6 ESSENTIALS FOR CREATING AN OUTDOOR SPACE- Here's how to create a great outdoor space without spending a lot of money-stonegableblog.comGrab an iced tea and join me on the front porch. Today I’m sharing how to create a simple outdoor living space in 6 simple steps! Let’s create an outdoor room that is inexpensive and cozy! A little spot to sit and sip iced tea and to read a magazine or two… or read a blog!!! Let’s think about using what we have and then add only reasonably priced things we need. It’s all about a little outdoor space to call our own! 

6 ESSENTIALS FOR CREATING AN OUTDOOR SPACE-a cozy outdoor space-stonegableblog.com


I collected things from around the house and yard to create this little outdoor “living room”. It’s quaint and easy to take care of and has a great view of the farmlands around us. Nothing too fancy and fussy… but very comfortable!

Pick a spot on your patio, porch, deck or stoop to create an area that is a relaxed little outdoor room.

6 ESSENTIALS FOR CREATING AN OUTDOOR SPACE-iced tea on the front porch-stonegableblog.com



6 ESSENTIALS FOR CREATING AN OUTDOOR SPACE-add a rug-stonegableblog.comA rug is the very first thing to add to create a fabulous, easy outdoor space! Adding a rug gives your outdoor living space boundaries. I think this is the single most important thing to do to get that “room” feel! A few years ago I bought several rugs, like the one above, to use outdoors. They came from Ballard Designs and I got them on sale. Many companies have great sales during the summer!

Don’t be afraid to go a little wild with a rug. There are so many fun, fabulous and frivolous rugs to pick from! As neutral as the inside of my home is, my outdoor living spaces are usually bright and a big loud! 

Your rug does not have to be very big or cover your entire outdoor living space. Using a smallish rug will keep the cost down significantly.


6 ESSENTIALS FOR CREATING AN OUTDOOR SPACE-add something to sit on-stonegableblog.comThese porch rockers have been on our porch for over a decade! They are nothing too special… but they are comfortable and very sturdy. We got them unfinished and painted them. It’s been so long ago that I’m not sure the color. Our space is large enough to handle 2 rockers.

Notice they don’t fit perfectly on the rug. That’s okay!!!

Do you have rockers, a mesh outdoor chair, a bistro chair or even a great wooden folding chair. Any chair will do… just make sure it’s comfy! And if you can add two chairs you have a conversation area!


6 ESSENTIALS FOR CREATING AN OUTDOOR SPACE-add a table-stonegableblog.com

Adding a small table will give you something to put your iced tea on! A little table will keep thing off the ground and easily accessible! And again, adds to the “room” look!

This little table came from a bedroom several years ago and I painted it with “Crushed Oregano” latex paint on a whim. No primer… nothing! But it’s held up fine on my porch so far! I know it’s a little bright! And that’s okay!!!

Do you have a little table kicking around you could paint and move outside? Here’s a painting tip for you… buy a SAMPLE jar of paint. It will be enough to paint a little table and save you lots of money!

You could also use a tray or a garden stool.


6 ESSENTIALS FOR CREATING AN OUTDOOR SPACE-add a pillow-stonegableblog.com


If you are one of my beloved reader then you know how much I love love love pillows (and you)!  Adding pillows to your chairs will go far in comfort and making your little area room-like! Use pillows meant for outdoor and DON’T use down inserts. They don’t dry well if they get wet and will smell horrible.

There are so many discount places that have great and very inexpensive pillows. I have had these pillows for several years now. I just give them a scrub down with a taddy bit of gentle baby shampoo and lots of water to clean them.


6 ESSENTIALS FOR CREATING AN OUTDOOR SPACE-add a throw-stonegableblog.com

A throw is an item that adds a great layer of color and design to an outdoor space! It’s all about adding layers you would add to an indoor living space! I know it’s summer, but do this step! It will make your space look polished and amazing!

If you don’t have a thow you want to expose to the elements how about adding a great fluffy beach towel instead of a throw. There are so many big, thick and stylish ones on the market. Again, look for them at discount stores or on sale! I saw one recently at our local Pottery Barn Outlet and I’m heading back to get it for the porch!

A great beach towel will hold up well if it gets wet and can be washed and dried easily!


6 ESSENTIALS FOR CREATING AN OUTDOOR SPACE-add layers of personality-stonegableblog.com

Now here’s the fun part! Add layers of great pieces and things that will work for you in your outdoor space.

One essential layer, for me, are flowers. Either potted or picked, flowers add a big punch of summer pizzazz! So don’t forget them in your outdoor room! These are flowers from my garden. 

6 ESSENTIALS FOR CREATING AN OUTDOOR SPACE-add flowers-stonegableblog.com

I also added a black lantern with a battery operated candle on a timer. So, even at night this area is alluring!

A bright green garden stool sits next to my rocker, making another small “table” for my magazines! Look for cheap garden stools and spray paint them a color that works with your decor.

6 ESSENTIALS FOR CREATING AN OUTDOOR SPACE-add a garden stool-stonegableblog.com


How about adding an old fan to your room? Or if your porch is screened in layer a great pole lamp? Do you have an old crate or a stone garden figure to add to an outdoor living space? And wouldn’t hanging a picture or subway art look amazing? Adding layers of decor will take your outdoor room from nice to fabulous! Layers of decor gives a room lots of personality!

6 ESSENTIALS FOR CREATING AN OUTDOOR SPACE-layering decor-stonegableblog.com




Using these 6 Essentials you can create an amazing outdoor living space to enjoy all summer and into the fall. 

Where would you like to create an outdoor room? Please share!

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  1. Beautiful Yvonne, I can’t believe all those flowers are ready in your garden already, their Stunning against the black.

  2. Perfect idea. Easy to follow and simple. I’m going to follow those easy steps on our cabin deck!!

  3. Your porch is beautiful. I love the beach towel idea! I’m going to keep my eyes open for one or two to use on my porch swing and chaise.

  4. Yvonne, now that I’ve found your blog, I’ll be reading it everyday just to torture myself. Oh how I would love to live in a farm house…or any house… or anywhere where I could have an outdoor space. Does my Manhattan tiny apartment’s fire escape counts as an outdoor space? lol

    1. Well, yes! If it’s in Manhattan it does! Welcome to the StoneGable family, Olivia!

  5. I love this! I’m at my moms house right now trying to find a side table for my tea or coffee! Lol! I’ve been trying to “doll-up” the front porch by planting some pretty box woods in my pots, I have a wicker rocker with a cushion & pillow…I’m halfway there! Thanks for the tips Yvonne:D

  6. Thank you for this post! I have felt like my back porch is uninviting….it needs a RUG! That’s what’s missing. We have a flagstone patio, but a neutral rug will warm and define the space. I could live at your house and love all of your ideas!

  7. Great looking front porch.
    Be Be.essed

  8. I can’t wait to have a nice deck to sit out on. Great tips.

  9. I love you the way you set up the outdoor area, have a question where did you buy the rockers? Thanks for sharing

    1. They came from a local garden shop. They were unfinished and we painted them.

  10. I love the idea of using a beach towel. Once it is folded no one would realize it wasn’t a throw. Ok, I need one of those and a rug and I think I will have mine finished. Love of all of your ideas!

  11. Love all the pops of green. Looks so warm and inviting. Enjoy your weekend.

  12. I love all your ideas and steps to help inspire us all and guide us. Love the bold colors, they all work so well together. I love the neutrals also in side and love bits of black, I recently painted warm gray walls, do you think black will work well with that. That ice tea looks like my homemade ice tea and it helped remind me to start making it again. Great post.

  13. Love your beautiful porch and all of your outdoor spaces. They are as cozy as your indoor spaces. They definitely set the tone as you enter your home….such a beautiful welcoming feeling. Have a great weekend Yvonne!

  14. Love it! I’m going to get a rug for my deck and make “my” space.

  15. Helen Davis says:

    I continue to read your blog every time I see a new one posted. I love all of your ideas and the color schemes are the best, I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog. It is just like reading a magazine and even better. I need to add the rug to my porch to finalize my comfy space. I also have a gazing ball on a iron stand on my porch too. It adds a burst of color to the area as well. Please continue to post your ideas because I am a fan.

  16. This is a wonderful way to capture how to make a great outdoor space! I think you were spot on with every single one! And I LOVE the space you have. I’ll be sharing at this week’s Share Your Style party. xoxo Amanda

  17. I love the beach towel idea, I want to paint a rug on my porch and patio because it is so dust! A second hand store would be a great place to find a throw for the porch!

  18. Deborah D says:

    Great ideas as usual. Now on to the porch!

  19. Lovely, as usual. I only wish my cat would leave any flowers, fresh or silk, on my table. Your home is a dream.