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It’s THAT time of year! Time to get outside and dig in the dirt. It’s also a fabulously wonderful time to choose and plant the perfect perennials for your yard and garden! Perennials are those amazing plants and blooms that keep coming back year after year better and stronger to grace our outdoor space. Today let’s talk about not only choosing the perfect perennials but how to plant them! Okay, let’s get started and splurge on spring!

Monrovia Flower Collage

This summer I’m all about planting perennials that will give me lots of flowers to pick and bring inside. Not even the most beautiful florist’s bouquet is more lovely than a vase or vintage pitchers full of just picked blooms from our very own yards! Just thinking about walking in barefoot in our yards with our gathering backet picking flowers for an arrangement makes me swoon!!!!


Perennials bloom every year and are so easy to care for! There are just a few basic things you need to know to buy perennials that will not only survive but thrive in your area!

First… choose a perennial that works in your area or “zone”! Monrovia has hundreds and hundreds of perennials! And their site will help you choose the perfect ones for you and your area! Go to the homepage HERE and click on PERENNIALS. Plan to be amazed!!!

I love love love to find a site that is helpful, educational and has the best of something! If you even think you might like some flowers in your garden, go to Monrovia!


After you see the tons and tons of perennial choices for your zone then you can decide on the perfect flowers for you! It’s also important to know if a perennial does better in a sunny or shady spot and plant according.

I’m buying more peonies for my back perennial garden. I just love their big moppy heads and rose-like scent! I want to be able to collect armfuls!  Here are the one’s I’m looking at from Monrovia. Can you picture how stunning they look in a big vase!


It’s best to plant perennials in the late afternoon on a cloudy day. Just make sure the soil is not soggy!

Now, let’s get those blooms in the ground!

Dig a hole as deep as the pot and twice as wide. Gently remove the plant from the pot and tickle the plant’s big visible roots away from the soil. You don’t want the roots to grow winding around the plant. Put the plant into the hole and give it a gentle water. Water just enough to moisten the soil… do not make it muddy! Fill the hole in with the dirt from digging the hole. 

So easy peasy!

As the plants grow and bloom you will want to pinch off the spend blooms to encourage new blooms. If a plant is tall you may need to stake it up.

Don’t you wish everything could be that easy? Me, too!



You can find Monrovia perennials, herbs, berries, shrubs, trees and vines perfect for you HERE. Just plug in your zip code and Monrovia will show you plantings that will grow in your area! You can buy these garden beauties right there online… and the shipping is always free!  Or you can find a garden center near you that carries Monrovia plants!

Click HERE to buy Monrovia plants online and click HERE to find a local garden center in your area that carries them!


Put on some comfortable clothes, get out your garden gloves and trowel and head out to plant some stunning Monrovia perennials this year!

You can find all these pretty perennials below HERE.


  • Balmy Purple Bee Balm
  • Collage 1: Birthday Party Sedum
  • Big Bang Mercury Rising Tickseed


  • Big Bang Full Moon Tickseed
  • Butterfly Cleopatra Coneflower
  • Early Bird Gold Gloriosa Daisy


  • Lady Orchard Peony 
  • Madame Emile Debatene Double Peony
  • Nancy Nora Peony


  • Sea Holly
  • Vernique Blue Speedwell
  • Sentimental Blue Balloon Flower


  • Aglaia Shasta Daisy
  • Cotton Tail Thrift
  • Ice Cap Garden Phlox

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  1. Monrovia plants are fantastic! I love hydrangeas and peonies! I always plant perennials because I don’t really enjoy gardening and want my efforts to be rewarded year after year!

  2. I love to mix annuals with perennials. Annuals provide constant color in between blooming seasons of my beloved perennials. And if I haven’t planted an annual that I love love love, I don’t have to have it again. No commitment. As always Yvonne you are such an inspiration to me. Stonegable blogs just start my days with a smile.

  3. Thanks for todays post on perennials.I love peonies,they remind me of my grandmother,she had a double row of peonies across her back yard.As a child’I would go to grandma Lane’s and pick bouquets of pink,red,and white peonies. I can hardly wait to get out in my yard and start working in my flower beds. Again,thanks Yvonne for the information on perennials. Happy planting!

  4. Like the plants and enjoy the free shipping.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. I always find inspiration here on your blog, and the fun giveaways are an added bonus! I am perennial crazy.. Playing the dirt is my favorite past time!! ☺️

  6. Monrovia Madame Emile Debatene Double Peony for my garden in my home I’m building in Sunset Beach, NC!! So so beautiful and showy picked and placed in a simple vase! Monrovia has gorgeous plants!

  7. My very favorites are peonies, but also love delphiniums. The great thing about perennials is that they reappear each year for you.

  8. MONROVIA – I actually just purchased three of their Lillies this past weekend. I love their plants and have quite a few in my yard I would love to plant hydrangeas along the side of my house. Something I hope to do this Spring. I have illusions of sitting on the side patio, sipping tea and eating scones with black currant jam. It’s a kind of Beatrix Potter fantasy – LOL Hope you are having a very blessed day!

  9. Been an avid reader of your blog for over 1 year now through bloglovin, I love reading your blog posts especially your Sunday post..thank you for the great giveaway..have a great day

  10. Can’t wait to start digging! Thanks for the inspiration and a chance to win a gift card to buy some of these gorgeous plants

  11. It says April on the calendar but in Michigan, it’s still freezing! Can’t wait for warmer weather to start planting.

  12. I am getting very excited that I can get in my garden and start doing my pleasures! upper Ohio lags behind, but today there is hope…the sun came out!

  13. Hi Yvonne

    Thanks for all of the great information and links. We are moving to a different zone this summer so, I need to rethink what I’m going to plant

    Just a heads up about the peonies ….they are always filled with ants! I will take them directly to a sink and gently rinse for a long time to get rid of them. It is time consuming and I’m always worried I missed a few.

    Happy planting!

  14. I love your site. Thanks for sharing all your great information on gsrdening. I get so much out of your site. Again thanks and for the giveaway.

  15. Monrovia plants are so hardy…. which is what we HAVE to have here in the Sunshine State!! Thank you for the “Visa” giveaway opportunity!!! AND … for posting the beautiful pics!!

  16. All the flowers are gorgeous. As much as I’d love to purchase some, I would use the gift card to help purchase a bathtub for our handicapped son….that is, if I won. My son needs this so badly. Thanks for a super blog. And a fantastic giveaway.

  17. Yvonne,
    This is a great sponsored post for Monrovia plants. Here in north Texas, our garden centers have carried Monrovia plants for decades. Love the hydrangeas and Provence Lavender perennials. Thanks for the chance to win $100 to buy plants.


  18. Never planted the Lady Orchid Peonies before, they are beautiful- but do they bloom all summer?

  19. We built our own house, it’s a modern farmhouse. We got the front lawn in last summer but I am very excited to do the landscaping, we will be adding elements of a cottage garden. I want old fashion flowers and shrubs. These are just what I am looking for.

  20. Perfect timing. I am trying to create an old fashioned garden. All these beautiful flowers are perfect.

  21. Monrovia has been around a LONG time. I first became smitten with their roses and potted shrubs. They have a wonderful reputation and I’ve always had good success with their products. My fingers area crossed for a win. 🙂 Thanks Yvonne!!

  22. I love lantana bushes because they attract beautiful butterflies! Thanks for the giveaway, take care, Lindy.

    1. Monrovia I actually bought 6 huge pots of flowers today. Think the name as I lay in bed is White Salvia. ( they’re purple)
      Another (2) pot is mini petunias, with Verbena & a type of grass.
      2 the pots with some type running vine looking that hangs over the pot. With Verbena & petunias.

  23. Never tried growing a hydrangea but would like to try. Day lilies are a staple in my yard , so dependable and disease resistant. Thank you for this beautiful and timely post. So many thoughts and ideas after reading this today.

  24. What a great site, thanks for the introduction! I could browse for hours, beautiful varieties and inspiration. You gave some great tips, as well. I’m actually transplanting peonys that were in my mother’s garden. And I LOVE hydrangeas, they were her favorite and they always make my heart skip a beat. There are just too many possibilities! Happy planting!

  25. Be still my heart–flower love here! Monrovia is a great source. Your pics are lovely. One can not have too many peonies.

  26. Flowers give me a pickup like nothing else can do. Love the colors, textures, scents and variety of flowers