Easter Bunny Tablescape

This year’s Easter bunny tablescape is a little bit bunny, a little bit vintage, and a little bit more blue and white! I’m sharing lots of Easter table ideas in not so traditional Easter colors! This year color outside the Easter basket to create your perfect Easter table!

Our big family meal is Easter brunch and this table is bright and cheery and ready! Who says you need to use pastel colors to create an Easter table?

The inspiration for this year’s Easter table was the Fire King Peach Lusterware that was once my grandmother’s. I’ve always loved my Nani’s beautiful iridescent peach dishes.

Nani talked of getting her set in bags of flour and I think she also got part of her everyday dishes by using S&H green stamps.

I paired the peach lusterware with white dinner dishes and blue and white accent plates. I love blue, white and orange together. They make a pretty, cheery and non- traditional Easter table!

Each place setting at this year’s table is a little different. I mixed up the patterns of the blue and white accent dishes and used two different blue and white napkins. This is a tablescape trick I used often!

If you don’t have enough of one item like dishes, glasses, napkins for your table try mixing different patterns up. I think mix and match tables are the prettiest!

I found the bunnies several years ago at the Pottery Barn. They carry my very favorite colored Easter eggs cradled with a little bit of crinkled paper!

They are a bit less cutesie and I think that’s why they work on this Easter table.

My favorite way to dye eggs is by using yellow onion skins. The onion skins create eggs in colors from peach to deep burnt orange. This is a family tradition passed down many, many generations.

Cups and saucers, sugar and creamers and bowls holding eggs are all Peach Lusterware. The color and pattern of the table runner are picked up in the luster of the creamer and sugar bowls.

We are “mug people” but for Easter brunch we will use the coordinating cups and saucers.

The flatware is vintage too. It works so well with the lusterware and the onion skin eggs!

Down the center of the Easter bunny tablescape is a blue vine patterned table runner. And three glass cubes filled with white tulips create a soft natural look on the Easter table.

The image below show why I love blue, white and orange together!

I pray that your Easter table will be filled with people you love!

Happy Easter, my friends!

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  1. Lovely table, Yvonne. The color combination is refreshing and fun!

  2. I love everything about this table setting! Blue China is my favorite and the peach luster brings back childhood memories of my mother’s kitchen. She had a few pieces and used them! I’m sure they eventually were broken as they aren’t around anymore. I had no idea they came out of flour. She had many pieces of glassware that came out of oatmeal. Happy Easter to you and yours!

    1. Jeri, you can find Peach Lusterware at lots of vintage shops and it is CHEAP!

  3. Such a beautiful table!

  4. Beautiful colors! Oysters are from flour and glassware from detergent are two memories I have, so am glad you have your grandmother’s things to use. May you all have special Easter blessings. He is risen!

    1. So sorry that came out wrong. Meant to say lusterware from flour.

  5. Yvonne your table is beautiful! Seeing your Nani’s lusterware brings back so many memories. As a child I marveled at it’s colour and shine. It was special.
    Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter.

  6. Yvonne, you always come up with the most beautiful tablescapes. But I was just wondering – when people eat at the table, do they use the top plate, or one plate at a time for different courses, or do they remove all of the top plates and just use the one on the bottom? And what happens to the extra plates as they are used or removed

    1. Great question, Linda. I usually do a buffet for a big crowd. So I take the plates away as people get up to go to the buffet. I’ll place the white plates on the buffet with the savory items and the blue and white accent plates with the sweets. If I have extra plates I just put them aside. Hope this answers your question!

  7. Hi, love the antique dishes.
    Question, can I use a square or rectangle rug under a round table???

    1. Yes, look at this post. I have a rectangle rug under a round table. But don’t do what I did… the rug is a bit too small. The chairs legs should be under the table when they are comfortably pushed out for sitting down. Our room was too small to have the rug in the way of room flow to the back door. But you can get the idea. I think round table plus round rug is too matchy- matchy! https://www.stonegableblog.com/easy-ways-to-refresh-a-room/

  8. Love this Easter table look. I can’t get enough of your great ideas! Gotta ask where you bought the beautiful water goblets that are displayed on your table?

  9. It’s a very pretty tablescape! And, the little bunnies add just the right amount of whimsy.

    1. I’m not a fan of too cutesie but with little ones at the table this year I thought this would work for adults and kids.

  10. Yvonne, your table is wonderful! I love your color combination….
    Happy Easter!

  11. That is stunning, what a great way to use the peach luster ware it always seemed so strong by itself;
    Loved your Sunday post, I’m trying to use more lambs in my Easter decor this year.
    Have a blessed Easter Day,

  12. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    The peach Fire King and blue is so attractive! I will have to try it out. Have a great Easter with all your little bunnies! XOXO

  13. Your table looks lovely. I like the colors together. You are blessed to have them from your grandmother. The bunnies are adorable and your grandchildren will love them. Nothing like grandchildren ! Have a wonderful Easter known He is risen and we look for His soon appearing.

  14. The peach is fantastic! What a treasure to have those. It’s all beautiful, as usual. Hope you Easter is special.

  15. Barbara Halwes says:

    Simply gorgeous!! Love the non-traditional blue, white, and peachy orange.

  16. How lovely and festive. Wishing you and yours a Joyous Easter.
    Marilyn and Family

  17. Beautiful table, loving the neutral colors.Happy Easter to you and your family.

  18. I love your tablescapes. Simply beautiful. I am wondering where and how you store all these beautiful dishes. Do you have a system? Also, do you purchase enough dishes to set a full (8-10) table. I can’t imagine where I could store so many pretty things. Love you blog! Debbie

  19. Karenann S. says:

    Your tablescape is absolutely gorgeous!!

  20. Karen VanLoo says:

    That is absolutely beautiful! I love everything, and love the blue! I added that into my Fall tablescape last year, along with deep orange hues and it looked fantastic. Blue is just a classic color all year!

  21. Love love love, your Nani’s vintage dishes, you are a lucky girl to have had them passed down to you! Beautiful table, love non traditional, my color scheme for my Easter brunch is grey, blue, and cream. Sounds a little drab, but I found these gorgeous blue goblets from the 1960’s, so the table needed to work around those. I plan to use your orange and blue color scheme for thanksgiving to use my favorite new blue goblets. Happy Easter to you and your family, bless you!!!!

  22. Happy Easter Yvonne! Love the bunnies- I’m sure your grandbabies will too!

  23. Shauna Neuenswander says:

    Beautiful – I love the blue and white !

  24. So lovely. How special to use your grandmother’s dishes along with your own. It is a beautiful combination with the blue and white. Happy Easter- Our Redeemer Lives!

  25. Ruby Lopez says:

    How beautiful such a wonderful color combination. I have some peach fire king plates and a whole set of coffee cups and saucers I thrifted. I am also called Nani by my granddaughter. You have the best tablescapes they are always an inspiration. I have used as a guide some of your previous tablescapes. Happy Easter He is Risen.

  26. Happy Easter! Love the table runner! Any chance it is available somewhere to order? Many blessing to youn