chetah print accent chair

An accent chair is like adding a piece of jewelry to a room. It can freshen up and add so much style to a room. And an accent chair does not have to be expensive. Check out over 25 fabulous accent chairs under $200.00 for your home…

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An accent chair is decorating gold! And the ones I’ve picked for you are not only beautiful but so reasonably priced! Wow!

I originally started to write a post about finding a fabulous accent chair under $250.00 because I found this fun, pretty, chetah motif accent chair for $249.00.

And I LOVE this chair! It is sturdy and comfortable and very reasonable. But the chairs I kept finding for this post were all under $200.00! Who knew there were so many fabulous and almost cheap chairs!

If you like my Kayleigh Slipper Chair and would like to take a closer look you can see it HERE. It is out of stock until July, but you can sign up for a notice when it is back in stock.

Just like my chetah chair, accent chairs can be so much fun and add a bit of color or whimsy or detail to a room!

accent chair in living room

You might like to read HOW TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT ACCENT CHAIR for lots of tips and ideas for choosing and using an accent chair.

Make sure you click on the chairs to see all the pretty colors and patterns they come in. And many of these chairs are on sale!!!!!


Make sure to get your printable ROOM ACCESSORY INVENTORY below…

accent chairs


  1. I am loving your cheetah chair. I am looking for an accent chair for our master bedroom but it will have to be more of a slipper chair because where it will go is a limited space..Our bedroom bedding and accents are various shades of purple and sage green. Walls and curtains neutral. What would be a third color to add to add some excitement? Thanks

  2. Even though these chairs are on sale the one I chose was not under $200. $300 yes. But still a great deal, I’m gonna order 2!

  3. This a great post! I am so happy to see you have included the set of Steves Dining chairs as I just ordered them for my dining room. I am anxiously awaiting for them to arrive today !

  4. Hi Yvonne
    You have nice design style
    May I ask you where did you purchase your hall wrought iron tree hook…my entry is so small something like that will work .

  5. Your home is decorated beautifully. My one question is do you have a husband ? Everything seems so delicate. Do you have a separate area in which to lounge/watch tv?

  6. Are any of these made here in the U.S.? I find that so many of the inexpensive chairs are made in China and Pakistan.

    1. Yes, you can get chairs made in the US, but they are W-A-Y more expensive. Check out Ethan Allen! They have beautiful chairs. But they may be out of many of my readers budgets!

  7. Hi, Yvonne:
    I love your room re-do! Did you paint your black end tables, or did you replace with something new? I love the distressed blonde wood! I would love to see some pictures of your entire room to see what you have done differently. I love your style so much, and you have significantly influenced many of the accents in my home. Thanks for keeping it fresh!


  8. Where did you find the Cudahay packing box. I would love one. 50 +years ago Albany, Ga, my town had a Cudahay packing company .

    Enjoy your blog. I am a retired designer. Also like your inspiration pieces
    Love and Peace Anne

  9. Where did you get the rug for your dining room? Also, my living room & dining rooms are connected. How can I incorporate the design with area rugs? I have been told to treat each area separately, but want them to blend. Hopefully, in the near future, I will repaint the walls to match. I love all your style. Thanks.

    1. Hi Mari, I found the dining room rug at Ballard Designs. However, I don’t see that it is in stock right now. As for your connected rooms, they should be treated as one room with distinct purposes. And they should blend. Your instincts are correct, my friend! Yes paint the walls the same color and make sure the color palette in the room as very much alike. Also, it is a good idea for the rugs to work together too! They don’t have to be the same but you do want them to play nicely together! Hope this helps.

  10. Love the spindly chairs… Where were they purchased from if you might share that… Love your decorating style and was wondering if these chairs would work well in a bedroom.

    1. The chairs would work wonderfully well in a bedroom! They are custom pieces from Ethan Allen. I don’t see them on their site anymore. But try finding ones similar at Wayfair.

  11. Love these chairs! Question: How sturdy do they feel – the legs, too? I looked and they will hold 250 lb.

    I also have been considering spindle chairs, yet these are soo much affordable.

    1. I don’t have the manufacturer’s infomation. You are best calling the company and chatting with them. I am such a fan of spindle chairs. I know they are an investment but I’ve had mine for 12 years and they look like new. Hope this helps.

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