The CHRISTMAS PORCH- Get lots of ideas and inspiration for your porch and front door!

One of the best ways to get in the Christmas spirit is to decorate your front door! Each year I crank up the Christmas music and work on my front porch and by the time it is all decorated I have tons of Christmas spirit!!! So today I’m sharing the Christmas porch and sending you lots of inspiration and Christmas spirit too!




Here at StoneGable we are decking the halls and soaking up every second of the Christmas season! The very first thing I do when it’s time to decorate is put a wreath on my front door!

In years past I have used a real evergreen wreath but this year I am using a faux one that is pre-lit and uses a timer and batteries. Very convenient and it looks so pretty when the sun goes down!

I found the wreath at Costco and these pretty trees at Michaels.

White lanterns decorated for Christmas!

I love black and white with any other color. So I mixed black and white ribbons with Christmas plaid ribbon. 

 More Lanterns! Instead of installing porch lights (we have canned lights in the roof of the porch) we opted for large lanterns that hang on either side of the front door. The candle in them is a Luminaria candle that is battery operated and on a timer. The flame actually flickers. You can see it HERE.


The garland around the door is dotted with pinecones and Christmas balls!

The best “decoration” of all is Beau the Wonderdog! 




Prepared to be inspired by these festive Christmas decorating ideas for your front porch, sunroom, screened-in porch or gazebo.

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  1. Love your front porch especially the hanging lanterns. Lanterns would work on my front porch, but not the packages. They would blow away or be covered with snow! I also like the wreath on the front door.

  2. Your porch looks so pretty and inviting decorated for Christmas. Beau is my favorite part sitting there all handsome with his pretty bow on his collar.

  3. You are so right….although, I LOVE your porch now and in every season, Beau has stole the show!
    Such a beautiful porch to welcome family and friends to your beautiful Home for the Holidays!!

  4. Your porch is so lovely! I do the same thing with Christmas music to get in the holiday spirit–especially when it’s close to 80 degrees in Texas when I am decorating! Glad to be joining the tour with you this year! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  5. I too have a lab named Beau. It’s pretty windy here as well. I used heavy cardboard boxes with a brick in each one. I wrapped them in brown kraft paper and outdoor ribbon. We get snow and they do get wet, but they do dry out. I’ve had the same “gifts” for a few years and hope for a few more.

  6. The porch is perfect. Just right, not overdone. And we see that Beau got the color memo 🙂
    You’re always inspirational!!

  7. I LOVE Luminara candles too Yvonne!! I have about 20+! I always purchase mine from QVC. I like that they make outdoor candles too, since I live in the South with lots of sunshine. I thought I would be safe placing one of my lanterns on the steps at my back porch a few days ago, but when I checked the next day it had MELTED!!! I was upset when I saw it because these are NOT cheap candles! So…..lesson learned! I guess I thought that since the temperature was in the 40’s, it would not melt. Needles to say, I immediately replaced it with an outdoor candle! Lol! By the way, Beau is BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy Holidays!

  8. I always love your tours! Your home is beautiful and during the holidays it gets even more beautiful! Love your touches for the holidays!

  9. Your porch is absolutely gorgeous! But the best part is actually that precious puppy! He is the perfect addition!

  10. Hi there at StoneGable, Yvonne, sorry about this but I am going to have to have that puppy in the picture for MY porch in Montana. He goes so well with my tuxedo cat Tatterson. Just let him or her know that my porch will be snowy because we live in Montana near Yellowstone Park! but I will make up for that with lots of cuddling and good doggie treats! Happy and Merry Christmas to all there. Christel

  11. Oh, dear Yvonne – how well you’ve decorated your porch! And your adorable helpers look festive and awesome, too!

    I would LOVE to have a front porch to decorate. Guess I need to live vicariously through you.

    Have a blessed and wonderful Advent season coming up. Hugs, prayers and love. ♥

  12. Well, Beau is just about the most adorable dog in the world! I’ve always loved your front porch. so pretty and welcoming!

  13. Where did you get the garland around your door? It is so lush and full! Your porch is beautiful, I will have to get to Michaels to see if they have one of those trees. I have wanted one for my porch too. Beau is adorable as is Jacqueline!

  14. Your porch is stunning and sophisticated. I love your color combinations and the way
    the garland falls over the windows on the side of the door.

  15. Yvonne, your front porch is decorated so beautifully! You always do such a wonderful job with all your decor! And Beau just adds some real life and looks so handsome sitting there with his Christmas bow and waiting for his treats! I always look forward to your posts! You always bring us such great ideas for which we thank you! Enjoy this wonderful time of the year! Blessings!

  16. Beau is a beauty! Your porch is so homey and beautiful! I’m going to try a wreath on a timer. Hope they have some left at Costco!

  17. Yvonne, your porch is Christmas perfection! Love those lanterns and all the greenery. And I agree, Beau is the best decoration! He’s adorable!

  18. I am so sorry I missed acknowledging your post yesterday!! I just found it in a long list of advertising emails! Anyhow the porch tour was wonderful!! I have a front porch that no one can see so I don’t do anything. We are about 1/4 mile from the road. It would offer a lot but it doesn’t seem like it’s worth the time! Love yours though!!

  19. This looks great. I got an idea from this. I shall hang a lantern from a stand I have. I hadn’t thought of that. I like the look of yours by your door. What a neat idea. You have such a great entry too. I like the trees.

  20. Beau is A-dorable! Love everything about your porch! Those lanterns gave me an idea about the shepherd’s hooks in my flower beds!

  21. What a gorgeous holiday greeting! Your Beau must be a very patient lab to pose so handsomely. Your door always inspires me to get some decorating done.

  22. I have read your blog a long time and I must say, this is my favorite one. Your decorations are beautiful, but Beau just steals the show.

    Merry Christmas!
    Tempe, Arizona

  23. Hi ~ suggestions for where to purchase the large outdoor lanterns. And how tall is the lantern pictured? Thanks Zoie in ks

  24. Like you I have a collection of Mercury glass ornaments, candle holders and other decorative pieces. I like to use them along with white, cream and gold elements. Then I can use those with just greenery or add in an accent color or two. Last Christmas my mother passed away on December 23rd. It has been a very difficult year without my best friend. I actually thought about not decorating or celebrating this year. My mom loved Christmas though and I decided that decorating and celebrating would actually honor mom. So I have embraced the spirit of Christmas and decorated. I added red as my accent color this year. It reminds me of love and feels warm and cozy.

    1. Mary, I am so so sorry! I’m so glad you decorated for Christmas. What a lovely way to celebrate your mom too! May God comfort you and give you the blessings of joy this Christmas. I am praying for you!

  25. Give Beau a biscuit from me, and another from Jackson! He’s looking so spiffy on your front porch (Your DIL is cute, too!)

    Thanks so much for being a part of the porch tour and for the shoutout on Decorating Tips & Tricks. I listen to you ladies often when I’m puttering around the house. It feels like I’m hanging out with friends.

  26. I just love your decorating aesthetic, Yvonne. While my house is very different from yours, I can certainly take inspiration from you, and I need all the decorating help I can get! I recently discovered your blog, and last weekend I listened to many of the podcasts. You girls are so much fun to listen to. I washed and ironed my table linens for Christmas dinner while listening to you all giggle and share stories! Such fun!

    As I write this, I have your brisket with the cranberry sauce and onion soup mix on my counter, cooking away in my Instant Pot. Can’t wait to try it later on today!

  27. Love the Christmas decorations! Porches look so pretty. I’m having a little problem getting the Christmas spirit this year. I lost my husband in June from pancreatic cancer. We had been married 61 years so you will understand. Our children are marvelous & am having lunch with my oldest son today. Still have to make more fudge for grands so always have something to do! Have a warm & loving holiday!

  28. WOW! I’m very happy to see your gorgeous Christmas decorations. I looked through all the front porch and mantels too and feel quite inspired.
    If you could possibly find some front steps / porch ideas for winter snow and wind proof climates that would be very helpful. It’s not likely anyone in my area will be sitting out on the porch at this time of the year. In my dreams though!! Thanks Yvonne. Merry and blessed Christmas!

  29. I love your porch! Wish I could put some wrapped gifts by my door, but living in the north where there is often snow on the porch it wouldn’t work so well. In fact, the strong, cold wind last week blew my rocker across the porch (so I wired it down), blew the pillow off into the yard (so I put a ribbon around it and tied it to the rocker), knocked both my 3 ft. trees down (so I added heavy iron pieces on top of the dirt in the pots) and blew over my little side table with my bowl of pine cones and lantern (I lost most of the pine cones somewhere in the neighborhood and had to find new ones). I spent more time fixing than decorating!

  30. Hi Yvonne! Love your porch! I couldn’t see the scoop today, it wouldn’t load! Well love your style! Blessings!

  31. I could go over these Christmas post a million times they are so beautiful! Going to high-jack your idea of (wreath) battery lights love the extra
    Little Glow it gives. Thank you so much for making Christmas Beautiful, we are so Blessed even in this world of unrest.
    Merry Christmas

  32. Love the pup with the Christmas bow! We just lost ours after 9 1/2 years. I had a picture of her sitting under the Christmas tree, but lost it when my computer crashed! Enjoy yours, even if it is your son’s!

  33. So BEAUTIFUL. So FESTIVE. —great ideas (to do list needed for The Mr.). Luv the hanging lanterns. A MUST do.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. ~linda of

  34. I totally agree that the dog makes my Christmas spirit soar. Can’t wait to tie a bow on our weim to capture a similar photo moment. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  35. I love your idea of hanging lanterns. I have pot lights on my porch but wanted to get gas lanterns installed. Very expensive! So, this would be a nice substitute. Your porch looks very welcoming!

  36. Beautiful, and so welcoming! Can you please tell me where you purchased your Welcome plaque that is on your front door with the pineapple on it?

  37. Dear Yvonne,
    I love the warm welcome of your Christmas porch and the sweetest pooch!

    Blessings to you and your family and “Beau”

  38. I really like the mix of the ribbons!!! The green tweed ribbon on one of the the wreath pics is also very pretty!!

  39. Love your new home! Absolutely love your front porch especially the layering of different mats. Could you possibly share where you purchased the wood door mat?

  40. thank U, for showing us your Porch decor! mine is small like that, never know what to do! well, now I know! yours is beautiful