5 Creative Tips For Decorating With Baskets

Baskets are a decorating wonder. Their texture and color add lots of interest and beauty to any room they live in. They corral and organize and hide things in our home. Here are 5 easy tips for decorating with baskets.

Decorating with baskets is an oh so pretty way to add beauty, personality, and texture to a room. And one of my favorite quick-trick ways to decorate! Do you love baskets as much as I do? Then you will love these 5 easy tips for decorating with baskets in your home!

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I am almost obsessed with stylish containers! Woven, wire, lucite, wood, tortoiseshell, and more. I’ve never met a basket I did not want to use in my home.

A big stash of them, collected over decades, waits patiently in the basement when they are not in use. But almost all of the BCT’s (baskets, crates, and trays) find a way into my decor regularly!

How about you? Do you love baskets, crates, and trays! They are the bedrock of decor!

Today let’s narrow our focus and talk about baskets first and let’s talk about what baskets will work best in your home!

Choose Different Styles

There is a basket made for your personal style and every job in your home. The variety of baskets is endless.

Start collecting baskets. They are inexpensive for the big decor punch they offer and can be used in so many ways!

Here are my favorite types of baskets and how I use them…

Round And Rectangle Basket With Low Sides

These are my go-to baskets for vignettes! They will corral items nicely, and the contents of the basket are very visible!

I especially love them for creating vignettes. And baskets are a major part of these decorating powerhouses.

Think about using sturdy baskets with low sides. Handles would be nice too. Start collecting both round and rectangle baskets to use in your vignettes.

These low sturdy baskets are also great for organizing magazines and books and papers. They look pretty and neat and give things that tend to get messy or disorganized a tidy home.

Tall Sided Baskets

I can hardly pass up a basket with tall sturdy sides! The possibilities to organize to stash things out of sight are countless! Collecting things in baskets makes my life so much easier when I want to find something.

When I’m decorating with baskets these baskets are the most versatile, pretty, and functional!

And these baskets look amazing when they are grouped together, en mass! Think about adding tall, sturdy-sided baskets to a bookshelf or under coffee and end tables!

I have a gaggle of square baskets I use to organize things. We put these baskets under our banquet and they are filled with cookbooks and coloring books and crayons and markers and crafts. When my grandchildren come it is so easy for them to dig into these baskets and find things.

Baskets With Lids

I use baskets with lids to organize and hide things I want to be out of sight but easy to find. I have tall lidded baskets for bedding and towels in my bedroom and linen closet and I have small rectangle baskets on my nightstand for lotion and the remote control. These useful baskets come in so many sizes.

Other Baskets You Might Want To Collect

Think about collecting baskets that are wire too! They add a whole different look to a room.

And really any basket you love is worth collecting!

I found this basket while looking for great baskets to share with you and just could not pass it up for $48.00! See it HERE.



A vignette should be something every home decorator should know how to put together! Because they add an instant focal point to any room.

And my favorite way to create them is in a basket!

A basket gives them a defined space and lots and lots of pretty texture. Oh, our eyes really love a well-curated vignette!

Over the years I’ve collected quite a stash of amazing round, square and mostly flat-sided baskets to call into service as the foundation of a vignette!


Baskets are beautiful things! They create texture and interest in home decor and can also corral, organize and hide items out of sight! If you have space on a shelf or table or even the floor, think baskets!

I am wild about baskets because they are a decor win/win in my book!

They look amazing and can hide lots of things inside! I’m not talking “junk” I’m talking about “organizing”. You can organize a myriad of household items in plain sight.

When you need to organize do it with baskets! And decorating with baskets is a bonus too!

Here are some things that can find a home in a pretty basket…

  • magazines
  • projects
  • papers
  • books
  • towels
  • toiletries
  • blankets
  • pillows
  • shoes


Many baskets are just too pretty to lay flat!

Don’t forget to go vertical! Open-faced baskets make beautiful wall art especially if they are interesting and even a bit unusual!

Isn’t that a fun way to decorate with baskets?


Plants and baskets are a match made in heaven! Grab a big open basket and plunk a plant down in them. Just make sure the plant is in a sturdy container!


If I am stashing things away I really love lidded baskets! They look neat no matter what’s inside!

And the quintessential lidded basket for maximum storage is a basket that also doubles as a table!

Here’s where I keep extra pillows and blankets for snuggling!

Now grab a basket, set your timer and style it one of these 5 ways!

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  1. Always so informative and I’m going to look around my house and see what I can do with the baskets that I have!

    1. Hey Janet! Thanks! Your home is so beautiful! I can’ wait to see what you do with baskets too!

    2. HAPPY SAT. Morning!!
      I have been a collector of baskets for many years.
      I use the baskets throughout our home
      and on our sailboat.
      We have two young gran babes who visit with us a couple a days each week.
      I store their story books and craft supplies in them.
      I love the over sized cloth and wire baskets to store their toys. Easy for the kiddos to help themselves and they look great tucked out of the way after their play date at our place.
      I also store my baskets and extra pillows
      downstairs. Please share a photo of your storage area in your basement.
      Thank you. Enjoy your weekend.
      I know you must be enjoying your granbabes?

  2. I am so with you with in your love of baskets and trays.I have them all over my house using them for display and storage.I just bought 2 using one for under my coffee table and another next to my sofa.There are so many pretty and different baskets on the market, it’s hard to resist just one !

  3. What an awesome collection of gorgeous baskets! My favorites are the basket trays and I just love they way you use them in vignettes!!

  4. Yvonne, I too share your love for baskets. I began collecting as a young bride, 47 years ago. Whether for practicality, as you mentioned their endless uses, or for their pretty textural decor, my collection as served me well.

  5. KittyLuvr says:

    I have loved your study sided baskets at Stonegable for so long but I never noticed that some have books under them to elevate them! I noticed it today, stopped reading and went to my study sided baskets and added books under them and it elevated them just to right level. I always learn something new with each post!

  6. Yvonne, thank you for these wonderful ideas. I purchased a couple cotton rope baskets from Walmart and I’ve been wondering how I can use them. Great tips!

  7. Rebecca Payne says:

    I love the picture’s. Especially the one with your cat.

  8. It was so fun to have you link-up this week at Tuesday Turn About! I’m excited to be able to feature your lovely basket post this week! Pinned, too! Hugs!

  9. I, too love baskets! I have collected many over the years. I love the way you haves styled them . Ideas! I would love to see a picture of your “table” basket.

  10. Hi, could you tell me where you got the hanging lamps you show by your bed? They are just so pretty!

    thanks, Terry

    1. Hi Teresa, they came from Wayfair. The sconces are currently out of stock. So sorry!

  11. I have been a “basket case” for years and love making vignettes using baskets and trays. I have a lot of stuff so corralling my treasures makes a big difference in my decorating. Thank you for the post. I know that running a blog is a huge amount of work and I enjoy yours very much. Thanks.

    1. Hi Eileen, thanks for acknowledging the work that goes into creating a blog! I LOVE what I do and my readers too! And I’m a big basket case too!

  12. I love all of your ideas for baskets! But my favorite is the one Hobbes is in! What a beautiful perfect picture with your adorable kitty! What do you use to clean her eyes? I noticed she looks so clean with no crusty eye corners. She or is it he must be and indoor cat as mine is.

  13. I love these ideas, so fabulous. You always knock them out the ballpark. I know I cannot afford many of these fabulous baskets, but occasionally I am able to find one one sale, and I snatch it up. I too love baskets, but not so good in how to use them as you do. Thank you for sharing.

  14. I love baskets! There is something about their texture and shape that draws me to them. I use them to hide magazines, corral dog toys, hold pens in my kitchen drawer, store my husbands belts on top of his tall boy, to hold pashminas…
    I also gather interesting baskets and display them on top of the Murphy bed in the office. Then when I want to do up a gift basket for a friend, I select one from my stash.
    Thrift stores are a great place to find baskets for just a few dollars.

  15. Yes, please to baskets. I’ve used them in my home in many places, because they’re practical & pretty. Thank you for your hard work and sharing your peaceful and lovely home with us. I have a question about the bowl of lemons, which look so fresh and cheery, especially with the leaves in there. I often will display lemons in a nice bowl on the kitchen counter, but find they don’t last long and that they keep better in the fridge. Is there a way to make them last longer? Is faux fruit tacky?

    1. Hi Carolynn, Lemons can last up to a couple weeks out of the frig. It really depends how you get them from the store. And after I use them in decor I use the in a recipe. Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks so much for your response! Maybe the ones here are not quite as fresh because they have a longer way to travel to central Canada. I don’t know. ?

  16. Susan Pussilano says:

    Lovely as always!
    I love your little kitty and OF COURSE he/she matches the decor. LOL

  17. Nancy Davies says:

    I love baskets and have them everywhere. Give Hobbes a cuddle from me please. He looks adorable!

  18. Lisa Downham says:

    Oh, Yvonne, I knew we are kindred spirits! Our Hobbes is a 17 year old black cat. In his younger days, he loved getting in to my baskets! Thanks for all the great ideas.

  19. Leanne haney says:

    Hi Janet! I just love this! Where can I get info on the chest in the opening photo? Thanks

    1. Hi Leanne, It’s Yvonne @ StoneGable. This “Curlacue Chest” was manufactured by Hooker Furniture and I found it on Wayfair. It is no longer in stock. I’d contact the Hooker Company and inquire about it there. Sorry, I don’t have any more information!

  20. Kathy Menold says:

    I would be lost without my baskets. Just bought a new round one to use on top of an ottoman making it perfect as a side table next to a chair in our family room. I use them for containers,food, wall art vignettes and just pretty accents on top of my kitchen hutch. Also have a collection of small handmade baskets I bring out in the fall to display on a shelf. I never past up an attractive basket because I know I will find a use for it.

  21. I completely agree about the baskets. I have purchased so many of mine from the local thrift store for $2 to $5. I love to use them. I have blankets, pillows, books, magazines stuffed into them.

  22. I love your basket collection. Any suggestions for storing baskets when not in use (hanging or stacking)? Also, I love your jute rug in the great room. Do you know where I can find one?

  23. Wonderful ideas, Yvonne! Do you have a link for the tulips pictured?

  24. I love your website!! You have wonderful ideas. The link to $48 basket sends you to pottery barn but not to that basket. If you can clarify it I would love to order one. Elizabeth

    1. Hi Elizabeth, that basket must be sold out. That sometimes happens. So many people buy it the product sells out. Sorry!

  25. Super ideas for a fresh approach to organizing and updating your home’s look! I need to visit my attic. I’m sure I have baskets up there! Happy New Year!

  26. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Please share where I can purchase the large black wire basket with liner by your desk.
    Enjoy everything you share.
    Waiting to see your cushions in breakfast nook.
    Be well.

  27. Sue Perriello says:

    I love your upholstered headboard, do you know where it can be purchased?

      1. Susan G Perriello says:

        Thanks, I’m glad to see it’s still available!

  28. Sheila Allen says:

    Another great idea for some baskets is to turn them into pendant lights!

  29. Sheila Allen says:

    Sorry, forgot to ask about your round baskets with lids at the beginning of your post, can you share where those are from?

  30. I have loved and used baskets all my life. When 1st married (in the 80’s) and moving to London, I could only move a minimal amount of furniture and belongings across the pond. But my baskets went with me and hung on our living room wall and all around the house. I have never not had baskets adorning my home. To me, those are investment pieces.

  31. Love your basket ideas!
    Can you tell me where you purchased the white lanterns on your coffee table near the bowl of lemons?


    1. Hi Stacey, these lanterns came from the Pottery Barn years and years ago! I haven’t seen them on their site lately. Check back around Thanksgiving. They tend to show up for the Holiday season.

  32. Yes, inspired by you I am using a lot of basked since a year or so. And trays everywhere. It is really nice to decorate a tray and place it on a coffee table or a small sideboard. It makes it much easier to clean the surface! And it looks nicer, too.

    Thank you for your blog, I am looking forward to it every day : – )

  33. June becklin says:

    Great post!!!! Love all the ideas and posts with links. I have always loved baskets. Have to share I had a designer from Ethan Allen years ago tell me to never junk up my home with baskets:(. Never listened to her. Grateful for your great ideas. I now have a few more to follow as we prepare to downsize.

    1. I guess we all have things we consider junk. Baskets are not on my junk list!

      1. Robin Holbrook says:

        June, Your comment made me laugh! Years ago when my husband and I were building our dream home I splurged and hired a decorator! I laid out the drawing on my my antique Irish pine farm dining table surrounded by my late 19th C Sears oak splat back dining chairs with needlepoint seat cushions for him to peruse. My other antiques were around and about. He takes one look at the Early Texas Sunday House plans, looks at things, waves his hands and says “Well, of course EVERYTHING here has GOT to go!” After I picked up my jaw I thanked him for his opinion and showed him out! I’ve never hired another decorator! Lolol

        On another note: I’d love to see how you folks STORE your baskets! Hang from ceiling? On post? How? And where do buy in your home towns? I like to support local businesses but except for huge chain stores I don’t know anyone who sells baskets anymore!! How do I find folks? HELP! THANKS!!! Robin

        1. LOL! Robin I love this story! Isn’t our home all about what WE love and feel comfortable with? You were so right to show him the door. I keep my extra baskets in the basement on shelves like in a store. Thanks so much for sharing!

        2. Go Robin!!! Never worked with her and boy was that her mistake but my win. We ended up creating a beautiful living and dining room with a talented designer who was a colleague of hers. I have another quick story. Before I went to Ethan Allen I went to a different furniture store. Called to make an appointment and the owner intercepted the call. She showed up all bedazzled with a very young assistant who had to carry her handbag along with her notebook. First thing this woman said was, “honey you have so much to learn and I will teach you so much”. OMG I was speechless. Could not get her out of my home fast enough!

  34. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Yvonne, I love baskets, too! Whenever I find a basket that needs to come home with me, my hubby will say: “Not another basket!”. I love to have a variety to work with. I suppose a basket lover can never have enough! I always enjoy seeing how you use them in your beautiful home.

  35. Love, love the baskets. I look so forward to your posts! You may have answered this in another post, but where did you find the lamp and 2 frames pictures in the hallway with the basket with lid under the table (may be hiding things)? 🙂 I have been admiring that lamp in many of your posts lately. Thank you! Screen

    1. Hi Cristye, the lamp and the pictures are from local shops. Sorry, I don’t have a link for them. And you can find the basket with the lid at the Pottery Barn if it is still in stock.

  36. Hi..I’m interested in the pillow (brown/terracotta color) in the basket with lids. Could you provide info on where I could get this pillow. Thanks ?

    1. Hi, Belen, I found it on Amazon years ago. It is no longer in stock! So Sorry!

      1. Ok thanks I will look for something similar ?