CURATING A ROOM- How to start to create a room that has that collected over time look that reflects your personal style

Curate is a hot buzz word lately! It’s made its way from the art and design world to home decor enthusiast. It’s that almost intangible element that gives a room a one of a kind look and the personality to go with it! I’m very fond of this word because it really describes the essence of what fabulous decorators do! So today on Practically Speaking we are going to learn about curating a room! 

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HONING YOUR STYLE- Why it is important to keep curating your style.

If you ask me my style I will probably say classic, modern traditional with some farmhouse elements.  If left to my own devices and whims I would usually lean to the formal and upscale side of decor. But I am also a creature of comfort and enjoy the charm of many farmhouse things so this bent tempers the formality in the rooms in my home! I also like a little bit of drama or something unexpected. And that is why I love black and white and a tad of whimsy!

This mix of classic, modern traditional, farmhouse, drama and whimsy are the elements I look for as I curate the rooms here at StoneGable!

CURATING YOUR STYLE- Why it is important to keep curating your style.

As I keep adding and editing and changing StoneGable it becomes more like home to me! It feels more and more authentic.  And that does not happen overnight. This living room has evolved for almost 5 years!

And that is what curating is all about. It is a room and style that looks like it evolves over time. It’s when all the pieces in a room are carefully selected to play together nicely and exude your own personal story and style! It’s adding and editing and doing it over and over. It’s collecting things you love and letting go of things that have lived out their lifecycle in your room. It’s harmony with maybe a tad of tension!

CURATING YOUR STYLE- Why it is important to keep curating your style.

A curated look does not have to take lots of money! Oh, no! But it does take persistence, a good design eye and a dose of creativity does not hurt!

I love love love the mix of what I like to call high/low in a room! My living room is no exception. In it, you will find a couple splurge pieces. And lots of more moderately priced items I’ve collected and lots and lots of great looking things that are inexpensive!

The new chair “mod flower chair” was very inexpensive! Even though I got this chair very reasonably it is sturdy and has an updated designer fabric! Just because something does not cost much doesn’t mean we lower our standard of good looks and craftsmanship!

CURATING YOUR STYLE- Why it is important to keep curating your style.

CURATING YOUR STYLE- Why it is important to keep curating your style.

And because it’s not a splurge item but an accent piece I felt I could add a little bit of fun and fancy to the room! 

CURATING YOUR STYLE- Why it is important to keep curating your style.

A curated look is not for the weak of decorating heart! It takes grit and purpose and patience to put together a room that is something special. A room that looks and feels like you.

You cannot be afraid to make mistakes. And you cannot fear what others might say about your curated look. Remember it’s personal to you! And it should please YOU! 

CURATING YOUR STYLE- Why it is important to keep curating your style.

I’ve made so many mistakes in this room. But mistakes are part of the process of honing your look! You have to be brave enough to make mistakes and try again! Blunders might be painful but don’t be afraid to make them. They are useful! They help you define your look!

Quite a few chairs have come and gone in the space that is occupied by the mod flower chair! But they never really worked. This Goldilocks chair seems just right! It may not be YOUR “just right” but it is MINE! 

A curated look is not apologetic because it is unique. Unique to you!

CURATING YOUR STYLE- Why it is important to keep curating your style.

If you love decorating your home curating a look is a lifetime journey. Our homes are really never done. They just get better and better and are a sweet haven for friends, family and of course us!

CURATING YOUR STYLE- Why it is important to keep curating your style.

How about you? Are you creating a home of curated beauty? A home that feels and looks like your authentic self? 

I’ve had several inquiries about this chair. It does come in a pretty blue too. If you are interested you can see it HERE.


You might like to follow me on Pinterest and see what I’m finding to pin every day HERE.

CURATING A ROOM- How to start to create a room that has that collected over time look that reflects your personal style

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  1. I absolutely love the chair. Before I even read the post I saw the first photo and thought wow, love that fabric on the chair, little did I know it was going to feature heavily and that you love it just as much too! What make is it, would love to try and get a few metres here if I can?

  2. This is exactly what I was thinking I was doing in my home , but I didn’t know the name until I read this piece. Thank you ?

  3. Thank you. I love learning how to decorate my home & making it comfortable and lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I do like the chair you picked! I think I would not be “brave” enough to pick that fabric, however it does look really good in your room. I guess I am somewhat too conservative but I’m getting to the place where I can add a little whimsy and still be comfortable but it is a process! Your blog has helped me do that.

  5. My favorite word still is vignette, I have been using that a lot but now have new word. Still my favorite chairs are your white spindle chairs. I am on the look out for them. Thanks for your blog you inspire me everyday.

  6. Your home is lovely. The chair is wonderful. I always look to you when I need some inspiration. Thanks for always being there!

  7. It is on going! I would call decorating my home a hobby of mine. Since the internet and sites like Pinterest and Blogs like Stone Gable I’m always curating my home!

  8. Just like the curator in a fine art museum, you have artistically curated a gorgeous living room!

  9. I love the mod flower chair. I think it’s a touch of unexpected that makes your room “sing”. The whole room is gorgeous! Love it!

  10. Wasn’t this the chair you had wanted to place in your guest room?
    Looks great here too. That is why I love using same colors through out my whole house
    Can change things up easily. looks great!

  11. I like the word curating. This sounds much more sophisticated than tweaking which is what I was using for the changes I was doing in my decorating. Whatever we call it I do feel it makes a home that reflects who we are and therefor feels comfortable to live in and share with our friends and family. Thanks Yvonne.

  12. I love the fabric on the chair. Can you tell me where I might find the architectural piece you have on the table next to that chair?

  13. Love the coffee table. I’ve tried and tried to get this right but keep failing. Even made an ottoman out of drop cloth. Gave it away and wish I hadn’t done that. 🙁 I continue to look for the right “look”…

  14. You’re living room is beautiful but also looks warm and welcoming. A perfect combination! I’m currently working on my family room and enjoying the process.

  15. I DO love it all but for fun I would like to see black go,d-foil lined shades on the lamps at the sofa!

  16. the chair was the first thing I noticed and I love love it. we are several weeks into a new home and boy do I ever need someone to curate and ruthlessly edit our 40 years stuff. hoping to glean good advice from the podcasts. thanks.

  17. Love the word, concept and application of “curate” — rather sophisticated and elegant yet practical and enjoyable! Great post!

  18. Where did you fine the large and mall orbs? Also I’ve been looking for a clock but, I can only go to 20″. Any suggestions on where to find one similar to yours?

  19. I just love everything that you put together. This chair sets the tone for the room. Curate is the new word to use when you love what
    you have created. I love all of your posts and look forward to your Sunday messages. It is a great way to start the week. I was disappointed that I did not receive the menu post this week. I keep a separate notebook with all of your great recipes. Thank you for coming in to my life.

  20. I am swooning over the new chair… caught my eye in the first picture. Beautiful as always Yvonne and great explanation of curating.

  21. I love the new chair and how well it works in your room. And the fact that you can use it in a bedroom is another bonus!

  22. Wow, now I know what to call My look is “curate “! Thank you so much. Our family is of 5 generations of military we have the combined keepsakes from travels since 1905. Our siblings did not enjoy decorating with the “old things” that were treasures to us. So over our 48 years of marriage it all was passed along to us. Now we are in Vogue! what fun.

    We have added to the collection by shopping at Estate Sales and Auctions. The Buckhead area in Atlanta is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered.

  23. When I spotted the new chair, I remembered that you ordered it for your gable room makeover. I think it is perfect in the living room, adding a bit of the unexpected and a tad more color. I am curious to know where the lucite tables now reside. They can come live at my house!!! You are so right…rooms should evolve, and I love to add whimsical items, too.

    Thanks for the great post…

  24. I LOVE the look of the room!! SO clean and comfortable; ‘homey’ is probably the best word I can think of. I love a room that looks SO inviting! The chair is beautiful and I’d gone to the link and have spent 45 minutes looking at all the beautiful choices!! I agree with a poster above-your white spindle chairs look awesome! I have enjoyed very much looking through your site and certainly will return!

  25. I especially like the rug placement relatve to sofa, chaors, coffee table, etc. for over 3 years Ive been trying to figure out what to do with area rug(s) in my large living/dining room combo. You’ve provided my inspiration! Thank you!

    Love your blog.

  26. Lovely, as always, Yvonne. I’m continuing to curate my home, as well, thanks to you and your fellow bloggers!

  27. The pattern on the chair is beautiful. I love the way it combines with the pillows on the sofa. Your play of dark and light pieces throughout the room is perfectly balanced. Thanks for sharing your advice on how to curate a room.

  28. Jane G.
    Love the whole room. Always like to see your post when I need to decorate a room I check out your ideas first,
    Thank you for sharing.

  29. Yvonne, I LOVE your decorating style !! I just study your rooms and try to figure out how to make my house look as pretty as yours. Always a joy to see what you’ve done.

  30. Thanks for sharing your lovely home and decorating tips! I love the sisal rug in your living room. You have inspired me to try some new things in my living room and dining room. Love the fall decor on your porch too.

  31. Really love how the pillows with the flower pattern on the sofa carry the chair’s pattern into the room.

  32. I just want you to know that the first thing I do when getting on my computer is look for your email and go visit StoneGable to see what you are sharing. You not only give me wonderful inspiration for “curating” my rooms, but I love the Christian messages you share.

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