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If you love decorating like me, you probably have a room in your home that you think needs a little refreshing! I bet we all that “that room”! It’s not so bad but with just a little spiff and polish and a new item or two it could be amazing and better suit the way we live. Today’s post is all about keeping what we love and what works in a room, refreshing what is a little tired and picking out some fabulous new furnishings to create a new look that will last a long time! 


I was thrilled when Birch Lane asked me if I would want to refresh a room. And I knew just the room that needed refreshing! The breakfast room at StoneGable was okay, but really needed a little updating! I could not wait to get started!

This is what my room looks like now that it has been refreshed!

EASY WAYS TO REFRESH A ROOM-A step by step guide



Here are a few steps that helped me and might help you with a room refresh project…


EASY WAYS TO REFRESH A ROOM-A step by step guide

This is not as easy as it sounds and should take you some time.  The more thought you put into assessing the better the outcome of any refresh project. Your first instincts might not always be spot on.  It’s a good idea to sit in your room to refresh and spend some time just looking at every aspect of it with a critical eye. It’s also a great idea to have a camera and take pictures and a notepad and pen to put down your thoughts. 

Pictures will allow you to see things your eyes don’t pick up.

1BREAKFAST NOOK REFRESH-hen lamp-stonegableblog-2


Jot down what is a keeper and what obviously needs to go. I found when I was refreshing my breakfast nook that there were furnishings that I had to put on a “pending” list. I had to think long and hard about keeping them or getting rid of them.  Also, it’s a great idea to ask the opinion of someone who knows you and who’s decorating prowess you admire.

As I said, the breakfast nook needed to be refreshed. Not renovated or gutted or made over… just refreshed. I basically liked how the breakfast nook looked but there were just a few things that if changed would make a big difference!

At first, I wanted to get rid of the side table under the window and replace it too.  This table is decades old. This table began its life at StoneGable as a golden oak sofa table and then it was the very first piece I painted. After lots of consideration, I decided it was a keeper. It’s painted charm added a chippy aged farmhouse feel to the breakfast room. And it was the right size and had storage which ended up being the deciding factor.

EASY WAYS TO REFRESH A ROOM-A step by step guide

The shutters on the wall were also up for grabs. But in the end, they were a keeper too. Actually, I phoned this one in! My fabulous friend Anita from Cedar Hill Farmhouse (she will be sharing her refresh later this week) said the shutter were a keeper. So they stayed! And I’m so thankful that they did.

I also kept the kitchen table and the hen lamp. She’s been with me for so many years and is such a fixture here at StoneGable! Somethings, transcend style and become treasures!

EASY WAYS TO REFRESH A ROOM-A step by step guide


On the must-go list were the black oriental rug, the four chairs, and the chandelier. The black rug dated the room and was quite worn. I just got tired of the chairs and sent them to the basement where we will be part of renovating the basement family room next year.

The chandelier, although I still loved it was too weighty and busy feeling since the open shelves across from the breakfast nook went in. Luckily, a friend of mine loved my chandelier too and bought it. 


EASY WAYS TO REFRESH A ROOM-A step by step guide


This is another step that really pays off. If you do your homework before a purchase your refresh result will be much better. Serch your favorite websites for great furnishings and scour Pinterest. 

I pretty much knew what I was looking for when it came to chairs. I’ve been loving the look of upholstered chairs for a long time. As much as I love white slipcovers I decided against white for very obvious reasons, even if they were washable. I also wanted the chairs to be very comfortable and fit under the apron of the table. The new chairs I was looking for had to have classic styling with updated detailing and they had to be a somewhat neutral color! A very tall order to fill!



It’s so important to decide how much you are willing to spend on a project like a refresh. Try to work within its parameters and when the project is complete you will be so happy you did. Many times we overspend because we don’t take the time to figure out how a refresh big or small will fit into our budget. 

I don’t like buyer’s remorse, so budgeting is very important to me!



Do lots of research and measuring before you buy anything new. If you are buying items online make sure to read the reviews. Getting the straight scoop from customers that have purchased an item you are interested in is invaluable!

Our new chairs had to fit comfortably under our existing custom table which had a large apron. So measuring was extremely important. The beautiful and contemporary Tennent Arm Chairs from Birch Lane sat at our table perfectly! 

The Tuscan Four Light Mini Chandelier was also quite a find! It made my whole breakfast room look different. I especially love the mercury glass around the lights that throws off the prettiest glow!




Anything you are keeping that needs a little love… do it now! Repair, repaint, wash and touch up! Remember to do things like patch any nail holes in the wall and repaint over them. 

Because I was doing a refresh and not a total makeover I was keeping much of the breakfast nook’s furnishings. The one big fix in this room was our round kitchen table. This table had been made for us a few years back using 150 year old barn siding. But unfortunately, the base had split. So Bobby took on this tough job and glued and joist it together again. I’m so glad we could save the table!

The one big fix in this room was our round kitchen table. This table had been made for us a few years back using 150 year old barn siding. But unfortunately, the base had split. So Bobby took on this tough job and glued and joist it together again. I’m so glad we could save the table! Good work Bobby! The table is as good as new! 



Don’t let anything that you are replacing hang around your home! Find a way to get rid of it! Give it away, sell it or throw it away.  I must admit I love to hold onto things that can still be used, but it’s far more freeing to let most of them go and have a nice, neat, clutter free home!


Now the fun begins. It’s time to style a room!!!!! Take your time and give yourself permission to “play”. Arrange and rearrange. Bring items shopped from your home into your restyling project. 

After the chandelier was hung and the Grand Cayman Rug from Wayfair was laid down in the breakfast room and the table was fixed and replaced, it was time for the chairs. Oh, what fun to place each pretty upholstered Tennent chair under the table. 

EASY WAYS TO REFRESH A ROOM-A step by step guide

The last thing I did to complete the room was to create a big vignette for the center of the table. I must admit, I do love to create a kitchen table vignette. 

Add and edit until you think your room looks perfect!

Now that I’ve shared my breakfast room refresh I hope you will stop by my friend KarriAnn’s at Thistlewood Farm and see her new refreshed room tomorrow!



You might like to follow me on Pinterest and see what I’m finding to pin every day HERE.

EASY WAYS TO REFRESH A ROOM-title page-stonegableblog.com

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  1. Suzanne Ludwic says:

    I love the idea of refreshing. That sounds doable and so much less intimidating than redecorating! I am going to choose a room to refresh, take photos and take notes. Thanks for the “refreshing” idea!

    1. A “REFRESH” is so much easier than a makeover! And it’s more economical too!

      1. charmaine j. fritz says:

        i loved the way it looked before but love the new look also. i would never get rid of that chicken lamp – its one of my favorite things in your house – and you have a lot of favorite things i love!!

  2. Assessing your room through pictures is a good idea. I know when I do a vignette I always rake a pic so I can see if or what to tweek. Love your new chandelier and I’m so happy you kept the rooster lamp.some things never get old.
    I have a question,Yvonne. I have oak bedroom furniture that I want to keep. I like the shape of them. I replaced the headboard with an upholstered one. How do you cover up the grain of the wood when you paint it?

    1. If you use Chalk Paint you should not be able to hide the grain! I hear you can now purchase chalk paint that is also spray paint!
      My favorite chalk paint by far is Amy Howard’s One Step.

  3. Looks amazing! Good job! My research prior to the refresh makes it so much easier. I’m in the middle of a kitchen refresh, painting my cabinets. The planning I did on Pinterest and bloggers has made it so much easier and you are right about budgeting, I decided to do my kitchen in 2 phases, making the countertops and frig phase 2.

  4. ~ Yvonne ~

    I can’t believe how a few changes made a bright new refresh, so glad that u kept your table,
    I just love its character!
    Have a ~ beautiful ~ day!

  5. I love your new chairs!

  6. Your breakfast nook looks like such a cozy spot for morning coffee and the newspaper. Beautiful refresh.

    1. Hi Marsha, you are right. I find myself spending much more time in the breakfast nook now!

  7. Change is good but If you would have gotten rid of the hen lamp I think I would cried. I have a room that needs refreshed too and it sounds easier than it is to do. Thanks for the tips. ?

  8. Pam Mowbray says:

    You never disappoint your readers Yvonne! Another brilliant post, so fresh and current. It makes me think,”Spring!” Perfectly integrated into your farmhouse style. Classic yet youthful! P.S…. I hope you have recovered completely from your surgery?

    1. Thank you! I’m slowing creeping along. I get my cast off the end of February. Wow, this has been a long recovery!

  9. Looks so nice, Yvonne! Is this the announcement we were expecting on January 17th?

  10. Love the new rug; glad you kept the hen lamp!

  11. Sandra Barnhart says:

    Love the idea of shopping the rest of the house. Saves money and refreshes the old.

  12. So very pretty! Love your style.

    1. Love the breakfast nook. I hope that you are feeling better. Love all the ideas a usual.

  13. Wow! What a great space. I really love the table – one of a kind piece really sets the tone for the room. Nice that you kept the hen lamp, she’s adorable. Ties in beautifully with the chandelier and the shutters. Really love your style. Thanks for another great post!

  14. Lorri Rauscher says:

    I noticed the chairs and light fixture right away. Lovely!!! When doing a refresh ..the room perks up…and you can hear it say…”thats more like it” ?You are such a busy lady…hope u r feeling better.

  15. I love the choice of chairs! I have been looking for a similar look myself. Nice.

      1. Followed your link to Birch Lane and found the perfect drapes for our family room. Using your ideas to do my own refresh ?

  16. Wow!! It looks beautiful Yvonne. That light fixture caught my eye right away.
    Glad some of the beluved elements remained though. Your beautiful tables and than chicken lamp! ☺

  17. Anne Marie says:

    Lovely area – can I join you for breakfast??

  18. Kathleen Jackson says:

    My daughter loved this table scape but the problem she has is that her table seems to be the spot for school papers, notices and crayons. Some ideas for working these into the design would be appreciated.

    1. First of all, tell her to love and embrace and enjoy the messy evidence of children. When those school papers and crayons are gone, they will be so so missed! Your daughter might want to put a big basket near the table and when her sweet kiddos are done with their papers, etc they can put their work in folders and stick them in a basket or crate.
      What a good question!
      I hope this helps, Kathleen!

      1. Joanne B. says:

        what a great answer! those crayon marks and dings and dents are part of the history of your home!

        1. rozalind strayn says:

          beautifully inspiring,

  19. Betty Hummel says:

    Love your refresh, especially the new light. Hope you are feeling better. I agree with others so glad you saved the Hen lamp.

  20. LInda of No.Cal. says:

    WOW !! Those chairs and the chandelier are fabulous !! I could not remember the old look.
    I went back to check it out. EXCITING. The new look is so perfect.

    ?Linda of No. Cal.

  21. Linda of No.Cal. says:

    –plus I ‘Pinned it’ !!

  22. Yvonne, what a beautiful space for breakfast or any other meal! Your refresh is perfect…Happy Wednesday!

  23. Carol Davis says:

    Love the after – what did the before look like. Or do you still have a pic. of it?

    1. This! I love a good before and after (even if it’s just a refresh!) Looks good, Yvonne.

  24. Nancy Loyd says:

    Great inspiration, I went searching in my house and did a similar tablescape for my table! Thank you for your in[iration!

  25. Karen VanLoo says:

    I love it! It’s just beautiful. I have thought for many years of keeping my solid oak dining room table (which is now painted black, used to be a light honey oak) and replacing the old chairs with upholstered chairs, even if I just kept my four windsor chairs and did the two end chairs in an upholstery. I always get great ideas from you, and wonderful inspiration. The breakfast room is beautiful. Your rooster lamp is one of my favorite things!

    1. I did that recently and love it! I bought two upholstered occassional chairs with a pretty pattern and put them at the ends of the table. I picked up a soft green from the upholstery and repainted the walls under my chair rail. Neutral drape panels were swapped out last year when I saw a good sale. Quick and budget- friendly changes! I replaced the chandelier and art piece a couple of years ago. Everything else stayed the same– black windsor chairs, table, buffet, and hutch a mix of black and stained wood, large mirror, off-white walls above chair rail. But the room looks new and fresh! I call this “real-world” decorating!!

  26. Beautiful as always and I love the hen lamp.

  27. I like the idea of refreshing an area instead of a full reno. Sometimes that is all the area needs and it doesn’t cost as much!

  28. Love the new light fixture…..it really sets off the room. So glad you didn’t get rid of the shutter, which I love, nor the table. Great looking nook!

  29. I have been refreshing (or planning to refresh) my home lately. It must be this time of year that gives us the inspiration! I love what you did in your breakfast room. The chairs look beautiful and comfortable and I love the way you styled the table!

  30. Your table vignette is so refreshing and light looking – a nod to spring!

  31. Karen Gamble says:

    I never thought of taking pictures to assess your room. We have built on a 4 season room and I am deciding what needs to be new and what I can repurpose from other rooms. I brought a friend over to help since I like her decorating style.

  32. Love the chairs, and so glad you kept the shutters and that chippy white table, it looks great in the space.

  33. Teresa White says:

    I like reading about how others refresh their look and feel of a room. I am not good at decorating but I have some ideas collected from visiting friends homes and from posts like this one. I truly am glad I found your site because you offer those “hacks” for your readers. Thank you

  34. What a warm, refreshing, cozy breakfast nook! I just love the way you pulled everything together, it is totally amazing!

  35. I love this ‘refresh’ but I am a little bit confused. Your chandelier is a 4 bulb, but the picture in the link shows a 6 bulb chandelier. Do you find the 4 bulb provides enough light?

  36. Love the refresh! The chairs are to die for……so glad you found them and kept the hen lamp! Making notes and planning my next room refresh…thanks for some great ideas.

  37. I like all your changes, but I loved your black chairs better in that room.

  38. Claudette Fowler says:

    I love this room. I’m new to your blog so I would love to see the old room in comparison. Great tips, as always.

  39. Great post ! We have made many changes to our kitchen and eating area but one thing I have not replaced is our kitchen table. Nothing fancy about it. We have had it for 34 years and have fed all 3 of our DDs on it. It’s, worn and outdated but the memories made around the table are priceless ! Every time I have wanted to replace it my adult DD’s protest. So it stays.

  40. Shelley Anderson says:

    Love your reveal…very pretty!

  41. Beautiful – love that light fixture!!

  42. Yvonne, This is beautiful ! And what good timing… I am getting ready to redo my breakfast room. That means taking down wallpaper and painting it. Can you tell me the paint color in your breakfast room ? Looks like it would go with anything. (and that’s my goal).
    Also, I have the same white bowl you have , it was my mother-in-law’s and she gave it to me when they moved to an apartment to downsize. I have apples in it too !!
    Thanks for all your ideas.

  43. regina jones says:

    I love your style!!! I want to redo my kitchen but my husband doesn’t want me to paint my cabinets. any suggestions?

  44. Patty Soriano says:

    I like the arrows above the door…. are they painted on or are they real objects ? Do they have a significance for you ? Also love the set of canisters on the sofa table….they look galvanized. Would you share where they came from ? Love your look! Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

  45. Becky Tannehill says:

    Love a new look for a new year!!! Everything works so well together…you have inspired me to “refresh” several areas in my home. Can’t wait for the end results!!!

  46. Love to “refresh” a room. It makes such a difference! I love to do mine seasonally. You gave great ideas and points. Thank you.

  47. Love, love what you did! It looks so inviting and I’m so glad you kept the hen lamp and shutter. It’s beautiful relaxing space to have a cozy cup of tea and look through magazines. I’m also a big fan of galvanized anything so I love the canisters.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  48. So pretty and doable I am at work right now but can’t wait to try this…..this weekend but no shopping for me…..I will have to re-use, re-fresh and edit! I too have issues with getting rid of stuff but I have a load going to Salvation army Saturday morning! Just grabbed an old basket and starting placing thing in it I knew would never see the light of day again at my house! Might have only been a basket full and one Trader Joe’s paper bag full but each time I do that I feel so good and accomplished. And fun for the Salvation Army treasure hunters! Hope your healing and in the “boot” now…..I was in heaven once I could put bear weight on my leg! A tip for you though…my boot was pretty thick and when walking threw out my hip so I wore a low wedge heel on the other foot to keep my hips balanced as best as I could! Helped not to cause another issue! πŸ˜‰

  49. I love the new breakfast nook. I especially love the new chandelier and chairs. Another beautiful room!

  50. Victoria Schwalbe says:

    You think a room or maybe just a corner of it looks pretty good until you put something different in that space. It might be new or something moved from another room. I’ve it before…..your tip of shopping our house has proved to be invaluable!!!!

  51. Love your refresh! My breakfast nook is also my choice for a change up!! I have struggled with finding the right light for over my table for at least a year now. I am in love with your new chairs also! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  52. Love it….so inviting.

  53. Love the hen lamp and wish I had a spot for one in my home. We will be replacing countertops soon and am leaning toward quartz. Any thoughts?

  54. Debbie Hooper says:

    Love the new chairs and rug! It looks wonderful! Love the color on the bottom of the table! Did you paint and could you tell me the color please? Thank you!

  55. Hi Yvonne – I couldn’t believe it when I saw your post this morning as I have the very same wicker basket and almost the same white bowl! Mine flares out a bit more on the sides. I’ve always had a weakness for any kind of “rope” pattern with its sculptural quality whether it be in ceramics or in the rope legs of a table. Like your sofa table with the charming hen lamp, I have an old 3-drawer cupboard that holds a mini bar at one end and a vignette at the other. Your refresh is perfectly lovely – a little bit of new (the chairs and light) while retaining the character and sentimentality of the old (the tables, lamp, etc). I hope your ankle is steadily improving and hope you receive my “mail” soon.

  56. well done …the refresh is beautiful! love the basket on your table and the hen lamp.

  57. Patricia Flournoy says:


  58. A most beautiful transformation of the breakfast room…I loved it before too. Hope you are feeling better as each day goes by! and yes, I agree with Anita about keeping the shutter!

  59. How refreshing is your updated breakfast nook. You have quite the all encompassing eye for decorating.

  60. Jill Brewster says:

    Oh my gosh! I so love you hen lamp. I need one!

  61. Shauna Neuenswander says:

    Beautiful, I love the new chairs..

  62. Sandra Bayzat says:

    Bright and cheery room….just what I needed today on a cold New England day….I am always up for “spiffing” things up and moving the “stuff” around…so much work tho! Not long ago I had a “hen lamp” similar to yours…My hubs really thought it was awful….so I sadly donated it to my local Goodwill Store….Anyhow….who thought I had at least a little taste…I covet the lamp….well…maybe it is brightening up someone else’s room!

    Thanks for all your hard work with the pics and copy….


  63. Carol Elkins says:

    Your breakfast nook looks great! I love the new light fixture!

  64. Susan Jackson says:

    I love the chandelier!!! I have been looking local but did not think to check out Birch Lane. It’s beautiful! You’re always inspiring with your decor. Thank you!

  65. Such a fresh and beautiful style.

  66. Marilyn Miller says:

    I like to see your decorations and love to see the colors you put together!

  67. Kathy Parra says:

    I absolutely love your new reveal. Just an idea…I would love to see Before and After pictures instead of just After pictures. It’s just a thought. What you have is lovely by itself already and so very inspiring. Thank you for all of your effort.

  68. Julianna Mathers says:

    The perfect refresh! I love all your choices. The rug is so fresh and updated! And the light fixture is perfect. And as soon as I have older, neater children I would love to get upholstered chairs at the breakfast table! Where does the door lead?

  69. Christi Treadwell says:

    Love this room. Where can I find a basket like you have on the table?

  70. Brook Edwards says:

    I always take something away from your posts. Thank you for being so inspiring!

  71. Seeing black and white reminded me to find my toile valances

  72. BettyAnne says:

    Beautiful breakfast room refresh!!

  73. Love the basket on the table. Any ideas where you can purchase one like it?

  74. Thought a refresh wasn’t necessary…boy, was I wrong! What a beautiful difference….always keep the hen lamp, though!

  75. Sue Benson says:

    Love your style. You are so talented! That chandelier is to die for.

  76. Marilyn Lopez says:

    I enjoy your posts. I have ceramic basket like the one shown above.

  77. Carolyn Ray says:

    Yes your style is my style only you put it in to play! Love you post and look forward to seeing it every day!! Thank you!

  78. You amaze me with how much you get done on a broken ankle! The breakfast room looks amazing.

  79. Such a beautiful refresh! Looks wonderful and inviting! As always…great job! ?

  80. The room looks lovely.I have 2 shutters similar
    to yours flanking my dining room window which
    I love.Sometimes a few small changes can make
    such a big difference in a room.

  81. Cyndi Ferrell says:

    i love your ideas. Thank you for sharing

  82. Debbie Sullivan says:

    Your breakfast nook is beautiful! you have such a beautiful style

  83. I wish you lived close to me and then you could help me with my decor problems…I love everything you do!!!

  84. Sandra McFadden says:

    Sometimes all it takes it changing your throw pillows to refresh a room. I have one chair that I buy different colored covers for to change up my one room and add a few throw pillows and walla!

  85. Hi Yvonne,

    I love your breakfast nook! I’m drawn to the apple green color with baskets, etc. Your emails and blog posts are so inspiring to me. I very much enjoy them.


    1. I’m so glad you are letting me know you are enjoying my daily newsletters. I hope they give you lots of StoneGable options!!!

  86. Stephanie Capps says:

    I enjoy your blog. It has such refreshing and warm ideas for enhancing a home.

  87. Teresa Alexander says:

    pretty breakfast nook! love the new chandilier!

  88. Melissa Nix says:

    Love reading your posts. Can you show a picture of the old chandelier? Just curious, since ours is black but with “bubble” glass.

      1. Thanks Melissa for asking for a before pic. It helped me appreciate the refreshed room so much more. Yvonne you have made some really nice improvements. Keep up the good work.

  89. Vynne LoTurco says:

    A beautiful refresh for your breakfast nook . Love the chairs and light fixture!

  90. Wonderful tips!! Everything looks beautiful ❀

  91. Wonderful tips! Everything looks so beautiful ❀

  92. Everything looks so beautiful!! Wonderful tips!

  93. Hi Yvonne
    I agree when you view your home in pictures you can truly see how it seen by others.
    I have made so many changes just by viewing pictures I have taken.

    Your home always looks so beautiful.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Much love,

  94. Phyllis Witmer says:

    Beautiful. I love the light and the rug!

  95. Roxie Hardin says:

    Dear friend ,I always love reading your Blogs and LOVE seeing all the special decorating things you do.also your christian values inspire me.Love it all.

  96. Always such beautiful posts with so many wonderful ideas!

  97. Love the new chairs! Is there a before picture? I don’t remember what the old chairs looked like or the old chandelier. Your ideas inspire me! Thanks for sharing how you go about making changes!

  98. Love the chairs and the table vignette Yvonne!!!

  99. Antoinette says:

    The hen lamp is the star attraction.

  100. Mary Chris says:

    I like the pop. Of colors .makes me feel spring is coming. Great job.

  101. Margaret Reilly says:

    My nook needs refreshing, too! I love the suggestion to take photos, letting the camera’s eye capture details I might miss. Your room is perfect. Especially love the chandelier!

  102. Love this refresh!! I’m thinking these chairs would be great in my breakfast nook too!

  103. I am so happy that you kept your Hen Lamp! She is one of my favorite things in your home! I love the new look in your dining room. The new chairs are quite fabulous.

  104. Theresa Winterberry Lane says:

    Wow! I love the refreshed breakfast nook, it looks great!,Yvonne.I am glad you decided to keep your little hen lamp in the nook area. The new light above your table is fabulous!

  105. Lisa Tatum says:

    I am always changing small decor items in and out but we have been in our “new” home 12 years now and I am ready for some small changes. This post has given me wonderful ideas for those subtle changes. Thanks

    1. So glad Lisa! You are so smart to refresh before a home gets too old and you have too much to do all at once! YOU GO GIRL!

  106. Maggie Nelson says:

    Love the new look and the new chandelier and also like how you did style the table.

  107. I love the hen lamp and the table vignette. You always inspire me to do something pretty. God bless you, Yvonne.

  108. genie steger says:

    Love the refresh and so inspiring!!! I have the same little hen lamp and she has been with me for a long time, she came in beige and I see your is white with black pin feathers, did you paint her????? I want to paint mine….Also her little stem is wavering (the thing that carries the wire to the light bulb….if take the felt off the bottom I think I could straighten it and tighten the screw, do you think so?

  109. Thank you for sharing your “REFRESH”. I have been thinking about my Great Room, since putting the Christmas dΓ©cor away — and I think I will do just what you said, sit and think, take notes, etc. I’ve been thinking about adding a sofa table or chest, and I saw one at my favorite resale shop last week – without even looking no less! Totally different from my style, but I think its modernity would add something to the room.

  110. Its lovely. Love the chicken/rooster lamp!

  111. Ginger Miller says:

    There is nothing that I don’t love in your posts!!

  112. Great ideas and visuals! Thank you for sharing.

  113. Nita Thedford says:

    Very nice. Your strategies about planning are such good tools especially for budgeting. I, too, would have loved to see before pics.

  114. Sylvia Hill says:

    Everything looks great. Glad you kept the lamp! The chairs are so pretty.

  115. Love the bunny tureen!

  116. Teresa Gonzales says:

    Pinned it and love what you have done!

  117. That Tuscan chandy is perfect for my living room! I instantly clicked on it while reading your post. From your pic and Birch Lanes I am thinking the shades have a golden touch, am I right? I’m seriously considering and want to make sure.

  118. I really like your “refreshed” breakfast area. Thanks so much for sharing. I especially like it that you shared that you chose to keep (and repair) your dining room table and the rooster lamp for sentimental reasons instead of purchasing something new to take their place.

  119. Thank you for your ideas for a “refresh!” I just started my dining room yesterday, so this is perfect and great insight.

  120. Sharon B. says:

    The breakfast room looks lovely and the chairs look really comfortable to sit in which I think is really important. Glad you kept the chicken lamp. Chickens may not be in style anymore but I love this black and white chicken and the lampshade looks really good with the chicken. It’s a very unique and charming lamp and I think it matches your house and decorating and ups the charm factor of the room. I think the room is very cozy and comfortable. Makes me want to start thinking of a little refresh in my house.

  121. Sharon Minzey says:

    It’s a new year and time to refresh! Love you ideas! Plus, I’ve been finding amazing deals at the thrift stores! Working toward a whiter environment because it goes with so many different colors!


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  124. looks so fresh and sparkly! Embarrassed to admit, although I have read and enjoyed your blog for a few years, I cannot remember your old chandelier. Do you have a before picture you could post? I tried searching your blog but havent located the “old” breakfast room yet. Thanks!

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    Keep your wonderful ideas, recipes and project coming; they are wonderful!
    Tam Thompson

    ps I think the use of little lamps is another way to “cozy up” the kitchen. Don’t you?

  129. Phyllis Piontkowski says:

    Love your site…..I especially like that round table. My parents had one like that & now our Son has it in his house.
    Thanks for all your good info.

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  131. Darlene James says:

    What a lovely refresh you achieved Yvonne. We had a hen wall mount light fixture on the cabinet next to the sink for years (many little shades) later a friend told me how dated and unattractive it was. Into the trash it went ! Seeing yours brought back all the memories of ours and now to see how well received it’s been I will soon have another…Lol! Thank you for sharing

  132. As with most things you do, this room is lovely. I especially love the table (glad you kept it!) and the chairs. Are the chairs yellowish/goldish in color or is my computer distorting the color? Can you share where you purchased them, the fabric color nad pattern and the chair name/model? Many thanks!

  133. Linda Charlton says:

    Love doing a room refresh.Just changed things up in my teeny tiny den. I just moved things around and shopped the house. I did my guest room in November. Hope your are healing fast.

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    I am trying to do a refresh on the “small”. We have to move in a month or two but I need something now so working on a new table runner and just bought some new dishes from Macy’s, still Waiting for the to arrive.

  146. Joanne B. says:

    I love your idea of a refresh-especially for us as we are thinking about downsizing in the near future. We don’t want to invest in items now that might not work in our next home. I love my oak pedestal table but am tired of the matchy match oak chairs. LOVE your idea of pairing the upholstered chairs with your table! This would give me a fresh updated look now in my kitchen and this style chair would work nicely in our new home (whenever/wherever that will be). I’ve pinned your pic of your table and chairs to my Pinterest – I have a very beautiful home in my Pinterest world I’ll have you know! Thanks again for the inspiration.

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    1. Pam Harrison says:

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    I enjoyed today’s article about refreshing your breakfast area. It’s a nice reminder not to feel stuck with things you don’t like anymore.
    I’m wondering about the new chairs though. Will they stand up to spills?

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    I can’t remember if I said how I love the new rug, the colors r perfect!
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    Yvonne: I just love everything to post. Your blog was the first I started to follow. I have niw set up an Instagram account Old Castle Cottage. I am hoping after 30 years in retail I can set up a blog and use social media for online home furnishings . Thanks for being an inspiration.

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  178. Cheryl Ann says:

    Yvonne, this room turned out lovely. I enjoy updating too and wondered if the ceiling hole is ever a problem for you when hanging new lights. I need to update, but worry about the current light being larger than the new one I would like. Love your style…blessings,

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  193. I’m a BIG believer in loving what you have. Painting, using an item in a different way, making little updates but not running to the store to change everything is not only being a good steward of your money but also of our planet. I love what you have done. I am now living in a third world country and boy are my eyes open to how frivolous first world problems can be…

  194. I do this all the time. I put a lot of thought into where i place things & what i place those things on. I know when my areas or rooms are due for a refresh & i start working one area at a time. I have baskets, crocks,trays & big glass mason jars so ill start with taking things out or adding thigs to them. I love moving things all around! Tonight i spent 2 hours refreshing my craft room. It looks amazing. I have to be very careful because it’s a small room so i red up everyday! Dont you just love it when you finish cleaning & refreshing a room. I always say ” ahh i can breath in here”. Lol theres something about a dirty cluttered space that just makes me crazy so when my house is clean & pretty its my way of thanking God for my blessings. We are supposed to take care of what God gives us right?

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  207. Nancy Marino says:

    I love the lamp also Yvonne. This is a good time to refresh our decor. Here in Florida I am already starting my spring cleaning! The bunnies are finding their way out of their boxes and everything santa back on the shelves. Happy day.

  208. The blue in the rug really helps bring out the rest of the blue in the room! Great change. I enjoy refreshing after the holidays; getting rid of a few things and replacing them with newer items. It just helps the new year start fresh. Just changing the pillows or a frame can really change the look of things. Thanks for all of your great ideas!

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    Great ideas! I have a similar table that is all stained. I am going to paint the bottom black like yours.Also, I like the shutter idea for a slender wall space that I have been trying to figure out what I would like there.Now, I just have to find a shutter that I like. Keep the ideas coming!