EARLY FALL AND GREEN APPLES- The perfect kitchen table display for early fall. So simple to make-stonegableblog.com

The tips of our maple trees are turning an ostentatious  reddish orange and the corn on the side field is beginning to sound like a taffeta ball gown rustling in the wind! These are the very first signs of fall here at StoneGable! Another sign of fall are the apple trees dripping with juicy Autumnal fruit! What a happy sight! Don’t you love apples… their taste, their smell, how versatile they are to decorate with? They remind me of September! So in honor of early fall, let’s get our apples out of the frig and create an early fall vignette featuring these fall beauties!

EARLY FALL AND GREEN APPLES- The perfect kitchen table display for early fall. So simple to make-stonegableblog.comApples are the perfect fall element for a kitchen vignette! Kitchen vignettes are my favorite way to decorate!!!!

For this vignette I started with a big white ironstone bowl and filled it with green apples. LOVE LOVE LOVE green apples!

If you are making a pretty vignette too… find a bowl you love and fill it up! Red or green, it really doesn’t matter. Just display those gorgeous apples. But remember to save one to place on it’s own in your vignette.

EARLY FALL AND GREEN APPLES- The perfect kitchen table display for early fall. So simple to make-stonegableblog.com

I used a big oval galvanized tray that I found at a Barn sale a couple weeks ago to hold my early fall vignette. Galvanized metals work well with my farmhouse kitchen. If you are going to create a vignette along with me you might want to find something to give your vignette perimeters like a tray or basket or crate or a galvanized tray, like me!

To soften the tray a bit I added a black and white checked napkin. I love the combo of green with black and white.

Here’s a little tips: When creating a vignette use a tight color palette to give it drama and visual weight. I like to choose two or three colors when creating vignettes. I think limited color equals more decor WOW!

Now’s the time to go through your napkins and pull out a couple of patterns or colors that work with your apples.

EARLY FALL AND GREEN APPLES- The perfect kitchen table display for early fall. So simple to make-stonegableblog.com

When I create a vignette I try to strive for a variety of textures and heights. Your eyes and brains are happy and interested if they can pick up lots of textures and can dance around a vignette from one height to another!

One very simple and very effective way to add height to a vignette is by using a riser or cake stand. I added extra “ruffled” dishes for even more height and perched a big MacKenzie Childs black and white Courtley Pitcher on top of it!

Find things you have, especially from the kitchen, that you can use in a vignette that have different heights.

If you like cake plates you might want to check out FABULOUS, FUN AND FUNCTIONAL CAKE PLATES… NOT JUST FOR CAKE! I share ideas and tips for decorating with them. 

EARLY FALL AND GREEN APPLES- The perfect kitchen table display for early fall. So simple to make-stonegableblog.comThe hydrangeas at StoneGable are just right for picking! I filled the pitcher up with PeeGee hydrangeas. When hydrangeas start to get papery and muted in hue they are ready to be dried. I’ll dry these right in the pitcher and they will be ready for wreath making in a few weeks!

To see a post on HOW TO DRY HYDRANGEAS click HERE.

If you don’t have flowers in your garden you can opt for some great fakes or a bunch from the grocery store would be fabulous too!

EARLY FALL AND GREEN APPLES- The perfect kitchen table display for early fall. So simple to make-stonegableblog.com

A spindly, twiggy topiary gives this vignette even more height! I found this goodie at an antique shop… and it was downright cheap. I think it has lots of character! I’m always drawn to what I call “fluff”!


A vintage ironstone pitcher holds a few napkins in green and black and white. Adding a fabric texture to a vignette, especially one that uses dishes, softens the look. 

Behind the pitcher I added a candle in a very unique galvanized metal and chippy wood candlestick! This candlestick came from Luckett’s Spring Market. I think it carries on the “galvanized” theme. I’m trying to reproduce it!


A fall vignette is so easy to create and brings a little bit of spectacular fall season right into your home!!!! Make sure to eatat your apples this fall and enjoy decorating with them too!!! 

What are you waiting for… get out those apples and create!!!!

EARLY FALL AND GREEN APPLES-perfect for fall-stonegableblog.com

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EARLY FALL AND GREEN APPLES- The perfect kitchen table display for early fall. So simple to make-stonegableblog.com



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  1. So pretty! I love the green of the apples and hydrangeas together. Also love your “upcoming posts” photo in the side bar, what a cool idea!! 🙂 Have a great week!

  2. What a beautiful setting! The back and white look so elegant with the green apples and hydrangeas. I would have never thought of combining those colors. I will have to try it out. Best wishes, Silvana – experiencetheheart.blogspot.com

  3. I love the color combination — you are right too many colors are confusing and you lose the effect. Looking forward to seeing all your vignettes.

  4. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Do you sew ALL your napkins? Give us some hints on using everyday linens, please.
    Where to shop, how to find bargins, etc. Even sewing 12 napkins takes time!

    Please tell us how you care for these linens as well. Does washing and drying a cloth napkin sanitize it?
    How to remove lipstick, wine, etc.

    I like the cloth but because of my questions above I only use them daily for me and hubby.

  5. Beautiful! I have faux red apples so I’m digging them out to use! I love the chicken lamp in the background! Where did you find it?

    1. Hi Amy, That chicken lamp is probably 20 years old. I got it from a little shop outside of Washington DC. Oh the stories she could tell!

  6. Karen VanLoo says:

    Simply beautiful! I absolutely LOVE that color combination of green with black & white. I adore your Mackenzie Childs Courtly Check pitcher. I want one, it’s on my wish list! Beautiful vignette, and perfect for early Fall – even in Texas! I’m celebrating that (hopefully) the 100-degree temperatures are over with. The mornings and evenings are beginning to feel more refreshing, I’m so ready for Fall. This got me excited! Thank you, I love your vignettes!

    1. Our weather is not much better this week. High 90’s!!! UGH!!! But I’m thinking fall anyway!

  7. Linda Ann says:

    Love your vignettes! I started collecting some fall items for my dining room table vignette. Got a beautiful unfinished tray out in Lancaster County this summer and had my husband stain and finish it….can’t wait to get out all my fall things and go at it! I never start putting out my fall decor before Labor Day….back to work always means the end of summer so I try not to rush it!!
    Have a happy Monday!

  8. This is a beautiful grouping. Love the flowers and green apples together. Love the color combinations that you have chosen.

  9. Hi, I adopted your 30 min cleaning and love it, i accomplish so much more, thank you!

  10. Yvonne ,I so looooooooooooove your kitchen,, your table looks so lovely and inviting.

  11. Joan Miles says:

    Good morning I love your kitchen vignette, but would love to know where did you get your gingham black and white napkins. I have the larger check but absolutely love your check. Are they cotton?
    Wishing you a Bless Day in Christ!!

  12. Hi there, lovely tablescape! Before this went viral on Pinterest and who knows where else, I wanted to let you know the first pic says EARY not EARLY. Yipes! Feel free to delete this comment, just wanted you to know. I’d want someone to tell me before it was spread all over. 🙂

  13. Lanita Anderson says:

    Love the early fall vignette….the apples, the pitcher, the colors you chose – it all works together so well! Love all of your posts, especially the ones using dishes!
    Blessings to you,

  14. Your vignettes are always gorgeous, Yvonne:) Love all of them!

  15. Yvonne,
    Absolutely stunning, dear friend!!!
    I adore black, white and green combinations in the Kitchen
    and Dining Room!!! Such a Timeless Classic palette!!!
    Your MacKenzie Childs black and white Courtley Pitcher
    takes this Kitchen vignette over~the~top!!!
    I appreciate your tips for height variances!!!
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring!!!

  16. Your early fall post is so great! Everything looks beautiful. Love the vignettes.
    Have a great day!

  17. Thank you again for your great ideas! You inspire me to work on my vignette’s! Also to move things around.
    Thank you looking forward to the next newsletter!

  18. Love the apples! Beautiful decoration for late summer/early fall. The black and white and green is gorgeous! I’d like to do a vignette with corn, but I am still in the dreaming phase.

  19. A most beautiful vignette Yvonne…I so love how you paired the green apples with the black and white. Happy early Fall…you always inspire us in every way!

  20. Leslie Schoenfeld says:

    I’m a nut for blue and white, black and white, white and cream, as well as other color combinations. However, green with black and white has never been of much interest to me UNTIL I started seeing your many green accessories in various seasonal vignettes. I’m beginning to be a fan!

    Keep it up, Yvonne!

  21. Just to let you know Ilove all your vignette. Just gorgeous. Donna

  22. Linda Zeccola says:

    How beautiful. You are so talented. Your wonderful home décor and table scapes have inspired me to start a blog and share. The neutral Farmhouse pallet of Stone Gable lends itself to a quiet elegance while my décor incorporates bolder colors, and probably breaks every design rule and guideline known to man. That being said, I’m am learning and evolving and soaking up all the tips and ideas that you share in your blog. Thank you, Yvonne

    1. Linda, you just said exactly what I want from this blog. I want StoneGable to be a haven of ideas and tips and beauty for all who come here. Thanks so much for recognizing that!