EASTER EGG-STRAVANZA! Lots of ways to dye and use easter eggs!

It’s time to be thinking about Easter! And Easter reminds me of… eggs! And I have a “thing” for easter eggs! They are so much fun to dye and to decorate with. So today, I want to inspire you to think about gorgeous Easter eggs. I’m sharing a couple natural ways to beautifully dye eggs and a really fun, easy way to decorate eggs using torn tissue napkins. If you love vignettes and tablescapes you can also see those too! Today is an Easter Egg-stravaganza, here at StoneGable!

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Let’s talk Easter Egg Egg-stravaganza!

EASTER EGG-STRAVANZA! Lots of ways to dye and use easter eggs!


If you like eggs you will love this table. There are eggs in nests and eggs as a centerpiece. This is such a pretty and light table! I bet you can find lots of ideas to use on your Easter table here!

EASTER EGG-STRAVANZA! Lots of ways to dye and use easter eggs!


I make these gorgeous dyed onion skin eggs every year! They are a part of our family tradition. I made them with my grandmother and I’m sure she made them with her’s. The gorgeous variegated orange colors and swirls the onion skins create on each individual eggs are like little works of art!

EASTER EGG-STRAVANZA! Lots of ways to dye and use easter eggs!



One of my favorite things to decorate is my breakfast nook table. And every spring I try to create something new. The colorful green, white and blue eggs are made out of torn napkin tissue. You can read about the technique below. 

Creating a kitchen vignette is such an easy way to bring the season to your home!

EASTER EGG-STRAVANZA! Lots of ways to dye and use easter eggs!


Aren’t these just the sweetest? And how pretty would they look gracing your Easter table? Come see just how easy they are to make. When you are finished with them indoors just crack the egg in your palm and plant it right into the ground!

EASTER EGG-STRAVANZA! Lots of ways to dye and use easter eggs!


Aren’t these so so pretty? Even if you are not crafty you can make them. I used blown out real eggs and covered them with torn out areas of a napkin. Just think of all the charming eggs you could make. You are only limited by the designs on the napkins you find!

EASTER EGG-STRAVANZA! Lots of ways to dye and use easter eggs!


Another vignette to inspire you. There is something about this creamsicle colored vignette I love! It’s so happy and bright! Why don’t you gather up some same colored items to make an Egg-elent vignette!

EASTER EGG-STRAVANZA! Lots of ways to dye and use easter eggs!


Have you ever tried to dye Easter eggs using food? These gorgeous blue eggs were dyed with red cabbage. Yup! These eggs were so easy to dye and I think they are the most beautiful eggs I have every made! My family loved them!

EASTER EGG-STRAVANZA! Lots of ways to dye and use easter eggs!


Another vignette with eggs. What can I say? It just wouldn’t be spring and Easter around here without an egg filled vignette on the kitchen table!

EASTER EGG-STRAVANZA! Lots of ways to dye and use easter eggs!


This little arrangement took only minutes to put together! I made two and used them as a centerpiece for my Easter table! They are such a breath of fresh spring air!!!! You CAN do this!

EASTER EGG-STRAVANZA! Lots of ways to dye and use easter eggs!

I hope one of these egg-specially springlike egg projects have inspired you!!!! It’s not too early to start planning for Easter!

Do you have a special way you use Easter eggs in home decor? I’d love you to share!

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EASTER EGG-STRAVANZA! Lots of ways to dye and use easter eggs!



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  1. andrea bayot says:

    Love the naturally colored eggs!

  2. Karen Van Patten says:

    Lovely photos, Thank you!

  3. I love the blue and white kitchen table vinnette. Also the pansy in the egg shell. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Those pansies…..and the cabbage died eggs!! Love them! Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. Wow! So many great egg ideas! I usually resort to the pale speckled faux eggs for my decorating but would love to try one of these! Thank you!

  6. Love all of the different colors. Thank you for the ideas.

  7. Candace Geldreich says:


  8. I did some last year and now looking at them again I have to do more. Thanks for all the ideas.

  9. Lorri Rauscher says:

    I love the pansies in the egg shells…..way too cute….Thanks for such lovely eye candy on your egg treasures!!

  10. genie steger says:

    Every one is beautiful, thank you!!!!!

  11. The napkin colored eggs are stunning!

  12. I love your torn tissue eggs. I have made these after following your instructions and can’t wait to display them again!!

  13. Denise Moraris says:

    Love the eggs! Looking forward to some egg dying! Thank you

  14. Made your napkin decoupage eggs last year and loved them! Will try dying with red cabbage next!

  15. What a wonderful variety of Easter egg ideas! It’s impossible to pick my favorite.

  16. Love everything especially the tissue covered eggs.

  17. I love the pansie in the eggshell!

  18. I love all these ideas and vignettes. Especially like the blue and white kitchen table vignette. Thanks for the inspiration.

  19. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!

  20. Those blue eggs are exquisite. Definately going to try the red cabbage technique.

  21. Memories of Gramma, the onion skin dyed eggs. Those were always in my Easter basket as a child. Thanks for sharing!

  22. I made the tissue eggs last year and I just love them. I think I will try the onion skin dyed eggs this year. They are so much fun to do.

  23. Lanita Anderson says:

    I love all of your great Easter Egg ideas….especially the pretty vignettes using your fabulous dishes. Those are always my favorite! Looking forward to decorating for Easter! Blessings to you….

  24. great ideas for “natural” dyes for eggs …thanks!

  25. Love them all…surprised about the red cabbage!

  26. Sandra Staples says:

    Love the entire article on Easter Eggs. Going to try some this coming weekend with Neice and Nephew.


  27. Vicki N. Martin says:

    I love the Easter Eggs and combining them with flowers. Thank you for the ideas.

  28. Such lovely things to do… to “Welcome Spring”! All of the eggs look gorgeous! Thanks so much…

  29. I’mlike a kid in a toy store…” This one is my favorite, no this one is”

  30. Linda Godwin says:

    Love the eggs! Thanks for the inspiration.

  31. Love all the colorful eggs. My mother always make eggs with onion skins and I’m going to try them this year using your directions.

  32. How inspiring. Love all the beautiful colors.

  33. Deborah Hunter says:

    Love all your ideas. We also use onion skins, and walnuts shells to dye our Easter eggs. They are a beautiful mix of browns and tans. I listen to your podcast each morning at work. They make me smile and laugh a lot. Thank you.

  34. The Blue Eggs are so unique and will surely go well in my Kitchen. Red Cabbage, who would have thought~ Thanks for sharing such great ideas!!

  35. Have never seen the multi color eggs. You just transplant seedling viola inot egg shell?

  36. Your egg designs are egg-cellent. Sorry I had to do it!

  37. Teddee Grace says:

    Have you ever figured out a way to replicate the quail eggs? Over the years many of your readers have inquired where you purchased them. I’m thinking, if that source is not available, perhaps it’s time you challenged your readers to come up with a DIY!

    1. Hi Teddee, the eggs were given to me. I don’t have a source. Too bad, they were adorable!

  38. I love the blue eggs made from red cabbage! I will try these with my grandchildren!

  39. Teresa Gonzales says:

    So beautiful -love your spring displays!

  40. Carol Elkins says:

    I love the naturally dyed blue eggs!!! Beautiful!

  41. LOVE the pansies in egg. I’m going to do that for Easter and blue eggs too. Grandkids love to dye eggs at any time of year!

  42. last year you inspired me with your tissue eggs post. Even tho I couldn’t find the pretty paper that you used I was very pleased how mine turned out. Thank you for all you do-❤your blog.

  43. Dianne Lanier says:

    I haven’t done eggs in years, but you have inspired me (once again)!

  44. Dorinda Selke says:

    Thanks for all your egg inspirations, Yvonne. I’m hosting Easter Brunch this year and haven’t quite come up with colors/tablescapes yet for my kitchen island and tables. Lots of ideas to ponder ? hugs, D

  45. I love that red cabbage makes blue eggs! I wonder what beets would do??!!

  46. Norma Middendor f says:

    Great ideas. Thanks so much for sharing.

  47. The eggs are all so beautiful. I love the idea of the pansies in an egg shell. You are just so creative!

  48. Carolyn Ray says:

    I am fascinated with all your kitchen vignettes! They are all beautiful! Just love your ideas. Thank you!

  49. Anne Marie says:

    Thanks for all the great ideas.

  50. This is the best post I’ve ever read about decorating ideas for eggs. I never knew you could get such lovely effects with onions, cabbage and napkins!

  51. Theresa Winterberry Lane says:

    Very egg-cited to try the different techniques of dying easter eggs. Thanks for the inspiration…I’ll be dying eggs with the grandchildren in the near future. Have a great day!

  52. Elizabeth Roderick says:

    My favorite color is magenta, just wondering if beet juice would be a good egg dye. Back in the 70’s my mother and I cut out tiny birds and flowers from tissue napkins (rice paper she called them) and glued them on eggs. I still have one in a box in my Christmas decorations

  53. Shauna Neuenswander says:

    What beautiful ideas – thanks for the post!

  54. Beautiful decorated eggs!!

  55. Elizabeth Anne says:

    I love the “Blue Cabbage Eggs”! I will be trying this project for the Easter Holiday.

  56. So beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  57. So much beautiful inspiration….i kind of feel like a slacker. I need to get my act together and get some spring/easter decor out. Those cabbage dyed eggs are so gorgeous!

  58. I love the naturally dyed eggs! SO PRETTY! I just got my spring decor up yesterday, and I’m really happy with it. Inspired by Stonegable. 🙂

  59. Where did you get the small oval dish with the Bunny on top? Thanks, Pam

  60. Jan Schouw says:

    You’ve inspired me with those beautiful eggs. But then again — your blog and pod posts inspire me all the time.

  61. Beautiful! I also make colored eggs using onion skins, this year I am going to try the purple cabbage. The colors are gorgeous.

  62. Alana Matthews says:

    Much thanks for all your lovely ideas and kind words!

  63. All of those eggs are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  64. Every one of those eggs are so pretty.

  65. I noticed the lovely pansies. I hope to buy some for my front lawn when they come out in my store.

  66. The blue eggs are my favorite.

  67. Cheryl Hauser says:

    Those blue eggs are breath taking!! So beautiful! Directions, please!!

    1. Hi Cheryl, click on the title for the blue eggs and it will take you to the the post with all the directions on it.

  68. Are all the eggs in your hurricane centerpiece blown shells? I love that look!

  69. I love the blue eggs most of all! There is just something about them that speaks to me. Definitely going to try them!

  70. Onion skins and purple cabbage how fun .. gotta try it! Thank you for sharing all the great Easter ideas.

  71. Maggie Nelson says:

    So many great ideas, and love them all! Thank you

  72. I love all the pretty eggs. All the colors and all the ways you have decorated with them. So ready for Spring !

  73. So fun! Now to decide which ones to try! Thank you for the ideas!

  74. I love the blue eggs. Also the glass vase with eggs in it and the blooms!! Gorgeous

  75. Medra Southerland says:

    I love the white bunny tureen. At least I think he may be a soup tureen? I like that you have several colored handled cutlery, the green is very soothing. I need to add that to my arsenal of tableware goods.

  76. Everything on your blog is just beautiful! Love the blue eggs too!

  77. Jennifer Barden says:

    Love all the ideas 🙂

  78. My boys are grown but these ideas make me want to dye Easter eggs again! Thanks for the ideas.

  79. Absolutely beautiful! Love the blue eggs. Everything is so colorful. Love all the ideas. I am going to try some.

  80. I like them all but my favorites are the blue and white eggs made using napkins and the clear vases filled with Easter eggs and apple blossoms. The table settings are all so pretty.

  81. Love the blue and white with the green eggs. Lovely and makes me happy. Thanks for sharing.

  82. Yvonne, what beautiful egg vignettes you’ve created! I especially love the red cabbage dyed eggs and the torn napkin decorated eggs.

  83. Susan Kistler says:

    I have a “thing” for Easter eggs too! A friend just showed me how to use men’s old silk ties to dye eggs using vinegar- the pattern transfers to the eggs- going to try your book page and torn napkins ones too- so pretty and creative!

  84. Linda Mittleider says:

    Such wonderful ideas. Thank you.

  85. Thanks for the how too on all the eggs.

  86. This year I went with non store bought eggs in colors of blue and tan for my decor. My boss raises chickens and he brought me quite a few eggs. I blew out the inside and we ate scrambled eggs for days – even my dogs had eggs! Now I think I might mix in some tissue paper eggs as well.

  87. Yvonne, so many gorgeous ideas. Love blue and white. Beautiful vignettes. Happy Spring to you and your family.

  88. I am enjoying all the different types of Easter eggs in using different things to dye the eggs.

  89. Yvonne I have followed you for a long time. Yours is my favorite decor site. I think that you are so talented. The tone of your site is friendly, charming and your style is at the same time both luxurious and cozy. You have great enthusiasm and you are a great teacher/coach . Thank you for being there!

  90. Ginny Ricci says:

    Beautiful Easter ideas….will make some before company comes to decorate our table…thank you, Yvonne!