EARLY WINTER VIGNETTE-Easy to create, chic and neutral

My winter decorating starts with this easy to create, neutral, early winter vignette in the living room. I’m creating a warm feel by limiting the colors in my vignette to blacks, whites and many hues of brown. I’m giving the vignette an organic feel (because brown can look a little dead) with a boxwood ball, lots of pinecones and nubby burlap! And so it does not get boring and too flat looking I’m adding the shine and sparkle of mercury glass! The result is serene, warm and chic. Perfect for winter!

Happy New Year’s Eve dear friends! Thanks so much for stopping by and including StoneGable as a part of your New Year’s Eve! Take care, be safe and have fun!

EARLY WINTER VIGNETTE-Easy to create, chic and neutral

The “Cudahy” meat crate turned tray is pretty much a fixture in the living room now. I love it’s unrefined look with my more upscale table and neutral sofa. My natural decorating style leans towards the more formal so I dress it down with organic, chippy, rustic farmhouse pieces! My Cudahy tray works to tone down the formality of my room and makes it feel more relaxed. I love the balance and play between rustic and refined!

EARLY WINTER VIGNETTE-Easy to create, chic and neutral

In recent years I’ve come to a peace about my unusual, eclectic style. I love, love love decor and different styles! It’s just too bad I don’t have a dozen homes to decorate! Cottage, farmhouse, mid century modern, industrial, traditional,found-and-upcycled, and bohemian are a few of my very very favorite styles that make me swoon!

I tend to buy large ticket items like sofas and beds and chairs in traditional styles. They are timeless. Buying furniture that is neutral gives me the freedom to add almost any color to a room! Many of my readers might think that I don’t like color. Not so! I love color! But I love so many colors that I can’t live with just one for very long! 

So, neutrals let’s me explore many colors! If I had to choose one other color to add to my home on a permanent basis it would be blue! Blue, to me, works very much like a neutral!

Winter, is a great time to keep things neutral and calm. 

EARLY WINTER VIGNETTE-Easy to create, chic and neutral

Don’t put those amazing pinecones away! Use them until spring!!! And then don’t keep them very far away because they make the best “filler” in arrangements!

EARLY WINTER VIGNETTE-Easy to create, chic and neutral

To brighten up the vignette I moved some the candles from the dining room table and added them to the tray! I’m just wild over mercury glass! Probably more than silver. It has such a depth of sparkle to it!

EARLY WINTER VIGNETTE-Easy to create, chic and neutral

The boxwood ball in the mercury glass planter also came from the dining room table. 

EARLY WINTER VIGNETTE-Easy to create, chic and neutral

EARLY WINTER VIGNETTE-Easy to create, chic and neutral

How about you? What is the first thing you decorate in your home for winter? If you don’t have a direction yet, try putting together a simple, beautiful early winter vignette!

EARLY WINTER VIGNETTE-Easy to create, chic and neutral

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EARLY WINTER VIGNETTE-Easy to create, chic and neutral

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  1. I’m in LOVE with that mercury glass planter!!! Wherever did you discover it?
    These vignettes are calming, indeed, and very lovely. Adore the look.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

    1. Hi Linda, I got the mercury glass planter from the Pottery Barn this Christmas. Hope this helps!

    2. Lynda Harms says:

      I was just thinking I could take down all the Christmas decorations and leave out the natural winter things for a while.

        1. That’s what I do too – it’s usually (not so much so far though) a very long winter here in Ohio – so it makes no sense not to keep a winter’s decor up for quite a while.

          It flurried today – sure hope we get a nice good snow, I adore winter!

          Your early winter vignette is perfect, as always.

          Happy New Year, Yvonne! God bless!

  2. Living in Georgia,I have a bowl of pine cones out all year long. Pine cones are a “staple” in the South. I look out my window and see pine trees and cones on the ground for the taking. Love, love,love mercury glass, it adds so much to any vignette or table setting.

  3. Thank you for this post. It came at the best time. I’m taking down the Christmas decorations and the house looks so plain. This post has inspired me and I’m getting some ideas. Happy New Year

  4. Hello and an early Happy New Year!
    Love your styling and images – they are so inspiring and fun for this time of the year. Looking forward to many more visits!

  5. I’m still using my pine cones, too. They are always perfect this time of year.

  6. Katherine says:

    This is a great mix of different textures and finishes. Lovely.

    Happy New Year.

  7. I love your decorating style and always enjoy your posts. After taking down my Christmas decorations a couple of days ago, I was ready for some calming decor with neutral colors and texture. I will retrieve some of my pine ones from my stash to add to the winter vignettes I have created. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Two of my favorite things! Pinecones and boxwood! Thanks for the lovely ideas!! Happy New Year sweet friend!!

  9. Very beautiful and so serene….just like the a blanket of snow in the winter. Happy New Year to you and your family….May 2016 be a most happy, healthy and memorable one!!!

  10. Thanks for the inspiration today. I do love pine cones! Linda

  11. I love your early winter vignette! Wishing you and your family many blessings in 2016!

  12. Veda Spalding says:

    Love this! Trying to figure out what to do with my mantel after all the Christmas glam comes down!! HELP??

  13. I love your decorating style! I’m rather new to your blog but I love all your posts. Your winter vignette is beautiful. I love pine cones for winter decorating. I, like you, love many different decorating styles. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the new year! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  14. Bren Allen says:

    Love your living room vingette! Now that all the CHristmas decor is packed away, can you show us some pretty kitchen table vingettes? I am always at a loss as to what to put in the center of the kitchen table, We are empty nesters, so it is just the 2 of us at the table. Happy New Year blessings to you Yvonne!

  15. Simple and lovely! Happy New Year! I too have many styles. I would love the simple farmhouse look but find
    it difficult to pare down! I collect too many Antiques!
    Blessings for the new year!

  16. Thanks so much for a great year, Yvonne! I too have an eclectic style, and it’s drove me nuts for years:) As the time passes though, I’ve learned so much from how you decorate. I hope you and your family have a wonderful & blessed New Year!

  17. Thanks for showing us “amateurs” that rustic and refined can work together. I love seeing the two side by side in your wooden tray – the mercury glass and candles with pine cones in the milk glass bowl. Lovely. Thanks for teaching us.

  18. Yvonne,
    Amazing winter vignette, dear friend!!!
    Stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year!!!
    May all your hopes for 2016 come to be!!!

  19. Love this…I agree with you about color…I am the same way….love color, but LOVE the look and feel of relaxation that neutrals provide…The mercury glass is the perfect touch of sparkle!

  20. susan haderlein says:

    I enjoy your posts each morning! I am addicted to your website! When you used the boxwood in the winter vignette….did you purchase the plastic leaf boxwood or the fabric leaf boxwood. The Home Goods by our house has the plastic leaf type. Thank you and wishing you continued success with Stone Gable.

    1. HI SUSAN!!! I say that StoneGable is a pretty good addiction to have, my friend! What a lovely compliment! I have the plastic type boxwood. It looks pretty real though!

  21. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful ideas. On our breakfast room table, I’m using a hand-carved wooden bowl that was a Christmas gift and filled it with large pine cones topped with deer antlers. I also added some quail figurines. On the dining room table, I’m playing with 3 blue and white vases and bowls on a silver tray. I’m thinking of putting a succulent in the blue and white bowl. I like your ideas for creating vignettes in an earlier post. I also believe in never passing up a tray or wooden box that can be used in a vignette. I look forward to reading your posts every day.

  22. Linda Rutherford says:

    Yvonne: What guidelines can you offer for how long to leave out Christmas decorations and when to transition (put them away) to winter/seasonal? I’ve always heard it’s “proper” to leave Christmas decorations displayed until Epiphany. I transition to winter greens and white, leaving out some snowmen accents through winter. Love your ideas!

    1. Hi Linda, I remember that rule too! We are showing our age! When YOU want to take your Christmas decorations down is the perfect time. No hard and fast rules anymore. Just don’t leave your Christmas tree up until Easter like my husband did when we were dating. Thank goodness that was not a deal breaker, cause my Bobby is the BEST!

  23. Spending New Year’s Eve reviewing some of my favorite posts from Stone Gable this past year. Always inspiring.

    Looking forward to more great ideas in 2016! Happy New Year!

  24. Sad Christmas ended all too soon. Rejoice! The New Year full of hope an anticipation for all the Lords Blessings for all of us! Love to decorate for Valentines! A center vinyette on my kitchen island today! Lots of Love flowing !! Happy , Healthy ! New Year!!!!

  25. Pretty. Very refreshing after all the color and lights of the season.

  26. Very pretty! It can be hard to decorate this time of year but I love the pinecones and the natural textures. The mercury glass adds just the right amount of sparkle. Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!

  27. My house always loses its luster after the Christmas decorations come down. A New Year’s resolution is to do more seasonal decorating to keep the house spiffed up all year. Thanks for continuing inspiration.

  28. Happy New Year Yvonne! I love a neutral palette also and this simple vignette is just my style.

  29. I just love your winter vignette! I am pinning it so I can use it for reference!

  30. Candace Pinkstaff says:

    I love the Mercury glass, feels refined but vintage too! And I like to decorate with milk glass, it’s my neutral! So many pieces to work with and not too expensive.

  31. Love your winter vignette! I’m using some neutral decor with white shells and silver accents! I’m actually painting my family room so my house is still a little bit of a mess! But I will get it in shape soon! Thanks for sharing!

  32. Yvonne your winter vignette idea was just what I needed today.Always find Jan. a garde month for decor.Have left my mercury glass candle holders and some white lights on my mantle along with my square boxwood wreath. I still have white amaryllis coming in to blooom as well as an arrangement of cut paperwhites and pine. Will work on my winter vignette for coffee table today.Can’t wait to hear more about your upcoming book. Sure it will be wonderful!

  33. Katherine says:

    Book? Did you say book? Can’t wait to hear more about that! In the meantime– the winter vignette is wonderful – love the neutrals (ready for neutrals after all the colors of the holidays). Especially taken by the fabric covered books —

  34. Norma Rolader says:

    So what you can do with a few little items Thank you for sharing

  35. Beautiful ideas! I love Love LOVE how you decorate & am using lots of your ideas & tips.
    Wish I could find a Cudahy Wood tray or Any logo wood tray but so far – nada ?
    Happy New Year! 2018’

  36. Donna Viar says:

    Can you tell me more about the Mercury Glass Vase in the vignette? What size is it? Is the box wood real or artificial? Where did you get it? Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you, Donna Viar

  37. Suzanne Pope says:

    You are the Queen of balancing rustic and refined. Beautiful vignettes – always. Actually I swoon over all your rooms! Where did beautiful neutral patterned rug come from (in room with paisley chairs) ? I love following Stonegable and it’s a blessing to know you are my sister in Christ too.

  38. Where did you find the rustic box from Cudahy Packing Company? I used to live in Cudahy and would love to have a box from there. I love your blog and decorating style.