CAN WE TALK? You might be missing all the creativity and inspiration StoneGable has to offer. Come on over, let's talk!

Hi, StoneGable friends old and new. Can we talk? Today is a very important message from me to you to help you enjoy and learn and be inspired by what you find here. Did you know that StoneGable has over 3,000 archived posts? Yes! And they all contain lots of information and ideas about all things home. But, you may be missing much of all StoneGable has to offer if you are not reading reposted archived posts! Continue reading I think you will be surprised! We need to talk…


Did you know that every Saturday I am part of a great group of bloggers who choose the “best of the best” and repost them? We call it  HOME STYLE SATURDAY.  Besides Saturdays, a few times a month I repost archived posts that are relevant to the season or DTT topic or just because a post might be badly in need of a makeover!

Now you may think this is just a lazy way to add a post to my blog. I post almost every day of the week and sometimes twice on Sunday (not kidding).  But oh, no!!!!! There are some very good reasons to repost! Let’s talk about a few right here and while we’re chatting I’m sharing some of my favorite vignettes just for fun!

Every StoneGable reposted archived post must…


Things in the home decor industry change. New trends surface and new ways of decorating and thinking about decorating emerge. Fresh new ideas are always on the horizon! The world of design is very creative and this fact alone makes it a quickly changing world.

It is important to me, as I study and research and experiment with design that I keep you, my friends, updated as well!  

So I am continually updating StoneGable archived posts to keep you in the know when it comes to all things home! That does not mean I don’t keep the tried and true decorating ideas but it does mean that when I repost something it will have new information and fresh ideas! What it also means is when you read a StoneGable post it is full of inspiring and new ideas!

A reposted archived post will never be “cut and paste” to fill up space! YOU deserve more!


If you want to see what the very first pictures I took for my blog go HERE. I used a little point-n-shoot camera and no special lighting or editing! And styling? I thought throwing a tea towel under the clear pan was rather fancy! This post stays live to remind me of how far I’ve come!

I have learned enough to fill a book about photography in the last 8 years! I have state-of-the-art equipment and have taken hours of photography classes. 

I don’t point and shoot anymore. Styling takes FOR-ever and I edit each picture that makes it onto my blog! Getting just the right shot takes lots of time, some talent and is a labor of love.

So as I get better and better (I hope) I’m replacing old photos in archived post with new ones that are a better representation of what I am blogging about. And let’s face it… we all love “pretty”. So I try to make my photographs as appealing as I can!

BTW: this fall I am reposting the Baked Oatmeal archived post!


Many times when I share an archived StoneGable post it is because I have learned more and have a more seasoned outlook on decorating. My decorating and design skills are constantly being honed.

I read lots and lots of decorating books, magazines, blogs, etc. and listen to a myriad of decorating podcasts. And my home is my laboratory! It’s in a constant state of flux.

So I’m always learning new things about the decorating world and beyond. And I’m thrilled to share what I am learning.

When I repost it will reflect what I am learning!


Oh, goodness! I am a horrid speller but thanks to Grammarly, not too many misspelled words get by without being noticed these days. And grammar too! But there are always those outliers! Once in awhile, I look at what I wrote and scratch my head! REALLY?

So when I post something archived I try to be keenly aware of saying what I want to say in the best way I can say it. And often I rewrite a lot of the post!

So then,


These posts are fresh and beautiful and well written. They are extra scrutinized by me and have to pass muster to be reposted. StoneGable’s reposted archived posts are really the best of the best! 

They are the posts to pay attention to and PIN and reread. They are worked over and work on just for you!


I think these posts are worth a second look (and first look to many)! My hope is that you will read them and be inspired in a fresh and new way!

You might like to follow me on Pinterest and see what I’m finding to in every day HERE.

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  1. Sandi from Wisconsin says:

    Yvonne, you are so professional in all you do! I love your blog and podcast,as well. Thank you for all you share, it has helped me tremendously! I am looking forward to more of your wonderful advice, as well as reviewing past blogs.

  2. I have been following your blog for years now and often reread your posts. Your home is so lovely and your heart shines through in everything you do! By the way, are those stamps in the bowl in the vignette above? I love them! Where can I get them?

  3. You are an incredible inspiration and teacher! You are a wonderful example of demonstrating how not to accept status quo but to continue to learn and grow!! Your posts always give me food for thought and open my eyes! I so enjoy reading your blog! Thank you for sharing your heart and home!

  4. Katie Mansfield says:

    This is a good post, Yvonne. I don’t repost old blog content but I think I should following these tips. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I enjoy reading your blog and find such inspiration there!

  6. Please always keep the Baked Oatmeal post. Looking at pictures of the past always reminds me of just how far I have come. You certainly have traveled a long road that you didn’t even know was ahead of you. Hope the path continues.

  7. I’m glad you clarified this, Yvonne. I’ve often said to myself, “Oh, I’ve read that already,” and moved on. I will now have many more fun things to read.

  8. Those burlap covered books get me every time. I finally made some but never tire of seeing them. The little creamer with tarnished silverware caught my eye. I usually sit and “study” the pictures to find the elements that are catching my attention most.
    It’s those little touches…

  9. I am not too sure my alleged brain would notice a repeat. What I love about your blog and writing is your candor and relevancy. Last week, we had drop in company AND out of town company who arrived a day early. How did it go? Just great. I am ready to open my doors and number one, make you feel welcome. If I had to fuss at all, it was easily done because we just don’t have that much stuff anymore that is not lovely or purposeful. And I thought, this is just why Yvonne and her followers care about hospitality. Thank you! You really are a wonderful cheerleader!

  10. Deb Wostmann says:

    Good information to know.

  11. Dianne Stavropoulos says:

    I love your blog posts! All of them! Your photographs are some of the most beautiful in home decor blogging. And I love opening my mail each day and finding a new post waiting for me.

    Thank you for the excellence that comes through in every photograph and every written word!

  12. Your site is my absolute favorite as we have the same decorating style. And your photos are beautiful. I hope to learn how to photograph like you someday. I’ve been listening to the podcast since its inception and feel like we are old friends. Thanks for all your hard work. xxoo P.S. I am praying for your foot. Take care!

  13. I love your blog and all of your fabulous ideas!!! You always have eye catching tablescapes. I have started using all of my special dishes after reading your blog. It’s so much fun to use the dishes that were given to me by my Mom and Grandma. Even more of a treasure since the loss of my Mom over a year ago. Thank you again for sharing your ideas, your home and your faith with all of us. Love it!

  14. As you retrace the years of decorating, why not compile a photos only coffee table book. You could note the inspiration each group of photos reflect.
    I have followed your posts a good 8 year or longer. If you visited my home and walked the rooms, I am sure you would smile knowing you were the one who inspired me. Thank you.

  15. I love your blog…I often go to your archives…especially the tablescape archives. I was looking for ideas to decorate my table for Thanksgiving. Everything you do is very helpful…thank you so much for taking the time to help and teach.

  16. Love your blog and look forward to it every day. I always appreciate the beautiful photos, well done.

  17. Candy Thomas says:

    I always love to read your “older” posts. Sometimes I search for them so I can remember how you styled a certain vignette for a season. All of your posts are beautifully done. You are the best!

  18. Many of your posts are timeless, and well worth repeating. I often archive a recipe or table scape inspiration. The posts containing lists of basic decor ideas are great refresher courses, especially now that they have been applied to my living spaces. Also, some of those more hilarious podcasts are still enjoyable…like visiting old friends. Yours is a wonderful ministry.

  19. Thanks for sharing. An interesting read, and I respect the tremendous amount of time and effort you put into each of your blogs.

  20. Thank you for all your posts Yvonne!! Love to read them and sometimes I can not read them daily so I have saved them and go back and read them later. You have such wonderful and informative posts. Love your On The Menu.

  21. Anne Adie says:

    So appreciative of all the work that go into a posting.
    I often go back and re-read a posting .
    Thank you So much.

  22. June Gerstner says:

    Yvonne, I read your post every day. One thing I would like to ask is that you keep the dates on the posts. Quite often, I will want to refer back to a post that I know was written in the past month or so. When I use search, it brings up everything in that category but I have to open each one to find my answer and cannot eliminate all the really old posts automatically. This is often very frustrating.

    Just an observation from a long-time reader!

  23. Cecilia from GA says:

    I have gone into the archives and read many of the past posts with sheer enjoyment. It would be nice if the dates were on your posts to get an idea of when you made changes to StoneGalbe and how your rooms have transformed. Your blog is so full of ideas in every area. Thank you for all the time and hard work you put into providing such a fun and inspiring blog of entertainment!

  24. Thanks, Yvonne, for all of your hard work for the blog you write. I really look forward to the menu of the week one, as well as the entire blog. I enjoy “getting to know you” in Lancaster, PA, while I am at home in a suburb of K.C. Your pictures are beautiful and I enjoy your inspirational thoughts about decorating. Thanks for keeping us in the decorating loop!!

  25. I love your posts and have learned so much from you! Thank you, Yvonne!

  26. I’m wondering if pellet boxes/Corsica boards are a timeless window treatment or are they out of style in today’s decorating of 2018?

    1. Hi Shirley, you stumped me there. I say use what makes you happy in your home! If you are talking about a cornice board my “general” feeling is they are dated especially if they are padded and have fabric over them. If you want to stay in style the best window treatments are simple and straight to the floor.
      Gone are the days of heavy window treatments. However, you must decorate with what you love!

  27. Hi Yvonne your posts are always so pretty and full of helpful advice. I love the older posts and go back frequently to read them and they are still very timely.

  28. Karen from North Carolina says:

    Yvonne, your blog is my “go to” that I check each day. I have used many of your recipes and home decor ideas. I love that you want to keep improving your site even though it is exceptional as it is. I used to check about a dozen sites each day when I first discovered lifestyle blogs, but now it is down to just a chosen few. Stonegable is always the first. Thank you for what you do.

    1. Karen, I am so so honored! Thank you. YOU are why I give StoneGable my all

  29. Melanie L Carter says:

    This will be my first comment ever, on any internet venue, so that might tell you something in itself. I just happened to read a few weeks back a comment, on one of your archived re-posts, that stated essentially…yawn, been there, read that. Your response to that reader was simple and graceful.
    I just wanted to say that your posts (revisited/updated or not) on ways to make your family and friends feel welcome and comfortable, yet still honored and special, whether through designated spaces, decor, and/or menu details, are a classy art, just like you.

  30. Karen VanLoo says:

    Yvonne, you are like an old friend I like to check in with each morning with my coffee! I love to go back and look at old posts – in particular anything to do with Fall decorating or Christmas, as those are my favorite seasons. Even though it’s only mid-July, I’m already looking forward those upcoming seasons and all of your wonderful decorating ideas and recipes. Thank you for what you do!

  31. Can we talk? Your posts are always perfect-home, garden, vignettes, food. I was looking forward to your rooms that were messy rooms, that needed a helping hand. I was interested in your process. You did something similar when you reorganized your Christmas decorations. I personally could identify with less perfection.

  32. Doris Raab says:

    Yvonne, I just wanted to tell you that I love your home and your decorating style. Everything looks beautiful, welcoming, peaceful, and ahhhhmazing!

  33. Julie Briones says:

    As we talked about this past weekend, I LOVE reading archived posts. As a reader, I enjoy seeing how far you have come, and where you are taking us on this journey of yours! Keep it up, you’re doing great!

  34. Yvonne, I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing what’s new! It’s very interesting to learn what, exactly, goes in to being an accomplished blogger (I made it to the end!)…WOW. ? Thank you for all you do for all of us! One thing that makes your blog stand out for me is that you are a Christian and you share that with us, too; your religious posts are always inspiring!! Many thanks for many things and…BLESSINGS!