summer vignette on kitchen table

I’m so excited to talk “summer” today! Summer decorating ideas! And what’s more fun than decorating our homes with a nod to a more relaxed, warm and easy way of life!


one summer decorating idea is to change out pillows. Blue and white summer pillows on a sofa

You knew I was going to say that, right?

So I’m reminding you to get out your summery pillow or make a small investment in new ones! Summer is the time to lighten up your pillows! Add a little sass or change the fabric to linen or colorful cotton! Lots of stores and online sites carry great summery pillows.

Look for a post next week with my favorite summer pillows!



summer wreath on a front door is a great summer decorating idea

A summer wreath on the front door is a way to say WELCOME to the outside world! Such an easy summer decorating idea that sets the mood for your whole home! A front door looks bare without a wreath!

I like my summer wreath to show up and show-off!

You can see how to make this easy summery wreath HERE.


summer mantel with blue and white and hot pink garden roses

This summer I have a very laid back attitude towards styling a mantel! What could be easier than adding a few seasonal elements to a mantel and calling it done!

Just remember, keep your mantel very simple. Use elements that look like summer and vary their heights! And try an asymmetrical arrangement on your mantel. It gives a very casual vibe!


blue and white summer vignette on a kitchen table

How about bringing out all the fun summery kitchen decor to create a vignette? I love to play with dishes and they look so pretty displayed on a table!

Here are some ideas for any summer vignette, kitchen or not…

  • picnic dishes
  • drink dispensers
  • summer napkins
  • anything patriotic
  • shells
  • summery flowers
  • lemons
  • starfish
  • coral


white linen curtains for summer in a living room

Need a summer decorating idea that will change the look of your entire room? How about changing out your curtains? Or taking down your curtains altogether?

Think about replacing your curtains with sheer curtains for the summer. They are sooooo inexpensive and look breezy, light and pretty!

I chose to change out my living room curtains for white linen ones. Oh, am I thrilled! My whole room looks lighter and less formal!


blue and white checkered coffee pot filled with garden flowers

Summer is the time to bring lots of organics into your home. Cut flowers, topiaries, herbs, moss and willow balls.

And don’t forget stick and twigs and fluff! My favorite summer accent is a great string of driftwood! BAM! Instant summer!


sisal rug in the living room

Not until I got sisal rugs did I see what a big, big difference these inexpensive area rugs made in my home. I love them!

You can find jute and sisal rugs at Overstocks and Wayfair for very reasonable prices.

Jute is a style friendly decor element. It plays so nicely with any style!

Just thinking about all these summer decorating ideas makes me so excited to get them out and start decorating.

summer napkin fold with green woven napkin ring

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How about you? Are there easy summer ideas that would work in your home? Get busy and make some summery changes!

blue and green hydrangeas in a short pitcher


  1. I love all your design tips. Everything looks wonderful. I love reading you blog everyday. I am off to make a new vignette. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day!

  2. Hi Yvonne, I kinda go room by room and “season” them up. For example right now my home is Spring with nests, birds, flowers etc. About halfway thru June along comes Summer and do Fourth of July/RWB/America then when the fourth is over I remove the things that are “4th of July ish” and in our family room I will do a beach theme That’s my way. I can’t imagine not decorating for the seasons. It makes me happy Hugs, Dorinda

  3. I love those touches of jute and burlap with the baskets says summer to me . I always change things around with the seasons especially with my window treatments. I think my family likes the changes also,

  4. I love to decorate for the seasons. It makes your house reflect the current goings on and makes it a lot of fun to switch out and change up your decorations every few months. Then there’s no boredom. Thanks for some ideas and a great post as always!

  5. Thank you for your wonderful ideas! I love decorating for the seasons as it keeps my surroundings fresh and exciting! I’m always looking for ideas to change things up a bit as I don’t always do the same mantle or hearth or table vignette ! It’s fun and keeps my brain “on its toes”!?

  6. Changing accessories with the seasons keeps things fresh – we change our wardrobes, why not our homes also as they are a reflection of us too.

  7. Changing my decor per season is my throw back to when I taught kindergarten. I loved creating a homey classroom environment for my students to learn. Now…I create a comfy home for my family to enjoy. God is good to allow me this pleasure…Love your blog Yvonne. Thank you for sharing your home and talent with me!

  8. As always, your ideas are full of wisdom and creativity!!!
    Enjoy Summer, it goes by way too fast!!!

  9. I love white linen curtains. They are very nice for the summer just like linen clothes :). Light, airy and feeling cool in a hot summer day.

  10. I’m currently looking for a nice Jute rug…off to Overstock I go!! Love that woven pillow from PB!

  11. I’m all for keeping it light and airy.I have linen look curtains in several
    rooms that I got years ago in Target,they look like a million bucks.Always
    add some greenery, love the starfish.

  12. I love the texture of the woven pillows and jute rug in your home. Looks great with your neutral palette.

  13. Love the lighter and brighter colors for summer decorating – the driftwood is my current fave!

  14. I enjoyed looking at all your summer ideas. You always give me inspiration for my own home. Thanks!

  15. Beautiful ideas for summer décor. I especially love your summer table scape. Pier I has a plethora of tableware on sale so pretty and fun.

  16. Hanging baskets of ferns and brightly colored blooms are my nod to summer. Preparing the porches and decks for summer is a must
    in Alabama, since we can enjoy outdoor living, until the heat and humidity drive us inside to the cool of the A/C. Then it is time to bring the outside in with cut flowers and green plants. Fun summer dishes are a great way to enjoy the season, also.

    Off to listen to your podcast…

  17. I love your sheer curtains but unfortunately cant have them in my family room. We get the beating/heating afternoon sun and need the thermal room darkening for relief. Wish we didnt go straight into summer heat and actually had a little more spring.

  18. Something about white and neutrals, that always look fresh and just so right for summer. Love the jute rug, too.

  19. Yes….organics and jute make me so incredibly happy. It is so funny, because every year I tell myself I am not going to go out and buy new decor just to go with the seasons but I cannot help myself. It is so much fun. Great tips, my fabulous friend.

  20. I really love all that texture in your rooms Yvonne. Thank you for the tip on the Pottery Barn pillows being back in stock too!!

  21. So beautiful!! I might change out my curtains, thanks for your inspiration! I love your home so much!


  22. Getting ready for summer in the Midwest. Changing out the pillows and adding light er decor. Thanks for the inspiration.

  23. There’s nothing better than the Red, White & Blue for summertime decor. I’d love to know where you got your “basket”round tray with the handles? Thanks and how’s the foot healing this time around?

  24. I have never thought about changing out my curtains for summer. The white sheer ones from Walmart might be perfect for a light airy look. thanks!

  25. Love these ideas and the link in your post to PB. I browsed around the pillow section awhile! All new again! I used to have a purse similar to your natural fiber pillow and it simply felt good to touch. I imagine these pillows would be too. I’m wondering if you influenced them??!!! One never knows!! Another thing I observed was although you have decor , it photographs well. It does not appear choppy in a photo. I looked upon some snaps from Mothers Day and cringe. I’ve been asking for help getting ancient deco off shelves and photos reaffirmed this! I’m glad you also gave that tip too. To look at decor through the lens of a camera. Thank you for tips and advice plus the visuals to go with the post. No one would ever guess that your sheer custom curtains began as $5 sheers!!

  26. I need to remember to look at your post for the day, before I ask questions on FB! 😉 I found the drifwood ‘garland’ on Amazon. 🙂 I’m going to put it on my wishlist. Love the PB pillow cover! That will have to go on a wishlist, as well!

    Thanks for sharing, Yvonne!

  27. Hello Yvonne,
    I had a career as a teacher, so I am one who likes to decorate my home (as I did my classroom) for the seasons and holidays. Only problem with summer is that I am so busy in the gardens that time of year!
    I love to change out bed sheets–something flowery for summer, as well as a summery duvet. I love to make flower arrangements for the kitchen, dining room and living room. Also try to put out patriotic decor for summer months.
    Here in Wisconsin, we have lovely perennials blooming all season, due to our temperate summers. So the outdoors is so beautiful, and summer is one of my favorite seasons!
    I put annuals on the porch and a wicker rocker, as well as a garden bench. Summer is truly a season of beauty!

  28. Changing my Spring decor out next week, I think. In planning stages right now.
    My group openly teases/complains, but when I don’t they make comments about when will I be doing it. SMH!!
    I had planned to skip until we moved, but decided I can’t put things on hold for that. I can always revamp/change it after we move.

  29. Love your summer decor and all of your creative ideas for adding summer decor into our homes. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  30. Love your ideas and I’m glad you add the driftwood garland in your decor. I saw some at Home Goods and wandering how to add into a decor now I see it and I like it. Thank you

  31. StoneGable! What a classy name, brings memories of Anne of Green Gables, a favorite! Your blog is beautiful! From setting to setting, I felt like I was opening one treasure and then another!

    Was wondering about the topiary, too. Is it rosemary? Perhaps you’re shaping a Christmas tree? I just purchased one and the nursery owner said to start now for the Christmas tree. However, it still sits on my porch because I don’t know where to begin. Could you share a few hints, please?

    Thank you, I’m subscribing to your blog immediately!

    1. Hi Susie! The topiaries are not real, but very good fakes! I picked then up at a vintage shop. I’m thrilled that you are subscribing to my newsletter. It’s full of decorating and other StoneGable fun!

  32. Yes, yes and yes. I think switching a few things out for the summer season and I think it’s one time of the year some miss out on.

  33. I love to change with the seasons as well. One of the other ways I change things up is to switch placemats. I use them in my kitchen to create vignettes. I have warm colors in the winter and cool colors in the summer. I also move my accessories from room to room and add a touch of nature through plants and herbs. And, I switch out my winter throws for cool cotton ones on my couch and chairs.

  34. always love your ideas and I have learned so much from reading your blog. I love the vignette in the tray. Are those real topiaries?

    1. Hi Pamela, I have lots of pillow covers so I fold them and keep them in a dresser. The pillows that I cannot take apart I stash in one designated closet. Hope this helps!

  35. Hi Yvonne! Happy Saturday! I change everything in my home for the spring/summer season! Every drape/curtain, rugs, bedding, pillows, decor in every room. I live in Michigan and by the time spring rolls around I’m ready for bright, happy summer colors. I even change everything in my bathrooms also! Have a wonderful weekend!

  36. Yvonne,
    Thanks for the decorating ideas for summer. I just love everything you do. I did swap out my gold silk curtains for some off-white linen for the great room. The silk were lightweight but I can’t believe the difference the off-white linen just changed the brightest of the room. Sure wish I had purchased a set for our master bedroom. I do change out bed linens for spring/summer to fall/winter. I can’t tell you how many pair of curtains I have and quilts, duvets, bedspreads for 3 bedrooms. It’s a shame I have purchased so many over the years but I’ve always thought I had to swap out each season. Thanks so much for helping us decorate our homes.
    your blog friend,

  37. I just joined this site, and it looks like a fun place to visit! I’m looking ahead to summer, and would like to make 1 or both of my porches inviting, especially using the cool-white or bluish fairy lights I bought last summer. I love to sit outside in the evening. I like to meditate out there sometimes. Do you have any other ideas I could use for a cozy inviting area?

  38. Good suggestions for sure. I have a number of wreaths that I change up throughout the year. After refreshing a very large grapevine wreath with a garland of birds nests, etc., a robin keeps attacking it, trying to build a nest, or remove greenery for it’s use. I keep taking the wreath down and waiting a few days and putting it back up, but she keeps pecking at it, and looking in our front door as well! I have now put up a cute welcome sign instead. Good grief!

    1. We often have birds build their nests in our wreaths. I really love watching the eggs hatch and seeing the babies grow. It does create quite a mess on my front door. But, I get to see something close up that I would never have seen! Enjoy those birds.

  39. Hi Yvonne,
    I LOVE your style! I have a question about jute/sisal rugs. I recently purchased one from Wayfair, not the most expensive, not the least expensive. It seems to stretch, do you have this problem? I do have a rug pad under it although not large enough. (Rug is 9 x 12 and pad is 8 x 10 All I could find due to Covid)

  40. Yvonne – I noticed you have a smaller concrete dining room table. Would you share where you found this table? I love the look and I’m wanting to change my dining room. Love your blog and I always gain ideas to use in my home.

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