tin pan without tearing up the crust? Thanks for all your inspiration!

    1. Hi Jennifer. I cut the pie plate down a few sides and the pie slips right out. Hope this helps.