DECORATING BOOKS I LOVE-10 best interior design book to have on your bookshelf!

I am a decorating book addict! I not only read them but collect them too! I would not dream of covering them with burlap or painting them… and that should tell you a whole lot about how I feel about my decorating books! I actually READ them. And usually not once but over and over again! They litter my study and family room and bedroom! These books are like friends and tutors and kindred spirits! Yes, I have my favorites but all of my decorating books have special meaning for me! Today I’m sharing 10 (oh, this was hard) decorating books that inspire and help me develop my style! The podcast girls are also giving away a $100.00 Visa Gift Card to one lucky reader. Maybe a few new decorating books are on your horizon! The giveaway is at the bottom of this post.

Today on our Podcast Decorating Tips and Tricks we are talking about our favorite decorating books! What fun! You can get a little glimpse into the books we love and why we love them.

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Now, let’s look at a few books on my decorating bookshelf…

These beautiful and inspiring books are in no particular order…

You can see more about each book and purchase it by clicking on each title.


MY FAVORITE DECORATING TIPSThe latest addition to my decorating book collection is A Touch Of Farmhouse Cham by Liz Fourez from Love Grows Wild

This is such a beautiful book. I love love love the soft colors in Liz’s home and her attention to detail. Liz takes us on a picture tour of her beautiful  1940’s farmhouse that has been restored to its rustic farmhouse glory! And as I turned the pages and saw her easy home diy projects (that are so doable) my heart raced! 

Liz shows us how to create a home that is simple and filled with grace and beauty!!!

STYLED by Emily Henderson

Emily is a blogger (Emily, an author and a tv host. And her style is super fun and very eclectic. Much different than mine. But I so admire her fun and often funky take on decorating and design! The pages of her new book Styled are full of ideas and creative ways to “arranging room from tabletops to bookcases”. 

This is a resource book of sorts and a must have for your decorating library!

THE INSPIRED ROOM by Melissa Michaels

Melissa Michaels, New York Time’s bestselling author and creator of the fabulous decorating blog The Inspired Room has three other decorating books to her name. I have three of the four. The Inspired Room is a lovely tour of her home and decorating journey with lots of practical ideas thrown in too! I love the way she narrates her tales of decorating her home!


My blogging bestie is just the most amazing woman! She is always on the cutting edge of French decor! Here’s how I described her book…

I have two copies and it should be a must-read in your home library!


I am in love with low country style!!!! It’s relaxed while filled with upscale gorgeous details like real silver and skirted chairs. The images of Paula’s home are just breathtaking, yet down to earth. This book is filled with idea after idea to garner from Paula’s images and her sparkling writing!

One of my very favorite books!


Gorgeous book filled with rooms that Ms Moss breaks down to gives us a glimpse of how she puts them together with a nod towards history yet containing all the modern conveniences we love in an elegant room. Just the images alone are enough to inspire me!



Another glorious book of Southern Style. Phoebe shares decorating projects and address common decorating issues! Just stunning! I love Phoebe’s style and have been an admirer of her for years!


A must have book for any home decorator. The Perfectly Imperfect Home’s writer Decorah Needleman is the creator and editor in chief of Domino. You will read and re-read this book!


Erin the creator of the blog, ELEMENTS OF STYLE packs a big decorating punch in the book of the same name!!!!  Erin shares decorating advice from decorating her own beautiful home and the book has the most amazing images!

One of my fav’s!

STYLED SIMPLICITY by Ted Kenedy Watson

Like a child’s picture book, Ted takes us through the alphabet and presents beautiful things of the same letter. He shows us how to display and show  things in our home off.  The pictures are inspiring. This is a book to be slowly read… bit by stunning bit. Each visually packed page is to be savored!

Ted’s blog by his name can be found HERE

This is just a small sampling of my interior design books. I’d love to know your favorites. Please share. I need a few new books in my decorating library!

Now for the GIVEAWAY!!!!

Anita, Kelly and I are so thrilled for all the love and support we have received from our readers and blogging friends. In just a month Decorating Tips and Tricks has had over 50,000 downloads! We are more than thrilled and very humbled.

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Again, thank you so so much for your support. We are having such a good time bringing you another dimension of decorating!

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DECORATING BOOKS I LOVE-10 best interior design book to have on your bookshelf!


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  1. Thx for all of the book recommendations. I love and collect them as well. Time for a trip to the book store!

  2. I’m so excited to find these books! Thank you for posting!

  3. Thanks for all of the book recommendations. Love your style and the pod cast!

  4. Such a wonderful assortment of decorating books. Each one would be a wonderful addition to any homne. Thanks once asgin for sharing

  5. Jody Tirone says:

    I love Patina Style and Patina Farm! Both are a constant fixture on my coffee table.

  6. Thank you for posting this! We look forward to getting stuck into some of these wonderful books 🙂

  7. I’ve never purchased a decorating book but I see now that you could easily become inspired by the authors and see how their sense of style evolves. Thank you for enlightening me!

  8. Thanks for sharing, you are always so willing. I love your style.

  9. Thanks for sharing these wonderful decorating books! I am on the hunt now for a few for my collection. Aren’t decorating books the best?

  10. Thank you for your book recommendations and always inspiring me to embrace new ideas!!

  11. Carol A. Wellein says:

    Thank you for recommending a plethora of decorating books. It looks like you’ve picked a wonderful
    variety to suit many decorating styles.

  12. Thanks so much for the book list. I own some already (Charlotte Moss and Ted Kennedy Watson…love them), and I’ll be looking for the others soon. All of your posts are so inspiring! I’m now so much more willing to try new decorating tweaks, and I’ve even bought a new sofa…a first since 1979!

  13. Thanks for the numerous decorating books. I will have to look into some oh these.

  14. cindy ross says:

    Just found your blog, and I love it! We are kindred sprits for sure! Thank you for sharing your favorite books,! Time to do some shopping on Amazon!

  15. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who has such an attachment to decorating books.
    I have a bookshelf of them in my bedroom and a couple on my night stand for nights when
    sleep eludes me. Looking at them is like visiting an old friend and just as enjoyable. Love your posts
    and the new Podcast.

  16. One of my favorite ways to unwind is going to the book store, grabbing a cup of coffee and spending some time looking over all the decorating books there. I can get lost for several hours.

  17. I must admit I have a great weakness for decorating books so I really appreciate your list and this opportunity to win a Visa card so I can add to my collection!

  18. Candace Geldreich says:

    I have been a fan of decorating books since I was a child. I love your collection.
    Been bingeing on the podcast the last couple of days. It’s been great!

  19. Thanks for this great list of decorating books. I have few of them and plan to add a couple more.

  20. Anne Marie says:

    Thanks for sharing these great books with us.

  21. Karen Robbins says:

    Thank you so much for the list of decorating books. I own a few of them and plan to buy several more of the ones you mentioned. I love decorating books and it is helpful to see what favorites others have.

  22. I love to look at book that have such pretty pictures of rooms !

  23. Great list of decorating books. I agree that they can be savored and inspiring again and again.

  24. I have many beautiful decorating books.Looks like I will have to
    add to my collection.Thanks for the selection.

  25. Thank you for the recommendations. This gives me a great excuse to spend a quiet morning or afternoon in the bookstore.

  26. I have needed to add some new decorating books to my stack. Thank you for this post, it has certainly helped!

  27. I am always looking to add to my collection of decorating books … I will have to investigate some of these! Thanks for the recommendations.

  28. Cindy Burke says:

    This post was fabulous. I will be heading to the bookstore and/or Amazon this weekend to check out and purchase a couple of the new to me decorating books. thanks!!

  29. Denise Moraris says:

    Thanks I as well love decorating books!

  30. Teresa McKinney says:

    Enjoyed the podcast and wanted to let you know that I have a copy of Martha Stewart’s Gardening Momth by Month AND a signed Martha Stewart book and yes, she was very cordial!

  31. Thanks for sharing…I love to look at such lovely books too! They are always such great inspiration… Have a peaceful weekend!

  32. Wow, that’s a great selection of books I can’t we use where to start.

  33. Kathy Roper says:

    Wow! Just what I need (NOT!) more books on decorating. But I’m amazed that many of these I have not seen, YET.
    I’ll be visiting B&N soon to take a peek at several of these. Thanks for sharing them Yvonne.

  34. Thank you for the recommendations! I rely on magazines quite alot, but find the content limited by ads. Book references will be valuable in future projects! As always, you inspire!

    Thanks for sharing!

  35. Thank you for the recommendations! I rely on magazines quite alot, but find the content limited by ads. Book references will be valuable in future projects! As always, you inspire!

    *had to resubmit with corrected e-mail address*

  36. I have a few of these…looking forward to finding the others. Great suggestions….

  37. Elizabeth says:

    As always you have given us a wealth of information. Thank you so much !!!

  38. Love! Thanks for sharing.

  39. Thank you for the great suggestions! I haven’t purchased a decorating book in a while and look forward to checking some of your favs at the local bookstore!

  40. Just found two decorating books at a thrift store this week to add to my collection!

  41. Thank you for this extensive list of books, Yvonne. I’m looking forward to checking out our local bookstore. I’m patiently waiting for receipt of my (December win) cheque then I’ll go shopping. A few weeks ago, your email said it was being mailed but nothing has arrived so far. I hope it hasn’t gone astray.

  42. great list…
    I own quite a few of the recomended books

  43. Rhonda Storey says:

    I LOVE decorating books also Yvonne! Thanks for sharing!

  44. I have the Paula Deen Savanna Style book too. It is a beautiful book. I have always admired her decorating style and her lovely home.

  45. Interesting! I already own A TOUCH OF FARMHOUSE CHARM and THE INSPIRED ROOM, so I guess I am on the right track. Will have to check out the others listed.

    Thanks for all you share!

  46. What a great idea! A podcast with the best book recommendations from three of the bloggers I follow. I love to glop the pages looking at the beautiful rooms but it is even better when the author dissects the room. This makes you take in so much more. If I had lots of money, I would have a library full of eye candy.

  47. Ernestine Nesby says:


    Thank you for sharing your top decorating books with us. I know you have plenty more that would satisfy your readers. I am ordering a couple of these books for my library and will read then over and over again.

    Thank you

  48. Robin Talley says:

    I really enjoyed your podcast today! Excellent advice. And also your Joy of decorating! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing with me!

  49. I’m SO happy you did this blog, Yvonne! I have to confess, I’ve actually zoomed in on some pics of your home to see exactly what books you had in your stack, and then added some to my library 🙂 I LOVE decorating books too, and am so excited to check these out in more detail. Hours will be lost while I blissfully lose myself in “deco-land”!! Ahhh 🙂

  50. When at an early age I discovered my love of decorating, I found two books that helped me to understand the how’s and why’s of decor. ‘Creating a beautiful home’ and ‘ Open your eyes’ by Alexandra Stoddard. These books provided me with the basics of good design. I reread them occasionally to keep refreshed on what I happen to be designing at the time.

  51. Love a good decorating book for the coffee table!

  52. Ted’s book “Style and Simplicity” is the next book I want to read. Thanks for the recommendations.

  53. Loved your list! I also enjoy decorating books…such as Nell Hill’s Style At Home as her other titles. My very favorite French designer, Charles Faudree has several books including, country French Living and French Country Signature as well as being featured several times in my favorite magazine–traditional Home. My newest decorating book by Barbra Streisand is My Passion for Design. This book is one of my favorites! And she also did all of the photography! I could sit for hours perusing this outstanding book. It is in my opinion a must have!!

  54. Karen VanLoo says:

    I love decorating books also! I’ve collected many over the years, and I also enjoy some deluxe magazines that are more like a book (no advertising) a little more expensive than your average magazine, but they are like keepsakes. One of them is The Cottage Journal, which comes out every season. I’m also enjoying the new Magnolia magazine. I am crazy about decorating books and magazines. It’s so nice to curl up with a cup of hot tea (on a cold day) or iced tea (on a warm day) and ponder over decorating ideas!

  55. Listening to the podcast now… I’ve laughed out loud twice, so far! Very funny today!

  56. Yvonne, which book do you NOT have from Melissa Michaels?

  57. Thanks so much for the great suggestions. I love reading through magazines to get ideas of decorating in my style and I’m sure I would more than love reading decorating books also.

  58. I love looking at all the decorating magazines! I think your home could be a magazine all by itself!!

    1. Maggie Nelson says:

      I agree, I always look and sometimes get decorating magazines. I also think that your house should be in one of them. I heard today’s podcast and love every minute of it !

  59. Marcy Leonard says:

    I have been enjoying Anita Joyce’s book ever since I got it as a birthday gift–and the BIG bonus was discovering that I discovered many items that go perfectly with French farmhouse style tucked away in closets and the garage!

  60. Carol Davis says:

    Thanks for all the direction on decorating books. My favorite is The Rustic Cabin by Ralph Kylloe. Such great ideas for the style that I lean towards.

  61. Thanks for the info on the decorating books. Great inspiration resource!

  62. thanks for the great recommendations.

  63. My birthday is coming soon…sent Dear husband links to 3 books

  64. After reading your post, I rediscovered some blogs I had lost touch with, and found some new books! Thank you, Yvonne!

  65. Thank you Yvonne. Loved the last book you recommended so much “Life in Season” I just had to buy 8 more as Christmas gifts!!
    My sisters, sister-in-laws, daughter and daughter-in-laws have told me they are also enjoying the book. Now for the decorating fun! I do so enjoy the podcasts but do it by your blog only. Not sure how to download. Keep getting a WARNING, so will wait till the kids come back for a visit to help me! Please keep the link on your page for us not so computer smart fans.

    1. Yes Life in Seasons is such a lovely book. It’s on my nightstand!

  66. Great selection of books and beauties to use for vignettes here or there. Thanks for recommending so many great books to dream on and gift…maybe.

  67. Carol Elkins says:

    I love decorating books too! Thanks for sharing your recommendations!

  68. Yvonne, I also LOVE decorating/style books, as well as magazines! I have an embarrassingly large collection, even after purging a large number a few months back! One thing I’ve done with my to clip my favorite pictures &’articles to file.
    One hint: I often find books in perfectly “new condition” in our local “Half Price Book Store” locations here in the Dallas area. Such a savings, and I rarely leave without several!

  69. Nancy Schipper says:

    Thanks for sharing your decorating book recommendations.
    I have 3 of Melissa Michaels books as well and look forward to checking out some of the others on your list.

  70. I love to collect decorating books also. I keep them forever and find that an idea I may have once pasted on, becomes more of interest on my next visit through the book.

  71. Alma Garst says:

    I love collecting books and this was such a thrill reading! Thank you so very much for recommending books to add to my collection. You are such an inspiration!

  72. I a man really enjoying your podcasts. I look forward to each one, you have such great tips! Thank you!

  73. I love anything by Alexandra Stoddard and P. Allen Smith.

  74. I have had Liz’s book on my Amazon wishlist ever since she first mentioned on her blog that it was available for pre-order. My birthday is coming up; hopefully I’ll get it then. Thanks for all of the suggestions and what a great podcast episode.

  75. What a great list of books!
    I will be adding the Style and Simplicity to my bookshelf.
    I recently bought A Touch of Farmhouse Charm and I love it!
    I also bought Young House Love …lots of good tips and DIYs.

  76. Carol-Lynn says:

    Such beautiful books! Lots of inspiration just on the covers.

  77. No wonder I’m drawn to your blog, I love those books too.

  78. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions. I recently bought The Inspired Room and am glad to have other book ideas to add to my collection.

  79. Kathy Minto says:

    Time to crack open some books, and buy a new one or two! Wonderful choices! I have a few of your favourites and follow a number of the designers as well..,thanks for your recommendations!

  80. I. am relatively new to your blog, having joined on in 2016. I enjoy it SO VERY MUCH!!! Whenever time allows, I search the archives and topics I am interested in. As I’ve been reading, I have thought to myself: “This gal should write a book, she is so talented!” So you can imagine my joy to learn on Podcast 12 that you are indeed writing a book!! I will be the first one in line to get one! Can’t wait to purchase! Will be a Christmas present to myself! 🙂
    I’m also looking forward to reading Anita’s book, and Kelly’s as well, once hers has been printed.
    Love, love. love your blog and the podcast! Keep up the great work!

  81. Terri Freeman says:

    Love your blog.

  82. Deborah D says:

    Lovely recommendations on the decorating books. Some I already have but others I will be pur basing. Thank you.

  83. Books never go out of style. Decorating and cooking books are my personal favorites!

  84. Jacy Cole says:

    Thank you Yvonne for the book recommendations. Some of these are already favorites and others I will check out. I collect them as well and pour over them often. I already bought Anita’s and love it. I look forward to your book and to Kelly’s as well. Can not wait for yours!! Loving the podcasts as well. Thank you for all the inspiration!!

  85. Thank you for this list of decorating books. It is helpful and I look forward to adding them in time to my library.

  86. I love your posts and have learned so much from you over the years. I really appreciate how much you have shared with us. Thank you so much!

  87. Thanks for the recommendations Yvonne! There is nothing better than having a great book and a cup of coffee in your hand!! Nowadays, it is convenient to go online, but the feel and visual appeal of a book is hands down the best! Your home is absolutely gorgeous!!