DECORATING WITH NEUTRALS-Easy tip for decorating with neutrals.-stonegableblog.com

Whites and neutral decor is such a classic. In the past several years it seems to have resurrected itself and this classic has become a white hot trend… pun intended! When we think neutrals we should not just think “white”. Neutrals run from black to browns to taupes and beige and gray and bone and ivory and whites and everything in between! We all love the calm and uncluttered look of neutrals working together and the clean serene feel it gives us! Neutrals are anything but boring… if done right! There are a few easy to follow rules for keeping neutral decor compelling and interesting and beautiful! Here are 6 of the best ways to mix neutrals in decor…


DECORATING WITH NEUTRALS-use different hues and neutral colors-stonegableblog.com

When decorating with neutrals, texture becomes the most important element! Texture is the key to keeping things interesting and different. Nubby, soft, fluffy, basket weave, shiny, rough, gritty , bumpy, wooly, tone-on-tone patterns…

Mixing textures keeps neutrals from looking flat.


DECORATING WITH NEUTRALS-architectural elements-stonegableblog.com

Great shapes and architectural detail get noticed in a neutral color palate and they can really bring a room to life. Opt for interesting shapes when choosing case pieces, chairs, and carpets. Pick great details like carved wood or fun patterns. 


DECORATING WITH NEUTRALS-use different hues and neutral colors-stonegableblog.com


Don’t… I repeat… DON’T use all one color. There are hundreds of shades and hues of neutrals that play so nicely together! Use lots of neutrals!!!

Don’t get sucked into all white decor or you room just might look like a painter was let loose with a spray gun full of “painter’s grade white” paint! WAY TOO BORING! White done right has lots of varied and subtle neutral hues. 


DECORATING WITH NEUTRALS-use big items-stonegableblog.com

Size becomes important in a neutral room. It’s okay to to bring in a big piece that may be a little out of scale. I think big trappings in a neutral room adds a whole lot of much needed design significance. A large hutch or bookcase looks great in a neutral room. Or how about a big, oversized vase of flowers!


DECORATING WITH NEUTRALS-pop of color-stonegableblog.com

Who doesn’t love a big pop of color in a neutral room! It just seem to bring it to life! When adding a color to a neutral room, use it in several decor elements around the room OR en mass in one great and fabulous piece.


DECORATING WITH NEUTRALS-the drama of black-stonegableblog.com

Who doesn’t love a little drama! A little black is like magic in neutral decor! It seems to wake it up and the room become instantly more noticeable! Give it a try… you will love love love it!

With these 6 easy tips under your decor belt you are well on your way to decorating with whites and neutrals and doing it fabulously!!!

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DECORATING WITH NEUTRALS-Easy tip for decorating with neutrals.-stonegableblog.com

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  1. Everything is so beautiful! I love those SnowFlake Lanterns in the first picture. Yvonne, I just wanted to tell you that you gave me the courage to get my grandmother’s silver out of the box, clean it up and USE IT!! I was always SO afraid I would mess it up so I did nothing. I decided my grandmother wouldn’t want that so I found your post on cleaning silver and now we enjoy using them everyday. It looks so pretty and I smile every time I pass it. Thank you!!

    Wishing you a happy and blessed day!

    1. So so happy to hear that. How blessed you are to have such a wonderful family heirloom!

  2. It is always a pleasure to read your blog.

  3. This weekend we are starting work on our kitchen – neutral colors – so wish us luck in that it doesn’t looking boring.

  4. You certainly can put a room together and have it look amazing! You have such a eye for colors and how they should be displayed. I think I’m cross-eyed. Now I can notice what you’re doing like your pop of color is soft not in your face neon or bold. It goes with the room without being the center of attention. And your boldness? Well, you’re not too bold, just speaking your mind in a lady-like way :-). The thing is I can study and study what you do and then trying to apply it to my stuff. Hmmmmmm!! Have to do lots of pondering. Great job, Yvonne, like usual. I am pinning.

    1. Marisa, that’s just what I want to do . Make it easy for other to try!

  5. When Mr. BHL and I built our home 10 years ago, that’s the color scheme we had envisioned- but over the last few years, I was beginning to question my original plan. However, spending money on Brazilian Cherry solid floors, a kitchen full of solid cherry cabinets, and black granite countertops, you kinda can’t “change your mind”! Lol! Spending our money on the things that we don’t want to replace, has also forced us to wait for the finishing touches for a “final” look.
    I absolutely adore the way YOU use neutrals & black in your home! It has given me hope that I wasn’t crazy after all:) I have one more piece to acquire for my kitchen, and then I am ready to starting buying my material, and begin to paint!!! Thanks for all your tips, and wise advice! One of these days I’ll be able to have my first “reveal!” 😀

  6. Yvonne,
    Oh, dear friend, I agree that white, done right is truly elegant!!!
    Texture and accent hues are always great for accentuating all those fabulous neutral tones!!!
    When shopping or re~arranging, I too, look for key pieces that draw the eye around the room!!!
    Years ago, I brought a “treasured” chest of drawers out of the Guest Room into the Living Room!!!
    My son, whom had purchased this piece as a Mother’s Day gift for me, was thrilled!!!
    Your Dining Room is one of the most inspiring in The Land of Blog, dear friend!!!
    Keep the inspiration, encouragement and Great Tips coming my way!!!

  7. lovely post my talented friend. I invite you to share at my Thursday hop. You can link up until midnight tonight xo

  8. I have had a mostly neutral (beige) home for the past few years. Considering going to soft yellow in kitchen, great room, foyer and halls with beige in baths and bedrooms and red in the library in new home.) Oriental rugs are mostly red with yellow.) Do you think I will be sorry for making the change?

  9. I love tone-on-tone. My home décor doesn’t begin to relate to yours; however, I do like to sew things for the home and with my embroidery machine I use tone-on-tone to enhance pillowcases, curtains or whatever I’m making. Sometimes “simple” appears more “elegant” that way. Love your devotionals…thanks for sharing…you bless my life!!

  10. Love the post Yvonne, they all look amazing and yes I also love the candle holders in the first picture. I love neutrals, whites, blacks and all in between also. I recently purchased a high dark wood vintage looking bed, wanting to get rid of the matchy old furniture although well made, just not what Im after anymore. (Hubby wanted to paint the dresser white and change the hardware, any rules or tips for pulling together a white and mirrored bedroom without being too over the top. I though some mirrored nightstands and maybe armoire but I already have a fancy chandelier in my bedroom. I am wanting some bling but not too much I guess.

  11. Christina says:

    I hate to ask but is your tulip arrangement live or can I buy it somewhere? I love it!!!


    1. Hi Christina, I’m happy to answer almost any question. The tulips are real.

  12. May I ask if you did that beautiful chest yourself? Or, did you purchase it from somewhere? I have all neutrals in my house because they make me feel peaceful and relaxed. I am looking for a special chest for my foyer and love the look of yours. You truly do a beautiful job of decorating!

    1. Hi Norma,
      I bought the chest. It’s from Hooker and called the Curlacue Chest. I found it on Joss & Main and got it for 1/3 off!~

  13. Hi Yvonne. I love this and i love your number one rule – do what makes you happy. I love blues and have used it alot in my home, but i do adore your use of neutrals and would love to start bringing this into my home. I recently purchased oatmeal colored linen weave curtains for the family room so it’s a start. I so love your decorating style.


  14. Peggy King says:

    I love your decorating style! It is just stunning! I can’t wait until your book comes out. WhAt is the paint used on the walls and woodwork? Also, is your couch from PB and what is the fabric? I am slowly going to all neutrals, but, in the meantime, I shall drool over your beautiful home. Thanks for all your tips. Peggy

    1. Hi Peggy. My wall color is Benjamin Moore SONNET and my woodwork is Atrium White. Yes, the sofa is from PB and it’s “flax”. Hope this helps.

  15. I love your style!! What color would you paint a bathroom that has a wood floor and ivory sink and toilet?

    1. Oh Mary! That is a question only you can answer! What are the colors of accessories you will use? What colors speak you you!!!!

      1. Well white trim would sure speak to me but my husband just won’t go for that. It is a very dark room with no windows. It is right off the family room. I was thinking about going with the same color as that, creamy beige. I guess the ivory (instead of white) sink and toilet are throwing me off.

  16. Thanks you for all of the tips, love how your use of the different shades work together. Love all of the candle holders on the first photo.
    Have a great day.

  17. I adore your decorating style. When my husband and I moved into our house this past Aug, I wondered who chose the colors of paint- the living room and kitchen are a muted yellow, master bedroom is mint green, 2nd bedroom is burgundy and 3rd bedroom is dark blue.
    We just recently purchased a love seat in chocolate brown. I have been thinking about repainting the living room a beige/ light tan or even a bluish grey. I have some wall decor that are metal with turquoise highlights.
    I will be visiting your site often for ideas for decorating

  18. Karen VanLoo says:

    I have started using a lot more neutral tones in my home! My living room is creams, black, and taupe! I also recently re-did my master bedroom and it’s all blacks and creams, and I had custom made burlap with beautiful fringe bedskirt and window valances. I don’t sew, but found a lady on Etsy who makes beautiful things in burlap. She also made my custom chair pads with beautiful ruffles for my kitchen! Using neutrals is so pleasing and comforting, and you can add pops of color and change for the seasons! Like pastels in spring, red and navy in summer, oranges and deep reds in fall, then reds and greens at Christmas. I also love citron green mixed with blacks and white or taupe! Beautiful! I’m inspired by you every day, thank you!

  19. Hi Yvonne, I love love love your site, I look at your pictures and read your posts daily, love your devotionals and décor. Can you tell me how high your ceilings are, I love the chair rail and mouldings in your dining room and wonder how high up the wall they go. Blessings….Susan

    1. Hi Susan, Our ceilings are 9 feet tall in the downstairs. The wainscoting in the dining room is 50 inches tall.
      Hope this helps!

  20. Love neutral colors with the addition of black.

  21. I love all your tips and ideas. Nuetral rooms are so welcoming and the pops of color always s bring life to a room.

  22. Just finished our french farmhouse kitchen all in neutrals.. greys,white cabinets and added touches of black rugs,,accent pieces, with my favorite being a Fleur de lis finial that i brought in from my garden! i also added a bird nest filled with blue speckled eggs for a touch of spring, and a ceramic bird standing guard nearby! Thanks for using black in your decorating, it really “grounds” the room. I added some french blue with a pair of old shutters in my kitchen window and blue striped dishtowels ,gracing my farmhouse sink. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  23. Neutrals are my happy place! Great post. Thank you.