FABULOUS, FUN, FUNCTIONAL CAKE PLATES- Ways to use cake plates in decor and everyday life other than cake! stonegableblog.comI collect cake plates…the pedestal kind…  and white ones… and ones with detailed edging… and any size at all. They speak to me. I think pedestal cake plates are fabulous! Only on a rare occasion do I actually use them for a cake! Not only are cake plates fabulous, but they are very very functional too! They can be decorative or utilitarian or just plain fun! Let’s think out-of-the-cake-box and find lots of creative ways to use the oh, so beautiful cake plate!


Here are just a few smart and savvy ways to use pedestal cake plates, so get them out of the cupboards and USE THEM! 


FABULOUS, FUN, FUNCTIONAL CAKE PLATES-cooking center- stonegableblog.com

Display a pretty little cake plate with your nail polish or craft items gathered on it! Or use a cake plate as a part of your coffee station! When your cake plates become useful and pretty it’s a win-win decor score!

I created a pretty little grouping of oils, salts and a pepper mill that works next to my cooktop. Don’t forget to grab an aromatic  bunch of herbs to have ready to use too!


FABULOUS, FUN, FUNCTIONAL CAKE PLATES-cooking center- stonegableblog.com


FABULOUS, FUN, FUNCTIONAL CAKE PLATES-dish washing- stonegableblog.com

When things are put on a pedestal it literally and figuratively elevates them to new heights. They seem more important… more special!  

I love to elevate the humble soap dispenser next to my sink. We use bar towels a lot, here at StoneGable, so keeping them right at hand is important. Putting our dish liquid, bar towels and a few blooms from my garden on a cake plate makes such a pretty and useful statement and it’s so fun!!!!!

FABULOUS, FUN, FUNCTIONAL CAKE PLATES-dish washing-sink-stonegableblog.com



FABULOUS, FUN, FUNCTIONAL CAKE PLATES-create a food bar-stonegableblog.com

Stack your cake pedestals and use them to serve a great appetizer or dessert! This is such a WOW factor way to make your family and friends feel so so special! Wouldn’t little cups of steaming soup with all the fixing looks amazing stacked together on a trio of  pretty cake plates?

I grabbed several cake plates and stacked them together to make a festive antipasta salad! Yummy and beautiful!!!

StoneGable reader Nan asked about keeping the stacks of cake plates together so they don’t slide around or off one another… great question Nan!  I have the perfect solution! I get a sticky type clay from the floral department of my local craft store that adheres them together temporarily. No slipping or falling!

FABULOUS, FUN, FUNCTIONAL CAKE PLATES-create a food bar-vertical antipasta salad-stonegableblog.com



FABULOUS, FUN, FUNCTIONAL CAKE PLATES-catch all- stonegableblog.com

Where do you put your keys when you walk in the door? If you ever loose them this next way to use a cake plate was made for you!!!!

Collecting your keys, etc on a cake plate might just be a great option for you! You can also put a larger cake plate to catch incoming or outgoing mail, loose change etc. Just remember to put things away once a day so your pretty plate does not become an eye sore!

When I come in the door I clean out my pockets and take of my bracelets. They are corralled along with my keys and mail until I get a minute to put everything away.

FABULOUS, FUN, FUNCTIONAL CAKE PLATES-catch all-keys and sun glasses- stonegableblog.com


Make a grand stacked statement by adding dishes and a cloche to a cake stand. Add something seasonal under the cloche and you have stunning decor that is low on cost and high on design!

HOW-TO-DECORATE-SHELVES-UNDER-A-TABLE-add dishes and a cloche-stonegableblog.com_-e1414012836982

In early fall I love to use green apples to give a nod to the new season! One perfect apple balanced on a cake plate under a cloche is like a little work of art!  And in the spring what could be more appropriate than a little nest perched on a cake pedestal under glass! New life perfection!

FABULOUS, FUN, FUNCTIONAL CAKE PLATES-cloches-stonegableblog.com


HOW-TO-DECORATE-SHELVES-UNDER-A-TABLE-beverage station-stonegableblog.com_-e1414012836982

Setting up a luscious drink bar is another wonderful way to use cake stands! It’s self-serve at it’s best!

We are such huge coffee drinkers! So setting up a coffee bar when we have overnight family or guest is a nice way to greet them in the morning. And it’s so easy to put together! I used a galvanized metal tiered tray, but stacked cake plates would work just as well!

FABULOUS, FUN, FUNCTIONAL CAKE PLATES-coffee bar-stonegableblog.com



FABULOUS, FUN, FUNCTIONAL CAKE PLATES-decor- stonegableblog.com

I think the easiest way to use cake plates in decor is just to stack them and let their beauty shine through! 

Now, how do you use cake plates? Let’s share!!!!

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FABULOUS, FUN, FUNCTIONAL CAKE PLATES- Ways to use cake plates in decor and everyday life other than for cake! stonegableblog.com

I’m partying at WOW US WEDNESDAY!

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  1. I LOVE cake plates, and after checking out these gorgeous photos, I am keenly aware that I NEED MORE! 🙂 I also like to make them out of pretty plates and thrift store candle sticks. Can’t wait to try some of these display ideas!

  2. Laurene Shewan says:

    Noticed a square butter pat in your key and bracelet “drop place.” I’ve been collecting them for 31 years because they were small and inexpensive. It’s fun to have something to search for when junking. Love the use of your cake plates!

    1. Hi Laurene, they are perfect to hold something little… like a ring or change!

  3. Karen VanLoo says:

    I love all of your ideas for cake plates! You gave me some tips and suggestions I never thought of before. I have started collecting a lot of white things because of your blog, and now I have some great ideas for white cake plates. Thank you!

  4. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    I also need to buy more!!!!!!!! I am afraid when stacking they will slide apart and break.

    I use a pedestal cake plate to make an appetizer plate of smoked salmon, cheeses of choice, black olives, herbed butter and add a basket of bread or crackers. OHHHhhh don’t forget 3 sprigs of fresh herbs or blossoms.

    So look forward to your daily blog!

    PS give us one on making or displaying scarecrows for fall!!!! You can do it and do it well. Teach me.

    1. Nan, I use a sort of sticky tack to keep my cake plate layers holding firmly together. It’s like a clay and can be removed when your cake pedestal tower is no longer in use. Hope this helps!
      LOVE the smoked salmon idea! Fabulous!

  5. All of these are such great ideas for using those cake plates and stands.

  6. Love your ideas! I have just one and that one I made in pottery class a few years ago – it’s in two parts. I used a pale peachy brown as the colour with tiny roses on the rim of the base and the plate. Unfortunately my pottery skill are limited and my plate decided to rise! So now I have a humped plate! Any ideas for that? Of course, some one already suggested baking a sunk cake and turn it over on the plate! ?

  7. Linda Ann says:

    Wow! Who knew? I never would have thought to use cake plates in so many ways! I have a few clear glass cake plates that were my great aunt’s. I believe they’re Fostoria (??) They are packed away in a box because my baking skills are somewhat limited. I need to go get them out now that I have so many great ideas for them! Thanks!!

  8. Wow, just beautiful but I love, love your bottle of dish soap. Tried to do a google search but no luck. Do you mind my asking where you bought it?


    1. Hi Sue, I found it at HomeGoods. It came full of dish soap… but it was not very good. We replaced it with our favorite dish detergent… even though it’s orange!

  9. I so adore how you use your beautiful cake plates….they are always a great showcase for anything and any function….Beautiful, beautiful Yvonne!!

  10. Linda Gardepe says:

    I love your beautiful cake stand ideas! I have one question, I noticed a mason jar oil mister/sprayer. Where did yoy fine that, it is a great kitchen addition.

    1. I think you might be talking about my mason jar oil jar? I got it from Anthropology.

      1. I was just going to ask where you go the Mason Jar with that dispenser! Thanks! 🙂

  11. Teddee Grace says:

    These (posts) are some of my favorite things! You could almost set that to music. Great ideas, wide appeal.

  12. I love using cake stands too, and have even resorted to an upside down bowl with a plate on top when I needed a few more 😉 Love your galvanized tiered tray…mind sharing where you found that gem?

  13. What a great ideas , I love cake plates but I have not really gotten any because I was not thinking outside the box. Do you know what kind of adhesive you would us when your putting together a cake plate …ie candle stick to plate?
    Have a great day.

    1. OK, Yvonne, now I’m really curious. Where did you get the galvanized cake plates? I see someone else was also interested but I didn’t see a reply.

  14. Sherry Myers says:

    Guess who will be dragging out cake plates today? That would be me!!! Thanks, Yvonne, for this lovely and inspiringly creative post!! I’m getting ready to have some fun thanks to you.

  15. I stumbled across your blog yesterday and I am in love!! I’ve been going through lots of old posts and finding tons of inspiration, your style is impeccable and I’m looking forward to being a loyal reader xo

  16. What a awesome post today was! I love cake stands (only have 2) and now you have given me good ideas! Now I will have to shop for more cake stands!

  17. I have used cake plates to arrange varying sizes of candles. Adding a little greenery or seasonal sprigs also adds interest. Great for the upcoming fall season.

  18. Deborah D says:

    I just love your ideas do using cake plates. I too collect pedestal cake stands. I have several white ones, even a square one that I’m especially partial to. I have several Crystal flat ones that were my grandmother’s. She was a wonderful cook and baker. Her homemade cakes were to live for. Cake plates and pedestals remind me of her. I have many many memories of cooking and baking with her.

  19. Yvonne, wow! Gorgeous pics, gorgeous cake plates, and gorgeous blog! You’re my new fav!

  20. Another cake plate collector here–love them! I have one in my bedroom displaying three pillar candles of varying heights surrounded by vintage buttons and with a small piece of vintage lace draping down, as well. I tea stained some cheap white buttons to look vintage, because I didn’t have enough. Love all of your suggestions and appreciate the inspiration, Yvonne!

  21. I have found the circular, rubber, “jar openers”, perfect to keep plate stands from slipping when stacking! Dollar store comes through again 🙂

  22. Everything looks so beautiful! I wish when I ordered my anti pasta salad as take-out, that it looked that good! I might have to show them this picture as a suggestion so that I stop cringing every time I pay for one. But something tells me I’m still going to get styrofoam:)

  23. Once a month many of our neighbors meet at one of our homes, half of the attendees provide either an appetizer or dessert, and place the food on the hostess’ counter. I make cookies (because if I make something other than their White Chocolate Cranberry Macadamia Nut cookies, the ladies get ornery), and arrange them on a cake plate. The hostess’ counter is frequently overcrowded with food; the cake plate has a smaller footprint than a tray and adds a little visual variation. Cake plates Rock.

  24. I love this Yvonne! I was especially wowed by your vertical food bar when you shared it!

  25. Well, I just love these ideas! I am a cake plate junkie, but I have putting the shopping on hiatus, because I cannot bake that much. Now that you have given me all these fabulous ideas, I don’t need to be a prolific chef to display all my pretties…and you just gave me the perfect excuse to hunt down a few more. Hello Homegoods! 😉 Thanks!

  26. Those are all great ways to use cake stands, Yvonne. I am surprised that I don’t have any white ones (I broke the one I did have) but I do have a small vintage silver one. I will have to get some 😉 Beautiful photos as always.

  27. I love milk glass cake plates with the ruffled edges! For serving or presenting, I love to intertwine ribbon or raffia through the holes! It gives it a “finished” look, special! On those plates that don’t have holes, I sometimes put a piece of fabric cut to fit the plate!

  28. These are really great ideas, Yvonne. I especially like the plates and cloche on the cake stand. I have a couple of clear glass cake stands that I love. They add nice height to buffets and vignettes. You’ve given me some more thoughts about how to use them…thanks for the inspiration!

  29. Marilyn Clark says:

    I have several, love having new ideas how to use it them. After seeing your galvanized tier I promptly ordered one. I plan on using it at the holidays. I am anxiously awaiting your picture of it decorated for Christmas! I know, we need to get through fall and TG first! Again , I enjoy your blog very much! Talented lady!

  30. Marcia Lauricella says:

    Great post. Now I am off to Home Goods to buy some cake plates. Thanks!

  31. JEAN GRANT says:

    lOVE your website: so many great ideas! I use cake plates and pedastals for my perfume bottles and bath salts in the bathroom. BUT I also love galvanized metal and would LOVE to know where you found the 3 tier antipasto item as well as the galvanized tins (with lids) you have in the background of one of your pics?! I”m using big galvanized troughs for my raised garden beds.

    1. Hi Jean! Both the 3 tiered cake plates and the galvanized tins with lids came from Decor Steals. They have the best Daily Deals!

  32. I use my cake stands above my cabinets to elevate my transferware collection and also on my bedside table to collect my jewelry! Love your blog!

  33. Love using cake stands to decorate with. They are so versatile and easy to change for the seasons. They are great source for when you need to add a little height to your table or vignette.

  34. Ronda K Scott says:

    Stunning, I think I will become a cake stand collector as well, and blame you?. You are amazing

  35. Sandra Driver says:

    Where do u get dish soap dispenser. Love u

  36. So many great ideas here! I am off to make a Christmas display with a cake plate and cloche……something different for decorations this year. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  37. Nicole Burns says:

    Where did you find your 3 tier galvanized tray?

  38. Lovely inspirations! I recently blogged about cake plates too. Your gorgeous photos elevate your cake plates to new heights too. Hugs!

  39. teresa m miller says:

    I love your ideas! I was wondering what I could do with a large cake plate that was my grandmothers. The problem is that I only have one. Can I stack one or two cake plates on top of it that have different styles? Or should I do something else? Any ideas that you have would be greatly appreciated!

    1. I don’t think I would use a treasured cake stand for anything else but cake and to display. Cake stands are inexpensive and use those to stack. I love that you have a cake stand that belonged to someone you love!