FARMHOUSE KITCHEN FOYER-a merry and bright foyer

StoneGable is a modern American farmhouse with a big open foyer. Perfect to greet all family and friends that come through our doors! This time of year it is decorated cheery and bright… ready for Christmas! I think a foyer sets the mood for the rest of the house. So here at StoneGable I want my foyer to be filled with farmhouse charm and warmth that reflects what you will see inside. I want it to say WELCOME we are glad you are here! And I hope it says that to you!


I’m thrilled to be a part of  DECK THE HALLS CHRISTMAS HOME TOUR. A big thanks to Jennifer from Decor Gold Designs and Randi from Randi Garrett Designs. This is such a special home tour. Each and every home is GORGEOUS and filled to the brim with inspirations and ideas! I am very honored to be a part of it.



If you are coming from my FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE, welcome! What a beautiful entry way! Thank, Courtney you are an artist with decor and your camera!

Welcome to my foyer! Let’s start right at the front door. The inside of the door, that is!

Most people put wreaths on the outside of their doors but at Christmas, I put a big evergreen wreath on the inside! I think it makes such a merry statement!

FARMHOUSE KITCHEN FOYER-a merry and bright foyer

The foyer at StoneGable is almost the size of a room. It’s wide and ample and has a spacious feel. Light floods into this room! Even on a dreary day this room is light! The hooks are ready for winter coats and the boot tray for snowy shoes!

FARMHOUSE CHRISTMAS FOYER-a merry and bright foyer

FARMHOUSE CHRISTMAS FOYER-a merry and bright foyer

A simple chair beside the buffet is a great place to sit and read. This foyer is called on at times to act as a room. Just last night I had a table set here for book club!

FARMHOUSE CHRISTMAS FOYER-a merry and bright foyer

You will see lots of black and white at StoneGable. And this Christmas I added big splashes of red! 

FARMHOUSE CHRISTMAS FOYER-a merry and bright foyer

Behind the chair you will see something a little out of the Christmas ordinary. Paper lanterns dot the garland up the stairs! Each paper lantern is lit from within and glows!

FARMHOUSE CHRISTMAS FOYER-a merry and bright foyer

Gotta love black and white check!

FARMHOUSE CHRISTMAS FOYER-a merry and bright foyer


FARMHOUSE CHRISTMAS FOYER-a merry and bright foyer

The foyer is between the living room and the dining room. You can just see the tree in the living room!

FARMHOUSE CHRISTMAS FOYER-a merry and bright foyer

Pottery jars are filled with faux Christmas greens and”fluff”!

FARMHOUSE CHRISTMAS FOYER-a merry and bright foyer

 They look almost real, don’t they? I say buy the best faux greens you can afford and use them year after year!

FARMHOUSE CHRISTMAS FOYER-a merry and bright foyer

I hope you have enjoyed my foyer tour! 

FARMHOUSE CHRISTMAS FOYER-a merry and bright foyer


Your next stop will be Jennifer’s at Decor Gold Designs, one of our hosts… Make sure you visit her beautiful, sigh-worthy home!



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  1. Anne Marie says:

    Abnsolutely beautiful.

  2. Betty in Arlington says:

    Each room is more whimsical than the other! Love the way you used the greens in boots and decorated the mirror!

  3. Black and white with a splash of red definitely makes a Christmas statement. I love it!

  4. Nan, Odessa, De says:

    I am a faithful follower and just realized I never saw the inside of the front door!
    What is the glass container on the right of the door? What does it hold? Details, details, Yvonne.
    Thanks for hosting us!

      1. Where did you get the beautiful glass lantern in corner by doo,never seen one with the metal carrier?

        1. Hi Debbie, I believe I found this at my local HomeGoods. Hope this helps.

  5. As always gorgeous, we have just started decorating here, slowly bit by bit the lights are appearing in the towns and villages, the festivities have begun

  6. So beautfiuk! I love this time of year with all the wonderful decorations!

  7. Erica Thomas says:

    Looks great love the paper lanterns on the banister I never would have thought of it. I only have
    a small 4 foot one and then wall and that stumps me every year what to do. Maybe use the smaller one on mine and they will look like snowballs.

    Thank you everything looks great once again in today’s post. Can’t wait to see tomorrow


  8. Stunning! I am breathless.

  9. Katie fisher says:

    Always so beautiful. Your blog is a joy !

  10. Red makes the black/white pop. . . .the black/white rainboots by the door are cute.

  11. Marsha McKay says:

    This is going to be a fun week! I’m looking forward to each day’s tour.

  12. I love your foyer. It’s a winter wonderland. Our foyer is dark and the size of a closet. I haven’t done anything but I’m hoping to save my pennies and brighten it up this coming year. Your photos of your house are amazing. Gorgeous!!

  13. Beautiful! I love the wellies waiting by the door and the wreath is gorgeous! There is just something about Black & White that draws me. I use it around my home all year.

  14. Just too beautiful. I love it all. I wish I could throw everything I have away and start all over….oh to be young again.
    I love what you do but I wonder what the years ahead will do with a new young one running through your magical home. Lucky little boy.

  15. Everything is beautiful. It is always a highlight to see what comes next. So many ideas, you are my inspiration.

  16. Jill Miglin says:

    Absolutely love the idea of using the paper lanterns! How clever!

  17. Ann Black says:

    Gorgeous, clever and stunning…. Love the boots and greens as well as, the luminaries with greens…

  18. genie steger says:

    Oh my Gosh, I just love your foyer!!!! do the paper lanterns have battery lights? Thank you for sharing, I think I could move right into your house!!!!

  19. Kathleen Jackson says:

    Beautiful ! If only I had a staircase to decorate.

  20. I love everything. t first when you said paper lanterns, I said what?
    Then I looked closer, what a cute idea.
    This year I did a lot of white with black and white and splashes of red.
    Thanks for all the great ideas.
    Marry Christmas

  21. Joyce Kennard says:

    Can’t imagine what it looks like from upstairs. Must have been a breathtaking sight for the children when they were small on Christmas morning. Love the pottery jars.

  22. Karen VanLoo says:

    I just love your home! My house has a lot of black and white, and also black and creams with khaki. It’s a great color scheme to add pops of red for Christmas! I have been scouting my local stores for the sales, everyone is running sales to clear out Christmas greenery, and I have picked up a few picks and sprays, and a garland that I cut up to add “fluff” around the house. I’ve been fully decorated for over two weeks now, but this week and upcoming weekend I will continue to tweak and add some things. I even like to sprinkle a little bit of that faux snow around my vignettes. Sure, it’s messy but it is easy to vacuum up once we take Christmas down. I am still enjoying what I call “piddling” with my Christmas decor. I love how bright & cheerful your entry way is!

  23. As usual, gorgeous! The flow of color and lushness is perfect. Beautifully done, dear blogger friend. (I must tell you though, your pop up ads are out of control – every single photo had one.). Merry Christmas!

  24. Just lovely! Thanks for the tour!

  25. Beautiful as always. I am loving the red this year added in with the white and black. You give us so many things to think about when decorating.

  26. Yvonne, your foyer is stunning! What a brilliant choice to add paper lanterns! I love your whimsical touches! Now I’m off to see more of that gorgeous tree in the background. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  27. What a joy to tour your home. The foyer is gorgeous and very festive. I loved decorating my staircase at Christmas, but my knees said to move to a one story house!

  28. Your foyer is so welcoming and beautifully decorated! You are so blessed to have such a gorgeous home!

  29. I never thought about a wreath on the back of the front door! What a lovely idea!

  30. Beautiful! Will be stealing many of your ideas, especially the filled bots,

  31. LOVE IT ALL! But that foyer of yours is amazing:)

  32. Beautiful! I love the pottery jars. Where did you find them?

  33. Grandmawrinkles says:

    I just love Christmas and this is absolutely gorgeous. We downsized several years ago and now we don’t have the room to decorate as much and I really miss it.

  34. What a welcoming and festive foyer! Your home always looks so beautiful and especially so at this time of year. Thanks again for all your inspiration!

  35. Marcy Leonard says:

    Really gorgeous!–without cramping the space! Even though we have down-sized, and our foyer is perhaps half the size, I am inspired to make little touches here and there with greens and snowflakes. [Next year will be grander when our new farmhouse entry door and side lights have been installed!]

  36. Love, love, love your entry, so beautiful, bright and Cherie So welcoming, just perfect!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!! Off to decorate my entry I go!! 🙂

  37. Nechia Fugate says:

    Love, love, love it !!!!!

  38. Oh, Yvonne, I couldn’t love this more! Your color combo, the paper lanterns… it’s such a happy space! So excited to be touring with you today!

  39. Carol Elkins says:

    Beautiful! I love the black, white & red!

  40. I never thought to out a wreath on the inside of the door. It really adds that bit of holiday cheer that side of our entrance. I’m going out this morning to find a perfect wreath that reflects what is going on in the rest of my house.

  41. What a beautiful and festive way to greet guests. I love all of your seasonal decor!! Delighted to be part of this tour. Cheers!

  42. Love your creative ideas.

  43. Simply beautiful.Love the red,white and black,
    and the greens looks so realistic.

  44. Yevonne your paper lanterns and epsom snow posts inspired me. My daughter is getting married next December and we experimented adding some sparkling fake snow to white lanterns and the effect is sublime when suspended from the ceiling. Even her wedding planner was wowed. Thank you for sparking my imagination!

  45. Yvonne; Love the tour! The entry way is very welcoming and festive. I do have a question for you–The lamp on the foyer table; could you tell us where you got it?? It is so cute!
    Thank You and Merry Christmas!

  46. I absolutely love the red with the black and white! I can’t ever give up my red! It wouldn’t seem like Christmas to me if there was no RED!
    Love everything!!!

  47. Yvonne,

    It is beautiful and festive!

    I don’t think we’ve ever seen the area right behind the front door! Could you please tell me where you purchased your hook and the boot holder. I don’t think Ive seen a boot tray that nice looking!

    Thanks for sharing!

  48. I always look forward to reading your posts, you are such an inspiration. Wonderful ideas but simple enough that they can be copied easily.

  49. Love the use of lanterns.

  50. The use of black and white for Christmas, playing off your home’s decor, is just stunning. I’m interested in changing up the greenery I use on our staircase. I use wired ribbon intertwined with the greenery, but I like the look of your more relaxed ribbon and garland I see on yours. Something I’ll be adding to my list. 🙂 As always, a beautiful home; love reading your posts, and seeing your house!

  51. Yvonne I love your charming entryway! You have left no detail undone! Thank you so much for joining us on this tour! You my friend are simply amazing! xo

  52. Lanita Anderson says:

    Love your Christmas foyer, Yvonne! I put a wreath on the inside of my door, too!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing – your home is always so warm and welcoming, and so beautifully decorated! Merry Christmas….

  53. Lovely, Yvonne! I saw those white lanterns you have on your buffet at Home Depot this year… in red! SO tempting!

  54. Cindy Burke says:

    I love the black/white/red color theme!! looks so festive and homey at the same time!! just beautiful

  55. Carmen Wiker says:

    So beautiful!!! The light in your house is wonderful! It makes everything so vibrant.

  56. Sheila Gunderson says:

    Lovely staircases with all the greenery!

  57. Dorothy Salinas says:

    So beautiful! Your home is so homey and festive! Love the warm Christmas feeling of family your home projects!!!

  58. Love the idea of hanging a wreath on the inside to enjoy!

  59. What a beautiful place to live! I have to say, I am just adoring your home tour this year. For me its festive, yet crisp, clean and non-pretentious. In this entry I think my favorite are the snow flake picks mixed in the greenery on the table.

  60. Pam Fogal says:

    I really enjoy your group of other designers, they are almost as talented as you are! lol. It’s nice to see what the other designers show at Christmas. Very inspiring!

  61. Hello- I would just love to know where you bought your beautiful buffet. It looks to be the perfect size for my hall. Thanks!
    You have a beautiful home.

  62. I love how bright and welcoming your foyer is. Your holiday decor is so gorgeous it is not even of this world. Swooning over here.

    Much Love,

  63. Connie Hester says:

    Great decorating ideas that are not expensive! Love that!

  64. Beautiful! You are so talented.

  65. Love the paper lanterns! Where did you get them??

  66. Donna Ellem says:

    I never get tired of looking at your beautiful home Yvonne. You give me so much inspiration. Have a wonderful Christmas and keep blogging …… Sending you hugs. Donna – Australia x

  67. Patricia Lawlor says:

    lovely, just lovely

  68. Martha Durick says:

    Stunning! The use of paper lanterns is original and beautiful.

  69. Mary Jane says:

    I love EVERYTHING about your gorgeous foyer! My favorite element is the use of the paper lanterns in your garland!

  70. Mary Chris says:

    everything looks great very welcoming.

  71. Gorgeous garland!!

    I, too, put a wreath on the inside of my foyer door ( and a boot tray 😉 as well).

    Currently that iOS where “wrap central” is for the next couple of days. We get very infrequent “front door guests” so it is one spot I can shut off from my grandchildren and get everything wrapped without peeking eyes.

  72. The paper lanterns remind me of snowballs; so pretty.

  73. What a beautiful, festive and welcoming entry! I love your black and white plaid ribbon on the garland. So perfect!

  74. Beautifully done and the attention to every detail is amazing.

  75. A wreath on the interior side of the door….what a friendly way to tell your family “Good Day & Merry Christmas” Very thoughtful

  76. Sheri Johnston says:


  77. Soooooo beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing.

  78. The perfectly placed punches of red tie the black and white together and say “Christmas is here”. I love your inviting foyer.

  79. Gorgeous! I’m going to be on the lookout for some faux greenery after Christmas!

  80. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful post! I actually imagined I was sitting right next to you as you were describing each detail. We didn’t get enough time together at Haven!!! Merriest Christmas blessings to you and yours!! Loved touring with you this week!! xox, Emily

  81. Nona Mills says:

    I loved your foyer before, but for Christmas it’s really over the top! Love the color scheme!

  82. Pam A Brubaker says:

    So wonderful, thanks for sharing!

  83. Yes to RED!! I love your home and your hard work has really inspired us. Those white pots with the green “fluff” are so pretty.
    This year, because of you bloggers, I actually bought Christmas throw pillow. Now the couch is festive too!!
    Let’s all be safe out there and slow down so we can get to our destinations safely.

    Carol K.

  84. It was wonderful to read your experience about the journey. Great advise and Guide.This was the most popular place ….nice post,I really want to go there

  85. Beautiful! thanks for sharing…….merry Christmas!!

  86. Oh my goodness you are helping me to transform my home!! Love all your decorations. Do you remember where you got the 2 white pottery jars that are pictured in you foyer or the lantern by the door?

  87. Your foyer is gorgeous! Where did you find the rod & hooks set to the right of the door for hanging up coats? I would love to put something like this up in our house – functional yet pretty event without coats on it!

    1. I got my vertical hooks from the Pottery Barn but I don’t see that they have it anymore. You might want to look there for some of their other hooks.

  88. I just clicked here from another house tour – beautiful! Do you have a source for the glass/candle/jug thing to the right inside your front door? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Susan, Welcome to the StoneGable family! The lantern by the door is from our local Pottery Barn Outlet. Hope this helps.

  89. Absolutely love your decor!

  90. Beautiful foyer! Especially love the black & white with touches of red and the wreath inside the door! Where did you get the gorgeous snowflake pillow?

  91. Pamela Giertz says:

    Goosebumps….so pretty! Do you sell any of te items? In particular the pottery.


    Pam G.

  92. A wreath on the inside of the door is sheer genius!!! Your entryway is fun and inviting.???

  93. Kathy Good says:

    Beautiful decorated foyer. It is so warm and cozy.

  94. Thank you for sharing your Beautiful home with us. I like to come back over and over to old posts because there is SO MUCH BEAUTY! I love all aspects all year, but especially Christmas 🙂

  95. Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us year after year! I love to look through past years because you have so much inspiration for me to gleen from!! I love your table-scapes too <3