EASY FARMHOUSE VIGNETTE-Create a vignette with farmhouse charm.

If you ask me what style my home is I would probably say “traditional, classic, timeless”. But I’d be quick to add that because StoneGable is a farmhouse it also has lots of farmhouse influence and charm. Combining a little farmhouse decor with almost any style make a home have a charming, cozy and welcoming look! I’ve created such a simple, no fuss vignette using some farmhouse elements.

This week on Decorating Tips and Tricks we are talking about FARMHOUSE STYLE, HOW TO FIND HIDDEN STORAGE AREAS IN YOUR HOME and DINING ROOMS.

Today’s episode #31 is Farmhouse Style. I love love love the farm to table, elevate-the-everyday way of life farmhouse style exudes. Today we are talking about farmhouse elements that fit into any style home!

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EASY FARMHOUSE VIGNETTE-Create a vignette with farmhouse charm.

Galvanized metals are a farmhouse classic… and are easy to find both new and old. Today’s easy-peasy vignette is gathered up in a galvanized tray! 

EASY FARMHOUSE VIGNETTE-Create a vignette with farmhouse charm.

EASY FARMHOUSE VIGNETTE-Create a vignette with farmhouse charm.

I doubled up on the galvanized metal by adding a small round lidded galvanized canister. I love the round ball on the top!

EASY FARMHOUSE VIGNETTE-Create a vignette with farmhouse charm.

EASY FARMHOUSE VIGNETTE-Create a vignette with farmhouse charm.

I have been thinking that painting the bottom of the galvanized tray white would be a pretty way to break it up a bit. Looks like I have a little project for the beginning of the week!

White pitchers, or any white ironstone type dish, bowl, platter or pitcher, are a quintessential farmhouse must have. One of my favorite ways to use a white pitcher is a vase. Today’s sweet smelling hyacinths look right at home in a more modern take on an ironstone pitcher!

EASY FARMHOUSE VIGNETTE-Create a vignette with farmhouse charm.

EASY FARMHOUSE VIGNETTE-Create a vignette with farmhouse charm.

Did you notice the pitcher was on a stack of burlap covered books? Burlap is another farmhouse element that can be transformed and used with so many different styles! I’ve covered lots old books in burlap and use them in most of the rooms in my home! Burlap can be used in table runners, furniture, and so many other ways.

I like the order the burlap covers give my books! And they make the most amazing risers to prop things on too!

EASY FARMHOUSE VIGNETTE-Create a vignette with farmhouse charm.

A berry bowl on a white dish holds dominoes. We are big Mexican Train players. I love the creamy look and feel of dominoes!!! What is more farmhouse style than a game of checkers or dominoes on the porch!

EASY FARMHOUSE VIGNETTE-Create a vignette with farmhouse charm.

Such an easy vignette filled with farmhouse charm! No matter the style of your home a little bit of farmhouse in it would be a good thing!

EASY FARMHOUSE VIGNETTE-Create a vignette with farmhouse charm.

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EASY FARMHOUSE VIGNETTE-Create a vignette with farmhouse charm.


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  1. Using the dominoes is a nice quirky, fresh idea to incorporate household items in vignettes!

  2. I agree the dominoes are so clever. I also love galvanised iron and old French zinc, when I see anything at a brocante for sale in zinc at a good price I always snatch it up, it is becoming a classic material it seems.

  3. love the tray but dominoes are a hit! thanks

  4. I would never have thought of the dominoes and the cream and black colors are even great with your décor!

  5. You always have the best vignettes!! Love all the texture!

  6. Agree that the dominoes are a clever touch….and I hope that galvanized metals never go out of style!!

  7. Sabra schroder says:

    Wish I could see potential for all the pretty things I see while shopping like you do.

  8. Anne Marie says:

    Love the burlap covered books.

  9. i have this tray, never thought about using it in my decor, love it.

  10. Alma Garst says:

    Love how you incorporate different elements that work so beautifully together! You are such an inspiration!

  11. Great presentation of items. As I was looking at the letter covered books I couldn’t help but imagine a bowl full of Scrabble pieces!

  12. Karen VanLoo says:

    Your vignettes are my favorite, I love the dominoes. So cute!

  13. You create the best vignettes! You certain inspire me. Thanks for sharing all your fabulous ideas.

  14. Lisa Gabriel says:

    I love the canister. Where did you find that treasure?

  15. Victoria Schwalbe says:

    I do a much better job of seeing the possibilities in thrift store treasures, thanks to you Yvonne. We have a local store called Hopefully Yours that is a must visit weekly. All profits go to a facility called Hope Haven which provides jobs and housing for 90 full time residents who are developmentally challenged. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  16. Karen Gamble says:

    I love the idea of painting the tray bottom white. My sister got me a wooden tray with handles that said , ” Happy Holidays” in order to use it year round I wrapped a new striped kitchen towel around a stiff piece of cardboard and inserted into tray bottom. Works beautifully and can change it out when the seasons change.

  17. Thanks for sharing simple tips that freshen up a room.

  18. Yvonne I love your vinettes that you create for you farmhose decor,so simple yet so eye appealing. Thanks for the inspiration and have a great day?

  19. Thanks for sharing. Your bright spring inspiration is just what I needed on this cloudy, gray day!

  20. Just love that little galvanized canister. It surely adds that special farmhouse touch!

  21. I’ve been on the search for a cream/white pitcher after viewing your blog. You always have great tips that anyone can accomplish. Also, Karen G, I so like your idea of the dish towel over a fitted piece of cardboard to change up the tray! Great idea!

  22. Anne Porter says:

    White dominoes in an ironstone bowl…endearing and unexpectedly beautiful! Thanks!!!

  23. Your vignette is simple and looks so good. I am in the process of changing from winter to spring and need the inspiring ideas.

  24. You are so clever! Who would think of using Dominoes! Keep those good ideas coming!

  25. love farmhouse style!

  26. Love galvanized metal, love burlap, love white ironstone, love trays, the dominoes are the icing on the vignette!

  27. Denise Moraris says:

    Love it! I had French Country! Similar to Farmhouse. I’m add more elements of Farmhouse in my kitchen. So fun to redecorate! Thanks for all the great blogs!

  28. Pat White says:

    Definitely going to try the burlap book over after Easter. I have selected a few books to cover in Spring colors for now. Love the effect

  29. Carol Elkins says:

    Love this vignette! I have a galvanized metal tray that I use for parties, but I never thought of using it as a decor piece. Thanks for the great suggestions!

  30. Farmhouse is one of my favorites.I am incorporating more of it
    into decorating this house.Trying to be creative and think outside
    the box, adding the unexpected is so fun.

  31. I have a periwinkle pitcher handcrafted beginning of 20th century. Following your lead, I going outside right now to clip lilacs to put into my pottery.

  32. Joan Moore says:

    Always inspiring!!!!?

  33. How cute! Perfect as always…..

  34. Robin Talley says:

    I love these ideas!!! So adorable Yvonne!!! Thanks!

  35. Thanks for the inspiration, I can definitely incorporate these ideas into my own decor!

  36. Diane Walters says:

    Thanks, I needed just one more idea to complete my spring decorating. Stone Gable to the rescue!

  37. Marcy Leonard says:

    Simple, fresh and chic–without going over the top! Favorite piece is the canister!

  38. What great ideas! Needed that little motivation to start plannind what will come
    after the Easter decorations are put away. Hope my lilace soon bloom as I have the
    pitcher ready to fill and put on a tray. Thanks for the motivation

  39. Tammy Brace says:

    What a quirky and lovely idea!!

  40. Mary McDowell says:

    Stone Gable is my favorite blog! I have learned so much by reading it, and have used several of your ideas and tips in my own home. I love how you share ideas for the home, but also we can feel that we get to know you as you share your personality and even your faith with us.

  41. Love your vignettes. Borrow so many of your beautiful ideas. Please keep them coming. A very bright spot for me.

  42. I love your vignette. I have done a similar one on my dining room table. The books do add another dimension and really add to the overall look.

  43. I changed my decorating style when I moved into our retirement home. It was traditional country but now it’s more transitional. I still have some vintage items placed around my home to give it a more personal, warm feel. There is such a homey feel to those country/antique pieces. Love flowers in pitchers!

  44. Mildred Hoppe says:

    The dominoes in the berry bowl are a nice and unusual touch!

  45. Bonnie G. says:

    The tray and the dominoes make your vignette (love it all but just saying!). You have a gift and thank you for sharing!

  46. Did you stamp the burlap that’s printed? All very cute, I’m headed for the game drawer for the dominoes! we have similar colors and design here…soapstone with ivory cabinets in the kitchen, Ivory sofa in the great room, and I love natural fabrics and design elements.

  47. A different look for you in a way!

    Perhaps not a solid white- maybe a stencil pattern of curlicues, would break it up a tad? Or even just a pretty paper you could remove in the event you wanted to use it outdoors later for an outside meal to hold fruit, glasses, etc.? Just my thoughts.

  48. Hi! I was just curious as to where you bought the galvanized tray from. Would love that in my home! Thank you!

  49. I love all the different textures you always incorporate. You’re the design czar!!

  50. Lanita Anderson says:

    I so enjoyed your farmhouse vignette – so pretty and so creative! I especially loved the galvanized pieces and the set of dominoes. I have a set of old dominoes that belonged to my grandmother and I played with them as a child when visiting her house. This gives me a great idea for displaying them! Thanks for sharing….

  51. Barbara Harilaou says:

    I like the way every time you put something together it all ways looks beautiful.I like the dominoes I also like the idea that someone wrote to use scrabble letters also. Beautiful…..

  52. I just LOVE your blog! So many simple & very cool ideas! You always get my creative juices flowing! Thank you!

  53. I have been swooning over the hyacinths in the grocery store, and you just inspired me to break down and buy some. I have been really into white vases and pottery lately. Such a beautiful vignette, friend!

    Much Love,

  54. That galvanized tray with the galvanized container looks very “farmhousey”. I’m not sure that’s a word – HA!

  55. I have had a bowl of vintage dominoes like yours in a vignette on a sideboard for ages … simply because of their colors (and “old age”)! I use more touches of black in that room than others …to me that really makes the nearby colors more sharply focused and pop!
    Thanks for these giveaways!

  56. Karen Cadden says:

    Thanks you for the beautiful farmhouse vignette! I do need to cover some books with burlap!!

  57. Tammy Moon says:

    i use my tray as a cheese tray when company comes

  58. I like the tray….looks good

  59. Your vignettes are so together and well edited, love them!

  60. I absolutely love this post. I would love to just move right in…it’s SO my style! Absolute beautiful and homey!

  61. So pretty Yvonne, especially adore your ironstone pitcher they are so versatile. Love the idea of a white washed tray bottom, sometimes we have to live with something new (or old) a bit before we add that perfect touch! Many Blessings

  62. Yvonne , you have such a unique way of combining items to make it all look interesting and yet different too. Its a lovely gift. And it inspires me to look at everyday items that i have around my house differently too and tweak things a bit. Thanks for the ideas!

  63. oh my! I looked beyond the table vignette and fell in love with your pillows on the couch. just cleared up what I a will do on mine …. you are the best! xx-hb

  64. Love the tray and metal canister! So cute. I need that canister so….have to start the hunt for that piece. Always love you ideas.

  65. Pamela R LePage says:

    Love the vignette and the tray. I have been looking for a new tray for a while and after seeing how well yours looked , I will get the one I was looking at I hope its still there at the store. Thanks.


  66. So homey and comforting. Love it.

  67. Beth Brown says:

    I love the pillows – rustic and homey and comfortable!

  68. Maggie Nelson says:

    I love to see in so many ways you use the burlap cover books. The way you set it up with other pieces is so unique. Love it!

  69. Kathryn Barton says:

    I love the white ironstone. Wish I had more to use in my home.

  70. The vignette is styled so naturally.
    Trying to imitate your “flair”.

  71. I love the touch of black by using the dominos in your decor; what a great idea.

  72. Love all the great ideas!

  73. Looks like your domino-filler idea was a hit! I love all the filler ideas you have. It so inspires me. (I think I’ve seen you use corks, too.) I need to find me some blank thread spools. I love using rustic/natural orbs as well.

    I have to go to HL tomorrow, to look for some faux lilies to rest in the corners of the cross at church (for Easter). I think I’ll look into some fabrics for books there, too!

  74. Kathy Duval says:

    Love the burlap.

  75. Brenda smith says:

    Love it! I have a dark wood game table in a corner of my living room, sitting between a couple of lighter wood chairs, under a large black-framed print of off-white/white flowers in a tan/brown vase on a red background. (These are the colors of the room , along with some aqua tones.)
    When the table is closed , it holds a slender tall worn brassy metal lamp with a black shade, framed family photos , a small chipped black stool that holds a plant, and a couple of brown pottery pieces , one of which holds blank and cream chess pieces.

  76. love the farmhouse influence…even though I do not live in a farmhouse , I do live in the country! thanks for the ideas.