EASY AND BEAUTIFUL FLOWER ARRANGING- A flower arrangement does not have to be hard or complicated. It can be as easy as one, two three!

I love flowers in my home. No matter what time of year a little bit of flower beauty makes StoneGable look and feel so much prettier! Isn’t it nice to know that we don’t have to fuss and fluff and work at creating a beautiful arrangement? It’s really as easy to create a 10-minute flower arrangement! It’s as easy as one, two, three! Seriously! I’ll show you how!


I said that a beautiful floral arrangement is as easy as one, two, three! And it really is. The secret to a quick, easy and oh so pretty arrangement is in the container you use! If you have three little bottles or jars you can add a few blooms and call it a day… or an arrangement!

EASY AND BEAUTIFUL FLOWER ARRANGING- A flower arrangement does not have to be hard or complicated. It can be as easy as one, two three!

Notice the little glass bottles I used for this sweet arrangement? They are so simple! 

EASY AND BEAUTIFUL FLOWER ARRANGING- A flower arrangement does not have to be hard or complicated. It can be as easy as one, two three!

Using a trio of small containers is the secret! Glass bottles or small white milk bottles or old bottles in general. They just need to contain a few blooms each! I have a collection of little glass bottles and containers. The bottles don’t even have to match. 

And my favorite way to fill a trio of tiny bottles is the same color and kind of flower. I think it makes a more appealing and cohesive looking arrangement.  And those tiny flower filled bottles have a big WOW factor!

For today’s arrangement, I chose pink ranunculus. I LOVE ranunculus!!!!!

I know… delicate and so so pretty! An honest to goodness 10-minute flower arrangement!

EASY AND BEAUTIFUL FLOWER ARRANGING- A flower arrangement does not have to be hard or complicated. It can be as easy as one, two three!

Quick and easy! If you have small bottles you can fill them with all kinds of things to make a beautiful arrangement. Grocery store blooms, garden flowers, wildflowers from the side of the road, herbs and even small leafy twigs. You are only limited by your imagination and what you can fit into the bottle!

I put my trio on a big galvanized tray on my kitchen table.

EASY AND BEAUTIFUL FLOWER ARRANGING- A flower arrangement does not have to be hard or complicated. It can be as easy as one, two three!

How about you? What blooms would you like to put in a trio of small containers?



EASY AND BEAUTIFUL FLOWER ARRANGING- A flower arrangement does not have to be hard or complicated. It can be as easy as one, two three!

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  1. Carol Elkins says:

    Love this (& I love the pink ranunculus)!! I think this would also look great with hydrangeas.

  2. Dorinda Selke says:

    There’s nothing prettier after a cold winter than beautiful spring flowers ! Looking gorgeous, Yvonne ! Hugs, Dorinda

  3. Thank you for another simplistic decorating idea! I love fresh flowers too but I am not skilled in this area. I thank you!

  4. Thanks for this sweet and simple idea! I always tend to think in big over-the-top ideas. I have to be reminded that simple is often the best!

    1. I tend to do the same, Lisa. Isn’t it nice to know that you can make a very pretty arrangement in just a few minutes?

  5. Pamela Richards says:

    Beautiful and so simple. Love all of your ideas.?

  6. I love ranunculus too! Are they easy to grow? And the look of sliced citrus in a vase is so interesting.

    1. I love ranunculus and grow them but these came from a larger floral arrangement.

    2. Ranunculas are so easy to grow, but the one’s in the vase are pilfered from a larger arrangement.

  7. A grocery store bouquet was the first item placed in my shopping cart this week. Dollar Tree is a good source to buy assorted sizes and shapes of glass containers.

  8. Gail Young says:

    I love beautiful fresh flowers too, Yvonne! Thank you for all of your great ideas, especially love the fruit slices in the vase!!!

  9. Just saved some of my Peonies from the predicted heavy rain and just simply massed the blooms in a round green McCoy vase and another bunch were arranged with some Hosta leaves and ferns in a tall crystal vase. Simple but makes such a difference to have flowers in the house. Love your three little vases on the.tray.

    1. Oh, that sounds gorgeous, Kathy! My peonies are not quite blooming yet. Can’t wait!

  10. Oh does that look gorgeous! Simple and beautiful!

  11. You make it look so easy. Simple and no fuss, thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day.

  12. So simple yet so beautiful! Love all the bottle ideas.

  13. Leslie Hassmann says:

    I have numerous bleeding hearts blooming in the garden and a gathering of ladies tomorrow night. This idea is a perfect and quick addition to the coffee table. Thank you!

    1. I have bleeding hearts blooming now! They would be perfect in little bottles!

  14. Very pretty!!! I love understated elegance!

  15. I’ve seen these flowers before, loved them, and never knew what they were called. You are such a wealth of information! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Melisha! Knowing that you are getting lots of tips from StoneGable is music to my ears!

  16. Shelley Anderson says:

    Aww Yvonne, I love your gorgeous arrangements! I have to have tiny flower vases here and there in my home during every season and I have a collection of those tiny syrup bottles from Cracker Barrel that I surprise my friends, family and co-workers with on a regular basis. Whenever any of them go to eat at Cracker Barrel and have syrup they bring them to me in hopes of receiving another special bouquet. This is one of my favorite things to do for others. It brings a smile every time! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring day! Shelley

  17. So simple but yet so elegant!!!! Thank you for your inspirations !!

  18. Yvonne, these are great tips, I especially love arrangements with the sliced fruit in the vase..

  19. Love the simple but stunning arrangement

  20. Sweet arrangements, Yvonne. Having a variety of flowers in my yard I often chose a few to bring indoors to brighten up a spot on the kitchen counter, coffee table, etc. I have found so excellent bottles, smaller to medium sizes, and here’s a tip: if the bottle has a threaded neck wrap some twine around the neck using hot glue and it will have a nice finished look. Thanks again, Yvonne.

  21. Just simple and beautiful.

  22. I love your pink ranunculus. I have several bunches of white ranunculus (artificial) that I decorate with in my home. I have three bottles with a few stems each, similar to your small bottles. Easy enough even for someone who has trouble arranging flowers. I recently bought my first real ranunculus plant and it is in a large pot on my front porch with some tulips and pussy willow branches. That will have to do until planting season starts later in May in southeastern Wisconsin.

  23. Yvonne you make simple look so elegant.Thanks for the inspiration. I love to bring the outdoors in and to enjoy natures beauty. Have a great day???

  24. Beth Brown says:

    Love the simplicity of these arrangements. They are beautiful!

  25. I love flowers too. They just make a room look happy!

  26. beautiful flowers… love them!

  27. I love l=flowers and these arrangements are beautiful. Thank you!

  28. Karyn McBride says:

    Simple, yet very beautiful!

  29. The flowers are gorgeous in the vases! The ranunculus are in full bloom in carlsbad right now, they have acres of about 70 million, so crazy!

  30. Robin Riley says:

    I love using any wild flower in small bottles. I have a test tube holder that I love using. I even love using sunnies the same way????

  31. Beautiful, Yvonne! I *just* picked up 3 little white glass bottles at the Goodwill. They are perfect for this 10-minute arrangement! 🙂

    I also have 2 sets of 3 bottles in wire racks (from Jo-Ann’s) that I have hung on a wall with flowers in them. 😉 Love them!

  32. I love the pink flowers in the bottle. It is such a simple, yet elegant floral display!

  33. Maggie Nelson says:

    I love fresh flowers too and now that all my roses are blooming and I have a set of 3 small bottles and I did cut a couple of roses for each bottle and is on the island in my kitchen.

  34. Vicki N. Martin says:

    Now this is something that I do. I love taking flowers from the yard and bring them in. They are so pretty to bring the outdoors in.
    Even if it’s just two pretty flowers. It still makes a beautiful setting.

  35. Minnie mccoy says:

    Doggy kisses,babies laughing and flowers. You can never have enough!

  36. I really like these flowers.
    I have been a gardener for many years, BUT you introduced me to this flowers.
    I am sad that I can’t find them snywhere.
    I would like them fresh cut or to grow.
    I am enjoying your post with them.

  37. Love the simplicity.

  38. Beth Pozzini Putz says:

    I just purchased one of these cute little trio milk bottles in a metal holder. The first thing I put in were some tulips from my landscaping…then I plucked some lenten rose flowers…I would LOVE to grow some ranunculas…they are one of my favorites. The next thing I’m going to pick from my yard are peonies…they should be bursting at any time here! I might actually have them opened in time for May crowning at school…my bush usually doesn’t bloom until Memorial Day, but this year it’s going to be earlier❤

    Thank you, Yvonne! You have such finesse and good taste!
    God bless your day❤


  39. So pretty…simply is “Grand”.

  40. Pamela R LePage says:

    Love your post and using the little glass bottles as vases , I do that also I have collected couple Perrier glass bottles also to use .

  41. Dianne Lanier says:

    So simple, Simply beautiful!

  42. Love love the arrangement with the sliced oranges. You always come up with such unusual ideas!! I love it. Thanks Yvonne❤️

  43. Love the little bottles, will have to try this

  44. I’m doing peonies right now

  45. Avril Crundwell says:

    So simple but so beautiful.

  46. Jackie Smith says:

    I really wish you would write a book with the stuff from your site. I would buy it!

  47. Such a Heavenly shade of pink.

  48. Denise Moraris says:

    Love fresh flowers in my home. I have put fresh flowers from the garden in all kinds of glass containers. My favorite is syrup bottles from Cracker Barrel. I will soak off the label and tie ribbon around the bottle then go in the garden and see what is blooming. One Mothers Day I gave them to all the female family members.

  49. Karen VanLoo says:

    I’m with you, Yvonne! I LOVE ranunculus! This is just beautiful, so simple too!

  50. Robin Talley says:

    I’ve always wanted to know more about flower arrangement! Thanks so much Yvonne!!!!!! Beautiful flowers too!!!!

  51. mattsgramma says:

    Now I will be on the look out for little bottles!

  52. Love the pink ranunculus.

  53. Beautiful and charming.

  54. Thank you for sharing this flower arranging.

  55. Lovely and elegant.

  56. So simple but beautiful. I like looking for old bottles at resale shops. Fresh flowers always look cute in them.

  57. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous flower arrangement!

  58. The little bottles are adorable! I’ve used mason jars, but the jars are so much cuter.