A look at God's mercy. What it is and what it does.If I were to ask you to  make a list of 10 things you could not live without, what would be on your list? Food, money, health, home? All great things to put on a top 10 but did you ever think that mercy… God’s mercy…. should be on that list and pretty close to the top? Mercy is something that we cannot live without!  So, it we can’t live without real mercy… what is mercy? Let’s explore this deep and wide word…

Mercy, the word CHESED (pronounced khesed) in Hebrew is one of the richest and most precious words in scripture! God’s moral character is one full of mercy. CHESED goes to the heart of the character of God himself!
There is really no adequate word in the English language for CHESED.  We call it God’s lovingkindness,  kindness and mercy. But God’s true mercy is so much more!!!! 
CHESED is a covenant word… a solemn, binding agreement… better than a promise! CHESED is undeserved benevolence  withholding deserved judgement… no wonder I cry out for it so often! CHESED is a word of great relief and security for those longing for God’s spiritual comfort… for those wanting to see God’s compassion working in their lives!
CHESED is abundant… because God’s measure of mercy is limitless! CHESED is everlasting… not only does God pour out mercy is great measure… HE is not bound by time and neither is the mercy HE lavishes on us!
When I cry out to God with this one word.. Mercy… God reaches down to just where I am… no matter where… and pours out his lovingkindness, mercy, covenant, benevolence, comfort, security and love in great abundance… for all time! 


Mercy is something that all of us need and honestly, can’t live without. Have you asked your Father in heaven for his beautiful mercy in your life today?

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  1. Yvonne, this was a very special blog today. It was beautiful. We do have a loving God with kindness, grace, and mercy. Thank you for this. It should make us all think just how big our God is and how wonderful He is. May God continue to bless you with wonderful thoughts and ideas and sharing them with others is a gift to all.

  2. What a beautiful message to start my Sunday morning. Pastor is going to have to go a long way to top this and he is usually tough to beat. Thank you so much. Have a blessed week.

  3. One of your best Sunday morning posts! Thank you for sharing your blessings with so many. I also passed this along to my daughter. Have a blessed week!

  4. What a wonderful way to begin our Sunday! Thank you for sharing this. Brings a warmth to our hearts as me and my hubby start the day.

  5. Dear Yvonne, This one is truly a blessing … and it is my birthday … so it is a loving gift and reminder of God’s perfect mercy!

  6. I need to be reminded of this everyday. I have been so agitated with others lately. Life feels so one-sided…I always feel like I give and give and sacrifice my time and energy towards friends and family but then there is no effort on their behalf. I forget the Lords mercy and patience towards ME and have to ask Him to forgive me and help me to also have mercy on others. MERCY…what a gift.

  7. “…His mercy is everlasting, and His truth endureth to all generations.” What a blessing and wonderful promise of our loving Father. Thank you, Yvonne. I hope you have a wonderful day of rest.

  8. What a beautiful reminder to us this Thanksgiving Sunday (Canada). When I take the time to think about God’s mercy it’s so very overwhelming…our finite minds can only begin to peek into the real magnitude of it all. Thank you for a timely message.
    Yvonne, I continue to pray for you as you minister to all who read your posts. You are a blessing. Avis

  9. Yvonne,
    Another amazing Sunday Scripture!

    I just saw the Victoria magazine’s recent online Mad About Plaid in which your front porch is shown in their round-up of plaid photos. Congratulations for being recognized by such as prestigious source. Your photography and styling are always outstanding.


  10. Just

    Just read this this evening- right on time- my daughter and son in law are fighting (words) and my 9 year old granddaughter called because she is worried. I asked her to go and ask heron to pray with her. I’ve been praying too but I realize I also needed to ask for His Mercy over the situation/ thank you!

  11. Yvonne thank you for such thoughtful and insightful words of wisdom! As I wind down my day I look forward to reading your blog,
    To relax and enjoy your gifted words that God has blessed you with!! Thanks for being a messenger????

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