I am not a “car person”… or so I thought! And I really didn’t think comparison was a trap I usually fell in to. Until recently! Bobby and I started looking for a new car. I have always driven the new car and Bobby got the old car. That’s just how things worked. And I was happy with the way things worked. Until recently! Bobby had been hinting that he would love a truck. Really, really hinting! So, I decided that it was time that Bobby got the new car and I would take over the old one…

That thought lasted about 10 seconds! And then this not-a-car-girl started to compare the older model car that I would be driving to the fabulous cars most of my friends drive. And the thought of driving an older model car, well… sorta embarrassed me. YIKES! I was smack dab in the grips of comparison. 

COMPARISON TRAP-join us for a 28 day devotional study

Then I started to think about other times I might have fallen into this trap… 

My high school reunion is coming up and I’ve been reconnecting with lots of great friends from the past. And I noticed that I might be comparing myself (no, I am) to them to see if I’ve held up as well over the years! YIKES, again. Don’t you think I should be past this comparison thing by now? 

Being a blogger it is so easy to get sucked into the comparison trap. We “do” pretty things all day long. We create beauty and take beautiful photos and write about beauty and saturate social media with lots of beautiful ideas.  But are they beautiful enough?  How do I compare to all the other bloggers I rub shoulders with. I’ve even said when I’ve seen particularly gorgeous photos from my favorite blogs, “Yvonne, you need to step up your game”! CRUSHING!  

COMPARISON TRAP-join us for a 28 day devotional study

So, instead of finding joy in the fact that Bobby (my darling, wonderful, self-sacrificing husband) gets his dream truck after 34 years of getting the old handoff I was embarrassed about driving a perfectly nice second car!

And instead of delighting in rekindling amazing friendships from the past, I am now overly concerned with how I look and the few (okay many extra pounds) I have put on. 

And for all the over-the-top fabulous accolades I get from readers all over the world I am worried that what I produce is not beautiful enough?

STOP THE MADNESS!!!! And this is from a girl who does not think she has an issue with comparison? Oh, think again, Yvonne!

COMPARISON TRAP-join us for a 28 day devotional study

It’s amazing how God shows up and shows you the rough edges (sin) in your life in His perfect timing!

Beth Bryan, the amazing blogger and author of Unskinny Boppy asked me a few weeks ago if I would like to be a part of something very special. A bible study called the COMPARISON TRAP, a 28 day devotional that tackles the issue of comparison. 

And she invited me to be a host!!!!!  I jumped at the chance! “Yes, I really, really need this”, I thought! And if I need this you may too! So I’d like to invite you to join me and Beth and Vanessa and Jennifer as we delve into the COMPARISON TRAP! And study this topic from God’s perspective!

Start by joining us in our private Facebook page HERE. We will talk and share and you can too! We will be getting real so we want you to also! 

Tonight (April 30th) come on over to our Facebook group and Beth will be giving a live introduction to our study at 9:00 Eastern Time. I’ve never participated in a Facebook live event before and I’m pretty excited about this!

Then make sure you buy the book the Comparison Trap Devotional by Sandra Stanley (wife of Andy Stanley) online. You can find it HERE

And you can also download the Comparison Trap Devotional app for your iPhone HERE or iPad HERE or on Google Play HERE!

So download the app and make sure to listen to a short talk about comparison before you begin. And make sure you join us on our Facebook page for Beth’s live chat tonight!

Each new study week one of us will kick off what we will be studying in a Facebook live chat.

I would love you to join us on this 28 day God-filled adventure!

COMPARISON TRAP-join us for a 28 day devotional study

Start by…. 

  • joining our Facebook group HERE
  • buy the Comparison Trap Devotional HERE
  • and download the app HERE, HERE, or HERE.

I’ll be listening to Beth tonight and I hope you will join in too! I’m so excited to meet you on our facebook page and go through this bible study with you!

You can help get the word out by shouting out the COMPARISON TRAP devotional study on your social media channels. Please share the graphic below….Thanks so much!!!!!


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  1. Oh how I need this study, let me count the ways. Between blogging and having to spend so much time on social media, it’s almost impossible not to compare your blog and life in general with others!

    I’m excited to dive into this

  2. This is something I have had an issue with for most of my life. Never feeling as though I was good enough but lately when I catch myself comparing I try to stop, figure out why I’m doing it, address the reason and then meditate on Philippians 4:8 but sometimes, I let the thought linger too long and that is not a good thing.

    I’m looking forward to this!

    xo, mb

  3. I’ve ordered the book, singed up for the apps, and am ready! This sounds wonderful and so right on — I am so looking forward to this study as I always have felt as if I am not good enough – especially now that I am a widow I compare myself too much. I will devour this — thank you! My daughter lives in Atlanta and loves the teachings of Andy Stanley so I know we are in for a real treat!!!

  4. Oh have I been humbled and brought to my knees for not paying attention when I indeed knew better. And the car thing made me smile going through the same thing in reverse! Count me in Yvonne.

  5. Thanks for sharing this study with us. I sent my Facebook request to join the group and have the app. Just need to order the book. Looking forward to this study. I read a small sample of the book at amazon and one of the first sentences struck me. It basically said when I compare we are saying that what God has for ME isn’t sufficient. )Not exact words) WOW that hooked me! Never thought about my complaining and comparing in that way. Excited to start this study. I could really use it right now.

  6. I’m all set. I’ve only done one other Bible study group which is winding down–on Psalm 119. It has been good. Im looking forward to this one that is a bit different format–a more topical study. I’ve purchased the book. One click. It should be here Tuesday. I’ve gotten the app. I listened to a song already. I’ve set an alarm for the podcast. But I’m sure that we will be able to watch it later too if I miss the life one. Thank you for this new way to join with Sisters in Christ to study truths from God’s Word!

  7. This sounds so exciting…. I caught me self falling into this , then you did a post that reminded me to love what I have. Because as a reader you see all the cool things all the bloggers are doing and buying , Not always having the funds to do or buy and wanting to have nice things also at times I would feel embarrassed and down at times.

  8. I’m very excited to be a part of this! Question… The post in FB says it starts 8pm CST. Is that correct, or is 7 eastern time correct?

  9. I’m in…I’ve ordered the book! I look forward to starting this adventure with you all! I’m always looking for ways to learn about the Lord and ways to serve Him. Thank you and the other girls for providing this opportunity!

  10. Oh Yvonne, believe me, you never need to “step up your game” but what a wonderful idea this is.
    I don’t currently have the comparison problem that you had in mind but my heart yearns in another way. I recently lost my husband – unfortunately, it was unexpected and I am not taking it well. I suppose my current comparison is that of comparing my life now to those around me who still have their spouse’s advice, wisdom and companionship. So a comparison trap, yes, I am in to see what the Bible says on that, knowing that God will taylor it to each of our needs.

  11. Just ordered the devotional and I’m so looking forward to this study. I recently have found myself watching my friends and family enjoy going out for meals, going on trips to Europe nd buying most anything they want. I’ve worked all my life, but I do not have the finances to keep up. The Lord knew all this and supplied you Ladies in Christ to help.

  12. Hi Yvonne! You are speaking my heart tonight with this post. I’ve been searching for a Bible study and comparisons are certainly an area where I struggle. Count me in! Im so excited!

  13. I’m going to join in too! I’ve needed a Bible study from another angle and this is right on time. I’m searching for a vehicle too so I know what you are going through…but we always buy an older used car and pay cash. My current one is a 2005 with 240K miles on it. I draw the line when it starts making noises that cause people walking on the sidewalk stop and look around when you drive by.

    I wrote about comparing when I wrote a recent post about making DIY Moss Planters. I’m a 46 year old mom to a five-year-old and drop off and pick up at Pre-school could be rough on this old gal if I let myself compare to the young moms.

    I’ll be joining the group!


  14. So thankful you sweet ladies are taking the time to do this study! Excited to follow along! xo

  15. Just found out about this yesterday, and I think this is such a needed series(especially for us bloggers). So excited about it. Thanks for being so candid about your comparison tendencies…..believe me, I can totally relate.

  16. I think all of us can nod our head in agreement and can relate if we’re honest with ourselves.